Mar 202013

Friends, today is my birthday and the first day of spring. I have always loved sharing my big day with spring’s big day. March 20th is such a green and hopeful and beginning again kind of day.

I usually make everyone in my house celebrate my birthday by staying far, far away. But this morning I’m a little too nervy to relax into my far, far away celebration. Because today is not only my birthday, and not only the first day of spring, but ALSO the day that I introduce to you the Carry On, Warrior book trailer. And so it’s the first time you’ll be in my house, and you’ll hear my Minnie Mouse voice, and you’ll see my kids’-room-cleaning strategy.

There’s no getting around this. Trailers are for showing. Here it is. I’m hoping hard that you watch it and  like it.  Hoping hard.

And if, by chance, you are just dying to know what else to give me for my birthday – I have an idea for you. Please, in honor of Momastery and Spring and Beginning again – tell me, in the comments, one thing you love about yourself. It might feel strange or a little cheesy. but it’s MY BIRTHDAY and we all know I’m a strange and a little cheesy. So just do it, please. Make it something that is unique to you. I’ll be reading all day. Getting to know you better is the perfect gift.



Green and Hopeful and Always Beginning Again,



Carry On, Warrior
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  1. So I am a little behind on my blog-reading, but was catching up on yours today, and- March 20th is my baby girl’s birthday too! She just turned one!!! So happy belated birthday to you! And, you know what I love about myself? I love that I can pregnant so easily. No, seriously, because I know that there are so very many woman who try for YEARS before they conceive, or never conceive at all, and I have been blessed to get pregnant at the first try for both of my girls, and I just found out that we are expecting again, and, this time, we weren’t even trying at all. This was completely unexpected, not to mention not planned for at all, but after the shock wore off, I have just been feeling so very blessed. I love that I can make babies! Oh, and that I can read really fast, so I can get lots of books in still even with the hectic life of a mother of 2 children (soon to be 3) under the age of 4. The End!

  2. I am very new to your blog, absolutely loved the carpe diem entry. I am slowly but surely catching up with all the other postings. Happy belated birthday and happy spring. Spring is one of my favorite times if the year, as it represents new beginnings and nature persevering, recovering, and coming back after the harshness of winter. In response to your birthday request one thing I like about myself that makes me unique, I have been a middle school teacher for 13 years now and have always been told to not take things so personally, it is something I tend to do because I care so very much about the students I teach each year, and work hard not to fail them as their teacher. I love what do and have from the moment I stood front of my first class. Teaching is not my job, bit my career and very much a part of who I am. Becoming a parent made me a better educator, as my children grow I only hope that being a educator makes me a better parent as well.
    happy birthday!

  3. Soooo, happy belated birthday! And I don’t really think you sound like Minnie Mouse – I’ve heard way squeakier. 😉 I guess I would say that the thing I like about myself the best is that I have insight – a perspective that is capable of cutting through all the minutiae and malarky and seeing things as they are, but in a way that is not unkind or hurtful. So there is that. :-)

  4. Loved hearing your voice again-it has been forever since you spoke at the episcopal church in Raleigh NC (LOL). I am catching up on my momastery strength today after having a nasty stomach bug since last Wednesday and how awesome that you share your birthday with my 2nd born who turned 11 when you turned 37 :)

    Happy Belated Birthday. hhhmmmmmm-one unique thing about me is that I get joy out of really small things lately-i get great pleasure out of leaving flowers for a friend that is sick or making key lime pies for a new neighbor and another friend who has had surgery. I don’t feel like enough people in the world enjoy doing good. I enjoy doing good!! I enjoy being a warrior. I enjoy momastery. Carry on sister!

  5. Happy birthday! I loved the trailer – your voice is exactly how I imagined, which I guess is weird, but meant as a compliment. :)

    What do I love about myself? I am a sensitive person. It can be hard to be sooo sensitive, but I think I am kinder to other people because I am sensitive to their needs.

  6. I love that I would give someone the shirt off my back, and have done so in the past.

  7. So I missed your actual day but hopefully this is “unique” (o.k.a. weird) enough to be a belated gift. I love the smell of metal. When I wear metal bracelets (which are my fave kind besides leather) I find myself rubbing them and smelling my fingers all throughout the day. (When no one is looking of course). I came out with this info to friends recently. It was a big moment (well not so much in comparison to telling them my entire life story) and one of my friends things I may have an iron deficiency or pica or something. I don’t care what it is,I can’t get enough. Most people dread polishing the silver, it had a strangely satisfying effect on me this holiday.

  8. Happy Birthday G!

    The video was perfect and even though I feel like I “hear” you when I read your blog it was awesome to actually hear you in the trailer! Can you believe that you have your own book trailer?! HOW EXCITING!!! Congratulations!!

    I found the perfect gift for you that I found over the Holiday season. I tried emailing the site for your address but didn’t recieve a response. I understand that giving out your address is probably not something you want to do for privacy but if you have a business address or another address I would love to send you your gift and it can be a way-too-late for Christmas but not so late for your Birthday present! :) In the meantime, it will be saved on my shelf.

    I like that I am able to love relentlessly even when it’s hard.

    Congratulations again!

    Love, Lindsey Voigt

  9. I have a Minnie-Mouse voice too! And I am a PREACHER for crying out loud. But, oddly enough, it catches people’s attention, and they listen. One time someone said after hearing me preach, “Who knows? Maybe THAT is what God’s voice sounds like.” :)

  10. I too am late to the party! Many happy returns anyway.

    It’s a bit of a love hate, but I love that I know I will “just keep swimming” no matter what comes my way. The hate if it is that there is always more to swim through, but I’m proud to know I am capable and hope my daughters learn that from me.

  11. Happy birthday!

    I am a good listener. When I speak to people, i ask them questions.

    Most people only want to talk about themselves and it’s one of my pet peeves. If I tell someone something, instead of asking me a question about what i said, they will talk about themselves.

    Me: I went to the beach this weekend. (I then hope/expect them to say ‘oh, did you have fun/what did you do/where did you stay/etc’)
    Instead, they probably say: *I* love going to the beach. *I* went 6 months ago and *I* did blah blah blah.

    I call these:”I conversations”. I did this… and I did that…

    I listen and ask questions. I only wish people did the same back to me.

    • Did you have fun this weekend? :)

    • This is my absolute biggest pet peeve! “How to Win Friends and Influence People” should be required reading for human beings! Here is the good news, Ruth: Whether you know it or not, you ARE those people’s favorite person to talk to because they get to talk about their favorite subject: Themselves. Keep doing what you are doing, and when you find a few people who know how to do back-and-forth (and they are interesting–you are not a saint), hold on to them.

      Here’s an unbelievable exchange I had not to long ago:
      Fellow preschool mom: “I love your dress. Where did you get it?”
      Me: “I got it in…”

  12. Oh YAY! I’ve been wanting to write the following anyway. Your birthday request is a PERFECT opportunity to do it.

    I am sensitive.

    That’s right. I’m sensitive. And I’m writing those words because you asked for something I love about myself! Incredible. Several posts ago you wrote about your own sensitivity. I’ve been thinking about sharing a post of mine with you ever since. Not for web traffic — I intended to email the link to you but I can’t find your email.

    My post is dated; I wrote it at the turning point — when I finally stopped hating my sensitivity and began to embrace it. Today there are many more real reasons why I’m glad I’m sensitive, and “I want to stay that way.”

  13. Love the trailer! GUESS WHOSE BOOK POPPED UP ON MY ITUNES / IBOOKS RECOMMENDATIONS THIS WEEK.!? Yippee! … But i am not buying the electronic version. I want the true hard copy that i can hand to my friends…. The one i can touch and reference all the time! AND i want to buy a SIGNED copy for myself and SEVERAL girlfriends… Which leads me to ….. WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO VA to do a signing???

    Love you! And happy (little late ) birthday and happy spring! And happy 2013… It’s going to be an AWESOME year!

    Beth Barnes (hugs to Tish)
    And really, are you headed this way?

  14. Glennon,

    I feel I am so terribly late to the Momastery party! I found your blog through an old classmate of yours, Molly Poisant. From time to time, she has re-posted your entries on FB and I’ve become an avid reader of your blog.

    You are doing so many things, so very well.
    Your way of looking at things and breaking through the tough stuff is perfection.

    March 20th will be G-Day in our home — a day to celebrate being Candid and Resilient and Pee-Your-Pants-FUNNY.

    Thank you for all you do and all that you’re about to do.

    With admiration,

  15. I love that I can come to this blog and feel inspired. I love that I have no hesitations in recommending you to others. I love that I can tell my husband and children about what I read and have them experience compassion and inspiration too. Every of your so thoughful chosen word makes a difference and that impact carries on in families all over the world. Your birthday wish brings out the most important feeling I need to enhance to live the true meaning of life: I am brutiful not just life. I carry the yin and yan of brutiful in my heart and soul. You asked for my yin. I do not envy. Ever. It keeps me living in the life I have chosen or that was chosen for me and rather than wanting what others have or do not have, I just am. Broken and all. I embrace life as I feel it in my gut. I wish to live more gracefully and thanks to this community I am reminded that love wins. Happy belated birthday and thank you!

  16. Not an easy assignment for a professional grade self-loather, but it’s your birthday so extravagance is called for…

    One thing t I love about myself is the WRITER in me. I love like an expectant mother who loves her baby way before she can actually see and touch him, who cherishes his moving around inside of her even when those movements result in an elbow to the bladder, who puts up with the massive the weight gain, the cankles, the stretch marks, and the humiliating examinations of parts of her she have never set eyes on. I have been “pregnant” with this identity for 40 years! From early in the first trimester as leader of my first grade writers’ group dedicated to “kit-lit” (illustrated stories about kittens), to my mid-term habit of filling journals at age eleven (and now boasts of volumes numbering in the triple digits), to my current late-term condition of knocking stories and essays around and around and around in my head—and ONLY in my head.

    I have been waiting around for the pixie-dust, the “literary pitocin,” if you will, to get this long overdue writer-baby the hell out! However, I am starting to accept the reality that writers don’t just spring from the heads of the writing gods. There are long hours of labor. They are delivered with lots of pushing and guttural screaming. And it’s a messy business this giving birth to ideas that will eventually go out into the world and be judged and laughed at and just maybe, loved by others as much as they are loved by me.

    You did it! And the writer in you is growing into someone strong and confident and beautiful. I pray that my writer will come out and grow up to be (in her own, unique way) just like you!

    • Wow. Keep writing Monkee…I think I’ll be one who loves your ideas as much as you do. If this site teaches us anything it’s to be fearless.

      Carry on Warrior!


        My birthday is on Thursday and because of Glennon you may have just given me the best present I have ever gotten!

        Bless you BOTH!

  17. It’s a great trailer! You are doing such wonderful work and helping so many people. Happy birthday and God bless you always. One thing I love about myself? That I am joyful!

  18. Even though I am a bit late, Happy Birthday!!! I love how honest you are and how relatable you are. You are the bravest, most strait forward and amazing woman. Thank you for that. I wanted to let you know that after watching that little clip, I cried and bought your book. I plan on reading it and passing it on to my best friend who told me this evening that the reason she never calls me is because all she does is complain about how much her life sucks right now. She works nights because her husband doesn’t do much and won’t even try to find a job. They have 3 kids and she rarely sees them… her youngest is only 7 months old. She is tired and I think your book is going to give her the hope she needs…. I think I might go back and order 2 books so I don’t have to give my copy away :)

    Anyway…. I hope you had the best birthday ever… carry on!


  19. The thing I’m most happy about myself is that my body was able to have children – I have witnessed my poor sister struggle with infertility for years, even to the point that it broke her marriage. I couldn’t imagine my life without my 4 kids, so I am very thankful for what my body could do.
    Happy, happy birthday to you!!

  20. I love my laugh. It makes everyone laugh harder around me bc I can’t stop. And I have tears running down my face just like one of my grandmas did. Even my fake laugh rocks :)
    Happy happy birthday- my laughs will be given to u today!

  21. Happy Happy Joy Joy (belated)!!! I love that my crazy is always out on front street…what you see is honestly what you get (I am nice though), so it is refreshing for many other crazies that are not out on front street!!

  22. Happy Birthday belated! Your trailer was so beautiful that I want to watch it over and over and over and over… you get the point.

    I love that I am good with people. I bring people together. It is a BIG responsibility because I tend to over do because people ask me to do and do and do because I can get people to do with me, but I love that I am good with people. Now, I have to go build legos. Another talent. Oh happy day!

  23. Okay… I struggle to find things about myself that I like, but I will share this one. When I was 5 I was in a freak accident (truly- freaky… as in, how in the world did THAT happen?) that left my upper lip in shreds. I was taken to the hospital and they stitched it up as best as they could. 3 years later I was hit by a car and I endedup opening up the same spot on my lip and needing more stitches. Between those two accidents, I have a permanent fat lip (23 years and counting). When I met my husband he said to me one day early in our dating experience, “You know what I love about your face? It’s so perfectly symetrical… except for your lip. I love that lip.”

    So today, I love my fat lip. Because Joe loves it.

  24. I love my fierce strength. After losing 5 babies, I still get up every day. I take care of business. Happy birthday! Can’t wait for the book!

  25. […] This is the day by Glennon Melton at Momastery (I’ve had my copy of Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed preordered for months now. Cannot WAIT.) […]

  26. Happy belated birthday! I like about myself is that I am willing to try and experience new things. Life is an adventure and if you never try something new then you are missing out.

  27. Glennon–my god, woman. I loved this so much. Seeing you so was so much fun! You are amazingly gorgeous, so well spoken, and minnie mouse voice?! Pshhhh, NOT EVEN A CHANCE. I hope you had a ridiculously awesome birthday.

    So. Let’s see.

    I like that I’m reliable. If I say I will do something? I will do it. People can count on me. I also love that I document. That my children will have lots of photos to look back on. They make me smile.

    hugs, today!


  28. HI Glennon-
    Today is my 36th birthday…. I have always been someone who celebrated my birthday but I have felt a bit self conscious about this approach the last couple of years… like others thought I was being childish. Your post on your birthday made me smile and I realized we have it right. Besides, I try to set goals with each year that passes, and I have realized lately that most of my goals could be summed up by “trying to act more like my children.” (They are sweet, playful, adventerous, and not afraid of the world. Not perfect, just 3 wonderful additions to this crazy world) So, thanks for the smile and happy birthday.


    P.S. I love my fierceness. Some people may label it as ‘stubborness” but I think it is fierceness. I am still learning how to control it, but I consider it a gift and it is who I am, good or bad.

  29. Happy Birthday, Glennon. I loved the trailer and I cant wait to read the book.

    I love that I am nice. Once I went back to my college reunion and was talking to someone I knew but wasnt really friends with and she said “You were always so nice” I like that people recognize that about me.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us, Glennon
    Your friend, Keri

  30. Happpy belated birthday. I really appreciate what you do here. Couldn’t believe how hard it was to come up with one thing I like about myself. But, after much deliberation, I decided that my favorite thing about me is that I am a good, faithful and loyal friend.

  31. G,
    I’m a few days late on seeing this awesome book trailer! Look how awesome you and sister did! :) The one thing I love about myself…that’s hard. I guess the one thing is, I choose love every day. Even when the bad and the ugly come along, I wake up and choose love. I don’t always get it right, I don’t always show love the best way I know how, but I know when I wake up…Love is what I’m striving for. Hope your birthday was fabulous, G. Mine is coming up on March 27. I hope 29 is my most awesome year, yet.
    Love you!

  32. I have learned to love my “raw” heart. I used to hate it growing up…so often being told that I “was too sensitive” and need to “be tougher”.
    If I didn’t have this unprotected heart of mine, I wouldn’t have fought a town mayor over I humane conditions I discovered at a dog pound…I wouldn’t have founded a dog rescue organization (C.A.R.E.) that has rescued over 400 dogs on death row. I definitely wouldn’t have had my heart broken open for adoption. My “overly-sensitive” self has actually ended up bringing me the most joy…teaching my daughters the power of love, and bringing my son home from Ethiopia. So to all the haters. . . Bouy yay! In Yo Face!
    *** excuse the celebration rhetoric. I teach middle school students. They occasionally rub-off on me. 😉
    ****** Oh! And Glennon, you rocked the video. I felt your openness and love. Can’t wait to get it!

  33. Happy Birthday Darling Girl. My birthday was the 18th i turned 39. I love that we nearly share a birthday. Your video/trailer so shows your heart, your beauty and you authentic self. Thankyou for being brave enough to share your truth and light so that we might be blessed by it and walk in it. As you asked for your birthday present. Here it is-the thing i love about myself is that after living through child abuse, rape and being born with out a uterus and surviving a car accident that has left me with chronic pain. I still wear my hear on my sleeve, i still believe in love and in spite of everything i’m still me(teary)and proud to be. By the way God has blessed me with a husband that loves me, great sex life *smile* and miracle (biological) triplets Caleb, Asher and Olivia. Isn’t God good!
    With much love Relle xx

  34. Happy birthday Glennon! My favorite thing about me is something that we share, actually. I have always known that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. I have shared your Golden Coin post more times than I can count because you so beautifully summed up feelings that I’ve always had inside. An awe of the fact that I matter to an omnipotent being, and so does everyone else. Without this faith I wouldn’t see much point in anything. That’s my favorite thing about myself. And that/why I keep getting up when I fall. :)

  35. Happy belated birthday! It was my birthday yesterday too; I also love being a spring baby! But for your gift, I will say this: I love my kindness, and empathy, and desire to serve others. I love that life is brutiful, and even so I choose to love and live and laugh and care anyways. (And I love your sense of humor, honesty, and ability to create community/love/books/awesome tardy slips!).

  36. Glennon,

    Happy belated Birthday! I LOVED your trailer even more than I thought I could. You are completely adorable and sage. I needed to finally see you and hear you talk. That was a gift to me.

    I read your posts regularly. You came into my life about a year ago. I was suffering… I have two precious children and a husband whom I love more than I did when we married 9 years ago. Life is blessed but hard. Raising God’s children is more difficult than I ever imagined. You give me validation. You give me peace. You give me love.

    My mother passed away suddenly last year. Incredibly painful. You are healing me. Well, you and P!nk. I love you strong, truthful ladies. Your posts are brilliant. I really get them. I comprehend you fully. There have been a few posts that have CHANGED MY LIFE. You need to know how strong your impact is. I have never written because I wanted my prose to be perfect. Shit, that is a weakness and you wanted a strength. One of my strengths is my compassion for those who have made mistakes…big ones. In fact the more broken you are, the closer I feel to you. That is about my mother and I suppose it is how she lives in me. I am quite proud of my genuine compassion.

    I cried and cried when I read about your marital separation. My husband couldn’t believe my connection to you. You are brave and you are the light in so many of our lives. Thank you for changing the way I treat other moms (and myself).

    Your Monkee,

  37. you are beautiful.
    i love the trailer!
    what i love about myself is that i have rediscovered my creative side – and i am just doing it – despite being a bit afraid of what people will think.

  38. What I love about myself is that I know that I will get out of bed tomorrow and do it all again even if it hurts and I feel like I can’t move. I will do it anyway because my kids need me and I need me. And because I can do hard things.

  39. I have this thing about birthdays. I just can’t quite do them. I mean, I do them for my kids. And I try to do them for my husband. I mostly try to forget about them for me, not because I worry about growing older. But because it takes the pressure off. I’m always sort of relieved when my mom calls me the day AFTER my birthday to say she’s sorry she missed my birthday. Whew. Another year I can get away with forgetting my mom’s birthday.

    I’m like the opposite of you. I. just. can’t. manage. birthdays. I’m so sweet to other people ALL THE TIME and then their birthday comes around and I’m missus cranky pants and don’t even want to see them because then I will have to do something and it won’t ever be big enough or good enough… issues. I have them.

    So, anyway. I missed your birthday. Sorry about that. I’m happy to celebrate with you TODAY, though, if that’s okay with you. Oh, you say the only thing you want is to hear what I like about myself? Okay. I can probably manage that. Sorry I waited a whole day.

    I love my ability to understand another person’s heart, to really feel what they feel and to care. I can do this even with people I don’t like, even with people who have done terrible things. I can forgive and love ANYONE. This, I like about myself.

    That’s kinda boring, though. Let me think of a more interesting thing I like about myself.

    Oh, I know what. I love that I move comfortably in multiple worlds: There’s the tough, outdoorsy farm girl in torn khakis and a dirty coat tending chickens and picking up snakes with her bare hands; and there’s the tailored jacket & heels consultant who interfaces with executives all over the city and knows how to tune a marketing plan for performance. There’s also the me that shows up at the soup kitchen once in a while to dish out nutritious meals, and another me somewhere who’s a mom but I’m pretty sure she’s not as good at her job as the marketing me is. Or maybe it’s just a tougher job. Probably that.

    Happy birthday.

    You beautiful, amazing you. Happy birthday.

    • Oh, shoot. See, I always mess it up. I forgot to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE the trailer. So beautiful. love love love it. Love the whole look & feel of the Momastery/Carry On Warrior Love Empire. Beautiful.

    • DON’T READ WHAT I WROTE. Read this instead. 😉

      Darnit darnit darnit. I finished writing about how boooo-oooring my first “thing I like about myself” was and THEN I decided to read everyone else’s… and realized that the thing I called “boring” is what almost everyone else says they love about themselves too. Jee-eez, Heather. Way to insult every single one of your Monkee sisters for Glennon’s birthday. I told you I was bad at this.

      For the record, I changed my mind. That thing, that compassion thing, is NOT boring. Not at all. It’s the most beautiful, bright, blessed string of light and it connects us all, and it’s stunning and amazing. Just incredible. I love you all SOoooOO much and please forgive me for being THAT girl who thinks (even for a moment) that her “accomplishments” in life are more interesting than the state of her heart. I was wrong. Your hearts are the most interesting things about you… and about me.

      Happy birthday (again, two days late this time), Glennon.

  40. Congrats on 37 Glennon! I saw the post on your birthday. You requested the present of what we loved about ourselves. And I do want to give you something. You have given me so much! Couldn’t think of one damm thing. So have done avoiding and procrastinating. BUT, okay….I love that I feel deeply. I can just “smell” people. Sounds weird, I know. But I have this ability to empathize and connect in a deep way. I don’t get it and it causes heartache some times. And my husband says to cut it out…let it go….but it is just who I am. And I’m not intrusive. Okay, now I’m explaining it away…Love you dear sister! You are teaching me, as ALL the monks are, to Carry On Warrior. Love wins. We are one. Happy birthday!

  41. Happy belated Birthday! Seems like everything is a day late for me these days.

    I love that I am a genuinely nice person and almost always see the good in others (the almost comes when I am driving in DC traffic behind some idiot who doesn’t know where they are going!) :)

  42. Happy Birthday, Glennon! What I love about myself is my sense of adventure and the flexibility as well as the warriorness that takes. From walking in there and charming 200 people into caring to mountain top hikes with 50 pound packs- I just get it done. Yay, me! Thanks, G!

  43. Happy Birthday (day late). Thank you for this trailer, your blog, for stepping out of your armor. What I love most about myself is my increasing willingness to step out of my own armor.

  44. I love you, G. I’m fairly confident that if we knew each other that we would hang out. I can’t wait to read your book, because every time I read your blog, I get teary eyed and it makes me want to be a better mother, wife, daughter, friend and co-exister.

    Happy birthday!

    Something I love about myself is the progress I’ve made in all of the roles from above, in the past year.

    Thank you for everything.

  45. Happy Day! Spring birthdays are always so wonderful. Makes me jealous 😉

    I love my creativity. I seem to have a knack for problem solving by thinking outside the box, I love to create arts and crafts, I love to make up silly lyrics to songs as I go to make the kids laugh, and one day a story about a magic chicken popped out of my head. Now Chicky-Chicky-Rainboo is a big part of our bedtime routine.

    And about you…I love your openness, raw honesty, and killer writing which always has a knack for hitting the sweet spot. You’re doing great things in this world and if we had more Glennon Meltons the grass would look greener, the air would smell sweeter and the winters might not feel so damn cold!

  46. Happy Belated Birthday. What I love about myself is that I love sex. Lots of women are ashamed to admit that and I was (and still am in such a friegteningly open forum as this) but really what’s not to love about the deepest most intimate expression of love which can yield a a really great sense of pleasure. (Ok now I have to hit send before I get too scared to)

  47. You are an amazing example of a woman! Thank you!

    What I love most about myself is that I know Jesus! And I speak his name whenever I get the chance.

  48. Love this blog. Can’t wait for my book to arrive. Happy Birthday to YOU! And, what I like about myself…ummm….I keep showing up for my life. Sometimes it is easier than other times, but I keep showing up.

  49. Love this… love the trailer!! Love you… it all is amazing. Honest, and beautiful. Happy Birthday!!!!!! You look AMAZING!! And you’re so inspiring. :)


  50. Happy belated birthday!
    What I love about myself is my sense of whimsy. I still make dolls talk all the time to my son and students…inventing story lines and ridiculous situations for them to have been in. I think it keeps me young and fun!

  51. Happy Belated Birthday! I didn’t get a chance to log-on yesterday. Wishing you a beautiful year ahead….or I suppose I should say, “brutiful”!
    Not sure if you are reading these anymore….but if you are.

    What I love about myself- I am a fiercely loyal wife & sister.

  52. Happy (late) Birthday G!

    I love that I am becoming more open. Thanks to you!

  53. Happy belated birthday! I’m sad I didn’t see this post yesterday. I’m a lurker here but read your blog religiously.

    One thing I love about myself is that I am a perpetual optimist (even though I tell myself I’m a cynic). I feel like we all have the ability to reinvent ourselves and be a better version of ourselves. I know I try damned hard every day to be a better person. Mostly, I fail miserably but I try nonetheless.

    Again, I hope your birthday was amazingly beautiful. You bring so much sunshine into my life.


  54. Happy Birthday! Loved the promo. Great work.

  55. Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one who hated hide & seek! :) It’s the same reason I don’t like haunted houses. That intense feeling of anticipation followed by terror just doesn’t appeal to me.

    I also have a “no tickle” rule, but my hubby says I have too many rules. :)

  56. Happy Late Birthday! (Bwhahah) how fitting. I love that I learn lessons. I still learn them the hard way, but I do learn them.

  57. So sorry to have missed your birthday Glennon! Happy happy!! I hope it was all that you wanted it to be and more. What I love about myself, since you graciously asked, is that I am so much stronger than I ever realized. My daughter was diagnosed when she was born 6 months ago with a very rare syndrome. It knocked me on my ass to say the least, it made me suffer in my marriage, in my faith … in everything. But I got back up off the mat and carried on. I identify SO much with your message and your openness and I just wanted to thank you. Reading you the last week has changed how I’ve felt and given me even more strength to carry on like a warrier woman.
    Much love,

  58. An UNEXCUSED TARDY for me on your Happy Birthday love!!! But still wishing it for you! Thank you for brightening my heart, ripping it open, and sewing it back shut. And that leads me to what I like about myself – that moment when it feels like my heart is ripping wide open, whether it be by happy, sad, shock or embarassment, and my ability to embrace it. Not to push it away. So I am living this way in gratitude and amazement. I love that I can do that! Don’t get me wrong, I try to be that all the time and fail to more than I would like to admit, but I CAN admit it and I am ok!!!

  59. Glennon – March 20th is my birthday too! And I’ve always loved that it’s always the beginning of Spring…what better day to welcome wonderful women into the world!

    There are many things I love about myself, but I think my favorite one right now is the kind of mom I’ve become. My kids are only 1 and 2-1/2, so I haven’t been at this long, but I love who I am with them, even though my momminess is not perfect. Just this morning I got so impatient with my daughter, who was not cooperating, and I yelled. But you know what I did after that, I hugged her and apologized to her, so sincerely, for getting angry over something so silly. I am so proud that I was able to do that, even just a few minutes after I was so angry, because I know that what I’m showing her is love…and that I’m not perfect and make mistakes…and that it’s ok to be angry and ask for forgiveness…and that it’s good to forgive…and love, love, love. My kids are teaching me that every day.

  60. happy birthday! the other day, anyway…. I just marked 40 years last week! :) for your birthday present: I like how I rage against the machine. I don’t know why I do, but I do, and I like it. I’m just a contrarian, what can I say? not sure if that’s a word, since my computer just underlined it in red, but it is how I describe myself anyway. 😉 just found you a few weeks ago, from a sarah bessey link, I believe. ??? pre-ordered your book and excited to read it.

  61. G – Happy Birthday!!

    Something I love about myself is that I have a positive energy and outlook. I like to think that I add to the overall “positiveness” of the universe, and I don’t like hanging out with people who have negative energy. I think this attitude helps me even when the going gets tough – or especially.

    I’m so glad you encouraged me to do this. What a gift!

  62. Happy birthday, Glennon!

    I love that I can sing to and with my kids. I’m no Maria Callas, but God gave me a decent voice. Music has always transported me and reminded me of goodness and beauty dven when I can’t see it elsewhere. I love that I see my kids (especially my daughter) experiencing the magic of beautiful music of all genres.

  63. Why is it so hard to acknowledge the good things about ourselves, when the bad things are so easy to identify?! I had to sleep on this, in order to come up with something meaningful and real. I like that I am a good friend, there for you in thick or thin. I am also pretty tough. I lost a lot of weight recently through hard work and a lots of sweat. I love that about me!

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