Oct 152009

Hello. Welcome to the Momastery. Please come on in. We have no food to offer you, but we’re funny, which we hope will distract you from your hunger, as well as the noise level, crumby couch, and occasional child-on-child violence.

For purposes of full disclosure, please know that none of the rooms you’re going to see this week have ever been this clean before. I spent the better part of last night scrubbing and flinging and shoving little things under bigger things and demanding that small people JUST STOP DOING ANYTHING. Those small people actually asked to go to bed early, just to put themselves out of my misery. I just thought out of fairness you should know.

And now without without further ado….

Here is our family room.


I bought that old door at a junk store shortly after we moved in. When I dragged it into the garage and told Craig we needed to mount it above the fireplace, he said “Really? Do people do that? Do people hang old doors above their mantles? ” And I said “Well, I mean, not everybody does, but most people do.” Craig was satisfied with that and got to work.

It is our blessing and our curse that neither Craig nor I have a very clear understanding of what “people do.”

This family room was also the stage for THIS debacle and THAT debacle,which are two of my favorite family memories. I suppose this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that that I value a good story above the welfare of my children. But doesn’t everybody? I mean, children grow up, but a story is forever.

Here are a couple close-ups.

First: my entire parenting philosophy. I never do the first part but almost always manage to pull off the second part, due to the magic inside the cup and the book beside it.

Second: A better view of what Tish is reading on the couch.

She swears she’s doing research for a friend.

Tomorrow: The Dining (insert joke here) room.

Oct 142009

Recently, many of you have sent emails requesting that I post pictures of my house.

Actually, no one has requested to see pictures of my house. Not one single person.

But that is what I’m going to say on this blog when I want to justify sharing something that’s especially self indulgent. Because last night I realized that you guys will never really know. What are you going to do, make a phone tree to find out if anybody actually made a request?

Nope, you aren’t. You’re busy people. So just play along.

Anyway, before I was interrupted, I was explaining that a lot of you have been emailing and asking me to post pictures of my house.

So for the next few days I’ll honor your requests by offering a tour of my half-a-house.Because even though I complain about it, I love my house. I just love it. I mean, it’s where we live. It’s our hiding place.

Please understand that this is not going to be a typical house tour. I am going to tell you the truth about what goes down here. Be prepared to handle the truth. We’ll start tomorrow. Because I have a whole lot of cleaning up to do first.

And while we’re on the subject of housekeeping….AHEM.

You have a wonderful Wednesday, friends.

If you remember, stop by at 3ish for a late afternoon pick me up. Stop by the blog, I mean. Not my house. We have no food.