Sep 202013

Happy Friday, Friends!

This is Sister. Glennon is at the kiddos’ school all morning so she asked me to update you about where she will be visiting over the next six weeks.  Because she REALLY wants to see as many of your beautiful faces as possible.

From Canada to California to Kentucky to Philly. . . we’re coming to you!  Each of these events are going to be wonderful, and a perfect opportunity to get out and feel the love offline.  We  hope you will come out and meet Glennon!

Friday, October 4 (Toronto, Canada):  Glennon will be speaking on a panel at BlissDom Canada! Learn more here  & Register here.

Monday, October 7 (Pasadena, CA):  Glennon will be hosted by the Southern California Children’s Museum at All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA! Click here for more information.  Register for tickets here.  And if you’re thinking of coming, let us know here.

Tuesday, October 8 (Sacramento, CA):  Glennon is the featured guest speaker at the Care Begins with Me event on October 8! If you are near the Sacramento, CA area, register for tickets here.

Friday, October 25: (Lexington, KY):  Glennon will be speaking at the Spirituality Forum at Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, KY. See here for more information.

Friday, November 1: (Philadelphia, PA):  Glennon is a speaker at the 10th anniversary of the Pennsylvania Conference for Women!  Check out their website for more information & register here.

Glennon also had a conversation with the good folks at Care Begins with Me, which they published here and she also shared with them some thoughts on The Power of  Perspectacles.

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you SOON at one of these fabulous events!

Also, if you are interested in bringing Glennon to your event, please e-mail me at [email protected]  [I had some technical e-mail issues for a bit there, so if you didn’t hear back from me, I’m sorry and please reach out again, as our issues are resolved.  Well, those particular issues at least :)]




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  38 Responses to “Happy Friday – Come See Me Soon!”

  1. Hey, i know this is like writing on a bathroom wall inside a ladies stall, but we are here to help one another, right? There are only a few days left of this competition and i am a BIG OLE dreamer for miracles. Your vote gets our school FREE $$$ from target. We actually get $1 for your little click. Anyone can do it and it would make an incredible difference to my school! Thanks in advance!!!

  2. Too bad she won’t be in Tulsa. Maybe someday!

  3. Glennon and Sister,
    It must be agonizing to be away from your families but from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are touching the lives of thousands of people. You ARE making a difference. Do you have any idea how many of us hope to touch just one life in our lifetime? You are truly inspirational and a blessing to us all.


  5. What? No North Carolina?? ; ) I know I’ll get to meet you sometime so I can be patient.

    G, have you heard that the first transgender homecoming queen was crowned in California last night? I see a lot of people celebrating this fact but the girl seems absolutely miserable because of the hatefulness that’s being spewed as a result. I think this is heartbreaking and wondered how to show her some love.

    • Ok that didn’t work?! Here it goes again;

      I’m so excited & I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control & I think I like it! I’ll see you in T.O Canada & I’m bringing my monkee mama too!:) ❤

  6. So exciting that you’ll be traveling to so many places–what a blessing for so many people to be able to hear you speak. Enjoy!!! :)

  7. Come to Calgary Alberta too! I can’t possibly be the only monkee here!

  8. Ahhhh I am crushed!! We are from Canada, but are currently living overseas in Australia until late 2014….. or I’d have been in TO to see Glennon FOR SURE!! Hopefully this is just the first of many more trips to Canada!! Or maybe a trip down under is in order?? Just saying…… 😉

  9. SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was checking my facebook the other day, which also happened to be my birthday when I saw this most wonderful and exciting news!!! To be honest, I wasn’t sure it was actually real… BUT IT IS!!!!!!!!!! So at first I was like BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!! and then I was like, just kidding…and the sadness set in… And I am just a little (ok, A LOT) sad that she is finally coming to my neck of the woods, and I will most likely not be able to pull the pennies together to go see/meet her since I can barely figure out how I will feed my kids for the next week, much less splurge on something for myself. So, 3 weeks and fingers crossed…

  10. Glennon, so proud of you for SHOWING UP all these places. Eshet Chayil!!!!! 😉

  11. Please make one of your next stops in beautiful Vancouver, BC, CANADA!

  12. It’s Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sorry- bit of a pet peeve when Americans refer to a city and not the province. It’s like saying: Tuscon, United States.

  13. I would love to know how Glennon felt when she saw that her lovely “power of perspectacles” piece was published online next to a column recommending plastic surgery — a “mommy makeover” — for moms who don’t feel good about their bodies.

    Personally, I wanted to throw up!

    But maybe Glennon has a better sense of humor than I do — and a different attitude toward surgery? :)

    [PS: no judgment intended here against moms who choose plastic surgery: your body, your choice. But a doctor promoting plastic surgery as the solution to make women feel better about motherhood….and gravity and aging….yuck. My two cents. Your mileage will surely vary.]

  14. Oh why must I have class on Monday nights!!! And not have $40? :( ‘Cause you know I’d be all up in that if I had the extra cash – I can miss one class (wink) And I’m only blocks away from the Pasadena location….Have fun, though!!! Can’t wait to hear it goes. California Monkees LOVE the G!

  15. SO happy you’re coming to Sacramento!

  16. COULDN’T BE ANYMORE EXCITED ABOUT THE PASADENA STOP!! My friend Stacey and I flew up to the signing in Corte Madera, CA back in April because we weren’t sure G would be visiting SoCal…and now she is! And even better…it’s 15 minutes from my house! We will be there and are bringing friends :-) xoxo

  17. Please, please, please come to Vancouver!

    • Yes, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please come to Vancouver, BC, CANADA!

  18. Kind of creepy that the “Perspectacles” article is placed right next to an article touting plastic surgery (the “mommy makeover” – ugh).

  19. Sadly, although Kentucky girl who is a member of Christ Church, I live abroad. But I’ve sent details to my mother!

  20. Ottawa is not that far from Toronto! Come for the weekend!

  21. What about Vancouver???

  22. Come to VANCOUVER!!!

  23. Just going to reiterate what I said a few nights ago at the Twitter party for BlissDom Canada in Toronto, when it was announced that Glennon was coming: HOLYMOLYMACARONI!!!!!! I bought my ticket months ago, with no idea that she would be there, so this is just seriously SWEET icing on the cake! Can’t wait!!!

  24. I already have my tickets for Pasadena!! Can’t wait!

  25. Anne, I will see you there!

    Kentucky loves you, Glennon!

  26. This Kentucky girl is BEYOND excited!!! Trying to secure plans as I type!

  27. Sister! We love you!

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