Sep 162013


Friends, Romans, Countrymonkees. Lend me your ears.

Over the weekend, our Monkee crew became 100 thousand strong.  This is important because it means there are 100 THOUSAND other people out there who:

  1. Believe Love Wins, We Belong To Each Other and that together, We Can Do Hard Things.
  2. Wish to quit making marriage and parenting and LIFE harder by pretending these things aren’t hard.
  3. Are not offended by constant overuse of CAPITALS AND BOLDS AND ITALICS!!!!


Today, we are celebrating in a few ways.

First – we are not cooking dinner. Cereal and bananas for all tonight. Perfect.

Second – our wonderful publisher, Scribner, has discounted the e-version of Carry On, Warrior for a limited time. It’s less than FOUR Dollars! Go get it!  Available here for Kindle, Ipad, Iphone or the Nook!

Third –  Our Pass It On T-shirts are just TEN dollars for the next few days!!! If you’d like to support Momastery (NOT ME- I don’t receive a penny from selling merchandise on this site. It will all go toward maintaining Momastery. I say WILL GO, because we haven’t broken even on these shirts yet), THEN GO BUY ONE or THREE, Monkees!  I wear mine as jammies almost every single night! Be cozy and support the place that supports you!


Now listen – there is so much planning and vetting that leads up to these Love Flash Mobs that it has become completely necessary that the families we are mobbing know about the Flash Mob far in advance. Which means that tomorrow – four families will be waking up early and watching our mob with hopeful hearts and sweaty hands to see if their prayers for their children will be answered. Even writing that sentence makes me want to throw up a little. It’s okay.

PLEASE SHOW UP, MONKEES. RECRUIT TODAY. Think of your Monkee-est friends and send them the below links to our previous Love Flash Mobs. WE WILL NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET- and the good news is that people LOVE to be invited to beautiful things. Be bold and brave and generous and invite your people. While you do that, I will be at home sweating and praying and doubling my Lexapro.

FAITH AND SWEAT, People. Actually, Faith and Sweat and Lexapro. The triple threat. That’s what will get us through. I love you so much, Monkees. I’m honored, just honored to serve as a Love Warrior alongside you.



P.S. Taste of prior Love Flash Mobs:

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  40 Responses to “100,000!”

  1. Question: Anyone else NOT seeing it on sale through the kindle/amazon link…?
    We just decided to do the book for our book club but it’s listed for $14.99. Help? :)
    (hoping to get it through cuz we’re in Canada. It’s not on sale at .com either…)

  2. Sometimes I need medium tees, sometimes I need small. Because they’re discounted–LESS THAN THE PRICE OF ONE!!!–I bought both this time. And whichever one doesn’t fit, I’ll gift away :).

    That makes me doubly happy.


    • Love to see a familiar face on here! Smart idea, Robin! I just bought myself a shirt this morning. And even before I read the description I thought….this will look FABULOUS with my yoga pants! :-)

  3. I got my shirt for Christmas and L-O-V-E it!! It’s so comfy, and looks awesome, I get compliments on it whenever I wear it. Wish I could afford to buy one for all 100,000 Monkees. Highly recommend ordering one!

  4. OH! I almost forgot!

    Glennon: Way to go. You are amazing. You have helped me in countless ways. Truly. I almost always start my day by reading- and really meditating on- what Momastery offers, except when I DON’T START MY DAY because I’ve spent nearly half of it reading Momastery. And then, it’s like 1pm and I wonder to myself, “Where did the time go!?” and, “Do I REALLY need to take a shower this late in the day or can I just put it off until tomorrow?”

    I cannot stress this enough: You have made my faith more real and compelling and interesting; something worth investing in. You have encouraged me to Love Everyone and to Start With The Ones Closest to Me. You have given me permission to Choose All and Be Myself and Do Hard Things. My life is better, my love is stronger, because of Momastery. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Congratulations on all of your 100,000 minions!

  5. I was determined to share a quick story even before I read today’s post but, after reading it, I knew it was meant to be!

    Yesterday, I went to a baby shower. There was a “tree” on a table with cute little tags and ribbons lying about the base of it. Each guest was supposed to write a tip, parenting trick or wise words of wisdom on this little tag, sign their name, and attach it to the tree with the ribbon. Now, I don’t have a hard time admitting defeat. I have absolutely NO parenting advice to give. This last year has found me in some of the most…well… miserable times of my life raising my daughter and (for completely unrelated reasons) estranged from my own mom. I’m not good on either side of the Parenting Equation: mother or daughter!

    I felt like I had nothing to offer, so I simply wasn’t going to write anything. No. Big. Deal.

    And…let me just tell you, this “Wisdom Tree” was filled with a bunch of clichés. I read other people’s tags and…ugh. Puke. Who are they kidding? Really? Glennon, it was a lot of “Carpe Diems” and I felt like I was the “You’re LUCKY to Carpe 15 Minutes” Party Pooper.

    But then it occurred to me! I do have something I want to share! So, I decided to be REAL. I decided to be BRAVE. And, on the little tag, I swear to you, I wrote:

    “Go to It keeps me sane. Check it out and then call me.”

    I’ll admit, I hung it on the very bottom branch at the very back of the tree, which was awkward because the table it was on butted up against a wall and it took WORK to get it back that far. But I did it!

    Another confession: I was too embarrassed to sign it by name. (All those Judgy Miss Judgingtons around, just waiting to see what I’d written!) but I signed it with the nickname that my cousin used for me when we were children so only she and I need to know who wrote it. :)

    But Monkees! The important thing is, I did it! I hid it and used a “code name” but I did it! I was real! And now, this new mama will have the permission she needs to be real too because it’ll just take ONE TIME for her to come here and she’ll understand that IT’S NOT EASY but IT’S OK because WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!!

    Yay!! I’m so excited. I hope you are too. She’ll make the BEST 100,001 member ever! You’ll love her!

  6. Oh baby,
    I will be there tomorrow to show up and do hard things! Hard things going on here. BUT if I can (we can) help someone else get through…together. So much power in that! So nine am…..just waiting for the love mob!

  7. Glennon,
    Thank you for discounting the fabulous shirts. As a mom of two and Tagret/Walmart shopper, I find it difficult to buy anything wonderful for myself. I have nothing in my checking account right now, so I said to my husband, “Honey, can I have 15 dollars?” Both of my girls disappeared, and my husband said, “Sure.” Two minutes later the 9 year old and the 3 year old showed up at the computer with their piggy banks. Seriously. This happenend. They showed me all of the money in their banks and told me that I could get whatever I wanted. So I win. I win the fabulous shirt with the great message. And I win…for bringing up these wonderful, generous girls. OK – I win for today. Tomorrow we will go back to tears because of hair brushing and the wrong pink tights. But for tonight…

  8. Hey, we eat cereal and bananas for dinner, too! (seriously!!). See you tomorrow morning, Monkees – we MUST show up!

  9. grats on the 100k!

    book bought. shirt ordered. lookoutmobahead!

  10. grats on 100k. book bought. tshirt ordered. next?

  11. 100,000 people who “wish to quit making marriage and parenting and LIFE harder by pretending these things aren’t hard.”

    Seriously, thank you for this! I started reading this blog when my boy was about 9 months old. And parenting just kinda keeps gets harder from there. If I didn’t have you to help me know its normal that it’s hard, I might have lost it!

    Looking forward to Flash Mobbing tomorrow!

  12. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight, hurry up 9am. It has been tooooooooo long since the last one. We need to do more of these. PLEASE?! I need them!

  13. Love Flash Mobs are SO so sosososo fun. I can’t wait.

  14. Love you so, G-dawg.

  15. Ha! I also shout from the rooftops that lexipro gets me through my days:) I will be right there with you, faith, sweat and lexipro:)

  16. I’m celebrating with you Glennon. Ordered my first Momastery t-shirt today, will be ordering Italian for dinner tonight, and have also discovered the transformative powers of Lexapro. Thanks for being so open about the stuff that can be so hard to talk about, and thanks for creating this community where we can belong to each other and prove that love wins!

  17. Very excited that tomorrow is LOVE FLASH MOB day!! I love watching the Facebook excitement all day, too. What a great reminder of the human spirit and our ability to do great things (love wins!) and to be there for one another. It’s humanity at its best.

  18. Celebrate by not cooking – so with you there, G!

  19. Woot! Can’t wait to be there! Our town has been in full Pay it Forward mode since a tragic death of a local teen from an epileptic seizure a few weeks ago. #AJO has gone world wide in the space of two weeks, all on the purchase of a few Pumpkin Spice Latte’s for unsuspecting strangers by her grief stricken parents at Starbucks.

    “AJO Forever in our hearts” has taken our community by storm and I’ve shared this additional chance to help with lots of local folks :)

    • Hey! I live in Erie and my students were discussing #AJO in my class today. It is having a real impact on the individual level and on giving to others and making people reflect on gratitude and loss and how brutiful life is.

  20. I bought a medium at full price a while back. Most comfortable shirt EVER. If you’re long waisted (like me) go a size up. I just bought myself a large and I can’t wait until it drops under 90 degrees here so I can wear it. LOVE <3

  21. Bought me a shirt. Tomorrow, I’m going to buy some other people their dreams. Amazing. I love when money fixes things.

  22. Yay on 100,000!! That’s awesome! Got myself a tee. I need to check out the Flash Mobs and read more about ’em.

  23. Is that 9am in Florida? I just need to know how early I need to be up in Seattle.

  24. I’m all about the love flash mobs and all things Monkee and This Place!

    Not for nothin’, though–some Monkees may be so full of love and good things that they may be a little bigger than a 2X shirt…and maybe those Monkees, too, would love to Pass It On, if only they were the right size for the fabulous, on-sale (or even full price) shirts? I would love to see that possibility with future Monkee designs!

  25. I don’t really understand the sizing on the shirts, but they look amazing!

    • My impression is that they run small. I’m hoping that we will see a new round soon (Glennon was wearing one in her “the kids are back in school!” photo, and that they will be sized for ALL women and/or offer unisex sizes.

      • Sarah, I’m normally a size 16-18 and I got the xxl. It fit great til I washed it and gained 10 more lbs :) I hope that gives you some perspective?

  26. 9am…cannot wait!

  27. I love a sale. Thank you. Have to save where I can! And congrats on 100K

  28. I adore the Love Flash Mobs! I can hardly wait!

  29. Perfect “excuse” for an impulse buy! GOT MINE!

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