Mar 062014

So Much Given

Gratitude isn’t just something to feel – it’s something to DO. The secret is that you don’t even have to feel gratitude to DO GRATITUDE.

Let’s DO GRATITUDE. Together.

Sometimes heaven is just a new pair of glasses. – Anne Lamott

Lent is the 40-day period preceding Easter when Christians traditionally “give up” something in preparation to receive. I think of Lent as a purging of what we don’t need in order to create space to receive bigger and better things- like peace and love and joy. It’s like putting down your phone so you can hold somebody’s hand. It’s like emptying your bedroom of clutter so you can really see that beautiful antique bed your mama passed down to you. It’s like that. Lent Is A Spiritual Spring Cleaning.

Today to I’d like to invite everybody, Christian or not, to empty themselves during the next 40 days in order to receive something better.

I have a relentless and heavy hunch that gratitude is THE KEY to peace. I’m not sure we need to change our circumstances, but I think we might need to change the way we SEE our circumstances. So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to open a simple, empty little journal I’ve been holding onto, and each night of Lent -before I go to bed, I’m going to write down three things for which I felt especially grateful that day.

Get a journal and join me, will you? I want to wander out of the desert of ingratitude and into the paradise of gratitude together.

Maybe we could meet on Facebook and Twitter each night at 9:30 EST. I’ll post one thing from my list and you can list one of yours on the same thread. We’ll create nightly waterfalls of gratitude for forty nights and then we’ll expect miracles.  I bet the miracle will not be in the lists themselves- but in the way preparing to write our lists changes our experiences throughout our day and the way we see our lives. Because if we are spending all day looking for things to be grateful for- we will find them. And the search for all of those everyday treasures will help us gain some perspective about our bruitful lives.

Sometimes the only different we need is a different perspective.

Hopefully, by Easter- we’ll each have a new pair of gratitude glasses. Obviously- we shall call them – perspectacles.

Join me?  Invite your friends?

Heaven is a new pair of glasses

Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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Mar 052014

Love Takes Teamwork

Remember this day? The day I revealed the Carry On, Warrior paperback? It was a really important day for Momastery and for my career. And I was afraid.

Even though I BELIEVE IN HER BIG TIME – I was afraid to ask you to buy Carry On, Warrior. My whole life and heart and mind and soul and family and joy and pain are all stuffed between her front and back covers. So I was scared to ask you to support something so DEAR to me because: what if you decided not to? What if you read my essay and thought eh, and moved on to the next thing in your busy day?  That would have been understandable, completely, but it also would’ve broken my heart a little. So I walked around all day avoiding the computer and feeling very vulnerable and taking deep breaths and wondering, wondering, wondering if you’d show up for COW.


Thank you for not only NOT breaking my heart but expanding it approximately seven million times bigger. Thanks for moving our book from #72,000 to #4 of all the books on Amazon in one day. I MEAN. WHOA. Thank you for making my editor and publisher so dang excited. THANK YOU, mostly, for proving that I’m not totally insane for believing so mightily in us. I am insane for other reasons, sure, but not for believing in us. That has NOW BEEN PROVEN. BA- BAM!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for showing up.

Here is a thank you message from me to you. It’s about Carry On, Warrior and it’s about me and it’s about you.

AND NOW . . .  GUESS WHAT??? I Am Coming To YOU to say THANK YOU IN PERSON!!!!

I now gratefully and excitedly announce the twelve events in the next twelve weeks in which CARRY ON, WARRIOR & I will be COMING TO YOU!

  • Thursday, March 6  (Nashville, TN); St. George’s Episcopal Church: The C3 Conference
  • Friday, March 21 (Winston-Salem, NC); Dinner With Glennon:  Reception & Dinner Benefiting HOPE
  • Friday, March 21 (Winston-Salem, NC) Voices of Hope fundraiser for HOPE
  • Saturday, March 22 (Winston-Salem, NC) Lifting Women’s Voices Lenten Retreat
  • Thursday, April 3 (Memphis, TN) Presbyterian Day School Mother’s Spring Luncheon
  • Tuesday, April 8 (McLean, VA) CARRY ON, WARRIOR’S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Barnes & Noble in Tyson’s Corner Center
  • Wednesday, April 9 (Kansas City, MO) Carry On, Warrior & G in the K.C.! Hosted by Rainy Day Books at Unity Temple on the Plaza
  • Thursday, April 10 (Dallas, TX) G & Carry On, Warrior Go BIG in Texas! Barnes & Noble on West Northwest Highway
  • Friday, May 2 (Winston Salem, NC) “Taste of Spring” Dessert Tasting and Silent Auction to benefit CareNet Counseling
  • Sunday, May 4 (Herndon, VA) An Evening with Glennon hosted by Trinity Presbyterian Church
  • Tuesday, May 6 (Chattanooga, TN) A Luncheon with Glennon
  • Sunday, May 18 (Cincinnati, OH) An afternoon hosted by Christ Church Cathedral

For full details on these events, go here.  And we will be adding other events soon, so stay posted! Also, if you don’t see your town on this list, and if you have an event, host or venue that you think would work for a Carry On, Warrior family reunion near you, please let us know by filling out the form on this page.

I wish to show up for every last one of you in person and say thank you, thank you, thank you for showing up for us.

Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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Mar 042014

The Kind and Brave Revolution

Guess what, friends?

As a matter of fact, THE (Kind & Brave) REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED.

Specifically, tomorrow morning, sometime between 8-9 on the TODAY Show!!!

Remember this essay about Chase’s Love Ninja teacher, Mrs. Pitt? Well -  it went as viral as viral can be. School systems all over the WORLD passed it out to their educators; parents gave it to their kids’ teachers; over three million people shared it from Momastery in FOUR DAYS; and, most importantly, a national conversation began about how we can take some time to stop and actually SEE people who aren’t being seen. Many of the millions of folks who read the essay decided to take a hot minute to brainstorm ways to make the world less lonely for everybody. We thought it was a really, really good and necessary conversation – and the TODAY Show agreed.

The TODAY Show called and said, “Will Mrs. Pitt come to New York to talk to us about her Classroom Love Strategy?” And so with great reverence and excitement, I asked Mrs. Pitt if she would fly to New York to be interviewed and celebrated. And that lady. She said EXACTLY WHAT YOU’D EXPECT A TEACHER’S TEACHER TO SAY. She basically said, “What? Why would I fly to New York City when my students are in Naples? I have teaching to do.”

Of course that was her response.

And so if you can’t bring the Teacher to the TODAY Show – you bring the TODAY Show to the Teacher. The TODAY Show crew came to Chase’s school one morning to tape Mrs. Pitt in action and just tried to stay out of her teaching way. And now THE WHOLE COUNTRY is going to see Mrs. Pitt teach!!!

I can barely stand it. Because it’s a celebration — a celebration of so many people who deserve to be SEEN AND CELEBRATED .  The lonely kids who are overcoming everyday; the teachers who are devoted to finding and reaching them; the folks in our neighborhoods, churches,  workplaces and check-out lines warrior-ing on in their brutiful lives; and the people who take the time to recognize and connect with the beauty in the everyday warriors around them.  All of those folks need to be SEEN and CELEBRATED.  We all do.

We’re not all going be on the TODAY Show- but we all need somebody to say:  “Hey. Hey you- over there, being quietly amazing day in and day out. Well done.” That’s what this story is about.

Tune in tomorrow to see Mrs. Pitt and me on the TODAY Show. And let’s have a Facebook party to talk about the segment afterward!

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT TOMORROW I WILL APPEAR AS MYSELF, not as this lady- bless her precious little heart.



Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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