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LFM Dog A few weeks ago, I asked you what you wanted out of life. You said: I want to BELONG. I want to make a difference. I want joy. I want peace.

But when I asked – why don’t we have these things already? We said we didn’t know how to get them. Our paths weren’t clear, we insisted. We didn’t know what to do next. We didn’t know how to find our calling.  We were a little lost.

Last week I sat in church thinking about the gap between what we know we want and what we actually have, and how to bridge that gap. As I was thinking, I was singing along in my hymn book, and my eyes fell upon the word compassion. I love the word compassion. I tell my children that when they feel the familiar ache of compassion in their hearts- they are to assume that God is saying, “HELP! One of my children needs you. Do something!” I ask my children to ACT when they feel compassion.  I explain that compassion is NOT your heart’s pain in my heart. That’s pity. Compassion is YOUR HEART’S PAIN INTO MY HEART AND THEN OUT THROUGH MY HANDS. Real compassion demands action.

And then I noticed something special. Look at the first part of the word compassion.



We all wonder – what should I do next? Where do I turn? What step do I take? How do I find what I need?

What if the voice of compassion IS OUR INTERNAL COMPASS? What if all we have to do to get what we need down here is run towards the very things and people and places that break our hearts? And when we get there…what if all we have to do is reach out our arms, open our hands and hold space?

I need you to RUN TOWARDS FOUR PRECIOUS FAMILIES TODAY, FRIENDS. I need you to read their stories and look at their pictures. And while you do, please pay close attention to your own body. Please notice how you feel. If you feel that familiar tug of compassion, let it be your compass. Let it be the voice that says- TRY IT. GIVE THIS FAMILY WHAT THEY NEED, AND THEN SEE IF THAT OFFERING RETURNS TO YOU WHAT YOU NEED. Jump in, get involved. See, if just for today, ­offering a stranger radical love provides you with the senses of peace, belonging, joy, and empowerment you’re searching for. Let compassion be your compass today.


  1. We can’t do great things. We can only do small things with great love. And so NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DONATE MORE THAN $25. EVERY DONATION MATTERS.
  2. Because Monkee See- Monkee Do is finally an official 501(c)3, every penny of your donation is tax deductible.
  3. Any money we collect beyond what these families need will go to Monkee See – Monkee Do as we continue to meet the needs of families throughout the year. Every recipient of your generosity is thoroughly vetted by our board. Because the members of your Monkee See- Monkee Do Board work for free – WE HAVE NO OVERHEAD. EVERY PENNY YOU DONATE GOES DIRECTLY TO FAMILIES IN NEED.


LFM-7Friends, Meet Macey. Macey is four years old.

This is her story, in her mama’s words.

“Just under a year ago, our little girl, Macey, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). T1D is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin – a hormone essential to the ability to get energy from food. T1D causes lifelong dependence on injected or pumped insulin and carries constant threat of complications. T1D cannot be prevented and there is no cure.

After Macey’s diagnosis, we came home to fill our “Diabetes Station” with diabetes friendly food, log books, calculators, scales, glucometers, test strips, lancets, lancing devices, ketone strips, syringes and 2 types of insulin. With four other children in our family, it’s been tough to maintain Macey’s unrelenting cycle of strict meal and snack times, carbohydrate counting, blood sugar level testing and insulin injections, But we do it, because it’s the only way to keep Macey alive. Macey is hypoglycemic unaware which means she doesn’t feel when her blood sugar is dangerously low. Because of her sensitivity, we check her blood sugar up to three times throughout the night.”

Three times a night. Every night, forever. And constant fear- night AND day- that Macey’s level will plummet and they won’t catch it. Imagine that.

Macey needs and deserves her own guardian angel on this Earth. Her whole family does. And guess what? GUARDIAN ANGELS FOR FAMILIES LIKE MACEY’S EXIST. AND THEY HAVE FOUR PAWS AND FUR.

Macey’s family needs an ALERT DOG. Alert dogs are Guardian Angels for diabetic children. They are trained to smell the chemical changes taking place in the little ones’ bodies and alert adults when their blood sugars go too high or too low. These dogs are lifesaving to these children, and life giving to the families. They provide everyone with security and freedom. They come at a high cost, though. A cost that these families already struggling with sky-high medical bills can’t pay on their own. Luckily, they have a community that loves them. We are their community.

LFM-10Monkees, Meet Piper.

Baby Girl has diabetes like just sweet Macey. She also has a FIERCE single mama named Tegan who has been pounding the pavement to raise enough money for a Guardian Angel for Piper. Mama Tegan has raised enough to put a deposit down on RAVEN, an alert dog being trained just for Piper. (THAT”S RAVEN IN THE FIRST PICTURE! SISTER PIPER, YOUR DOG IS BEAUTIFUL!) She just needs the rest of the funds so she can bring Raven home to Piper. Tegan told us this:

“Piper can only be left in the care of a few people who understand diabetes. She wants to go play at new friends’ houses, but the thought of sending her off with someone who doesn’t completely “get” diabetes terrifies me. Once she has Raven I will be able to send her feeling a little better about her safety because she will have her guardian by her side. 

Until there is a cure for type 1 diabetes at least there is a D.A.D. (diabetic alert dog) to not only lessen the constant fear, provide a greater quality of life and more independence for Piper and me; but also give her a constant companion, a source of security and a way for her to feel special while facing this disease head on.  Finding out you have a child with type 1 is terrifying and life changing, but I am determined to do everything I can to allow her to be a kid for as long as possible.”

LFM-1Monkees, Meet Finn.

I know. I asked his mom if I could eat him but she said no. I still like her, though.

She told us this about her Finn:

“Finn is wonderful. He sees the world in a way most of us can’t.  He enjoys the simple pleasures, like swinging, reading books, and eating pizza. He loves to laugh and he brings so much to the people he comes across, mostly without them realizing it until later

Finn also has a tendency to take off, and he is FAST!  Due to his communication issues, he will not come back when we call his name, nor will he say anything when we call out “where are you?”  On 2 occasions, we have lost him completely, here in our neighborhood.  Any parent knows how awful THAT feeling is…..that sinking “thump” you feel in your belly when you realize he is not standing/playing by you anymore, and you have no idea how long he has been gone.  It’s terrifying.  This is just one reason that a helper dog would benefit Finn, and all of us. Adam and I can never totally let our guard down.”

LFM-4And finally, meet our little Gio.

His aunt wrote in to tell us this:

My nephew Giovanni was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. Due to my sister’s health issues and Giovanni’s condition –  they struggle.  A service dog would change their lives. Both Myrna and Gio stay indoors most of the time because Gio wanders off and gets into dangerous situations. A service dog would assist in keeping Gio safe, provide him with a friend. A service dog would represent peace of mind for our whole family.




Okay. Let’s do this. Let’s FOLLOW OUR COMPASSION COMPASS and set the world on fire today. Click the “Give” button below and make your donation. Share the living hell out of this post. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it, Print it out and pass it around your office. Email it to your big-hearted friends. Call your mom and tell her all about it. If she’s anything like my mom, you will have to donate FOR her and have her send you a check, since she’s still not quite sure what this “interweb is all about.” Whatever it takes –be creative. Allow us to call these mamas tonight and tell them that their babies’ Guardian Angels are on their way home.

Just click on the image below to make your donation. Ready, Set, GO!!! (**UPDATE! THANK YOU!!!! We reached our goal for Macey, Piper, Finn and Gio in 6 HOURS and their doggies are coming HOME! If you would like to give to the general fund for Monkee See – Monkee Do and help reach more children and families, please click the button below.)


** Due to IRS Rules, now that MSMD is an official 501(c)3, the MSMD Board is obligated to retain discretion over which beneficiaries will receive the funds raised today.  For example, if something happened to one of these families that meant the family was no longer an appropriate beneficiary, the Board would use those funds for beneficiaries that meet the charitable purposes of the organization. But since MSMD’s inception, we have never used funds for a purpose other than the purpose identified when the funds were raised. **

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  253 Responses to “Guardian Angels”

  1. Hey Monkees- Does anyone know the name of the therapy dog service we used on this mission? Also, looking for some reading therapy dogs in lower Alabama….. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  2. Hello, someone told me that if something crosses your path twice , it is worth looking into. It may be of God. Two people in the last couple weeks have contacted me about the wonderful ways you are blessing these families. Our three year old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in June. It has been quite a journey. Ezra is also not able to recognize his lows. We have checked into these dogs. We have four children and live on a very tight budget. Is there any chance you would ever consider collection donations for more kiddos who would really be blessed by a guardian angel puppy? Thank you so much for your consideration. God’s blessings!

  3. God bless these babies and their furry companions.

  4. What a wonderful cause. I work in ophthalmology, and I have two patients who have ‘Guardian Angels’ of their own who go with them everywhere to monitor their blood sugar as well. What a wonderful gift these animals have to protect our loved ones. Thank you for this. I will be sharing it with many of my friends!

  5. Glennon,
    I am so touched by this idea, you truly are the Mother Teresa of our community…and it is a BIG one! Ironically, I was just sending a ecard to my friend who lost her life long companion, Badger a loving dog — then I opened your blog and thought wouldn’t it be a great idea to donate in honor of a lost pet? So in honor of my dear friend’s dog Badger, may my donation give another family a better life and pass on the beautiful spirit of Badger. I hope each of these adorable kids is given their guardian angel dog.

  6. I am so humbled and in awe of the human spirit that made my babys life better today and many years to come. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. gio says a million thank yous. Its hard for me to express myself because i am so emotional. This would not have been a dream come true if my sister did not write into seek help for Gio. I think she deserves the worlds greatest aunt award! Thank you G, and everyone of you wonderful monkeys. :)

  7. My dog, Macy, has congestive heart failure and will most likely pass away within the next month, so to read the story of a beautiful little girl, named Macey, that needs a service dog, speaks to my heart. Thank you for the brutiful work you do Monkees. Thank you.

  8. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I tear up almost every time I read. I am happy to give to these families in need and I am grateful to you for presenting me with the opportunity to do a good deed, particularly today. I am a federal employee working in Washington, DC, and, while I do not work there or know any of the victims personally, I was deeply affected by the horrific events at the Navy Yard yesterday. I thought, why does this keep happening? Needing to do something, I attended mass today at St. Matthews Cathedral, where the archbishop dedicated the service to the victims and their families. He emphasized the importance of creating a civilization of love and promoting peace, which reminded me of a recent post on Momastery, in which you said (and I paraphrase through my own lens) that peace can begin with everyone performing small acts of kindness and love each day. I thought, maybe Aaron Alexis felt alone in the world and unloved, and could not think of a better way to deal with his problems than to get violent revenge. Would things have turned out differently if just one person had been kind to him at a critical moment? And so I resolved to look for opportunities to be kind to people, because one does not know what problems a stranger is grappling with, and you can’t really go wrong being nice to someone. This may sound naïve, but being nice can’t hurt, and it can do a lot of good that may never be known to the doer of a good deed. I thought of how a kind word or friendly smile from a stranger has changed my mood in the past. So, thank you for providing a positive space where I can unreservedly do a good deed. But that is on the internet! The challenge now is to do good deeds in person, in public, in real life! But, as you say, we can do hard things!

    • Beautifully said. Thank you.

    • You spoke my heart! I am forever sharing those thoughts with people everywhere and love doing it. Kudos to you for being vocal and getting the word out. Told to people in a loving manner can start great acts of kindness that multiply….but you know that just like I do!
      God’s blessings to you and if its okay with you I’d like to share your comment on my Facebook page. Let me know:)

    • Much love, Carolyn. When I’m walking my kids around around our neighborhood, I try to greet everyone we meet along the way, look them in the eyes and acknowledge them, My kids always ask who it was, and I tell them I don’t know them, but I want them to know I see them. Thinking of you today.

  9. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give back and for the opportunity to teach my precious 10 yr old the good feeling of giving. This is in honor of my 16 yr old niece who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 2. Carry on!

  10. We have have a dog named Raven too! Who is also a lifesaver! Go Monkees!

  11. Done! I’m really glad you are keeping this open even after the goal was met. I just saw this and am so happy to contribute.
    Tears of gratitude to be a part of something so simple yet so monumental. I love Momastery!!!

  12. What an amazing outpouring of support for these families! Monkees you are wonderful. A few months ago Monkeeseemonkeedo provided a new matress for a dear friend of mine. The matress was so much needed by this single mom who works hard every day caring for her severely disabled son. She now wakes up singing in the morning rather then sore and drained from not getting a good night’s sleep.

  13. Donated $25 in honor of my T1D, age 5 — diagnosed at age 18 months. It’s a horrible disease that requires tons of maintenance and very few people understand the nuances of living as a diabetic.

  14. Tears of Joy!

  15. UPDATE:

    “The LITTLE WARRIORS ARE GETTING THEIR GUARDIAN ANGELS! Macey and Piper and Finn and Gio are getting their dogs. Their mamas are crying. I can’t talk about it yet. It’s just too good. Too much. You are SO GOOD, Monkees. You are so, so good. What you did today MATTERS. A million beautiful stories will be coming your way, I promise.
    100k in less than 6 Hours! We are keeping the #LoveFlashMob open as we promised until 9 PM! Please, please continue giving so MSMD can help more families in need. MSMD gives constantly throughout the year, not just on Love Flash Mob days. Below is a sampling of some of our giving over just the last SIX MONTHS alone. Read the way your donations are changing lives, then #LoveFlashMob your heart out! At 9PM, full report of all you have done!!

    · Provided money so a daughter could travel to her father’s funeral so that she could say ‘goodbye.’

    · Sent gift cards to family asking for second-hand clothes for kids going back to school

    ·Sent cleaning service and money to pay for daycare to a Mama Monkee whose second pregnancy resulted in several weeks of bed rest and an early delivery.

    · Sent gift cards and Walmart gift cards to a mama who needed food and clothes for her kiddos during a tough time.

    · Sent Walmart gift cards to a pregnant mama in need.

    · Sent new bed and comforter set to family with boy who has kidney disease and fibromyalgia.

    · A little boy was born with a rare seizure disorder, autism, and cerebral palsy. His family wanted to go to Disney this summer but had to forego the trip to pay medical expenses. Friends were raising money to send them and requested help. We donated a $500 gift card toward expenses.

    * Sent gift cards to a mama with cancer whose husband is deployed.

    ·Sent $3000 to family whose mom has rare disease (only 25 in world have it). Her husband wrote in. They needed help with expenses for trips to NIH and for their daughters.

    ·Sent money for cancer treatment travel to single mom who has stage 4 inflammatory cancer, fighting to stay alive and raise her 5 year old daughter.

    ·Paid for an apartment for 3 months for a homeless mama with 3 kids.

    ·Sent gift cards to mama who needed some help buying school clothes for her kids.

    ·Paid for mattress for a Monkee who cares for her severely disabled 17 year old son and had serious back issues.

    ·Gave money to an 8th grade group of Girl Scouts raising funds to make fleece blankets and hygiene kits for a local domestic violence center in Culpeper, Virginia.

    · Sent spa day gift certificate to a mama pregnant with her second special needs baby.

    · Sent a vacuum to woman whose son has severe allergy issues.

    · Sent gift card to family of sweet little boy born with severe heart disease called Tetrology of Fallot with pulmonary atresia. Has had several surgeries and his father lost job due to being out of work for all the travel.

    · Donated money to an organization that provides a weighted teddy bear to families who have lost a child at a late stage in utero.

    · Sent gift cards to a family whose husband lost job and family is struggling to get by. Also sent money to get their car fixed.

    It’s good stuff. It really is. Keep giving. We’ll keep working. It is such an honor to serve you.

    • You’re a changing the world G…$25 at a time!!!

    • This is so amazing, Glennon! Our school is helping a family with twin boys raise money for a service dog. The most amazing thing happened last year when a parent, who is a vet, offered life time care of their service dog. Vet bills are outrageous for any families, but especially on already struggling and who depend so dearly on those service dogs. Love what you/we are doing. Thank you.

    • Shared this with my soon to be 5 year old and 2 1/2 year old girls. My almost 5 year old asked me how much we should donate. When I said, “Q, what do you think about $5?” her response to me was pretty awesome. “Mommy, there’s four of us (she threw her grandmother into the mix), so I think it should that money times 4, plus one to grown on like on birthdays!” Smart kid – she knew how to sell mommy on the max amount allowed and let her do good things!

      She’s been smiling all day since we donated, asking for updates. I know she has no idea what the dollar amount put together really means, but it’s still fantastic to know that she’s focused on seeing us all hit that goal today.

      Thank you Glennon and all of the MSMD followers out there for helping me teach my girls how easy it can be to make a difference when you just DO something!

    • Wow. Just wow. I am in tears. This is amazing. I am so thankful to God to be a part of this!

  16. I’ve never ever ever commented online to anything i’ve read online, but I just feel so happy to be a part of this community, and it feels safe. What a great cause.

  17. OMG – yes, yes, yes and yes. I’m really hoping all four get what they need!

  18. Kids and dogs – is there a better combination? I think not. So happy to be a Monkee and able to help. Thanks, G, for the opportunity.

  19. A child holding a glucometer with a reading of 471 puts this nurse in a tizzy! Get Macey her dog! Donated.

    • Good eyes, Sandy! I didn’t even realize that at first. But….why in the world is her blood sugar so high? Can these dogs detect highs, too, or only lows? Glennon, do you know? Because 471 *is* pretty crazy high for someone who is being monitored.

      • My daughter was diagnosed with T1D 9 months ago at age 7 and unfortunately her numbers can spike that high despte the fact that we monitor her very closely and check her blood sugar 8-10 times a day. It doesn’t happen very often and I’m guessing that it doesn’t happen that often for Macey either. Diabetic alert dogs are supposed to be able to detect highs as well as lows which is great. It is so wonderful that she will getting her dog.

  20. Sick kids? Helper dogs? Heck YEAH! Here’s mine. What’s the goal–as much as possible, or is there a number we’re getting close to? Your work is so exciting, Glennon!

  21. A donation in memory of my oldest friend, from 5th grade until she died on her birthday, at age 37, from Juvenile onset T1Diabetes while I was in the hospital having my first and healthy baby

  22. Thanks Glennon for giving us this chance to take action toward an awesome purpose! So honored to be a monkee standing with and for so many incredible, brave, tender & loving monkees <3

  23. Proud of my 5 year old today. When I read this to him he asked if we could please give them money for their dogs. His contribution per his request is $5.05 from his piggy bank. “Because those kids really need those dogs mom!” We can’t wait to hear about the beauty to come from this day.

  24. Today is the 39th anniversary of my mother’s death. Instead of lingering in the pain of those memories, I’ve donated to make today life-affirming. Glennon – you are the best!

  25. I have a seven-month-old son, and I can’t imagine living with the sort of fears these parents face every day (and night….) They are so brave, and so are their beautiful children. I hope they each have a four-legged guardian to watch over them soon!

  26. I’d love to donate but I can’t use my paypal account. It’s frozen because someone tried to hack into it. Is there another way?

  27. Having technical trouble donating. The link just sends me to paypal. Huh? Now what?

    • Oh nevermind! The trouble comes if you try to open the link in a new tab. That just takes you to paypal. If you regular click the link, it works. :)

  28. Thank you so much for doing this! I am donating right now. I am a type 1 diabetic of 16 years (diagnosed at age 16) and now have a beautiful 17 month old son :)

  29. It is such an amazing feeling to be a part of something so great! I’m finding that on the days that I’m feeling down the best way to lift myself up is to help someone else out!

    I can’t imagine the worry that these families feel. I have a son with a life threatening nut allergy so each day that I walk him into kindergarten I give him a kiss and say a silent prayer that he stay safe. I breath a huge sigh of relief when he emerges through those same doors at the end of the day with a huge smile and a wild wave. I am grateful to get home to his “safe place” where there is no worry about nuts finding a way to make him sick.

    These families can’t even rest in their own home and I am so happy to have a little something to do with an angel dog that will help them rest just a little bit. Plus, the unconditional love of a sweet puppy face is good therapy for anybody!!

    Thanks Glennon for giving us this opportunity…you rock!! xoxoxo

  30. My sweet 19 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 at the tender of three. He also lives with ADHD/Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s a tough road to manage all of the intricacies of the these two conditions. Type 1 thrives on order and ADHD/Asperger’s thrives on chaos. So grateful to see two important causes raised up for assistance.

  31. Done.
    Ready. Set. Love!!!
    Love wins!!!

  32. No offense, but wouldn’t a continuous glucose monitor (cgm) be cheaper, more reliable and less work? I got the Dexcom G4 for my 2.5 year old and it works great.

    • My son, age 19, is refuses to use a CGM, so the dog would be a better choice for him.

    • Genevieve, I would assume that all options were considered by these families and their doctors (and only two of the four children have T1D) before the decision to acquire a service dog was reached. Additionally, a quick search on “continuous glucose monitoring” devices shows that they aren’t for everyone and they aren’t intended to be a long-term solution. From WebMD: “The continuous glucose monitor is not intended for day-to-day monitoring or long-term self-care, and it is not a replacement for standard blood sugar monitoring. It is only intended for use to discover trends in blood sugar levels. This helps your health care team make the most appropriate decisions regarding your treatment plan.” I’m so glad it works for your son and that the solution you have reached is good for your family, but not every solution is “one size fits all.”

    • Genevieve, our insurance company won’t pay for one, and the expense of an insulin pump alone isn’t chump change. If you want to tell me how to get insurance to pay for it, that would be great. :-)

  33. My donation is for my dad, who has had type 1 diabetes since he was 9. If he’d had a guardian angel dog, countless car accidents, lower blood sugar comas, a heart attack and multiple seizures might not have happened. We live in a world that is constantly striving to cure diseases or at the very least improve the lives of those who suffer. Hopefully none of these families ever have to go through the terrifying ordeals that my family has. Thank you Momastery!

    • I understand all too well, Jacqui, having been through some of those with my husband. I’m very concerned about your dad having been in multiple car accidents. Should he be driving? :-\

  34. I love this! My husband has had type 1 diabetes for over 30 years and within the past year my daughter (age 11) and son (age 8) we both diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My daughter on Mother’s Day and my son on Valentine’s Day. This is such a great thing you girls are doing. My daughter keeps saying she wants to save her money for a diabetes alert dog to be her pet. You have to sell a lot of lemonade for that one:) From one mom with lots of type 1 diabetes in her family, I love what you are doing!

  35. So happy to donate to such an amazing cause!

  36. So happy to give today, I am moved to tears for these sweet kiddos! Proud to be a monkee today!

  37. I can hardly stand it until G gives another update on total $$ so far!! :-)

  38. My high school boyfriend had Type I diabetes. Once, at our church youth group outreach program, I watched him take off his brand-new ski coat and give it to a homeless man. That’s the kind of person he was. He died the night before graduation because his blood sugar dropped too low in the middle if the night. If he had a rescue dog like this then, perhaps he’d still be here to show compassion to others. This donation is in his honor.

  39. Done, in honor of my beautiful younger daughter who is also named Piper. We don’t have much to spare right now but I could not pass up a chance to help another little Piper. I hope that all 4 kids can get their dogs.

  40. This is so great. I’d also like to suggest these families take a look at Kerri Sparling’s blog at She was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at 6 years old and is now an amazing writer, mother, and advocate. This blog helped me understand a little about diabetes, and several other parents I know have found it a relief to read what Kerri has experienced when it comes to their own kids and what they’re going through.

    Pardon me if someone else mentioned it – didn’t have time to read all the comments!

    Love monkees!!

  41. A service dog can change these children’s lives! I raise service dog puppies for Canine Companions for Independence, which donates incredibly well-trained service dogs, free of charge to the recipients, to people with permanent disabilities. I don’t believe Canine Companions for Independence provides diabetes alert dogs, but they provide many service dogs to children with autism and other types of disabilities. Again, there is no charge to the recipient for these dogs. Just wanted to make you all aware of this help for people with disabilities.

  42. Oops, gave again (on purpose!) :0)

  43. Oh my gosh those faces, All so sweet and beautiful. I think I fell in heart with Gio. I think of my little Ava running off and that did it for me. A service dog it is. That tugged my heart.

    So this is fitting on my way back to work listening to good ol’ country music. A song called “If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep on Going” I wrote down when I got to the office. I open up your blog remembering today is THE day. I see your words and COMPASS pops out. Here is a verse in the song that I loved (well, I’ve always loved the song anyway):

    “You step off the straight and narrow, and you don’t know where you are, use the needle of your compass, to sew up your broken heart”

    We can all use this verse many ways. Thank you for helping us to help others. I can’t wait to see how it is all going later when I can log into FB! (can’t get on here at work).

    Terri H.

  44. Cute kids AND cute dogs! Where’s the button for donating more??

  45. If reading about it gives you goosebumps, I guess you have to participate in the love and giving! Thankful that my special needs boy has a dog (just a mutt, not trained for anything but love). I can’t really afford to give, but I can’t afford NOT to–so, here you go, Glennon and Monkees. Thank you for this opportunity to live my faith.

  46. As a mom of a beautiful little boy who has Down syndrome just like Finn, I am moved to tears and MUST donate to help any one of these beautiful children and their families. Thanks, Glennon, for all you do.

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