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Dear Gail,


I saw you in Charlotte this past weekend. I was on stage with the beautiful preacher-man and there was a big, big crowd in front of me – but I saw you there. When I spoke of God’s love and the sun you closed your eyes and nodded your beautiful head and I saw your lips make the word “amen” again and again. I love that word – amen. You helped me, Gail. Because I could see that we were riding a wave together, you and me. You in the crowd and me on the stage- we were riding together. And so when I felt like I should quiet down already, that maybe I’d said enough, I kept riding with you anyway.  I kept getting truthier and truthier and the truthier I got the more heads started nodding and then folks started crying and that was all because of you, Gail. Your nodding head and your amens made me brave. Your eyes made me calm.

I tried to grab your hand after the service, but my escorts swept me off stage fast. They put me upstairs in a room and told me to stay, but when they left I broke out of there. I sneaked down the fire escape and back into the huge room to find you and the others. The others were still there, which made the risk worth it- but you were gone. There was no nodding you and there was no regal, beautiful one with you. I wondered who the regal, beautiful one was. She looked like you.

The night I got home from North Carolina, I searched our Facebook page for your face. I found you there. What are the chances, Gail? I clicked on your name and I read your wall. My sister had been there already. You two had already connected. You’d hugged each other at the event. What are the chances, Gail?

I friended you. You wrote to me. I knew you were a writer after reading your first sentence. I wrote back and said YOU ARE SO ALIVE. Your writing is so ALIVE. You are a WRITER.

You already knew you were a writer, but you thanked me anyway. Then you told me that you’d rearranged your chemo, your healing treatment, to come hear me speak. Because you thought listening to me would be a healing treatment, too. And you told me that you’d brought your daughter along with you. She was the regal, beautiful one at your side. What a lucky woman she is, to call you mother.

You thanked me for writing, for loving, for showing up, for fighting. I thanked you for doing the same things.  We both wished like hell we were thanking each other over tea on my couch or yours. We wished we were thanking each other’s eyes and holding each other’s hands  –  but the next best thing was still pretty damn good. Reading you, Gail, is pretty damn good.


I needed to give you something, Gail. I needed to give you everything. Out of gratitude and awe…for your strength and frailty and grace and dignity and for, as our sister Maya says, making me proud to spell my name w-o-m-a-n.

I didn’t know what it could be. What could I give you, Gail? What could I give you, that would say all of those things? All of those things that I mean so deeply and urgently and truly? Those things that I mean more than I mean anything else at all?

And then it came, Gail. It came to me. What I have for you. It came in the mail. What are the chances?

This is the first copy of my book, Gail. I’ve been working on it for thirty six years. All of me’s in there, Gail. And that’s exactly what I wanted to give you. All of me.




It’s the only first  final copy of my first book that I’ll ever have. More will come later, Gail, but there will never be another first one.  The first one is for you.

It’s for you, Gail. Don’t worry, I don’t need it. I already know what it says. It’s good, Gail. I worked really hard on it. Not as hard as you’re working these days, but hard. It’s my story. There are parts of yours in there too, I think.

I wrote my phone number on the inside of the cover, Gail. Please use it when the doctor calls to tell you that it’s all gone. Please use it when the doctor calls to tell you that you beat it. That it’s nothing but a memory. That it’s nothing but the hot coals that made the soles of your feet tougher and quicker and that made the moon shine brighter upon that beautiful nodding, amen-ing head of yours.





Amen, Gail.


Visit her here.


Love, Glennon


Carry On, Warrior
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  1. I was just having a teary moment reading your Gail post and the link to her blog post. I suck at needing people and the truth of that really struck a chord. Just as I was wiping my tears my five year old was “hypnotising” me with a string from her much-loved blankie. She was waving it in front of my face saying, “You’re getting sleepy…You’re a monkey”. It was just the God moment I needed to get my attention and I wanted to share it with you.

  2. Love your beautiful, raw-ly caring, generous heart.

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  4. Why does Glennon have a bodyguard?

    • That “bodyguard” thing is my fault.

      She didn’t have a bodyguard. Someone from the church where she spoke led her off the stage and into another room. I was only kidding when I used the word “bodyguard.”

      I’m sorry for the confusion my silly comment caused.

    • I don’t. My “body guard” was a beautiful lady from the church. Gail was joking.

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  6. I meant to ask you all to look at this link and read the story of another brave mama who could use some love and support…

  7. Shivers and Tears.:)

  8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious post. Not shockingly dramatic whatsoever.

    My prayers go out to all those battling the C. I lost my beautiful, regal mom to another monster, ALS. I want so badly for Gail’s daughter to have her mom for many many years to come. I miss mine so much I still cry weekly and it’ll be 6 years this month. Dang. I’ve entered “that month” – the one where I lost my mom. Dang. Please don’t take Gail from her RBD…

    • Lisa,

      I share your pain. I lost my dad to ALS. Wishing you strength and the comfort of cherrished memories this month.

  9. Wow! You are just WOW! Any chance you will make it to the Northeast? I didn’t see any dates in NY or CT or MA or the like. We would love to see ya too!

  10. Thanks Glennon for bringing us Gail, whose blog has now blessed and strengthened me as I try to fight my own current “kanswer” battle. Three rounds of chemo down, three more to go.

    To quote Gail –
    “I will endure. I will thrive. I will be strong.
    I will cry. I will feel sorry for myself. I will moan and groan.
    And then I will choose joy again. I will choose gratitude again.”

    Thank you Gail!!!

    • Thanks for your kind comment here and on my blog. Please feel free to ask me anything about the journey you are on. I’m sure there are others here who have also fought this battle and are more than willing to walk with you.

      As Glennon said when I heard her speak: here i am.

  11. my throat just skipped from having a lump in to the point you get to when you think it might just close because you are swallowing so much grief, so much truth, so much beauty……
    thank you Glennon. for giving us you, for giving us Gail, for providing a space for it all to happen…………
    prayers of healing, of continued strength to you and Gail.

  12. Thank-you for this post. I’m typing through tears. Gail, I will pray for your healing and recovery. Thank-you for connecting us Glennon. Thank-you for being the glue. xoxo

  13. What a beautiful testimony of seeing God in others. Amen.

  14. Reading your blog is like going to church for me. Your words, and your reflections give me a greater sense of connectedness to source than I get anywhere else, and so I just want you to know that. I know why Gail came to get a healing from you, and it’s because of how you be Glennon, it’s cuz of how you be.

    PS: I’m very much wanting to make a Pinterest board of all my favorite blog posts (jmany many written by you) and I am having a hard time with anything on Huff due to the fact that it’s not “pin friendly” – any thoughts on this? I’m a visual warrior, so I need the pins… get my jive?

  15. I just love your heart! And reading all the comments and seeing people connecting here…it’s just amazing! Absolutely can’t wait to meet you!

    Any Cincinnati Monkees out there? I want a couch date with Monks, too! :)

    • I’m a Cincy Monkee! Will be at the April 4 book signing……can’t wait to see faces of fellow warriors!

  16. How is it that I’m tearing up and praying now for a person I’ve never even met. It’s because of you Glennon. Thank you for having no fear in your writing and putting yourself out there. I’m learning from you every day. I’m so excited as I’ve also just found out one of your book signings is in my area. Can you sign my Kindle Fire??? That way I can have you with me everywhere I go!

  17. That was beautiful.

  18. Why is it that my post didn’t show up? I don’t think it was blocked for inappropriateness. All I said was how happy I am that you, Glennon, found Gail, a woman I have known of for years, and how much I appreciate the two of you, and how much it reminds me that God is the Divine director here. Anyway, it was much more eloquent, and now I’m just sad it never posted. :(

  19. So beautiful…..

  20. THIS is what I come to this site for.

    Prayer and Amen for Gail.

  21. Glennon! This just exemplifies the word “magical”. I was telling my angel of a therapist yesterday about how I believe in magic and miracles (and how there is a difference between the two) and this just validates my beliefs further. The love in this community is pure MAGIC. I cannot wait until your stop in Corte Madera on April 12. My friend and I are flying from LA to see you, and hopefully shake your hand. And to meet all kinds of Monkees! There will definitely be an AMEN CORNER and I will be leading it. Promise.
    Gail…if you lived in CA, I’d invite you & your daughter over to hang on my couch :-) You keep up the positivity & kick Kancer’s ass, okay? xoxo

  22. You never cease to amaze me, G. Your goodness and love just blows me away. Thank you to you and Gail and every beautiful person here… you fill me and inspire me every day.

  23. So, so beautiful. This place you have created here is daily refuge and inspiration for me. Thank you so much for the hard work you do and always showing up, G. God Bless.

  24. tears are streaming down my face after reading this post. Praying for you both.

  25. Goosebumps for dayssss G. This is such a powerful place.

  26. Glennon – After reading your post on Gail, I went back to your book tour page to make sure there have been no changes to the day you come to my city…because I’m just dying to meet you. It was there I realized that the night before you are in my city (Denver) you are in Texas, and the night after my city you are in California! What an exhausting schedule! Is there anything I can do to help? I’m sure you’ve got fancy hotels, first class travel, and people to drive you around… but if you need a place to rest or hide, or a store bought lunch (I am not the best cook), my home is your home. How about a ride to the nearest Target for some retail theapy? … what ever you might need, for you, and sister, or who ever might be traveling with you…just let me know and I’m there!

  27. Tears. That’s all. Just tears. And Love.

  28. Ok, just one small protest — “truthy” is what Stephen Colbert uses to describe things that sound true but aren’t. I know it’s not your fault what Colbert says, but when you say “truthier” I can’t help but think it sounds like something that isn’t really true!

  29. This, THIS, is why I read, and weep, and love and keep reading.

  30. See — this is how I know Momastery is a God thing. Because you are the ONLY author I’ve EVER heard of who would consider GIVING AWAY that book. Instead of, say, placing it under bullet-proof plexiglass. Or creating a shrine around it in their home or office.

  31. I LOVE what you are doing…loving and touching in the most special places of sister’s hearts – AMAZING….just amazing! I can’t wait to see you on APRIL 4th! Love you!

  32. I actually read this last night, and I have been thinking about it ever since in conjunction with the post right before it. Isn’t THIS precisely the reason people need to tell their truths? Out loud? So that the Glennons can find the Gails, and Monkees can find Monkees, and People can see People, and we can come together and say, “YES. YES. We understand each other. There are others out there who ‘get’ me. We understand each other’s essentials. And we want to help each other do our tiny part to make the world a better place.” Because when we ally ourselves with the people who either see things the same way we do, or at least want to understand the way we see things, it makes it a whole lot easier to love the people who may see things differently and are maybe not so happy about that. Having a “Team” gives us the strength to trust the things we have learned in our individual Quiet time, and then face the angry critics with an open heart, open arms and say, “I love you even if you don’t see things the same way I do. I understand that you have a story that has brought you exactly to where you are right now, and I love you for it.” What do you think?

    PS – Gail, if you happen to read this comment, I love that you call it “kanswer” on your blog. Sending healing light and love your way. Please sprinkle it in your coffee or on your toasted bagel with butter and eggs for breakfast. Amen.

  33. Glennon, I saw you in Charlotte as well and while I was not outwardly bobbing my head and saying AMEN (that would draw to much attention) I was SCREAMING “Amen” on the inside. I am the Mother of 2 small children and last year also had my world thrown upside down when I discovered my Husband had a whole other life I knew nothing about. Like you I have felt just a different my whole life and a little too fragile for this world. I had never heard of you before Sunday, but will never forget you now….you were sent to me last Sunday and made me feel a little less different and a little less lonely. Thank You. I pray for you and your family to find comfort and healing no matter what the outcome.


  34. LOVE this post! Where can I see a list of place you will be on your tour? I’m in the Atlanta area and would love to meet you.

  35. NOTE: have tissues ready when reading Momastery. SNIFFLE. Love y’all.

  36. What a beautiful moment. Listening to your inner voice to follow through on a connection you felt in your heart. Thank you for sharing. So much can be learned from this example of love. Congrats on your book, Glennon. And Gail…here’s to kicking kanswer’s ass!

  37. Praying for you Gail. Totally praying for you girl! Love you G, just totally love you…everything you say and do. LOVE YOU! Thank you.

  38. Awesome post (sniff)! Go Gail! My prayers are with you while you heal and go through your journey. Hugs to you!

  39. Beautiful!!

  40. IT IS WELL

  41. The love I feel when reading words like these spills over and makes me try harder to show my love to others the way you do, Glennon. Thanks to you and blessings to you and to Gail, who I wish I could know (I’m just up here in Durham, Gail, thinking about you and wishing you everything wonderful). Hugs to everyone, and my heart is with you all. Love!!!

  42. Gail,
    I’m commenting for you here. I am sending you so much love, my Monkee sister. Blessings and healing love to you and key lime pie sounds good too. xoxo

  43. Holy god, you really are shockingly dramatic. I think I’m done here, but congrats on your book – a wonderful achievement.

    • Perhaps the drama in this post is enabling many, many (so many!!) people to lift Gail up and give her strength through some of the most difficult days. The power of a single person to help another be astounding, scary, and inspiring. Isn’t it amazing that a single post can be read by thousands all interpreting the intent behind it in a different way? It’s all perspective, I think. Momastery is a safe place for people to express thoughts and feelings, even if we disagree. From my half-full perspective, G is using her forum as an opportunity to provide hope, courage and faith in humanity to many, which is an amazing and selfless thing. She’s giving all that she can, even knowing that people will question her intent, goodness and faith. Peace of Christ be with you, friend.

    • Evelyn, why couldn’t it just start and end with the congrats? What purpose does it serve to criticize and announce you’re leaving?

  44. Thank you for sharing love here, Glennon. I feel like me in my somewhat “normal” every day life can’t possibly understand, share, etc., the brutal and beautiful connections made here between amazing and struggling people. But, little (well, maybe not-so-little!) me is standing on the sidelines sending my admiration, care, love, hope, thanks…whatever. My organization will be privileged to have you speak with us in April, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a small part of what you are doing here. May it grow every more brutiful, loving, hopeful, helpful. Pay it forward, pass it on…do what you do. My love to you, and my hope and love and encouragement to Gail as well. <3

  45. Sunday in Charlotte was truly a sacred time for healing, joy, and truth. Thank you for emptying yourself; I hope you left filled.

  46. Glennon, I love how you listen to the Spirit and are not afraid to make connections. What a beautiful story. You inspire me to do better.x

  47. wow, in tears over your expression of a beautiful human connection. love to you and Gail.

  48. It’s all just so good.

  49. How can someone I’ve never met write about someone else I’ve never met and bring me to tears? I’m amazed whenever this happens and it has happened here tonight. You and Gail are two beautiful souls in a crazy, harried world. Carrior on, warrior, indeed. We need people like you.

  50. Oh how I savor reading all the love that is poured out through keyboards here. Normally (i.e. any other page) I avoid the comments section like the plague but this is the one place where it just gets better. Gail, I’m stitching a beautiful needlepoint in my mind that looks sweet and endearing but says Kanswer go the *uck away. All my love to you and your family.

    I swear this community keeps reminding me that my heart is a muscle – the more I work it the bigger it gets. So Gail, take ALL my love it will give me the strength to hold even more.

  51. You said all the words. All I can add is a smile, a tear, and love.

  52. When we lift one another up, we only get stronger.

    Thanks, Glennon, for all of your love and lifting. It matters greatly after all, doesn’t it?

  53. I just love you, G. That is all. xoxo

  54. Love and prayers to you Gail. You will beat this. You have all of us behind you.

  55. Beautiful

  56. Just beautiful. Thank you.

  57. Shoot Glennon, you made me cry.

    Amen to you and Gail both xoxo

  58. The truth of beauty is hard to endure. But we have to. And we do. Again and again.

    Thank you for this, Gail, Glennon, you all.

  59. Wow. Such an overused word by me lately. An utterance usually leaving my lips as I use the collar of my nightgown to wipe my eyes as I read “you”. Me, with my English teacher sentence structure and writer-at-heart way with words can only say, “Wow.” Oh, yeah…and thank you. THANK YOU.

  60. Now I really can’t wait until you come to NY!

  61. I love you and Gail and that I am now a total slobbery mess…because THIS is what it’s about. This is why I write. This is why we all write. So our words will resonate. So we can connect. So we can be closer to being one. Yes.


  62. You REALLY walk the walk, Glennon. It is breathtaking. Thank you for showing us that we can do it too.

  63. Amen!

  64. You’re amazing, G. Gail is amazing. My tears are hot on my cheeks. Much, much love and strength and bravery and peace to you, G… xoxo.

  65. One day, G, I hope to regenerate all (or at least some!) of the brain cells that I’ve lost from having 3 kids in 4 years and speak/write with a small lick of sense. Until then I just cannot properly respond to your posts to express all that you churn up in my heart and soul. But know that you are churning it all up in this frazzled, droopy, tired 40 year-old body of mine. You do to me what I’ve always wanted to do to others. Keep churning it up, girlfriend!

  66. Oh, my amazing sister, Glennon – I felt every bit of what you described on Sunday morning. I was worried that my amens and uh-huns would get me kicked out of that rather quiet venue. Not only were you were speaking my heart’s words out loud, but you were also telling a story that I’ve longed to hear for most of my life. I couldn’t keep quiet. The stones were not gonna cry out because I kept silent. Not on my watch, girl. Not on my watch.

    I was horrified when you were whisked away by your bodyguards, but I hung out with your sister until she was dragged backstage as well. My daughter and I left soon thereafter, but you and your sister were already making yourselves at home in our hearts, already motivating us to love each other more, to be truthful and honest, to be warriors in much deeper ways.

    This post has rocked me to my core – my daughter too. She and I are huddled together around my computer. She’s laughing. I’m crying. That’s how we roll. And we have rolled through some deep muck and mud together over the past few years. She had her own battle back in 2008 and I’m fighting my own battle right now, as you know. (Kanswer sucks, folks!) It’s not that we live alone; my husband and son are right here with us – and we adore them. But Kristiana and I are not only mother and daughter; we are truly soul-sisters.

    I cannot wait to get my paws on that book of yours. Cannot wait!!! And I am also looking forward to wrapping my arms around you someday soon. Crying with you. Holding your hands. And celebrating that this kanswer thing is behind me, done. I’ll probably still be hairless and boobless. It’s the new start I didn’t know I’d ever get. A new birth. A new beginning. But we are gonna celebrate! We are gonna dance – there will be furious dancing.

    Thank you again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • I swear I almost can’t take it, it’s so beautiful.

      every ounce of my love to you and your regal, beautiful daughter.


      • Once again, you said it perfectly, G.

        The love of sisters, the width of love, the depth of joy, it’s all too beautiful to take.
        And yet here we are, feeling it, basking in it, and sharing it with each other. What a gift. What an honor. What a privilege.

    • I got to the end of Glennon’s post and thought I was done crying. Nope. Love to you and your daughter, Gail.

      • SERIOUSLY!

        Because of course I was reading this at my desk at work, surrounded by very serious people… and there I was so proud of myself for holding back the tears, and then I just had to read the comments.

        I am so excited to see G in person when she comes on her book tour. Not only because I love G, but because I’m in a new city right now, and I dont’ know anyone, and I am really excited to meet all sorts of monkees in person!

    • I heard you too, Gail, and loved it. Loved you. Wish I were brave enough to be vocal too, to share my “amens” with the world. Even though I never saw you there, I heard you. Your energy reminded me of all the best of this: http://curiositycat.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/learning-to-read-with-jesus/

      I hope we will meet soon. LOVE!

    • Oh my. I, too, was crying when I got to the end of G’s post. Then I found yours. Crying more now. Gail, Glennon, I am so proud that you are my Monkee sisters. Together we CAN do hard things. I love you both so, so, so much.

    • Beyond beautiful G and G, love that we have this place to hear and share stories like this. Prayers for you Gail, already looking forward to a post all about you and Glennon meeting to celebrate the victorious end of your battle. I’m gonna cry just thinking about it!

    • You have so many people – so many strong warriors – praying with you and for you right now, Gail. THOUSANDS of us that have been touched by you and your battle. You will win, you will dance, and we will all do a little dance with you; before we fight again. God Bless you and your family – and all of the warriors who now love you!

      • You have no idea how empowering, encouraging, and life-altering it is to know that I have the Monkees behind me, praying for me and my family, and getting ready to celebrate with me when this kanswer battle is over. I cannot thank you all enough. I cannot thank Glennon enough. I cannot thank God enough.

        But i’m sure gonna try. Thank you, thank you, thank you all.

    • You were right behind me Gail, and I loved your “amens”. I’m in that holy place every week, and that is rarely said aloud other than as a community “amen”. Yours was a breathe of fresh air in that place, and I thank you or that. I love my church, but it needs some breaths of fresh air sometimes…thank you so much for being there and “breathing” on us! Much love!

    • Aaah, now that’s BEAUTIFUL! That’s love! That’s the Father’s love, and the Father’s heart, and I felt like all of those beautiful words you were speaking over Gail…He was speaking over me just now…and if you could see me here, sitting on the bathroom sink, tears dripping down my cheeks whilst my two-year old daughter bathes, you would know how touched I am. Thank you for such a gorgeous share. I needed that!

    • Beautiful. Just beautiful. I am glad you didn’t keep quiet. Too many of us do. So glad you and Glennon found each other and let us all enjoy the meeting on here. Love to you both and prayers from Scotland.x

    • Sending love and prayers your way Gail.

    • i love how all of our stories and worlds collide, converge into one. this is the stuff, monkees. the fierce and fabulous loving grace stuff. thank you gail. thank you g.

      my love and prayers to gail. carry on!

    • Gail – your spirit is amazing! I saw you and your daughter and wanted to say hi but I was busy holding up that wall. Just my way… Anyway the monkee that introduced me to this fabulous group of people and I were discussing having a Charlotte book club for Carry On Warrior and we would love for you to join us if you’re up to it. Sister on!

      • Please let me know about the book club when it gets started. I’d love to be involved. Let’s figure out a way to be in contact.

    • Ahhh G and G…….My life is better because you have the courage to share. and i love ya for it. thanks and amen!!!

    • That part about the new start, Gail, made my heart literally HURT in my chest with its beauty and truth and courage. New life. New start. Even hairless or boobless. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you walk forward in that new start you never expected. So very much love to you, sister – and to your precious family – from this monkee in Kansas.

  67. Oh my, I am so grateful every day to be a part of this wondrous Monkee gathering

  68. Excellent. So excellent. I love the world. It is GOOD. I want to scream how good good good people are.

  69. Precious…just precious! :O)

  70. Love wins! Amen!

  71. This is why we love you, G…and of course because you make us all laugh sometimes too. Gail is a lucky lady and we are lucky to have read her part of your story. Thank you for sharing and carry on, Gail! We are all here behind you.

  72. What a perfect gift to Gail. My prayers will be added to all the others for Gail’s recovery. God’s grace to both of you.

  73. Hospitality and Generosity. Two words you live by.

  74. chills. One more time your beautiful spirit shines clean and bright. Giving when everything around you screams it is your time to take. And that is why people will continue to nod and say Amen in unison until every one of us feels safe enough to take that bold step into the light.

  75. Beautiful.

  76. Amen.

  77. Wow. Crying. You are so very amazing, Glennon. Prayers, love and positive thoughts to Gail.

  78. <3 me some G – both G's.

  79. lump in my throat….tears in my eyes….hope in my heart…..

  80. Tears, only tears. Glennon, so heartfelt, honest and real. Enjoy the book Gail. Carry on Warrior. We can do hard things. My book will come just when I need it. Your time is now. Much love from a fellow Monkee.

    • Oh, and Glennon, I WILL be driving the 5 hours to Plymouth MN so that you might add your extra inspiration to my very own copy. It’s the day of my 10th wedding anniversary, but being at a similar place as you, your sisterhood might just be more important to me on that day. See you soon!

  81. Such a thoughtful and very touching post, Glennon. Thank you for reminding me how powerful human connection can be. I love Momastery.

    Gail, my thoughts are with you and I am sending extra prayers your way, my fello Monkee!

  82. How did I get so blessed to stumble upon such a wonderful community?

    • I think that too, Julia. I sometimes feel as if I am standing on the edge watching all these amazing things happen and can’t quite believe I am a little part of it. Being far away from most of you, in Scotland, I am so so thankful for the internet. Hugs to you.x

  83. amen, sister. Amen.

  84. Chills. Just chilly bumps the entire time I read this! Thanks to my warrior friend Amy for leading me to you. Chills

  85. The brief glimpses you give into the depths of your soul are a comfort and encouragement to me. God bless you.

  86. Whoa tears. God bless you both, Amen.

  87. “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

    So much love :)

    • I’ve never read that quote before, Ruma, but had to let you know that it touched me deeply and spoke to my heart.

      Thank you for sharing such beautiful words.

  88. Oh Glennon. You rock so hard.

    And also: Can we have Gail’s blog address, please? If she has one? I want to read her truths too and wish I were sitting on her couch sharing over tea too. Please?

    • sister it’s hyperlinked there- click on the last “Gail.” She’s so good. So good.

    • Yes! Please update with that!

    • Oh goodness. I just realized. Gail is in Charlotte. Sooo… I *could* invite her to come sit on my couch. This Saturday. Definitely need that blog address.

      • Heather! You did it; you asked her to sit on your floor! I just went over there and I saw it. And I can’t stop smiling. :)

        • 😀 Hahaha! I can’t believe I told Gail to come sit on my FLOOR.

          I have a couch, and Gail, you are welcome there! It’s dirty too, but at least it’s soft. And Katherine, are you in Charlotte? Come. There’s room on the couch and the chair and cushions for the floor when we run out of furniture. Email me.

          • No worries about the invite to sit on the floor. I can do the floor or the couch. I’ve been known to lie on the floor and put my feet up on the couch as well. The possibilities are endless.

            What time are you talking about on Saturday? Where do you live? If you are on facebook, I’m GailNHB. You can send me a message and let me know.

            I’m overwhelmed by the love and support both here and at my own blog. Glennon is amazing and her ability to pull us together is wondrous. She is truly a wonder.

          • I friended you. I’m in Steele Creek, and we’re on for 3pm or any time in that general vicinity. I’ll send you my address via PM on FB as soon as we’re officially connected there.

            In total agreement re: Glennon. Her love is like ripples spreading outward and bringing us all together (hey, I can mix metaphors too!). I didn’t really believe she was really real until I saw her. She was magnificent. Magnificent. And then, the way she grabbed my hand… Gail, I’m so sorry you missed that.

            I can’t wait to meet you.

          • I’m completely in love with my home in Vienna, VA. There are SO MANY Monkees here. (It’s close to where Glennon lived when she started Momastery, and I’ve met some of her friends, high school classmates, etc.) But right now, I wish I were closer to Charlotte, so I could meet Gail and Heather of the Fire Escape. :) I will be thinking about you all this weekend and sending up prayers of thanksgiving.

          • Oh, Katherine, how blessed you are! If you’re ever in Charlotte, come.

            And thank you for reminding me to change my Monkee name. 😀

      • Hi Heather and Gail,
        I am also near Charlotte. I would love to meet local monkees. I found this post so beautiful. I wasn’t able to attend on Sunday and was very sad about that. I was already spoken for by a dear friend and that was more important than my own wish.
        G, I hope to meet you someday and thank you for sharing your truth and for this community where love wins and hard things are done.

        • Come, Michelle! It’s 3pm at my house. FB me (username is CuriosityCat) or email me (heather at heatherhead dot com) and I’ll send you the address. Oh, hurrah! Oh, hurrah! I get to squeeze Monkees this weekend!

          Oh, and we will take pictures. I need them for my Facebook profile. I’ll explain.

  89. The perfect gift – from G to G. Loving you, Gail, and holding healing thoughts for you. Thanks for helping our G be brave in Charlotte. G, praying there’s a Gail on every stop of the book trail. Somehow I know there will be. xoxox

    • I say AMEN to that – may there be an amen corner at every stop of Glennon’s journey. Every single Monkee who has ever shed tears and wiped her eyes on her shirt or laughed out loud and spit coffee on her keyboard because of Glennon’s words knows that she deserves it.

      Let’s love her the way she has loved us.

  90. How wonderful to find that connection! That is special…very special!

  91. Cried the entire time I read this. <3

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