Welcome to the Momastery (Mom-astery)


This blog’s name emerged from the idea that Motherhood is like a monastery … it’s a sacred place, apart from the world, where a seeker can figure out what matters and catch glimpses of God. It’s also like being pecked to death by merciless chickens. Often, while I am being mercilessly pecked, I dream of running away and joining a silent order of monks. Hence – Momastery.

Momastery is an open window. It’s a place to take a deep breath. It’s a place to drop out and tune in. It’s a place to stop striving, stop competing, stop suspecting, stop hiding. It’s a place to tell and hear the truth. To grow and rest. To be big and brave or small and silent. It’s a place to learn that perfection is a mirage …it’ll always disappear just before you arrive. Momastery is a place to get lost and found. It’s a place to love and be loved. It’s a touch stone. It’s a place to listen and be listened to. It’s a place to make mistakes and say I’m sorry. It’s a place to practice forgiveness. It’s a place to stop making motherhood and marriage harder by pretending they’re not hard. It’s a place to laugh till you pee and cry till you laugh. It’s a place to share your needs or share your extra. Momastery is a place to practice living bigger, bolder, and truer on this Earth. It’s a place to practice disagreeing with love and respect. It’s a place to remember what you already know: that Love Wins and that We Can Do Hard Things.

Mother Teresa said, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that We Belong to Each Other.” If we find peace at Momastery- it’s because we remember.

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