May 102013

You guys. Someone please explain to me the allure of Pinterest.

I can’t take it in. Refuse to.  I find it supremely difficult to keep a good enough home, feed my family good enough food, and dress everyone in good enough outfits without keeping a file of ways to do these things PERFECTLY and FABULOUSLY and AMAZINGLY in my mental/computer file.

I don’t want to be perfect or fabulous or amazing. I just want to be good enough with a little relaxing time left over.

And here’s the other thing- I’ve never even made my children an ugly pancake. And now folks are posting pictures of month-long projects during which they create a different pancake animal theme each morning.

And by the way, what happened to bananas for breakfast?? And why aren’t you people freaking out in the morning and frantically searching for socks and lunch boxes and generally ruing the day you were born every morning like I am?

And while we’re on the subject of morning . . . what’s wrong with bananas for breakfast!? They’re healthy, cheap, delicious without cooking, and they come with their own wrapper. That’s good stuff. Are we too good for BANANAS?

Now listen, I had this banana vs “Noah’s Ark pancakes” for breakfast conversation with a dear friend who eats, sleeps, and breathes Pinterest. I told her about my banana-solution-to-all-culinary-challenges thing. And she listened politely. She seemed to understand. And the next day she sent me a picture of her kids with bananas on their plates. I smiled. But then I immediately stopped smiling because  I noticed that the bananas SAID STUFF ON THEM. One kid’s banana said “GOOD MORNING, HONEY” and the other’s said “RISE AND SHINE, SUNSHINE!” on it. In black letters.

And so I wrote back to my friend and said “what the sam hill is on your bananas?”

And she told me that on PINTEREST she learned that if you write letters with a tooth pick on a banana peel at night, the letters will magically appear on the banana in the morning.

Do you see what happened there?

Pinterest ruined bananas.

Now we’re all going to have to write NOTES on our  bananas and if we hold out, our kid will be the boring banana kid. Unloved, really.

Now. Having said all of this, I should mention two things:

  1. Most of my friends love Pinterest. I love my friends. If you love Pinterest, I love you too. Please feel free to make my kids some stuff.
  2. I’ve never actually BEEN on Pinterest. I tried once, but it said I needed an invitation to join and I felt like that was kind of snooty so I never went back.
  3. Even so, Momastery has a Pinterest account. My dear friend Allison whipped up some of our quotes and favorite books and all kinds of inspiring, wonderful (not-panic-inducing) things and put them on there. I’ve never seen our account but I’ve heard it’s lovely. You should definitely go there — Allison says it’s here. I’m not so sure how to get myself there,  but if I ever do go, I’m definitely going to add some texty bananas and my gourmet nuggets.
  4. That’s all I got. There’s a great article below about the Pinsanity. We’re in it.

That was four things.

Pin On, Warriors.

I guess.

Love, G

P.S.  In the [P]interest of doing something kind and easy for yourself today . . . 25% off all Momastery gear!  And it’s all already made!   PLUS, EVERY PENNY GOES TO MAINTAIN YOUR MOMASTERY! (When they’re gone, they’re gone. We must rest.).

PPS. I think the tone of this essay is a bit defeated and snarky and while I’m too tired to rewrite the darn thing I just wanted to acknowledge that.  I love you love you love you Pinteresty crafty friends. You know that right? I’m just trying to resist our culture’s recent suggestion that the best way to be a good mom is through intricate crafts and expensive decor and fabulous outfits. That is ONE way to express oneself as a mother –  just not at all the only way. Perhaps I should have just SAID that instead of all the stuff about bananas and pancakes. There are a million ways to kneel and kiss the ground, and making beautiful pancakes for your babies is DEFINITELY one of them.



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  266 Responses to “Pinsanity”

  1. I’m a visual person and organization makes my brain feel better. Before, I’d find things I wanted to remember on the internet and bookmark them so I could hopefully find them again, but this was always anxiety-provoking for me, because trying to remember and find something in text is a nightmare for me. Pinterest allows me to save links to information I want to see again, and to do so VISUALLY so that for me it’s easy to re-find. The social networking aspect of it is lost on me. I just use it as an archiving tool.

  2. Glennon! Don’t be a Pinterest hater! :-) I use it to search for recipes, Halloween costumes and hairstyles. You have to not let Pinterest judge you, you have to TAME Pinterest, make it your bi…well, you know what I mean. Make it work FOR you.


  3. I use Pinterest for inspiration and a place to keep interesting things. Some people take it MUCH too far.

  4. So it begs the question: should I PIN this post to my fav blogs board??! 😉

  5. Love this post!

  6. Love this post. Once again, you have proven that this is a safe haven for EVERYONE, pinners and non pinners alike! And I am in the non pinner group. Wish my kid would eat bananas.

  7. This is priceless! It is like you are in my head and literally I can hear your voice with the same exasperation and humor that echoes in my thoughts. I honestly get overwhelmed with pinterest mostly because I am already overwhelmed with all the other chores in my day and if I look at all the crafty people out there, I just start feeling like a terrible mama for my lack of creativity. Thank you to all you crafty folks who inspire the world and thank you G for helping the rest of us realize it’s ok to say I’m too busy and I like my bananas plain! :)

  8. […] favorite blog, Momastery, gave another view of Pinterest. As in, it’s so much pressure that she’s not even going there. […]

  9. I use Pinterest in my business and have gotten some great business because of it.. You can find some great inspiration. However, it can make you feel a little inadequate at times as well.

  10. Well, my kids wouldn’t eat the bananas if they said things on them, so I don’t have to worry about that… :-)

    I only use pinterest as an idea collector. For jewelry making ideas. For me. Or the humor or geek boards. I don’t look at any of the parenting junk, or anything like that, I don’t need to make myself feel incompetent; I already KNOW I can’t/don’t/won’t do that stuff. And my kids are 16 and 20 and seem to have survived. :-)

  11. Well, WHEW! I thought I was the last non-pinteresting mom out there. I’m like you…when I needed an invitation, I felt suddenly like I was waiting to be the last one chosen for kickball.
    Hopefully I’ll save my son too much emotional baggage but still give him enough so he has SOMETHING to talk about in therapy when he gets older. HA!

  12. Wait, I’m supposed to FEED my children BREAKFAST?!? Crap. If they can’t get it themselves, it’s not happening. I get annoyed if I have to peel the banana for them…..morning is not my favorite.

  13. Pinterest in no way makes me feel like I need to keep up with other moms. What is does do is connect me with like minded people who share and we benefit from each others pins. My family has food allergies and I have found so many practical amazing recipes that make my life so much easier since our food must be prepared from scratch. I also have boards that are more dreams for the future and for my kids. My home board is really a dream but when I moved last summer into a small apartment I recalled many useful ideas that I had pinned that allowed me to make my space functional and cute for cheap. Pinterest only makes you feel bad if you let it. I have had many fun afternoons with my kids because of activities I repined. I in no way feel the need to make dinosaur shaped pancakes or christmas tree veggie platters to be a good mom.

  14. I am 200% with you Glennon. I was instantly turned off by the “have to be invited” crap. Plus, I’d rather spend time actually doing things with my kids than staring at the computer for hours for the absolute most creative way to do things with them.

    I am the mom who makes plain chocolate birthday cupcakes to take to school, calls people to invite them to the birthday party rather than filling out elaborate invitations, and only decorates with balloons – which serve as toys for the kids to play with during the party.

    Sometimes, simpler is just more classy and IMO, better!

  15. I like Pinterest. I use Pinterest. I use it mostly to “pin” recipes I stumble across online. And I have lots of places to pin crafty ideas…that I realistically will never do. It is a place for ideas, recipes, links, that if they were written down, would get lost in the fray on my desk.

    All that said… we think a banana (all plain, without adornment) is a great solution for breakfast. We are also scrambling just to get our selves together before stumbling out the doors in the morning.

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