Sep 172013

**That’s Our Macey!

To the Parents of Macey, Piper, Finn, and Gio,

Thank you.

Thank you for trusting our community with your babies. Because you were brave enough to let us hold them for a few hours today- we got to experience magic. As you well know, those babies of yours are MAGIC. I need to make sure you know, though, that it wasn’t just those beautiful faces that moved us to donate today. It was YOU. It was You- mom, and it was YOU – dad. It was because of the buckets of tears and pounds of hope and the FIERCE LOVE that WE KNOW IT TAKES to raise these babies well and to not only raise them well, but to know them well enough to DECIDE WHAT they need and then FIGHT TO GET IT.


Mother Teresa said that “If we have no peace, it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Your families reminded us today that We DO. WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER. Thank you for bringing us peace today.

Love Wins,
Glennon, Sister, Allison, Amy, Liz and The Whole Monkee Family


From 4pm-9pm, another  $20,288 was raised, for a GRAND TOTAL of $120,288 in 12 hours.

You did it again, Friends.

Did I mention that LOVE WINS?


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  1. I was able to donate, and I so appreciate the opportunity. I also feel that there is more I can do. I am a T1 diabetic, and have been for over 30 years. My family and I know how difficult and and frustrating and scary the disease that sweet Macey and Piper have can be. I would be honored to provide my contact information for the mamas and the families of these girls, and the information to reach my mama, too, if they like. We belong to each other, after all, and maybe we can listen, support, laugh, cry, and help each other through this.

    Because there is help. I am living proof. I have lived with diabetes for a long time. And I am healthy, strong, happy and I know in my sugar-laden heart that your girls will be, too.

    Can anyone help make this connection–if the parents of Macey and/or Piper wish it? Please, reach out to me and Mamasita for love and support. We are here for you.

    With Love and Admiration,


    • Tara,
      I am Macey’s mom.
      Your comment is so sweet. I love talking with others who are going through the same things as we are! It is so helpful to hear how others handle the obstacles that face you with Diabetes. I’d love to chat if you want to contact me!

    • We have a diabetic son, William, who is 9 years old and have been fundraising for a diabetes alert dog for 2.5 years and aren’t even half way there! How did you do it?? So impressed (and jealous)! Share your wisdom.


  2. Oh Lordy G,
    I have been waiting to be part of the flash mob and instead of being on-line I’ve been holding colicky new grandchild so precious daughter and 2 year old could take naps. Home now and phew. Is there any way at this point that I can help. LOVE, LOVE how your Monkee team chose dogs as helpers. Just want to help if I can. Let me know. Love you sweet sister and thanks for all you do. Even if you need a bag on your head..(me too).

  3. G,
    I missed it! Can I still donate?


    • You can always donate to Monkee See Monkee Do! Try the link at the bottom of the flash mob post (from 9/17/13) or if that’s not still “live,” go to the Momastery home page, click the “Monkees” tab and go down to the bottom of the page, where there’s a link to donate and also an address if you want to send in an actual check by actual mail (wow what a concept).

      • thank you!
        I always do the Christmas MSMD, but I have not been on the computer a couple of days & I want to help in this beautiful endeavor!

  4. Goodmorning, G. Thinking about you today and hoping you are being extra kind to yourself. After a day of such goodness and beauty, we often “sabotage” … truly letting goodness in is a hard thing and So, as I think of you & MSMD this morning, I’m hoping y’all are finding yourselves in places of kindness :)

  5. Amazing!! I would suggest the book Love Does by Bob Goff…you all did what he writes about!

  6. I just love you guys.

  7. Goodness! This was fantastic Monkees…we CAN do hard things. I loved participating!

  8. Awesome! So glad to be a part of a fantastic group of community throughout the country! Can I ask if we raised enough for all of the kids to have a service dog? Just curious :) Thanks!!

  9. We CAN do hard things…but only if we do them together. That is where the magic is…in the love we create when we work TOGETHER!

    ♥♥ Thanks Glennon for being the catalyst for so much LOVE!!!

  10. YES Loves does win…always has always will. This spot ROCKS!!!!!!

  11. Magic is everywhere you just have to find it. I had no idea how huge this love flash mob would be. When we found out Gio was going to be a part of it I immediately felt joy. Our family is just so humbled by all of your kindness and generosity. All of you at MSMD gave these kids a chance to matter , a chance for the world to hear their stories. This is huge and we want everyone around us to feel our joy and gratitude. In the end Macey, Piper, Finn and Gio will have a better quality of life. Their parents will finally be able to put their guards down even if it is for a couple of minutes. A small thing many take for granted and that is why all of you are so very special. Your intentions are forever embeded in our hearts.

    Love Gio’s Titi

    • <3

    • Dear Mariana, Thank YOU for letting us be part of Gio’s life in this way. And now he has 100,000 more aunties who love him! (But you’re still the best, of course! :) I know I’m not the only one who will be keeping all 4 of these beautiful kids and their families in our prayers.

  12. One of the things that is so flippin amazing is that no one donated more than $25, that we raised over $120,000 in 12 hours in tiny little increments! God is smiling today because WE ARE TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER! God bless us all!!!

  13. Yes!! Proud to be a Monkee :)

  14. Love doesn’t just win. It kicks ASS.

  15. I just learned you are coming to my town, my church, my home in MARCH! I cannot wait, but right now, I am listening to this absolutely fabulous THEME song for the Monkee Movement that was yesterday. Lady Antebellum – “Generation Away” – you must listen to it as it speaks to all Monkees!!!

  16. Wow. Just amazing. I was so humbled to be a part of it. Their lives will be changed. I hope these familes can breathe a little easier today and be instilled with a new hope. Thank you all you Monkees and Momastery staff for all that you do and your open hearts. I know there are many that wish they could give and cannot because of their own struggles but your prayers and just being here makes us all strong.

    Terri H.

  17. Macey is getting her dog with diabetic dogs of America

  18. My son also has Type 1 Diabetes and I know how tough it is! I am so glad that we can help these families breathe a little easier.
    LOVE WINS!!!!!

  19. As the coffee pot’s flowing, so are my tears of joy for this AMAZING FAMILY! ❤

  20. Yesterday showed the world what GOODNESS and LOVE and CARING can do for us all. Thank you for bringing us all together.

  21. i have had a tough life. it’s been a lot better the last several years. getting a dog a little over a year ago made so many things better (really helped with my ptsd and fear issues especially). i couldn’t not give today. thanks for the opportunity glennon and for bringing this to our attention.

    if you know of any popular organizations that provide service dogs i would like to give to those whenever i am able.

    dogs are proof that god loves us :)

  22. Yay!!! So proud of this community of change-makers! I love that we wrapped our arms around these 4 families – this is what it is all about!

  23. How exciting!! I’m so glad my friend April shared the original post on FB which prompted me to donate. I’m a big fan of yours because I connect to everything you have to say and how you say it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, stories and love of giving. It truly does make a difference, and I wish you continued success.

  24. I am one of those other special needs warrior Moms you mentioned, and I feel so blessed to have been able to take part in this act of LOVE. Thank you, G…You have helped us all to do a beautiful thing in showing compassion and support to families whose daily lives involve multiple challenges (and extreme blessings) that most people can’t even comprehend. Blessings to you and all the Monkees! LOVE WINS!!!!!

  25. Love ALWAYS wins!! So glad to be a part of this. :)

  26. So fun to be a part of these MOBS. Such little can do such big!

  27. You are amazing. We did an incredible thing today. Thank you for organizing it. LOVE WINS!

  28. That’s just flippin fabulous! LOVE IT! LOVE WINS! Sleep well, Monkees! Another HUGE LFM under our belts! :-)

  29. My heart is so full today. I just think this is incredible. I think this is my third love flash mob and its amazing. I knew it would happen today from the minute you started it G, I always knew the angels would get their sweet puppies!

  30. Thank you!!! God bless!! Thank you for the compassion and love that was shown today!
    Love, Gio

  31. Wonderful news! So happy that I was able to contribute…Monkees are the best!

  32. Amen, and AMEN! Love wins, love is kind and brave – and this kind of radical love is REVOLUTIONARY. Way to go G, way to go Sister, way to go MS-MD, way to go Monkees!

  33. Chills & tears all day as I read the updates. So happy to be a Monkee! Love always wins!!!

  34. I don’t know if anyone will read this, but it might be helpful to get the two girls the insulin pump. It’s expensive but not as much as the pet and much more portable. I love the dog idea but I think this is a great alternative.

    • Perhaps, but pumps don’t sense glucose level spikes/drops. Even the monitors that work with some pumps do not calibrate well at all. For young kids who rely on parents and caregivers to help monitor their level, the dogs are really going to serve them well in their current stage.

    • Jenna, my husband has an insulin pump, and while it’s helped him in terms of balancing his dosages of insulin – a real plus – it doesn’t do anything as far as providing information about his blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, science has not gotten to the point of developing something like that that is in remotely affordable, especially when insurance won’t cover them. A pump alone costs thousands of dollars plus the supplies it uses, which have to be replenished at least twice a year.

      • My close friend has the pump and it tells her with an alarm when she is both high and low. It also has a wireless device that will show her a daily, weekly and monthly graph of her sugar levels. I know that the pump is expensive but the supplies are covered by insurance. And the dogs are expensive too. Plus, dogs don’t live forever.

  35. And now I’ll just go sob. This is just so much goodness, I can’t hold it all in.

  36. As it should be…

  37. LOVE: 1
    APATHY: 0

    Love wins!!!!!

  38. Chills, tears ,more chills and more tears. WOW!! Love Always Wins .

  39. I knew the Monkees would come through! Monkees rock, including Glennon and her cohorts listed above. Carry on!

  40. It is such a complete honor to be a part of another Love Flash Mob. i LOVE the Love Flash Mob!!! Monkee See- Monkee Do Team, you guys rock my socks!!! All of the rest of us Monkees are so lucky that you guys do what you do so that we get to be a teeny tiny part of it. Thank you Glennon, Sister, Allison, Amy, Liz….and where is Lou???? Sweet, sweet Lou??? I digress…
    Yay for blessed Littles getting their Guardian Angels <3

  41. love love love

  42. I am so happy for these families!! What an amazing gift!! I am wondering what program they are getting their dogs from? I would love to know more about it for our son. Thank you Monkees!!!

    • I don’t know where these Angels are getting their service dogs from but check out an incredible organization -Animal Farm Foundation – that rescues shelter dogs, trains them, & provides them for FREE.

      You can even apply to have a shelter dog in you area to be adopted to them and trained.


      Best of luck where ever you may go.

    • Our dog is coming from NIDAD (national institute for diabetic alert dogs). We couldn’t be happier with them.

      Tegan (Piper’s mom)

      • Thank you, Tegan, for letting us be part of your family. And bless you a thousand times for being the fierce mama who raised enough money on her own to get the deposit on Raven. Can’t wait for you guys to bring him home! Love and hope to you and Piper.
        From another fierce single mama who’s feeling very lucky tonight

  43. I was having a hard day- I read this story & cried, and donated. I read the updates and cried. It’s a GOOD Day- Love Wins!

  44. So very, very proud to be a part of another Love mob. This trumps all the stupid little stresses this week and made it all worthwhile!

    Good luck to our 4 angels (because you know, parents, this makes them OUR angels, too!)

    We need updates and follow up pictures 😀

  45. Thank you Glennon, for inspirng so many people to do something amazing. I agree whole heartedly with your statement about parents of children with special needs being warriors. My daughter Jennifer is a fierce warrior for all four of her children who each have special needs. Would love for you to follow the Facebook page she has for her youngest who we call Darcie Do. Darcie is a warrior in her own right and had her picture selected to promote Down Syndrome awareness in Times Square on September 21, 2013.!/DarcieODaniel

  46. Amazing! I’d love to see a follow up down the road about the kids and dogs!

  47. I am so excited that I got to be a part of this amazing group of people! This is awesome!

  48. Yes!!!! Love wins again! Thank you Glennon and team for creating the space and process to allow so many to bask in the love of caring for each other. Truly, love wins again…always!

  49. I was having a hard day- I read this story, I cried, I donated, I cried a couple more times with the updates- Love Wins! It’s a GOOD day!!

  50. I am carrying a baby and have learned that my baby will be born with some limitations. I am so privileged to have the means to get the care that my baby and I need. It was a special privilege to help other families get that same care.

  51. I got chills reading this! How exciting to be apart of something so strong. Love ALWAYS Wins!

  52. Every time, Glennon, love wins it every time :)
    Thanks for the privilege to have a little part in this!!!

  53. AMEN. I needed this today. Thank you.

  54. Yay! So proud to have joined the Monkees today! What a great outpouring of love today.

  55. YAY!!!!

  56. Tears of absolute joy and love and pride to be a part of this amazing community!

  57. AWESOME….Totally freakin’ AWESOME!!! I love that from minute one I never had a doubt that we could prove it…Love wins…Love totally WINS!

  58. So so so proud to be a monkee!


  60. Fantastic. Outstanding. Amazing. SO happy to be a part of it.

    Rock on Monkees, rock on.


  61. That is just amazing! So glad I was part of it.

  62. Wooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Love for the WIN!!!!

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