The Monkees of Momastery


We call ourselves Monkees because we’re like monks, in that we put our faith in something beyond ourselves, we find value in quiet, and we practice living peacefully in community – here on the internet and beyond. We’re unlike monks in that we curse and watch trash tv and become annoyed quite easily. So we settled on Monkees. We are the Monkees.

The first rule of Monkeedom is that everyone is invited. If you want to be a Monkee, you are a Monkee. Everybody’s In, baby.

The second rule of Monkeedom is that you never have to agree with me. Or anyone else here. You do have to practice disagreeing with respect and love.

Monkees have no common beliefs except for these:

Here, we treat others how we want to be treated.

Here, we believe that love and restraint can overcome differences, fear, mistrust and competition.

Here, politics and business die. Feel free to revive them as soon as you leave this place.

Here, we agree with Mother Teresa, that “when we judge people, we have no time to love them.”

The third rule of Momastery is that we are not just mothers, we are Mothers, with a capital M. A Mother with a capital M knows that the children under her roof are not her only children. A Mother knows that All God’s children are her children and all God’s mamas are her sisters. Here we remind each other that we are ALL family.

We do that through loving and encouraging each other on this blog and through Love Projects like this and this.

And this.

And this.

And this.


Momastery is a diverse community of women with the common goal of accepting themselves and loving each other better.  Here, we fill each other up — and we’ve learned that when women are filled up they overflow. It’s just the way women work — it’s unstoppable. We started overflowing by helping a few hurting women, and then a few more, and before we knew it, Together Rising was born.

To find out more about Together Rising and to get involved, click here to visit our website. If you’d like to donate directly to the Together Rising fund, you can give online securely via PayPal or send your gift to: Together Rising, 800 West Broad Street #6409, Falls Church, VA 22040.

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