Apr 012013

It’s book eve. Tomorrow is our Carry On, Warrior’s birthday.  For the first time, I haven’t called the delivery boss (doctor) and threatened to go postal if said delivery boss does not force-ably DELIVER THIS THING from my person early. I’m going for a natural delivery this time around. So tomorrow’s the day.

I’m on the road today. Tomorrow – on her birthday –  I’ll be in my hometown celebrating in my red tutu. My Sister and parents and  many of my best friends and hundreds of Monkees will be celebrating at a book signing with me. I know you’ll be there with me too. I always know that. And so I’m feeling scared but grateful . I can’t believe that I get to stand with all of these people who love me and were so afraid for me for so long and smile and say, Look, guys. We made it. You were right to believe in me. God and you and I – we turned my mess into something beautiful.

I wrote down a few things to take with me on the road. Just in case I get busy and nervous and forget who we are for a couple minutes.  I’m putting this list in my purse. So I can Remember and Not be Afraid.

1. We Can Do Hard Things.  

Life is not hard because you’re doing it wrong. Like marriage, parenting, and many things worth doing – Life is just hard. It’s okay

2. Love wins.

What you do matters less than how you do it. Just do what you do with love. 

3. We belong to each other.

Be confident  – you’re a child of God. Be humble – everyone else is, too. 

4. Just show up.

Things are not good, nor bad. Everything is a teacher. Be curious.

5. Breathe. Despite every shred of evidence to the contrary – All is Well.


I love you so.

Don’t worry about having a great day – just grab a couple great moments. That’s my plan, too.

Love and Hope and Heeeeeere We Go!


Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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  89 Responses to “On The Road”

  1. Beyond amazing to see you, Sister, Bubba, and Tish at the book signing the other day. Just finished the book–tremendous. I didn’t want to go to school on Wednesday. Just wanted to curl up and read it. Today I was laughing out loud. So clever how you worked one of my favorite driving songs ‘Gin & Juice’ into “On Profanity” chapter.

  2. I just found you through the lovely Galit. I am very late to “Don’t Carpe Diem”, but I want to tell you that I loved it.
    All the best to you on this incredible adventure with your book. Your writing is gorgeous and heartfelt, and I’m sure you’ll delight and reach many.

  3. Your book arrived in my mailbox at 2pm yesterday. I completely ignored my family for the next four hours while I laughed, cried, uttered “thank you, Jesus” more times than I could count, and drank in your book. I feel like I should say “our” book, as it could be my story with just a few edits. My husband just called me from the road to say he keeps pulling over to read parts of your book. He just opens it up to a random section and reads. He swears he hears my voice when reading your words. It’s healing and beautiful for my man, as it was for me.

    We are imperfect children of God, the lot of us. But that’s why we rock. Thank you so much for reminding me.

  4. So happy for you, Glennon! Enjoy every second of your tour, spread the message of love! Still waiting to see those Canadian dates and locations for your tour… ; )

  5. congratulations and enjoy the tour! :)

  6. Just got the book yesterday ON MY BIRTHDAY. Except I am 38, yikes.

    Anyway, I think my favorite part is that you dedicated it to your mom. I notice that you don’t talk about her that much, but the dedication tells me why. No words can explain what she means to you. I feel the same about mine.

    Love it!

  7. Congrats!!!!! I JUST got my book in the mail today. Looks like all housework plans have been put on hold until it’s read! CAN’T WAIT to meet you in Cincinnati tomorrow. I will try my best not to cry, but no promises. Much love to you, G!

  8. Waiting in great anticipation for my copy to arrive! Congratulations!
    This song makes me think of you and all of us monkees! Hope you enjoy it!


  9. Got the book last night, started it before bed, and bought a copy for my little sister this morning. Thank you for sharing your story, humor and struggles!

  10. Thanks for the party last night, Glennon. You and your family were such gracious hosts. I keep thinking about the mama in line with me whose husband is deployed to Afghanistan. I kept wanting to tell her how much I appreciate the sacrifice she and her husband are making, but I never did. She is doing hard things and I wish her all the strength she deserves. I was honored to meet you, and her and her little guy.

  11. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your book. You’re doing amazing things. Any plans for an Australian book tour??

  12. Waiting with bated breath for my copy to arrive. The reviews are beautifully written!

  13. I just recently found your blog by two separate sources in the SAME day – a girlfriend passed along one of your previous posts to me via email (that made me cry tears of joy) and then I happened to be walking on the treadmill reading Redbook and found an article about you in there too!
    Of course, it made me run straight to your blog and go thru as many posts as possible. You are amazing and your life stories and straight talk that always seems to end up on a positive note, makes this a great blog I will start visiting daily. Thank you for you and for sharing with all of us.

    Best, Jennifer
    *if you happen to like beauty blogs, I’d love if you checked mine out and let me know what you think! http://www.jennysuemakeup.com*

  14. Congratulations G! And I love that list of yours. Much love to you

  15. I got it! I try so hard not to run out and hug the UPS man when he brings things right to my door. Today I’m still pantsless, so it wasn’t as hard. But if he looked in the rearview mirror, he might have gotten a thrill.

  16. Congratulations! Coincidentally, I release the hard copy of my first book today, too. So here’s to hoping mine has just a fraction of the success that your’s will have! Your writing has inspired me to embrace my honest nature with bold bravery. I thank you for that. I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and laughter! You deserve it!

  17. Oh my goodness Glennon, I am so excited for you! Wow, it’s really here! I am an introvert too and would have to force myself to leave the house for a book tour feeling like I needed an IV of rescue remedy at all times :) But everything you said is so true. Don’t feed the fears. You will be AMAZING! I so badly wish I could be at one of the book stores. There will be so much love in those rooms for you, for all of us. Isn’t that the best feeling? I can’t think of any better description of success. Go girl!

  18. Yaaaaay! So happy. You will be (are) awesome. XO

  19. Love, love and love. And best of adventures to you and the new arrival! Onward :)

  20. After a couple of years of reading Glennon’s voice, it was fun to HEAR her voice! Way to go, Glennon.

  21. Bring the tutu to your Northern CA stop– it won’t phase anyone here.

    So proud of you and so happy to have just found the book in my mailbox. I’ve only read the dedication and I’m already crying!

  22. I live down in Fredericksburg and am coming up by myself to the signing. can’t wait to see you. :)

  23. You rocked that Today Show, G!!! I wanted to laugh when they called you a “mom blogger” (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I think of you more as a human blogger. The amount of pride and excitement I feel for you and about this book baby is indescribable. Love you!!

  24. Happy Birthday Book Baby and Congrats Mama G! Cannot wait until mine ships 😀

  25. Love you, G! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night. You rocked the interview and Margaret and I are digging your dress.

  26. Your time on the Today show was beautiful and perfect! I was so proud of you and your authentic comments representing all of us mommas!! Carry on, we are holding space just for you!

  27. You were so fantastic on the TODAY show! You looked positively gorge–bright-eyed, young, rested, healthy and just great. You were so very poised, you SEEMED comfortable and you came off as warm, fun, and accessible. I felt so proud!

  28. G!! You were solid on the Today Show, SOLID. And it was amazing because by solid, I mean humble and gracious and gorgeous just as you are. You were you and you were us and we were you and we were us and we were there together like you said. Sooooooo glad you show up everyday! Love you Sister!

  29. Thank you, G, for sharing yourself with the world! My mom pre-ordered the book for me as an Easter present; it came on Saturday and I finished it on Sunday. (Is that cheating? I just couldn’t wait!) Now I’m passing it along.

  30. G this is so awesome. Don’t look now, but you are doing it…..it feels like when my daughters were learning to ride a bike and peddling away screaming “don’t let go i can’t do this” and I had already let go and tell them “you already are, just keep peddling.” You already nailed this before you even started. Way to go G, you have made us all proud and blessed!!

  31. I cried real, fat tears as I watched you on Today this morning. See you in Cinci!!

  32. Awesome girl! Watched you on Today!. Tears of joy for you!

  33. See you in Cincinnati Thur. I was hoping that your book tour would come near by.
    Carry On…….!.

  34. Best. Subject. Line. Ever…

    “Your Amazon.com order of “Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts…” has shipped!”

    We are ALL travelling with you in spirit, thoughts, prayers, and TONS of love!
    You go Sister!

    • Me, too – going to devour this book, then pass it on to another to enjoy! And tell them to pass it on, and so on, and so forth (as G. would say!).

  35. Perhaps you won’t be answering our comments today (understandably) I (We) need to know when will you be doing a Canadian book tour???

    Best wishes on your many travels, I think I speak for ALL the Canadian Monkees when I say PLEASE, PLEASE come to Canada! We’ll give you more Monkee love than you can handle!

    Tears of joy are streaming for your baby’s first steps!

    Congratulations :-) Virtual Hugs!

  36. G, you Rock. Loved u on the Today show!

  37. It was exciting to see you on the Today Show!
    You were so poised and clear spoken and radiant!
    You’re off to a great start :-)
    Thanks for the special Monkee heart wave <3

  38. Such an amazing job this morning G!! And you looked fabulous too :)

  39. Look at you doing Hard Things! nailed it! Enjoy the tour!

  40. Just so proud right now, I feel ready to burst!

  41. You really did nail the today show, Glennon! Way to go!

  42. tutu’s and clinical strength anti-perspirant…..you are more than ready GIRL!!!! Come let us love you!

  43. You were great on the Today show! I look forward to getting the book. I wish your tour was coming to Portland, but know you can’t make it to every town:) Good luck with the tour, it sounds fun and scary at the same time!

  44. I hope you Carpe these Diems because you so very much deserve them <3
    And – can I say without any pressure, Yea! that things are going well for you & Craig! :) I can't believe she asked, but then I guessed you probably told her pre-interview it was ok to ask.
    So much love to you!

  45. I watched you this morning, and like another commenter, I really did feel like yelling, “hey!!! I know that girl”. You were awesome.

  46. That was probably the longest 5 minutes of your life, but you SHOWED UP and ROCKED IT! Not only were you beautiful, but you were a beautiful spirit. So well-spoken and so IN THE MOMENT! Pat yourself on the back and know that you did the HARD THING “Today”! love, breathe, love!

  47. Caught you on the Today show by happy accident, you were great! My husband happened to walk in the room and I said, “I read her blog!” But what I really felt was, “I KNOW her!”


  48. Well done today (or should I say “TODAY”) :)
    Can’t wait to get my book(s) and decide to whom I should gift the extra copies I ordered…And love this list – Momastery in a nutshell…good stuff. Very good stuff. {{{hugs}}} to you today – congratulations again and happy birthday to the book-baby :)

  49. First-time commenter, LONG time follower–

    I love that you said, “OUR blog.”

    Thank you for including me, for saying what needs to be said, and for saying it with love.

    Also, you looked radiant. Way to represent, Sister!

  50. You were awesome on The Today Show! Had to watch it on YouTube; you were so calm and pulled together! Proud to call myself a Monkee…not that I never was before. 😉

    Devouring the book and loving every word!

  51. Glennon, you totally ROCKED GMA!!!!!!!! I was up with my little at 4:30 this morning and kept sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts! Then when I saw you on tv I just wanted to reach out and hug you fiercely! I so wish you were coming to northern New England! xoxoxo

  52. Awesome, awesome, awesome on The Today Show!!! Love you!

  53. Glennon, watched you this morning and you were brilliant. So calm (I’m sure you weren’t inside, but it didn’t show!) and so sure of your message – awesome! I’m sure you touched a whole new audience that isn’t already part of the club, and for those of us who are – SUPER PROUD MOMENT! Thank you! I know in my heart your book tour will be an incredible success, because you are YOU and people sense that. Carry On, Warrior Leader!

  54. Happy Birthday! Just saw the Today Show – beautiful job. Have an awesome day celebrating this baby!

  55. So bummed I can’t make it tomorrow night! Tuesday evenings are the worst, so far as kids’ activities go. EVERYTHING is on Tuesdays. But I know you’ll do great, and I’ll be with you all in spirit.

  56. One: you are awesome. Just as you are.
    Two: thank you for this list. I am going to carry it in my wallet to remind myself to BREATHE and listen to my wise mind.
    Three: best of luck with your newest baby, the book! It’s a very different kind of labor and delivery but hopefully you will feel the same level of euphoria afterward!
    Love to you and yours.

  57. Can’t wait to see you this morning! Us west coasters are still waiting!! Go G!! Monkee love!!

  58. You Rocked that interview G! Way to represent. You looked beautiful… love the shoes! Can’t wait to see you Friday in Chicago!

  59. I read this as I sat at my desk at a complete loss for where to start. Then I spent some time formatting this lovely list and pinning it right above the computer. This is where we start every day. Thanks for finding the words. You are beautiful and a gift…

  60. YOU DID IT!!!! I don’t watch TV during the day but I did today so I could see you! You represented us very well. Thank you.

    Showing up every day…scared…that’s what I do too. Grabbing good moments every day not EXPECTING a whole great day takes the pressure off. Even on the crappiest day there are a few good things…

    I am so glad I found your blog. It’s real. You’re real. Thank you.

  61. You did amazing on the Today Show! To see you and hear you brought tears to my eyes! And can I say all your beauty was shining through, inside and out! You rock sister!

  62. Yippee! I’ve been waiting for this day and it’s finally here. So excited for the UPS man to ring my doorbell and hand over my very own Carry On Warrior! Then I will run to bed bedroom,lock the door and devour every word. Yippee. Waiting on pins and needles. Good Luck today and know that we are with you in spirit!

  63. YOU DID IT! Just wathched the Today show segment. Brutal Courage + Beautiful Poise = Brutiful Beginning Of Tour! Your were awesome. Thank you for our sign. LOVE!

  64. Know my favorite part of pretending to know you and the M posse? You tell us what we ALREADY know but seem to forget way to often.

    So excited to cheer this season along, Glennon. What an INSANE ride the past year+!



  65. Sitting here watching you, with my hand on my heart in solidarity. Wishing you many happy serene moments on this journey!

  66. I am so excited I could burst!!!

  67. Long time follower and I figured today was a good day for my first comment. Good luck today. I am anxiously awaiting my kindle download :) thanks for the reminder today – today is sure to be rough at work and I’ll come home tired and cranky to two beautiful kids who have to go back to school tomorrow after almost three weeks away from school (sick, vacation, spring break). It is not going to be a great day, but that’s okay, I know I can grab a few GREAT moments!

  68. You will be such a joy to their show, they are blessed to have you.
    xo from Portugal

  69. I know you will be great! Enjoy it all!! I am looking forward to receiving my book and I just got my husband to record the Today show so I won’t miss it!

  70. Lots and lots of luck, G! My DVR is all set up. Cannot wait to see you show the world the good you have done and the good and love you have brought out in others. Thank you for this post! Wish I could be at your book signing in VA, but life gets in the way. I preordered the book and so looking forward to reading it. Love always wins and life is most definitely brutiful!

  71. Hi, Glennon,

    Your blog has been like a cup of cool water to me. Thank you for writing and speaking the things that I might be thinking but not daring to say out loud. I have been unchurched (dechurched?) for about 5 years now. I deeply miss the connections and the encoruagement to hope and I am at the same time so thankful to not be dealing with some of the unhealthy aspectss of organized religion. Anyway, I thank youmfor writing this:

    “Life is hard. Not because I am doing it wrong, just because it’s hard. But I know, deep down, that it’s all a gift. Every excruciating experience – each is an invitation to walk deeper into truth, into life. And that’s what’s happening to me today. I’m growing – I can feel it. And I am going to be okay – not because of any decisions I make or don’t make, but because of the grace of God. There is no door I can open that God won’t be standing behind, waiting to usher me through.”


  72. There will be so many great moments…just remember to breathe and enjoy. Can’t wait for my book to arrive (and for my sister to get hers as a surprise delivery!)…Amazon says Friday!

  73. You’re going to do GREAT!
    You have a GREAT God within you, a GREAT fan-base behind you, and a GREAT purpose that has been revealed to you.
    That means you’re sure to have MANY great moments today! We’re all so happy for you (even if that does mean we have to share you with the world).
    We’re all here for you, G! I already have TODAY show on, and my book is ordered from AMAZON.

    Sending love and BIG cyber hugs to you from GEORGIA!

  74. Amazing you! Take a deep breath and let go. Have a great time!

  75. Proud of you, excited for you… excited for US! Not sure I want to share you with the whole world just yet but I guess it’s happening :)

    • Is it wrong that we feel a little protective and nervous about sharing her with the world? 😉

      • Have been wondering the same thing. Not because we think she’s not ready (because G, you SO are), but because we’re a little afraid that people won’t get her, or get us.

  76. So happy and excited for you and all of Monkeedom! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive here in Ankara, Turkey! Cheering you on from across the world!

  77. Will be watching this morning. Happy for you. All the hard work that brought you to this point is incredible. I hope you are proud of yourself!

  78. My DVR is already set to tape! Go get ’em girl…I’m sure that some of those great moments you grab today will be on National TV, so you have TOTALLY got this! :) Love, love, love…

  79. You’re going to rock it, G! Just don’t forget that extra super strength antiperspirant. :) Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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