May 122013

Happy Mother’s Day, Monkees. This is for you.

Love, G and The Whole Monkee Family

Click here to see a list of teen homes across the United States that could use your support.  If you know of an organization that would like to be added to the list, please have a staff member of the home contact Monkee See–Monkee Do directly.


We’re also celebrating Mother’s Day over at Amazon today – head over to read my essay about Mothering as a spiritual practice.

All the love I’ve got  – from my tired, grateful heart to yours.

Happy Mama’s Day, mamas.

Love, G

Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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  29 Responses to “The Power Of A Circle Of Women”

  1. AMAZING! But even more fun was that when it finished, the video of the toast you made at Sister’s wedding came up and it sounded so you and beautiful and I was feeling like I was part of the family. Hope that’s not too creepy!

  2. Thanks for sharing :) It feels so good to be part of something both abstract and concrete~ sometimes when reading your messages I feel so connected but it still feels distant because it is online. Seeing this makes it all more real. Hope you make it to St. Louis at some point! If there is a “Get Glennon to your City” petition, let me know!

  3. That was beautiful! Thanks Glennon!

    PS: Anyone know what’s the piece of music in the video? So inspirational!

  4. You inspired me! Today, Mother’s Day, my church had three homeless families move in for a week. We are part of a network of churches that houses homeless families trying to get back on their feet. And I knew I had to do something for these Mamas working so hard to take care of their babies, and their families, and do their jobs…who is taking care of them? So, my husband, my kids, ages 11 and 13, and my lobster sister went and we brought new pillows and soft pillow cases for them to rest their heads on, and we gave them a gift card to buy something they need (or I really hope something they want just for themselves) and we played with their six kids (ages 1,2,3,4,5, and 9) for a little bit so they could shower and be by themselves. And it was hard…I have already forgotten how hard it is when they are SO little…and it was fun and amazing to see my big kids relate to these little kids and it was magical. So, thank you for giving me a GREAT Mother’s Day and thank you for giving these moms a little space to breath…because We Belong To Each Other!! Amen!

  5. I am seeing this post after spending an amazing day with my daughter and her babies. I am crying tears of joy for what this circle of women has done. We can do so much more with our time here on earth. Thank you G. for bringing this all together.

  6. Ms. Melton,
    Just as I was tiring of many of the recent postings in AMAZON DAILY, I read and reread your article today. It made it all worthwhile.

    Well said!

    Don Wickham

  7. Received Carry On, Warrior for Mother’s Day. What a wonderful gift! Happy mama’s day to all the moms out there!

  8. This. Is. Beautiful. Love…

  9. Feels so good to have had a tiny part in that miracle. It’s so awesome. Happy Mother’s Day, all!

  10. The URL for Promising Futures in Noblesville IN is wrong. Try this:

  11. Thanks for that Glennon. I’m sitting here feeling a little sad for myself and this is helping me reconsider. My hubby and I aren’t in a great place. I got the requisite Mother’s Day flowers but thats it; no card, no coffee, no celebrating in any way. And so I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself a little bit. Pity party extraordinaire. I usually don’t do this, but it just kinda hit me all of the sudden. And so I went directly to Momastery for our circle of women. And saw this video. And cried. And by the end of it, am out of my head and back into my warrior’s heart. Thinking of these beautiful young mothers. And the amazing circle of women here. Happy Mother’s Day. xo

      • Thank you! Just feeling sorry for myself. I know that flowers is more than some will ever get, and we are healthy and our 4 year old is joyous and beautiful. I love my circle of women. Thank you. xo

    • I’ve had those moments too Kat. A little wallowing in pity is okay sometimes too. :-) You deserve to be treated extra special everyday and on Mother’s Day in particular. It is good that you recognize that and okay that you want others to recognize it too. I hope you were able to draw some strength and love from your circle of women. Hugs to you.

  12. OMG! Couldn’t contain my tears. I met you in Minnesota (that gal with her hubby on their 10th wedding anniversary). What a true gift you are. I am so excited to share 5 copies of your book with the 5 moms living with me in a homeless shelter in Grand Forks, ND. Danny, another Monkee sent them earlier this week. We are all trudging our separate paths and I just know your words will mean so much to them. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as all 6 of us have so many challenges ahead. Where we will find a place to live and how we’ll pay rent. How we will fill our babies tummies. How we will find jobs and secure childcare. It is a scary time for us all. Thank you for reminding us all to just do the next right thing.

  13. So honored to have been a part of the weekend!

  14. Amazing! What a gift Monkee see – Monkee do gives us to be of service from afar. It has inspired me to get more involved locally. I am fortunate to have gotten myself together (relatively) before having children, with the help of many people including my mom. The best thing we can do for each other is provide a raft on which other’s can hang onto until they learn to swim. Thing is though, we all need to grab hold of that raft from time to time. Thank you for Momastery, a “raft” for all of us, Glennon.

  15. My dear Glennon,

    Wow! That was amazingly beautiful!! I cried and cried… I am still crying. As a mama who had her first baby as a single teen, I am so thankful for PHI and the other homes across the country who are supporting these young mamas. I couldn’t have made it to where I am now, a mama with 5 beautiful babies, without my supporters. And now, my first beautiful baby of nearly 21 years ago is planning her wedding. Life is truly brutiful. I am just so grateful the first thing I saw this Mother’s Day was so beautiful. Thank you, Glennon, for all you do! I love you!


  16. I took all the baby clothes and supplies my girl
    Has outgrown and donated them to a local home for teen moms in honor of Mother’s Day inspired by this blog! Happy Mother’s Day to all the women of the world! Small steps and we can make a better world for our children!

  17. So beautiful! And I couldn’t stop laughing at the man in the front table who seemed bored out of his mind. :)

  18. Thank you, Glennon. I am a puddle.

    I am so so proud to have been a part of that love Flashmob! That was one of the most exciting days I have ever had- and from my computer! It was the first time in a long time that I felt a part of something bigger and more important than me.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Glennon. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MONKEES!!

  19. thank you. what a perfectly lovely Mother’s Day gift. xo

  20. This!

  21. Love you!

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