Apr 192013

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.

 – Emily Dickinson

I’ve been saving this magic for a day we really needed it –  for a day we might be desperate for a reminder to tune back in to the singing. Today’s the day.

Make no mistake – hope never stops singing. When we become very, very afraid, we just stop listening. Fear becomes so loud. The bastard drowns out the singing.

Do you trust me? I know you do. I know you do. Thank you for that. I’m going to tap into that trust and ask you to do something for me.

Please, turn off the TV. Just for a few minutes – you can turn it right back on.

Microsoft + Monkees at Battle Monument School from Mantis Films.

Now take seven minutes out of your day to watch this.

Then spend another seven minutes showing it to your kids or someone you love.

Show the people you love WHAT YOU DID. Show them WHAT THIS PLACE DID. What the hope and love you share here each day turned INTO. Show them what hope and love ALWAYS turns into:

CHANGE. Hope and love turn into change.

Just remember- powerlessness is an illusion and despair is a place that people of hope are only allowed to live for a few moments at a time. Feel despair, sit with it, then move away, move on, tune back into the singing. All the chaos and terror is reality- but so is beauty and love and hope. Those are realities, too. We still have the power to decide in which reality we’re going to live.

For just seven minutes, live here.

And then try to IMAGINE what the Monkees and Microsoft are going to pull off together this  fall. We’re going to take this brutiful world by storm. We’re gonna keep lighting up this world with love.

Just Keep Swimming.



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  69 Responses to “ON POWER AND CHANGE”

  1. O.M.G.

    Buechner’s “Don’t be afraid,” is one of my all-time favorite quotes.

    “Don’t be afriad,” I say “We are neighbors in grief and allies in healing.”


    Thank you for sharing it with your masses. it is such an important, IMPORTANT message that we all need to hear… Carry On, G, Carry on…

  2. Can’t wait for Fall! Great video!

  3. When it finished, I said aloud, “I was part of that.” I said it in a quiet voice, but it filled me with SUCH POWER. Thank you for giving ME this gift!

  4. Would love to see the video. If it is able to be seen again please someone let me know. Thanks!

  5. I volunteered fro this event and would love to see the video. Sorry I too came late. Hoping you can put it back up? Thanks!

  6. Please open the link to allow the late comers the opportunity to enjoy.

  7. I must be late to the awesomeness because when I click on the link it says it’s a private video. :(

  8. Hi G, can you please check the link to the video??? You cant see it…. :(

  9. I’m just getting around to reading this, and the link doesn’t work any longer. :( It says something about private video. Can you possibly find another source and repost? Thanks!!! -J

  10. Hey, G- somebody turned off the video link :(

  11. Thank you thank you thank you for this follow up. I have a child with special needs so this project was of high interest to me. So beautiful. Thanks for the constant reminder that love wins!

  12. So beautiful. I’m not surprised to see you use a Buechner quote. Your book reminded me of an experience I had in college. I was in a class where we read his book “telling secrets” and I remember thinking, “I have no secrets — how am I going to have this religious experience of telling them?” almost 20 years later, your book has validated that living life without secrets is part of my religious experience. I adored your book and could have read it forever. I was sad to see it end, but thought as I glared at those blank pages about all the people who will be writing or living out their story ispired by and loved by you.

  13. thank you G for helping ground us when we need it most


  14. Wow! There is so much goodness in this world and it is so nice to see it in action.

    It is so nice seeing the faces and hearing the voices of the behind the scene forces of MSMD. Love all of you women and the hard work you put into this organization.

  15. Tears, tears, tears. I remember the call for volunteers for this and being so sad I couldn’t make it that day as I’m only an hour away. What a wonderful story.

  16. Keep swimming……….keep breathing………keep loving!

  17. yes indeed….. love does win!!!

  18. Thank you, Glennon, for posting this video in a week filled with such sorrow. Being a part of the Battle Monument staff and working with our beautiful students everyday brings great joy. Thank you, Monkee See Monkee Do and Microsoft for giving and giving and giving to our little school.

  19. G-
    Thank you for posting this today! It has been a rough week, and even though I am in the building every day and see all that was done everyday, it was refreshing to re-live the experience in 7 minutes! Thank you Thank you Thank you Monkees and Microsoft, I do not think we as a school and community can ever say Thank You enough!!
    -Angela, library media specialist, Battle Monument School

  20. No words fit…..swimming in a bucket of smiles and tears.

  21. Wow. I loved this so much. I love this community so much!!!!

  22. I am the principal at this wonderful school. Microsoft and Monkee See – Monkee Do did amazing things for my very special students and staff. we continue to reap the rewards of this incredibal partnership. THANK YOU ! THANNK YOU! THANK YOU! Also, Glennon, thanks for posting this at a time when we are experiencing such tragedy and loss. LOVE AND KINDNESS WIN!

  23. Thank you G and thank you Monkees and Microsoft. After this week I really needed a reminder of the great capacity for human kindness in the world!

  24. Does Monkee See – Monkee Do operate out of one place, or are there community “branch offices,” or what?

  25. Thank you for sharing, Glennon. This was just what I needed right now. Can’t wait for the next flash mob. Bring it on!

  26. It’s always so,so good to be inspired and rethink how I’m giving back to my community. Thanks for all the hard work, Monkee See Monkey Do board.

  27. This is so awesome! I didn’t give the last time, and now my question is: How can we help this school, going forward? I bet they’ll continue to need help — updates on tech, more supplies, etc. Any way we can give them more through Monkee See Monkee Do? Or should we just go directly to the school?
    Thanks so much!

    • I was wondering the same. I would love to donate some art materials or something along those lines since I am an art therapist who used to work in a similar setting. I’m sure they could always use more since these supplies constantly need replenishing.

  28. Wonderful! The love is spreading, and caring people really *are* making a difference. We can fight each devastating act of hatred with many acts of small kindness. Thank you!

  29. This was what I needed, and why I do trust you with my heart. Feeling a bit healed. Love wins. Always.

  30. Amazing! So happy MSMD and Microsoft could do this for our precious little school. Thank you again and again!

    Everytime I walk in the apartment or see the tulips blooming, I think of that day and how awesome it was!

    Love wins and we CAN do hard things!

  31. Yes! Thank you for this. Beautiful

  32. So needed this today, thank you, Glennon. Thank you again for the opportunity to help.

    Everyday people can do AWESOME things. Each and every one of us has something to give, something to share with another someone out there who needs it. And sometimes we receive something we didn’t know we needed…..

  33. I can hardly wait for this year’s Monkee See Monkee Do…it’s gonna be GRAND!

  34. Brava Monkees! As a Microsoft employee and a Microsoft Giving Campaign Vpal (Vice President appointed lead) I am thrilled to see this clip. My next action will be to check online (via Bing, of course) :) to see if there is a Monkee chapter in Bellevue.

  35. Thank you! Crying over something happy is good for the soul– especially this week!

  36. Wow! I was there. With my son. Planting bulbs. I was a little scared showing up, not knowing what I was walking into or how I could possibly help. I met other Monkees and listened to their stories. Stories that were bigger than my own and I cried. I became friendly with Linda who couldn’t believe how many people showed up to help her school. I reached out to her today infact wondering if the bulbs we planted actually bloomed. Her reply was “Everytime I look at the flowers, I think of how amazed I was by the Monkees and their children!” Me too Linda. Me too!! My heart if full.

  37. Love! Sharing…

  38. Lovely. Thank you for the reminder!

  39. That’s my town! We go to early literacy program in the neighborhood – I had no idea about this project and was so moved. What a wonderful idea and outreach!

  40. Thank you…for this message…today. I find myself so quickly overwhelmed with the sad, the hurt, the “terror” and you have saved this reminder for the perfect time. I am back to being hopeful again.

  41. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you — we ALL need to see something like this today

  42. Crying tears of joy and love. Thank you so much for sharing this!! “Just two girls in a coffee shop writing on the back of napkin.” So true that we can all start with the smallest things that make the biggest of changes.

  43. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
    “Love wins.” ~Glennon Doyle Melton

    Wisdom of the ages.

  44. Love. Wins. Every. Time

  45. We don’t know until we try.
    So glad someone tried.

  46. AMAZING!!! We do bruitful things!!

  47. Goosebumps.
    People are good. You could see the love, courage, and passion in every single person’s eyes in the video.

  48. Woo hoo! People rock!

  49. Thank you for sharing this today. In the midst of the ongoing tragedy in Boston, I found it very heart-warming to watch this story. It is empowering to know and to remember that we are not helpless, that we have the ability to reach out and help others in ways that we can’t even imagine! The beautiful smiles on the faces of those children were so touching, I was moved to tears. Each and every one of us can make a difference, and there is so much more good in the world than there is hatred and evil…let’s choose to spread good, kindness and joy!

  50. Love, love, love. Seems appropriate this week with the passing of Gavin.

  51. Oh, Glennon, thank you! What a gift! Beautiful and LOVE.

  52. Amen, and AMEN.

    Love wins. That’s all I’ve got today, with a heavy heart and tears every time I turn around. But the beauty of love is – that it is enough, even on the very, very hard days. LOVE WINS.

  53. wonderful! definitely good to see today!

  54. Thank you. I needed this today. I’m at 6:57 in the video!

  55. Thank you G, thank you for posting this. My heart has been so heavy today, and this was just what I needed.

    When I met you in Raleigh I talked to you about being an ESL teacher. It has been my job and my passion to teach kids who have immigrated to our country. Watching all of this tragedy unfolding in Boston this morning – all of the senseless violence and deaths, and one 19-year-old immigrant kid being hunted because he took a HORRIBLY wrong path – I keep thinking, “that could have been one of my students.” What the heck happened? How did we fail him, so that he thought such violence could in any way be an option? How do we, the human race, fail each other so miserably that we continue to turn on each other this way? WTF?!

    We just have to keep putting our love out there and hope that it sticks. Just keep doing it, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense to keep it up.

    Thank you for making us stop and look. We put some love out there and it stuck.

    • So well said, Amy.

    • I agree with Stacey: So well said. One of the best parts about someone doing something incredible for others is that it can create ripples of giving, sharing, joy and love among all the people who witness it. Let’s all try to remember this great good thing, and spread that hope.

  56. So so awesome. thank you for sharing…its hard to ‘look past’ all the hurt in the world around us sometimes and see the good things that are happening…but I know they are…one of my favorite movie openers is from Love Actually…displaying the love that actually IS all around us, when we look for it…So I will use your catch phrase: Love Wins…thanks for reminding us of that…

  57. Thank you is all i can say, thank you for sharing so much love, so much joy and so much hope

  58. […] I’ll leave you with this from Momastery. This video from her post is well worth the seven minutes of your day. […]

  59. Amazing.

  60. amazing, thank you for sharing this today, G.

  61. Thanks for sharing. Love wins.

  62. Inspiring :)
    Simply inspiring.
    I am looking for opportunities to give back in my own community, but if there is ever a time when MS-MD specifically needs volunteers for any other neck of the woods, sign me up :)

  63. Love wins!

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