Jan 012010

Monkees! I’m in Lorain, Ohio hiding out with my 14 insane, beautiful cousins. It’s 26 degrees here and Craig, Bubba and the rest of the boys in my family are about to jump into Lake Erie after many shots of JD. It’s one of many ridiculously wonderful New Year traditions I’ll tell ya about next week.

I sneaked out to my uncle’s den to tell you that I love you …and that I could not be more excited to discover what the G-O-D has in store for His Monkees this year.
My New Year Revolution is to show up here every morning of 2010 to try not to be a jerk.
I make no promises about the rest of the day.
God Bless The Monkees!
Catch ya back here on Monday morning.
Love, G
PS. Do you have any New Year Revolutions for 2010?
PPS. Hermit Crab Book Club meets this week. We’ll discuss Just Courage on Tuesday!

Jan 082010
I am thrilled to announce the birth of our first Monkee baby, Bethany Anne. Sister Monkee Rachel had Bethany on January 6th and she is beautiful and brilliant and perfect.

I have a present for Bethany Anne from the Monkees, which I will put in the mail to Rachel today. Bubba and Tisha had several of these Monkee Christmas Tree ornaments made for us. They’re based on our Momastery mascot, created by Joey. Prepare yourself for more cuteness.

Each 2010 Monkee baby will receive an ornament. My hope is for every Monkee to eventually get one, so don’t go procreating just to get an ornament, it’s just not responsible.

God Bless you, Bethany Anne. You already have an army of Monkees behind you.

Love, US

ps. new post below

Jan 132010

So sorry I’m late this morning. My little man, Chase, got sick at midnight and has been sick every twenty minutes since. I’ve never seen a little one with a virus this strong. After six hours of snuggling him while he cried and shook, I said helplessly, “Honey is there anything at all I can do for you?” And he said weakly, “Maybe you could pray?”

It breaks my heart when my children are sick, but I know that there is something special about it too. Sickness slows everybody down and encourages all of us to circle the wagons and focus on each other. When my children are sick it brings out the best in me, because I feel so desperately needed. I’m the only one they want, and I like that. I just love them so incredibly much when they’re sick. I want to hold them all day.

And I was thinking, just now, that maybe that’s how God feels about my little Lymie self right now. I know Chase is going to get better, and God knows I’m going to get better. So we’re all just going to use this time now to focus on each other, snuggle together on the couch, and wait for little miracles.

Chase reminded me this morning that we are never helpless. We can always help those we love through prayer. So today Monkees, I pray that you find some quiet today, some silence, some stillness.

Here’s why. Take a minute with this. I think in it is the key to a joyful, peaceful life.

“The fruit of silence is prayer,

The fruit of prayer is faith,

The fruit of faith is love,

The fruit of love is service,

The fruit of service is peace.” – Mother Teresa

And apparently the fruit of mommy’s cooking is brutal illness.

As always, I remain hopeful.

P.S. Kristin’s friend Erin is in Haiti, visiting her adopted son, Geoff. Since it’s all just unspeakable, let’s all please pray for Erin and Geoff and all of the parents and children who already had so little, and now have less. There but for the grace of God go we.

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