Sep 152012


**Kay- I’m on Craig’s computer and I’m pretty sure all the text and pictures in this post are going to be a bit screwy. Let us consider it an opportunity to embrace imperfection.

I brought home a copy of Carry On, Warrior last night. It was in my hands. A real BOOK. It’s not finished, just an early copy to distribute to booksellers, but still. It is now something to hold, to show to my family. It’s a real thing. I brought it to Tish and Amma and held it up to them like it was a newborn baby. I said, “Look! It’s mama’s book!” Tish looked at it, smiled and said, “Oh! Is that what you’ve been doing instead of playing with us?”

I hear you, Mommy Guilt. They didn’t used to listen to you, you know. Mamas used to have their babies and let them do their kid thing for twelve hours a day while mamas smoked cigarettes and played bridge or worked all day and then made Hamburger Helper. I think all this obsessive Mommy Guilt is relatively new and I am going to try every day to silence it. I will not let you take me down, Mommy Guilt. I did a good thing. I’m proud of myself. I wrote a book that is going to help people take it easier on themselves – and maybe one day one of those people will be Tish. Shut up, Mommy Guilt. I’ve got work to do and kids to raise and honestly, neither job needs my UNDIVIDED attention to thrive. There is nothing about me that is undivided and there never will be. I am a woman divided. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Okay- I’d like to catch you up on all that’s happening in Monkee Land- a State of Our Union, if you will.

Sister and I have been traveling- first to LA again, where the president of a very humungous network may or may have not told us that the Monkee Revolution is the VOICE OF OUR GENERATION. Kay. Things are happening there –I will keep you updated.  Also- I saw Lieutenant DAN! He smiled at me. I was totally bummed that he had legs.



We left LA, excited about our little celebrity sightings. And then The G to the O to the D put us in our place by introducing us to some REAL CELEBRITIES. These guys. It was September 11th, and we were at the airport getting coffee and waiting for our plane. And these men walked in. They are highly trained firefighters from all over the country who spend their FREE TIME and OWN MONEY to travel and train firefighters all over the world. We sat down with them and talked about September 11th. Most of them, upon watching those planes crash into the Twin Towers, dropped everything and drove to Ground Zero. They just went and saved people. They literally didn’t sleep for days. One of them told us that he didn’t sleep for four straight days.



We thanked them and they blessed Bobby. It was something. It was really something. There are such thing as heroes.




Next I traveled to Virginia to speak to group of moms about Life. It was a BIG group of moms so I was kind of scared. But my best friends all came and sat right up in front. Anna came, too. And Bubba and Tisha came and sat in the back of the auditorium so Bubba could wave his arms frantically whenever I started to get off point. Truth. You guys- it was magical. It was just like Momastery except in real life. I spoke for a little while about the bruty of it all and then I read a little from Carry On and then the best part- questions and more questions time. I can’t really call it question and answer time, because obviously I don’t have any answers. But the important part is during that time the whole crew realized that we all have the SAME questions. How do I deal with mommy guilt? How am I going to survive my colicky baby? How do I help my hurting friend? How do I encourage my girls to develop healthy body images? How do I find my passion and then follow it? What deodorant REALLY works the best? There was a whole lot of laughing, a little crying and that beautiful, comforting energy that always accompanies choruses of me too me too me too me too. What is that quote? The secret of life is not to find the answers, but to ask good questions in good company? It was like that. It was my favorite thing.

Email me and bring me to your events. I want to meet you. It fed me and encouraged me in a way that I can’t really grasp sitting behind this screen.  I love you, Mothers of North Arlington!


It’s fall, Monks. Fall is our season of filling up and overflowing. During my trip,  the Monkee See- Monkee Do board held a five hour meeting and Lovies- we have so much amazing work coming up during the next few months. AMAZING things are about to happen. I know you’ve been waiting patiently to love on some Mama Monkees and you are going to get plenty of chances during the coming months. Get ready. The Love Revolution IS ON FIRE.

Kay. Last, but totally not least.

Remember how I was going to the doggie shelter every day to comfort myself? I accidentally fell in love.
Here’s how it happened. I tried to sneak out of my house one afternoon, but Craig caught me getting in the car and said “where ya heading, honey?” Obviously, he knew exactly where I was heading, but I mumbled something about groceries and sped away.

I went to the shelter. This little one was in the first kennel.



She had arrived a few hours before from Puerto Rico. Apparently Isaac hit pretty hard there so they got as many strays off the streets and sent them to Naples. This lovie had never had a home before. She was a street dog. I just decided to play with her for a little while. An hour later I looked through the window and CRAIG WAS STANDING THERE WATCHING US PLAY. Busted. Note to self- if you are going to lie about where you are going- mention a place you might ACTUALLY be going, not the GROCERY STORE for goodness sake.



Craig came in to our little room and I told him all about this new little Puerto Rican. Craig sat down and started speaking to her in Spanish, “Hola! Me llamo Craig! Siente te!” Then he pulled out his iphone and played some Shakira for her. All three of us danced. Chase later told us that Shakira is definitely not from Puerto Rico.  Whatevs. It was festive.

We brought the kids to meet her and then took her home. She is ours. Her name is Monkee, of course.

On the way home, she sat in my lap and I said, “YOU GUYS! WE FINALLY ADOPTED INTERNATIONALLY!”

Craig smiled. Chase (aka the peanut gallery) said, “Um. Mom. Puerto Rico is not another country. It’s hard to explain, but it’s, like, part of OUR country.”

DAMNIT!!!!!!!! Foiled again. Oh, well. We are proud to be Americans.


Love you so much Monkees. So many exciting things are just around the corner for us.

It is true that we can do hard things, but do something easy today, okay?  That’s important, too.



Also – THIS.




Additionally- please don’t forget to Fight the Power.



Love, G, Sister, Bobby, and Monkee