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Please read this message from a fellow Monkee and then re-read it and re-re-read it. Allow what happened at this Maryland grocery store yesterday to sink down deep into your bones and remind you that always and forever  – the Truth Is Love.



Dear G:

Today is Nicholas’ birthday. I went grocery shopping deliberately in a low income part of town, and bought the person’s groceries behind me as a birthday present to me and my big boy (inspired by Monkee See – Monkee Do).  I left before the woman behind me in line knew I had paid for her things.  A few minutes later I saw her climb into the driver’s seat of her car, put her head in her hands, and weep.

I was so nervous trying to explain to the cashier what I wanted to do that I left my phone in the store. When I went back to get it, that same cashier told me that the woman behind me had been buying all of that food for a domestic violence shelter.

Our Sisters Warriors. Amazing and Full of Grace

Love, Meghan



I’ve read this story twenty times now. I’ve got the movie in my head.

I can SEE that woman finding out her groceries were paid in full. I can see her eyes and heart try to understand.

I wonder…why was she working at a domestic violence shelter? Had her life been touched by violence? Was she healing herself by healing others?  Was she trying to prove to herself that despite every shred of evidence to the contrary – Love Wins? And was she paying for all of those groceries herself? Could she afford them, or did she take a leap of faith? Did Meghan catch her before she hit the ground?

And yesterday, is it possible that God lead Meghan to THAT grocery store in THAT moment because God wanted this warrior to know:

 I am watching. I love you. Trust me and trust your sisters. SERVE your sisters. Expect miracles.

Whatever God’s message was- it seems to have been received. Weeping in her car. Healing, I think. Experiencing a real life miracle – as a direct result of serving her sisters.

ALL OF US – Warriors.

Meghan – for not just feeling but DOING compassion. For being brave and different and bold with her love.

The sister behind her.  Creating and receiving a miracle.

The warriors in the shelter, working towards the life they deserve.

The cashier who witnessed the whole miracle.

Our Sister Warriors. Amazing and Full of Grace.

All of them. All of you.

Happy Friday, Love Warriors.


PS. Here’s how Meghan pulls off her grocery Love Ninja Move, in her own words:

For me, remaining anonymous was important..,I wanted to give, and sort of didn’t want the receiver to be responsible for giving the “right” reaction. To that end, store cards are easiest. You can buy them at customer service and loop the manager in. In that case you can just point out who you want the card to go to and leave and the manager gets the fun of the delivery. I have also just left the gift card in a very obvious place in the cart. In this particular case, I saw the woman right when I went in, there was no one at customer service and I didn’t want to lose her. There was only one clerk open, so I explained when I wanted to do and the clerk was in on it. I got back in line behind the woman and the sneaky clerk let me swipe my card and run (hence lost phone). I was fully prepared to out myself and say “it’s my sons birthday and he already got so many gifts, we would like to pass one on to you and pay for your groceries.” On Lucy’s birthday the woman I picked would NOT let me, so I had to spend a long time picking someone else…the gift card is by far the easiest.
PS. I found inspiration for the above picture here: LOVE!


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  1. you know, in other countries (my husband is from India) is the NORM to give on your birthday, not receive. Every year on his birthday (and his siblings and parents) his parents donate books and clothes and food to a local orphanage. They don’t have much, but that is what you do in India. Bless this. And how do we help OUR children do this more often (instead of me me me on their birthdays??)

  2. Chills, every time I read your blog I get chills. And tears. I too am a sensitive soul and tears are a part of my weekly life, but chills are new. Thank you for letting me experience chills. I’ve noticed now that I get chills when I read your blog, I am getting them other times now, too. Mostly when I watch the Voice. Those people amaze me. And maybe I’ve always gotten chills but just never noticed them. At any rate, they are amazing and I thank you for the gift of being able to really experience them.

    • I appreciate The Voice because the judges are such nice people! Its so rare today, people being nice to one another on TV!

  3. Glennon, you and your monkees inspired me as part of my Lenten journey where I opted to do 40 days of giving and #40 was a page straight from Meghan. Thank you. Here’s a link to my 40 days of giving:

  4. Wow! This is awesome. Loved it.

  5. She’s my hero. And how lovely that she ended up finding out who she’d helped. Sweet victories.

    I like her idea of the gift card. I tried to buy a coffee for an angry man in the Starbucks drive through line and he apparently heard me tell the cashier. He was literally frothing at the mouth that I was not “allowed” to buy it. Unfortunately, my random act of kindness left me feeling sad for his anger and I don’t think it made him feel any better that morning. I’ll remember the gift card for future endeavors.

  6. Meghan, you are my hero!!

  7. This is such a beautiful story. I love what you promote!

  8. G- Inspired by you and all the other Monkees, for my 40th birthday I reached out and asked if 40 people would please each commit one random act of kindness. I got WAY over 40 responses and the stories are so fabulous and touching! Spreading the love feels so good! Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    • Julie,
      Thanks for sharing that – great to read!
      I love how the ripples of love just keep spreading out wider and wider.

      Love Wins and then Love Grows over and over again :-)

  9. Wow, so inspirational! *Warm Fuzzy Feelings*

  10. Blessing to all- those at the store and all those with whom they share their story and all of us reading this! Can also buy a gift card (doesn’t have to cover entire bill!!) at a restaurant- asking manager to give to a person or family– fun to watch reaction from a distance! A lesson for own kids to see you share God’s love and to help restore someone’s hope!! And the ripple effect!!! Our kids are watching and learning life lessons. Keep sharing and Carry On!!!

  11. Love this and I’m so glad you let us know how it was done. I could not figure out how to do this without the person knowing who did it.

  12. […] A Woman’s Place by Glennon Melton at No quotes from this one… you need to read it for yourself to get the full effect. My response was to burst into tears. What was yours? […]

  13. Give and it will be given unto you. Meghan most likely won’t have people buying her groceries or handing her money, but what she has received, and by extension all of us has received is so much more than the couple of hundred dollars she spent. All of us reading this (with the probable exception of Bill) have felt “joy unspeakable and full of glory.” As in God’s glory. He gave Meghan the money she spent, He gave her the prompting to do it. He has rewarded her. He is whispering to all of us to show a love that can only come from Him. It will amaze those observing it and will crush, and I mean that in the best possible way, those of us who do something that comes from the same place.

  14. Loving all of this and how openly everyone is discussing their questions, doubts, faith. I always feel like the ‘odd man out’ when everyone else is cocooned in their faith and I feel like I’m stuck out in the rain with much the same sentiment as above, “20 kids, really? I just can’t see god in this whole thing and this sucks and i now feel even more scared and lonely and seriously, is this all there is???”
    But I’m loving hearing everyone’s tolerant opinions, thoughts, views and LOVE. Hmmmmmm, maybe there is a God in the mix

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  16. Oh G….how I needed to read this today. I’m in a rut, wrought with fear, confusion and frustration. This story is just the inspiration my soul yearned for. Clearly, the most important thing on my bucket list is to make a difference. For one, a few, or many. I will start immediately.

    God Bless Meaghan and the entire Monkee community.

    Sister On. Love Wins.


  17. Love this. Right before I read this post I received a phone call to tell me I won $50 gift card to a grocery store. I pray that God guides me to the right person to gift that to.

  18. Well Meghan, you were anonymous until you posted it on the internet. Personally, the story comes off as a little self-aggrandizing…that is all.

    • Boo. Love wins. That is all.

    • Bill, Really? I hope you come here and find inspiration and love, because that is why we come. We come to cheer each other and support each other, and we simply don’t ever put one another down. Please come again to drink from this well. Next time, I hope you will thank someone you find here. We are all amazing.

    • But… Meghan *didn’t* post it on the internet. She told (and inspired!) one person, who shared it in turn with her friends online. Sharing the good work our friends do is inspiring, not self-aggrandizing. Please treat our Meghan with respect, Bill.

      • Exactly.

        Bill, My guess is you are new here (probably got here from a share on someone’s page). There is a little more info. in an earlier comment from Meghan (who, by the way, is still anonymous to the recipient and most of us, except for a first name)
        I think if you had read the whole story and understood how it came to be shared you wouldn’t have commented the way you did.
        I showed this to my husband and he was moved to tears.
        Sharing this is GOOD.
        Peace Out :-)

    • Bill, you ever so f’ing CLEARLY missed the whole point. Love won in this situation, no matter what. That is all.

    • So… it was Meghan in Maryland? Not exactly specific identification there. It’s a common name, we have no last name, and it’s a whole state, not even a city. She’s still quite anonymous.

  19. Thank you to Meghan for this amazing idea. I am absolutely going to do this in honor of my children’s birthdays.

  20. Wow, that is truly beautiful. A real miracle.

  21. reading this just gave me chills. so inspired. thank you for sharing.

  22. Does anyone remeber being a kid and getting in a squabble with sibs or friends and saying “Oh Yeah,….well you started it!”. Who knew those words would come full circle to mean something completely different: “OH YES GLENNON, YOU STARTED IT !!!!!” You are CONTAGIOUS and LOVED!

  23. Goosebumps all over. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Weeping.

    I woke up this morning determined to practice thankfulness and seeing the beauty in the small things. Then I sprayed perfume in my eye and forgot my work computer and cell phone at home. I kept fighting to stay positive for the littles I work with that depend on my kind smile or hug to get them through being picked on or the rough home lives they have. Working with them tends to make me question the goodness of people sometimes. But we belong to each other. All of us. Not just the upper middle class teachers who easily pass judgements, but also the single moms who never learned to read and are struggling to stay afloat for her kids, the kids I work with.

    This is so encouraging. There is goodness. We serve each other. What we do matters. Whether it is the big gestures like flash mobs or buying groceries. Or the extra seconds I spend to hug a kid that isn’t my client because I know he had a rough night at home last night and needs some mama love. It all matters. Thank you.

  25. As always, touched beyond words. Thank you for sharing!

  26. Some days we are the giver, some days we are the receiver. I want to live life like that woman. AWARE. Aware of myself, and those around me so that when the moment of giving arrives I will recognize it and step bravely forward.

  27. So, technical question — how do you pay for the person behind you? You don’t know what their cost will be and you can’t leave your credit card. If you leave cash, what if it isn’t enough? Help a fuddled momma figure out how to follow in your genius, compassion footsteps!

    • This is my question as well.

    • The cashier opens a new transaction, you swipe your card, put in your pin number if nessecary and leave. A debit card can also be used as a charge card and the cashier can sign the slip as signature on file for you with your permission.

  28. I just got chills. From the roots of my hair to my toes…chills! So awesome. So inspiring.

  29. Chills, goosebumps and fuzzy feelings all over. It seems for so long I wondered if there was really good people left in the world, I am a monkee because I need to be reminded all the time that good still exsists in this world and to motivate me to be one of those who continues to do and be good despite the circumstances. I will re-read this over and over.

  30. Just, wow. Very cool.

  31. This gave me chills. What an amazing show of love, compassion, selflessness, and in turn, God’s overwhelming response to our desire to do good, and others’ needs. I am so touched to have read this, every day, but especially today.

    Thank you, G! Love wins.

  32. I’m a relatively new Monkee, and I just love this site. G, thank you!

    So, I read this article, cried, shared it on Facebook (warning my friends that they’ll cry), waited a sufficient time for my red, swollen eyes to look normal and then went out to run my errands. Stopped at the bank, and then went through a drive-thru, and yep, you guessed it, the kind lady in front of me paid for my lunch!! (Maybe my eyes were still looking sad, or maybe they just guessed I was a tired mom in a minivan.) So, if you paid for the person behind you at a drive-thru in Minnetonka, Minnesota, thank you, and know that I passed it on, paying for the folks behind me, too. :) Love Wins!

  33. I have GOT to stop reading these posts at work…dang it where are my tissues???

  34. Oh, the beauty.

  35. Head to toe goosebumps. Amazing. Love you sisters for inspiring such goodness in my life and others. Momastery is hands down one of the best things in my life.

  36. I am constantly inspired by people like you who are the definition of love in this broken world. Deeds like this reaffirm my faith in society, and remind me that not everything is broken. There is good. There is love, and the more we find it, search for it, and be it, the less broken it will be. Thanks for this. A daily reminder to show love and be love is exactly what I need. Go Meghan! Go Glennon! Go Monkees!

  37. Heartwarming. Planting an idea in my head. Happy Friday, indeed!

  38. OMG Glennon!! I had a calling to go grocery shopping yesterday, and when I got to the parking lot there was a homeless man who was clearly just hungry asking for food for him and his family, not money but food. How can you deny a hungry person food? I have a soft spot in my heart for a hungry person.
    I was sooo upset when I got out because he told me where he would be and he wasn’t there. I drove around for a while thinking maybe he wandered a little farther away to ask another person for help. My heart was aching when I couldn’t find him, because even if the family part was a lie to get help, he was clearly hungry and someone may have forced him to leave. I just hope he left because someone got to him first with some food, and he took it back to his family.
    I think God was working on feeding people yesterday :)

    • i get this one. i hear you. been there and it hurts when you want to help a specific person and poof…they are gone. you have a good heart. god was working yesterday.

  39. Needed this today. Even when my own life seems out of my control it helps to be reminded that we can shine our light in the simplest of ways in a world that seems so dark some days.

  40. All I can think about is how many “gifts” will come out of this beautiful, generous act of kindness. I can imagine that almost all who read this will “pay it forward” in some way or another. Thanks for sharing, more wonderful acts to come!

  41. Ok girl, so I need you to know this is rocking me hard. How it didn’t occur to me that you might post this, I’ll never know…of course my story is for the monkees. They did it with me..,I know that now. I have been doing this grocery thing for a few years and this is the first time I have seen the receiver react. I felt compelled to tell you, but I have actually never told anyone I even do this..,not even my husband…I am do weirdly private. But I GET IT NOW…you posted this and it became so much bigger than me, my world, my family. Reading the monkee comments made me so humbled, but the grace I received in be able to do this, and so thankful to know you and the power that momastery has to literally inspire us all, and remind us that we truly do belong to each other. Love you girl. Monkee out

    • That’s my girl.

    • Girl…you’re the epitome of LOVE WINS. Thanks for passing it along and reminding us to to love.

    • Meghan,
      Ok this event brought me joy and now it has multiplied knowing who did this fab thing!
      Neighbor, I just love you & your family! What an amazing gift you gave to your baby boy and all those women! I am so glad God moved you across the street and into our family’s life. Hugs to all.

    • i. love. this. so much!!! i was just sitting here collapsed shooing away the self-pity for how exhausted i am at only 12:52 pm on friday, knowing i have all weekend to plan…anyway! this has turned around my day! logistical question…how do i do this myself? sounds like you’re a pro, meghan — would love to know how i physically pay for another’s groceries without an awkward conversation. it’s easy at a toll booth (i love doing that) but the grocery line is another story.

    • Meghan,
      I just had a son late last year and after this post, this practice is going to be our birthday tradition. What a great way to teach him that his whole purpose in life is to make the world a little better because he is in it. Thank you for taking me one step closer to being the momma I hope to be.

  42. Oh my goodness. LOVE IT and LOVE does win. But only if and when it is shared. Sharing it grows it!! Thanks for sharing G :)

  43. Oh man G, you’ve done it again. You’ve made me cry at work. God speaks through you. He created you to help spread and help others spread messages of love and compassion. Never doubt that you were given exactly the life you were meant to have.

    Every morning I read the news. Today I was especially saddened by story after story of women and young children violated or killed by someone they knew, an ex, a father. I wondered who can protect these women? How do we change this cycle? Where do we begin? This story reminded me. We belong to each other.


  44. Monkee’s not only do you inspire but you make my heart soar!!

  45. this story of love is a beautiful way to start today. and i second all those who want to know how to do this!

    on a separate note, i think perhaps this is the original source of the photo? it doesn’t seem to have been reblogged from anywhere, and your link notes it’s a reblog from the link below.

  46. Beautiful, simply beautiful

  47. We are the GOOD in the world – those of thus that do our best every single day, that reach out when we can and lift up the person behind us and in front of us. We need more of this in the media, more of this in our lives, more of this out in the public and open. I LOVE this post, I LOVE this Meghan and I most of all LOVE this GLENNON!! Thank you for making the GOOD that is in the world SHARED and OPEN.

  48. My heart just burst, and I keep feeling the love stirring in my soul for each of these women & for this miracle. I keep trying to do this to share gifts. I remember 31 years ago when My Mom & myself escaped a violent home. I was 4 years old and watching her weep when someone paid for her greyhound ticket & fries for her hungry toddler (me). It felt like we were carried. Love Wins.

  49. I did a series of 35 Good Deeds for my 35th birthday. The best part were the people who came to tell me about good deeds they did after reading my post. My kids are still obsessed with doing good deeds and helping others. Even this morning, the college students in my office got together to buy concert tickets for one of my co-workers and arrange babysitting so he can take his wife out on a date. They have a 6-month old and money is a bit tight for them right now. My students told me they did it in my honor and I was so touched! Pass it on, pay it forward, love on your brothers and sisters in life. LOVE WINS!

  50. You, of course, make me cry while in line at Starbuck’s. Ironically, I was at my monthly meeting last night to raise money for Safe Nest, which is a local domestic violation shelter/comprehensive organization serving the Las Vegas Valley. None of us on the Board are employees, but professionals in the community trying to make a difference. The Mother’s Day Tea event I am planning may only raise $10,000 for this organization, but that is still huge in making a difference in the services they can provide.
    I encourage all monkees to donate to their local domestic violence shelter. While buying food, donating clothes or gifts may seem to be a good way to, please also consider donating cash, if you can. Counseling services, by far, are the largest expense that such organizations incur. Safe Nest has houses, beds, clothes, and food, but there is a long wait list for people in shelter and out who need counseling services to move on with their lives. Children, too, need counseling services for what they saw and may also have been subjected to.
    In Las Vegas, there have been 7 family annihilations in the past year. Make sure that there is somewhere for women and children to go and get help!
    Yes, I have been touched by domestic violence. I witnessed it as a child with my stepfather and mother. But then I had the privilege of using my law degree for 10 years to represent women in family court and immigration.
    Solider on, Monkees, soldier on!

    • Hello!! Im from Vegas (45 years but moved 2 yrs ago :-). I worked for the county as a social worker. It’s a very tough town for those in need. Just curious…. What does family annihilation mean? I’m guessing perhaps our paths or our family’s paths crossed at some point? My father was also a judge, first in family court and then in district court.

      I remember this tea. Saying “only” $10000 is trivializing your work. Anything you do to help another person is never “only!” Keep on!

      • Stacey:

        Family annihilation means that not only was the adult victim killed, but also the children and usually the aggressor then kills himself.

        I’ve been in NV continuously for 7 and a half years (grew up here and went to law school elsewhere) and worked with numerous social workers, housing authority caseworkers, DV organizations, & clinics. It is likely we have crossed paths. There is only two degrees of separation in Las Vegas.

        Invite your Las Vegas friends and family to the tea! We are honoring Mary Beth Scow, county commissioner, as mother of the year. She stood with Safe Nest against the Hard Rock with the positive portrayal of DV on Guns N Rose’s posters. All of the proceeds go directly to Safe Nest. Our sponsors have paid for the event.

        • Oh dear Lord. I have never heard that term. How absolutely awful. If you would, please somehow get an invite to me and I will post on my FB page. Stacey Kendrick (you can put it in a private message if it won’t let you post directly). I grew up in Vegas as well. Went to Chaparral after being in private school before that.

          Thanks so much,


  51. What an awesome way to celebrate your child’s birthday, to celebrate your gratitude for having that child in your life!

  52. Thank you for this. I love stories like this, and I’ve even tried to emulate them.

    But can someone help me here? My attempts always get bundled, and I end up wondering if I did more harm than good.

    Two examples: I once helped an older woman with a cane get her bags from the cart into her car. I mistakenly put one of my own bags in with hers. I realized the mistake when I got home, returned to the store the next day and relayed the story to the cashier who said the woman had brought my bag back into the store. So, it resulted in more footsteps and possibly a drive back to the store for a woman I was trying to help. Second: I was riding the commuter train, and i was somehow prompted to hand a $20 to a stranger on the way out when the train came to my stop. I could hear her protestations behind me as I exited. All I could think was, did I insult her? She had an accent — did I cross a cultural boundary?

    So once again, thank you for publishing this. It helps me want to try again to ‘do’ compassion, without also seeking to see the good result. But if anyone has a word of encouragement — that I’m not doing more harm than good — I could really use that!

    • ** bungled, not bundled.

    • Mary: don’t think, just feel :) and then the Universe aligns and all will be right!

    • If the woman brought the groceries back, there’s possibilities in there. You don’t know what else happened as part of that act. Trust God, watch carefully, keep learning, and keep caring. It will all be okay.

    • Thank you, Ruma and Mary Kaye, for taking the time to help! This is what I needed. Your specific words of advice really hit home. Thanks again!!

    • Actions made with love and good intentions can never be mistakes.

      I think you’re amazing for helping. Every act of kindness is wonderful and so rare. Keep up the good work!

      Love wins!

    • Mary, I think it’s really brave to want to be reflective about your practices of doing good, rather than just assuming that you’re always “doing it right.” Anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of misdirected sympathy or pity would be heartened to read this and see how deeply good intentions often are in such moments. I would say, though, that almost always such actions are indeed creating a possibility for good–and it’s okay if sometimes good is messy. Especially because our random acts of kindness simply cannot, because of their impulsiveness, involve the kind of educated and considered action that our long-term volunteering can.

      There is a risk in taking action, as you say, but how do we weigh that against the risk of not taking action?

    • It’s so great to hear from thinking, kind women here. This is what this space is all about. I hear what you’re saying Maureen that in addition to random acts, long-term volunteering has its place too. It’s cool that in the story Glennon tells, both are there at once.

      • Oh, gosh, good point about both being there! They really are both so important, aren’t they? Our random, impulsive acts can be such a burst of inspiration to ourselves and others, while our long-term commitments are a slow-burn, just part of the rhythm of our days. Like fireworks vs. sunshine? Anyway, I think your point that this story honors both kinds of good works is BRILLIANT, and and speaks to your original question. Thanks for giving me a chance to think about this!

  53. I have done this more than once. Got in trouble for it at home with my husband when I shared what I did once– so I just don’t share that anymore, and still do it when it is necessary– with my own money I make and share.

    I challenge you all to do the same when you see the need. My boys have been with me… and they know it impacted their “want” for specific shoes. (Not need shoes).

    That is why I am an “Independent” and not a Republican nor Democrat. Independents support both sides of our American vision. We choose with heart, soul and conscious… Financially and Socially. I wait for those two things to not be mutually exclusive.

  54. LOVE this story – LOVE it! I love the whole thing right down to the forgotten phone so she could hear the story.

    Thank You! Meghan for sharing it with G and G for sharing it with all of us.

    I’m lifted up now. :-)

    • P.S. Had to come back and say how much I LOVE the new picture of your girls with the sign – every time I look at it a big grin comes over my face. :-)

  55. Life is random. And it doesn’t make sense. But, I cling to the faith that He makes sense. And if we can do a little to help those out of thier own personal hell, if even for only a moment, then we have succeeded at life. I am often comforted by this quote…
    “To appreciate heaven well, it’s good for a person to have some fifteen minutes of hell.” -Will Carlton
    Thanks for the inspiration, Monkees!

  56. My heart is so full it could pop. I love that feeling. And it seems that it comes in more and more ways as life unfolds. The words don’t suffice. LOVE. LOVE this.

  57. Why?!?!? Why do I read this blog at work when I KNOW that at some point I’m gonna be cryin’ like a damn fool and have a runny nose, red face, and tear stains? Dang, I love you women.

  58. Love this story. I try to do small kind things for people every day. I’m still waiting to find the one great thing I can do.

  59. following you from afar and think you are amazing and inspiring and hoping /dreaming of starting some Monkee love around these’s all good..big love from across the seas x

  60. G,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. My heart was feeling so heavy last night after going through the listings of children on Reece’s Rainbow website. Our 3 year old little boy was born with spina bifida, and not a day goes by that I am not aware of how different his life could be had he been born in another country or even born to another family, but going through the listings of sweet babies with untreated spina bifida/hydrocephalus, who were never even given a chance, just broke my heart. This post has healed my heart a bit, at least until I am able to make a difference in one of those children’s lives.

    Much Love,

  61. I, too, would like to know exactly how to do this! I believe it happened, but I need to know the deets because I want to be a copycat.

  62. What an inspiration. I will go out into the world today with an open heart and soft eyes and find someone I can help. Thanks for this story.

  63. I have goosebumps! My pastor & his wife say that there are no coincidences. I believe this 100%. You know that this amazing woman was sent to this store at this moment. thank you for sharing with us, G!! xo

  64. Thank you for sharing this G. Beautiful and perfect for me this morning. I’m trying to figure out this God thing. This helps. I can’t find the post where you wrote it before, but I think maybe God really is love.

  65. Glennon – your posts are not for the pregnant in public. Too.much.weeping.

  66. This is such a beautiful story! Thank you for making my day brighter with it! p.s. We finally got the guts up to do the “Drive thru Difference” yesterday by paying for the person behind us at McDonalds! Margaret ducked down so no one would see her, but she peered out the back window to see the person’s reaction. It was a teenage boy and he looked confused, then happy. :)

    • Oh Anna — not only did you make that teenage boy happy but I’m sure Jack was dancing with glee at both your effort and Margaret’s consternation. GOOD FOR YOU!

    • Anna,

      I wanted to tell you that on Jack’s birthday we were at the library and my 3 year old talked me into getting chips from the vending machine. His older brother got Doritos. I found a piece of paper in my purse and folded it around a dollar and stuck it in the slot of the vending machine just enough so it wouldn’t fall out.
      It said “FOR YOU” on the outside and inside I wrote “Remembering Jack on his B-day. (he loved Doritos :-)

      I like to think Jack would have liked this and I hope the person who found the dollar did too.

  67. G, Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this this morning. I needed to hear this so badly. I know this is a sacred space so I am just going to share this here, because I need to get it out: Let me start off by saying that my mother has her faults, but she is kind and loving and would do anything for her children and grandchildren. Last night while trying to help my sister, a very big lie was told to the police and my mother spent the night in jail last night. My sister’s children had to watch her being taken away by the police and my sister had to watch helpless as they took her away. My mom lives in Tennessee and this all happened in Sarasota, FL. The lady who did this to her is the mother of my sisters boyfriend (who I hope is now her ex, finally). We were very worried that she was going to try and hurt my sister after my mom left to go back to TN. And now this has happened. I do not understand how someone does this to another human being, and what sort of life you have had to lie just to hurt someone else. I am in Virginia and my dad is working in Alabama, so we are sitting here helpless and waiting for the bondsmen and my sister to pick her up. It has been a rough night and I am so angry about the whole situation. But to come here and be able to read this beautiful story gives me a light in a time of uncertainty. To know that there is good and love and light in this world. And that here we LOVE and we care and we feel and we are working on making the kingdom here, because that, THAT is what we do here. I love you women all of you. Please pray, and send good vibes my mom’s way, because this is far from over, and she of all people does not deserve to be going through this. LOVE WINS, LOVE WINS, LOVE FREAKING WINS!

  68. I think you can swipe your card at any point during a purchase. So if the cashier started scanning the next order and Meg swiped her card and went ahead and signed for it, it would have taken care of it!

  69. The photo reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “Well behaved women rarely make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

    Great story…thanks for sharing as always!

  70. Why is it after all the amazing works of love and faith I have experienced personally, and even read here, I am still moved to tears the minute I feel the love of the story?? This one was wonderful, and I am so happy to have been moved to tears already this morning by it. Thanks G for another reinforcement of what my heart knows (woman can really be amazing!), but that which my head doesn’t always remember. ♥

  71. I’m pretty sure that whenever I come to this site, and read Glennon’s words, and then read everyone else’s response, I walk away a little braver, a little softer, a little bit more hopeful. Maybe not a little, maybe a lot…

    Also, feeling so much less alone…

  72. Great story of grace, love, and a beautiful miracle happening in a grocery store. Nope, it isn’t as dramatic as someone stepping in to stop the shooting in Newtown or preventing the carnage of September 11th and all the bloodshed that has happened as a result of that tragedy. But for the women in that shelter, for the woman who bought those groceries, for everyone that they will share that story with, and for those of us who now have heard it, it is truly a miracle. Without a doubt.

    I am inspired to give the gift of a small miracle here in my corner of the world.

    Thank you, Meghan, for being a miracle worker yesterday.
    Thank you, Glennon, for sharing this amazing story today.

  73. Love this post, but I have a question: How do you pay for someone’s groceries without them knowing? The cashier has to scan everything before totaling it up, right? And then you present payment? So was Meghan standing off to the side or something while the cashier scanned everything? Just asking because I’d like to do this for someone too, and I want to know how it’s done!

  74. Chills. Each time. My bones are saturated! what a great way to start a friday.

  75. Hooked on your stories! So proud to be in this tribe.

  76. Simply…….AMAZING!!!

  77. Doing compassion, I love it. I think I’m going to do some compassioning of my own this weekend. Thanks for the nudge. xoxo

  78. God works in mysterious ways. LOVED this post fiercely. Thank you for leading by example, G. And thank you for sharing with us so that we may continue to be inspired by the Monkee community.



  79. An honest question: how do you pay for the groceries of the person BEHIND you, without them knowing? How do you know how much they are? Do you leave a guess of cash, so maybe you’re paying for most of it, or maybe there’s change? Does the person behind you get the change?

    I’ve just never been able to figure out the logistics of this. I get the drive through, or a toll booth – it’s easy to tell the cashier you want to pay for a set amount. Or in a restaurant, the waitstaff can discretely tell you the amount. But I can’t figure out how you do the grocery.

  80. I am not sure how you could read it more than once. It made me cry like crazy the first time. Love wins!

  81. I have chills, what a great story to start the day…i am hoping to pass it on somehow!!

  82. I am convinced that God gives gunmen many, many prompts to stop…but also gives free will. Just as He prompted Meghan to go to this grocery store and pay for this woman’s groceries…Meghan could have ignored the prompts, too, but she chose to follow that internal urge to help. It’s always inspiring to hear of the brave and bold who do follow Gods urges. Best wishes.

    • I’ve told my friend who does not believe in God about free will, and that we can choose to do bad things and hurt others, OR we can choose to LOVE. I cannot in good conscience say that I am a Christian if I do not actively and purposefully use my words and actions to benefit others. I choose to love, and be the good I want to see in this world. Today I am humbled by this brave and bold act of love.

  83. awed and inspired

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  85. Started my Friday out perfectly! Thank you for the stories.

  86. Absolutely. Beautiful.

  87. This gave me chills allllll over!!
    How amazing!

  88. I needed to read this. Thank you. Miracles happen every day.

  89. Grace is: Help when and where you expect it least.

    Sister on, Warriors.

  90. Agghh!!! Goose bumps

  91. I am sorry but I don’t know why god would want somebody to pay for those groceries, but not stop someone from gunning down 20 little kids. It is just all too random.

    • Don’t be sorry. I hear you. It IS too random.


      • Thanks G. When I get it all figured out I will let everyone know, OK?

      • It is only random because people choose evil, just as they choose good. God gives us all the freedom to live as we wish. He doesnt make evil, people do. Just like God didnt give Eve the apple in the book of Genesis, but the apple was there, it was Eve that chose to eat it. God didn’t knock the apple out of her hand, or the gun out of that evil man’s hand. He gives us the most precious gift, free choice, where He has given us the choice to choose good or choose evil. Killers choose evil, hope spreaders choose good. Just like many people do not choose to believe in God, many people do not choose to believe in good either. Sad but true.

    • It does seem random, doesn’t it? God didn’t stop those women from being abused either. I believe, though, that God doesn’t control us. He lets us make decisions on our own. And maybe, just maybe, those of us who try to follow him/ his ways are given nudges/ guidance/ whatever from time to time so that he can show those who are hurting that he does care.


      • I am wondering if I should just fall back on the old school view that life on earth is just sh*t and suffering, and when we get to heaven it will all be better. People used to believe that more, or at least that’s what the old gospel songs reflected. I cannot reconcile “god is in control” with life on earth, which seems totally out of control.

        Thanks for all the comments/replies.

        • flybigd– this comment thread reflects what goes through my mind again and again in a given day. I see God’s hand in the little things and am buoyed up, like through this wonderful grocery store interaction, then I wonder about all the other things, the places, where I don’t see God’s hand. Then I just want to blow this popsicle stand and go to heaven…NOW! Then I want to try to make things a little better here for someone else, even though I don’t understand how it all works. Wash, rinse, repeat! xo

          • Yes. This.

            I think the only thing that helps me is the feeling that we can bring heaven to earth. So, I keep trying….

          • anna, your reply gave me one of those fleeting glimpses into something big. perhaps when we do not see God’s hand, we are supposed to BE it. great – now I’ll be pondering all day. but truly – thanks for the prompt. XO

          • OMG you guys — this is profound and rings true for me. “when we do not see God’ hand, we are supposed to BE it.”

            I agree that ‘life’ is not supposed to really ‘work out’ — peace and happiness is for our eternal selves to enjoy and our time-bound selves to glimpse and give to others — ie, ‘heaven on earth.’

    • I started to write my theory – but it is only that. I don’t really know why these unspeakable things happen. This world is broken, I know that. I’m just trying to make my corner of it better than when I found it and I pray into my faith that God is somehow going to right all this incredible wrong.

    • This is what I like to tell myself. But I could be wrong. I often am.

      I think that God really does try to stop people from hurting one another. Only, sometimes, because we’re human, we don’t listen.

      Meghan listened. We can only do what we can and sometimes little things like buying a bag of groceries change lives in a big way. A miraculous way, I think. Thanks Meghan!

    • Like G said…don’t be sorry! It’s a valid and common thought. I believe God wants us to show love! God wants us to seek him. It wasn’t necessarily about the groceries it was the act. That woman could have chosen any act of love and kindness that day, it just so happened to be buying groceries. As for 20 gunned down….God doesn’t want that to happen, but we as humans have free will and chose to do horrific things. God will use those horrific times and actions to produce great LOVE and in hopes that we seek him through it. He is there to pick up the pieces and help us get through tragedies in the same way he is a part of the good. just my 2 cents!!!!

    • I like to think that God could have made us perfect little robots that do everything right if God wanted to. But God valued our freedom over our blind obedience. God wanted us to be able to love. And I think love requires freedom. We have to be able to choose something other than God/love, so that our choice of God/love is choice. And is ours.

    • Thanks G for sharing these inspiring acts of love, compassion, and generosity. I love the picture and the message of love in the story!

      Flybigd – wow, very deep thoughts today on God and why would She allow suffering if She loves us? I guess my way of dealing with this tough question comes from a very personal place right now. My younger brother committed suicide on Jan 10, 2013. He was 35 and left behind a loving wife, children, parents, sister, nieces/nephews, etc. Why would God give him a disease that would make him think that suicide was a solution to his pain and suffering? Why does God allow children to die from cancer or abusive parents? Someone else mentioned Free Will. I believe God gave each one of us the ability to change the world and ourselves if we choose to act. I know many children with disabilities that face each day with a smile on their faces despite huge obstacles. They are happy each day for the day and do their best with difficult circumstances. I know that my brother suffered because of his disease. It took tremendous effort some days to get up, take medication that both made him better and feel worse, and just try to get through the day with work and kids and every day stuff. I don’t truly understand why God gives some people harder roads than others to walk but I believe She walks it with us. She whispers words of encouragement if we chose to hear her. She suffers with us when we feel pain and She offers comfort if we recognize it. She rejoices in our happiness and demonstrates that if we look for the signs. All God asks of us is to do our best each day for each other for as many days as we are on this Earth, in other words Love Each Other. If we can get more people to understand this message instead of being locked in themselves with anger, sadness, selfishness then we truly can find a way out of our suffering. Again, a lot of deep thoughts today. Now I need a nap. I hope we all keep asking these questions and seeking answers together. Carry On Warriors because LOVE WINS!

      • Elizabeth, I am so sorry for the pain your brother must have felt, and the pain you and your family are feeling now. Love does win.

  92. Such beauty. I love how God makes things bigger than we ever could. How beautiful to let one woman know she is loved – but in this instance, every woman at that shelter heard the story and felt the love. And now all of us.

    Love wins. Every time. Every day.

  93. nothing but love, thank you for sharing this today.

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