Meet G’s Family


My hubby, Craig, is a saint-ish sort of person. He wakes up early, gets dressed, and goes to work every morning. I find this amazing because I do not get dressed, hardly ever. We’re not sure where Craig goes in the morning, exactly.


I once heard Chase tell a boy at the playground that his daddy “sells soft silverware.” I became alarmed about our family’s survival odds and requested a family meeting. Turns out Craig sells software.  He also sells his abs because he’s a model, too.


My son, Chase, is cozy and creative.



My daughters, Tish and Amma, mostly scare me.






My dog is Theo. With all due respect to the rest of my family- he’s the best thing to ever happen to me.




My mom and dad continue to teach me how to love.





My Sister is my lobster and left lung.

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