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Literature is the only vice I’ll never have to abandon in the name of personal growth. It’s the only escape that makes me better and braver when I resurface. Books both buffer me from and plunge me into humanity, simultaneously.

Books help me understand. Not just know, but understand other places, other people, other cultures, and myself. They ask me to slip on another pair of shoes and walk around for a mile. Most every book I read makes me a more worldly, wise, compassionate human being.

Books are the first place I learned that I was not alone. That all those feelings and fears and quirks I had that I thought were a little scary? Nope. They’re universal.

Things For Which I am Most Grateful:

1. People

2. Animals

3. Books

AND… one of my favorite things in the world is to share books I love with friends. I am a book pusher. No one leaves my house without a book, whether she likes it or not. I gave Adrianne Traveling Mercies so many times that she actually begged me to stop. Can’t help it. Going to a bookstore and buying a beloved book for a beloved friend- it feels like making a sacred introduction.

BUT, I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I don’t know how to have you all over to my place to give you books. I live in a pretty small condo and even if we used the floor, sixty thousand bottoms take up a lot of floor space. Also, I’d have to vacuum and we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

So I found a different way to make sacred introductions. I’ve found a way to offer to YOU, my friends, the greatest gifts that have been offered to me over the years. MY FAVORITE BOOKS. MY FAVORITE MUSIC. MY FAVORITE MOVIES. As a tribute to these artists, these TRUTH TELLERS who’ve helped heal me more completely than any doctor or psychologist ever has. And as a tribute to YOU, you HOPE SPREADERS, who help me believe in myself, other people and the whole dang world.

Friends, my dream is that when you’re hungry, these will help fill you up. They’re all really, really great filler uppers. Better than too much booze, better than too much food, better than too much shopping – better, better, better. When you’re done with these, you feel less alone and less afraid – and that’s the mark of a good filler upper.

They’re all just beautiful reminders. Lovely reminders that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Oh, yeah! And the blog’s different! She’s caught up to our colorful revolution. Poke around! Treasure Hunt! There are plenty of little gems to uncover.





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  101 Responses to “Feed Yourself”

  1. […] stress and grey weather struggle bus, one of my favorite bloggers, Glennon, published this awesome post about how much books fill her up. After bedtime as a kid, I used up batteries in every flashlight I […]

  2. So…I’m not the only one who has a recommendation for you? 😉 The movie “About a Boy” is fantastic and fits right in with the Momastery vibe.
    By the way, THANK YOU for this section. I am alway hungry for new reads! I’ve read (and love) the non-fiction books you’ve listed, but now I can scroll through the comments to find more great recommendations. YAY!

  3. Hi Glennon!

    Thanks for sharing this list! I can’t wait to add these books to my nightstand stack.

    Have you heard Carrie Newcomer’s music? I think of Momastery every time I hear her music. “Betty’s Diner”, “Speed of Soul”, “Before and After” are all wonderful. The song “Gathering of Spirits” screams Momastery to me. The lyrics for “Gathering of Spirits” are included here: http://www.carrienewcomer.com/lyrics/bettys_diner_lyrics.pdf and you can listen to it on her website if you’re interested. Enjoy!

  4. I almost fell off my chair when I saw your book list – no wonder I love you! Me too! Me too! I love so many of the same books. My husband I read Owen Meany together when we were first married — well, ok, I read it out loud to him — and we named our first son Owen. The Bluest Eye changed my life — a novel of pure poetry that somehow took me apart and put me back together again– different. I have a story about each of the books I love — how it impacted me. I bet you do too. The ones on your list I haven’t read yet are now on my list. Thanks so much!

  5. Oh fine I’ll chime in — there was such a huge response I despaired that anyone would read my answer, but you just must consider another book for your children’s section and that’s The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig (http://www.amazon.com/dp/068981528X/ref=cm_sw_su_dp).

    Because it is SO MOMASTERY. Not just “hey let’s be nice” but about the vulnerability and the transformation that we all make, the destruction we wreak and the lobsters we can all be, but how utterly hilarious and absurd it all is.

    Over and out. Love.

    • Oh my god I’m commenting on my own comment, but I meant to say one more thing… what I love about the Three Little Wolves story is that, in my mind, it is so similar to your encounter with the angry conservative man on the plane (I’m blanking on his name). Some people find it to be too “pacifist” but I don’t see it that way at all. Sometimes exposing our vulnerability is the best way to solve even the unlikeliest problems.

  6. Thank you. We like all the same books. I love this space.

  7. The website looks beautiful! I can’t wait to poke around and I especially can’t wait to check out your book recommendations!

  8. Interesting to see so many of your recommendations and present reads on my list. Jane Eyre brough me strength in college. Owen Meany is perhaps my favorite–about friendship and angels, or friendship with angels.

    A couple of my favorites you might delight in are: Lift and The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan and The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach about goals, adaptation and the illusion of perfection.

    As a solid introvert, and find so many friends in books and through books. Thank you for offering up your favorites for us to explore.

  9. Hey, Glennon! I am a fifth grade teacher, and I wanted to share an AMAZING book with you. Maybe I can even convince you to add a section to your bookshelf for tweens/teens. There are SO many books out there for this age group that can help them to become more empathetic, caring, loving, and strong young people and adults.
    This Christmas break, I read the book “Wonder” by RJ Palaccio. I immediately wrote a donorschoose.org project for it (and it was funded in a few days!) and then made my 13 year old son start it. It’s the first book this school year he has WANTED to read (Woot, Woot!) and I am just loving sharing it with my class of sweet 10-11 year olds. There are others that I would also recommend to this very impressionable and important age group,
    Here are just a few of my favorites in the books-that-make-you-want-to-make-a-difference category:
    1) Wonder by RJ Palaccio (of course)-about a boy born with a facial deformity and how he is treated by his peers and adults when he goes to school for the first time
    2) Rules by Cynthia Lord -told in the point of view of a sister whose little brother has Autism
    3) Firegirl by Tony Abbott- about a girl who is burn victim who moves to a new school and how she is treated by her classmates
    4) Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper (who has written a lot of other awesome books too!) story told from the point of view of a girl who has a disability. She is brilliant, but cannot communicate.
    5) Hoot, Flush, Scat, and Chomp -all are by Carl Hiassen- environmental mysteries that inspire kids to make a difference

    This is just a start, but I have seen first hand in my classroom what an impact these books can have on kids.
    Interest level for these would probably be ages 10-15, but as an adult I could not put these books down!!!

  10. The Big Lebowski is one of your favorite movies?! I don’t think I could love you more :)

    Also, you introduced me to Joe Pug way way back in the days of the old blog, and since then I’ve seen him live twice. I even got to hug him! So thanks for that (among many, many other things).

  11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch The Way with Martin Sheen. It will change your life. It will make you pack up your babies and walk across the Pyrenees from France to Spain. Which is probably not a great idea with 3 small children…so. But do watch it!

  12. you simply MUST read “The Brothers K” by David James Duncan-

    Love, hope, despair, redemption, crazy humor and family hijinks all in one book. I laughed, cried, and re-read it at LEAST once a year.


  13. I have read (many years ago and now and again): ALL of Ann Lamott’s books. Traveling Mercies… and all the rest including the fiction (Bird by Bird) through Grace Eventually…. etc. They help me breathe better, longer.

  14. What a BEAUTIFUL space you’ve created here.

    Just ordered the We Can Do Hard Things t-shirt, one for me and one for a long-time friend who introduced me to Momastery when the post was about the paper bag face. I’ve been a fan ever since.

    Thanks for all of the work behind the scenes at momastery. Sending you love and prayers and knowledge that another sister knows that we can all do hard things. Carry on, warriors.

  15. Have you read any Marr Karr? She’d be in the memoir category. Alcoholic to spiritual seeker with children and writing thrown in. I’d start with “Lit.”

  16. Hi, G! Love the new look! And I love the idea of “feeding yourself” through good books and music. Can’t wait to dive in to all your suggestions. I love to read, but rarely do. I blame work and kids and life way too much for that. You continue to inspire me!

  17. Wow! The redesign is lovely. I had been kind of sad that you hadn’t gone with the original cover with the woman climbing out of the armor, but now that I see the whole shebang I adore the aesthetic.

    So many of my favorites on your lists. I love Joe Pug, and also am a big fan of Derek Webb, who is actually the person who introduced his music to me. He has an older song called “Crooked Deep Down” that is more or less a riotous hootenanny about how we’re all sinners, sung with the joy of one who knows that we are also all forgiven, too.

    And I pretty much can’t look at the cover of A Fault In Our Stars without bursting into inconsolable tears. It’s an astounding book.

    Off to check out some of the unfamiliar recommendations!

  18. I was introduced to your blog a couple of days ago. I am loving it. I want to share two books that have been fascinating and life changing for me. One is on sugar addiction called Potatoes Not Prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons. It is so interesting and fascinating. I think you would find it to be both of those things. The other is called The Color Code or The People Code by Taylor Hartman. I actually got to meet him in person and it was a highlight of my life! I highly recommend both of these books. I hope you get to read them and love them. You can take the text at http://www.motivematters.com

    I am a divorced mother of two, recently remarried. I was single for maybe 15 years (not good at dates and times). It was one of the best things I have done for myself and for my daughters who are now grown women. The first of your blog entries I read was the one on the reactions to your decision to separate. I was so fortunate that I didn’t have many negative reactions to my decision. I am happily married to a wonderful man. I thought that was impossible for me to experience. Turns out I am normal, not the most horrible, flawed, impossible to live with person ever created. Who knew?

    Thanks for your delightful writing and for sharing so much of yourself that I can relate to so deeply.

  19. I LOOOOOOOOVE the new blog! It’s beautiful. :)

    I wish the “We Can Do Hard Things” image came on a canvas wrap. I would buy at least five. :)

  20. Glennon, I’ve actually been meaning to email you for several weeks about “Below My Feet” by Mumford and Sons”. It is my anthem and prayer right now as I go through chemo for breast cancer. I really thought with all the crap that you’ve been going through too that it might be meaningful to you too, but I see you’ve already discovered it.

    I’m a 39 year old mom who has had Lyme disease for the past five years, many of those spent barely functioning. I’ve spent a year and a half using every extra ounce of energy to help my thirteen year old son through an anxiety disorder. We’ve spent the last six months working through the same son’s mystery painful elbow injury that left him unable to use his dominant arm, which resulted in surgery and lots of physical therapy. Then in the midst of that my surprise cancer diagnosis (with no family history) that is a very aggressive form. Two surgeries later and I had my third round of chemo yesterday – three more rounds to go. And then we wait and see. What a whirlwind of “brutal”.

    Still, “Jesus says all is well, so all must be well” gets me every time.

    Also love the haunting “Ghosts that We Knew”, “Lover of the Light” and really all of both their albums – Mumford rocks.

    Looking forward to trying more of your recommendations to get me through this time – thanks so much for organizing these!

    Oh, and “The Fault In Our Stars” should be sold with a tissue box. 😉

    • I don’t know what to say in response to your post, other than to let you know that someone has read it, and that I hope and pray for the best for you and your family. You are in my family’s prayers! And I am going to go listen to that Mumford and Sons song!

  21. I love the new look! It’s very sleek and pretty. :) Also, I love *love* book-sharing, so I think your idea is ingenious. Thank you for sharing!

  22. The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery

    You have good taste. :)

  23. I am not nearly nice enough for this blog. But, I keep coming back because the whole vibe of it draws me in. So, I’ve decided to make a goal of being kind and gentle enough to belong here. Please don’t be off put by my crabbiness…mostly it’s an artifact of the chubby, braces and glasses laden Jr high student of 30 years ago. People here seem chill and accepting, so Ill give it a go until asked to leave.

    The Big Lebowski is a national treasure. Also, anything by Barbara Kingsolving. In my life, books have always been the staff of life. Midnight in Peking, maybe. Give it a shot!

    • :) You know you’ll notbe asked to leave. Plenty of other crabby, former-braces wearing geeks here too. But I’m with you on trying to be kinder each day, thanks to this blog.

    • Kristen, most of us are crabby, this place helps us focus our crabby into magic :) much love!

  24. This makes me crave a monkee book club.

    Loving the new site design! I have a little tech knowledge and am happy to volunteer to test if you need feedback on the new bells and whistles. I can confirm everything so far works like a charm for me in Chrome. And the playlist makes me happy.

  25. Surprised not to see “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls on your fave memior list. If you haven’t read it, add it to your list. It’s not to be missed, in the category of amazing stories of women/girls doing hard things! Triumphant, and told with great wit and wisdom. Enjoy.

  26. The site is perfect. Please tell whomever it is that controls the code magic that they did an excellent job. Momastery is just beautiful. My compliments to you too, of course. :-)

  27. I just ordered “Daring Greatly”.

  28. I really admire the new look! I guess I will get on the band wagon and suggest my three most beloved books.
    1.) Here If You Need Me-by Kate Braestrup
    2.) Marriage and Other Acts of Charity-by Kate Braestrup
    This author is someone I wish I could meet. She just seems like a person who you could really feel comfortable around. Anyway, I am not a religious person. So these (2) books are like my Bibles!
    3.) Fire Crew- by Ben Walters (he is my husband so it is my job to recommend his book and also it is good)

  29. Glennon –
    I don’t think I have ever commented here, but I know you need to know about my sister’s children’s books. Liz Garton Scanlon has written a pile of books for young children that everyone should read. I know, I know….she is my sister but go check out her book “All the World” and then tell me I’m wrong…

  30. I am very willing to take one for all Monkees —- so G if you have the over whelming desire to send someone a book and you just have to —- you can send them to me. I will be glad to be the recipient
    of any books. Love you bunches, Granny Monkee

  31. As a baby lost mother, I’d like to recommend the book “An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination” by Elizabeth McCracken. Very powerful and not just to those of us who have lost a child. It will really help others understand and just as you mentioned -not just know, but understand.

  32. Oh my goodness. I didn’t even recognize this place at first. I love it!

    Just a little song for me and all other warriors out there. We listened to it in my counseling class today. “Breath: 2 am” by Anna Nalick. It’s an oldie but goodie.

  33. Nothing is more exciting than being given book recommendations by someone I respect and admire. So imagine my pure delight to find the Feed yourself section! What a great post, THANK YOU! Loved your statement, “Books both buffer me from and plunge me into humanity, simultaneously.” EXACTLY how I have felt since I was in 2nd grade and read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Only difference is I have never been able to describe my relationship with books so eloquently. Love reading your blog and thank you for the incredible, brave work you do.

  34. LOVE the Feed Yourself page! I am always looking for book suggestions…thank you!

  35. Ah! I love this idea!! Thank you for doing what you do :)

  36. Loved this. Love the concept of “filler uppers.” The new look is fun, clean and exciting. Change can be good. As always, thanks for sharing. :)

  37. Man, I have missed this part of you so much over the last few months. I understood, but I missed it anyhow. Feels like a new day, girl, with room for all of it.

  38. Love it, love the “feed yourself” page. Can I recommend “Toward a True Kinship of Faiths” by the Dalai Lama? It’s about love winning and belonging to each other :)

  39. LOVE the new branding & layout & COLOR!!!!! So clean and awesome

  40. I loved, loved, loved The Paris Wife and Where’d You Go, Bernadette. One memoir you absolutely must, must read is Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed. Absolutely fantastic journey in all senses of the word!

  41. Speaking of books, I have an extra copy of “Little Bee” that I’d love to give to a Monkee who hasn’t read it. Apparently, in stores outside the US & Canada the title is “The Other Hand”… I bought it while in the Istanbul airport thinking I had found a “new” Chris Cleave book, but after reading a few sentences, I realized it was actually “Little Bee.” I remembered a previous post, Glennon, when you mentioned how much you loved that book, so I decided to keep it with me for two weeks of traveling to Tanzania, then Iceland, then back to the US, so I could share it with a Monkee. That was in January, and I kind of forgot about it. But this post, this lovely reminder of the way books can fill you up, especially, when your emotional fuel tank is on empty, reminded me that I should share this book (I’ve already given away my first copy of “Little Bee” to a friend). I know you can’t possibly read all the comments here, but if you see this, and you know of a Monkee who would like this book, I’d love to send it to her (or him!).

    Thanks for all your honest, soul stirring, and hear warming writing, Glennon. What a beautiful community this is.

    • Hello KC!
      I’m sure you will get other replies to your note about ‘Little Bee’ from people who live in the US. But, just in case you don’t…..I live in Mongolia and would love to read it! I’ve read reviews and thought it sounded great so just thought I’d put this note out there in case you really want to give it away and don’t get other replies….and don’t mind international postage! 😉
      PO 9
      Ulaangom, Uvs Mongolia

      Whether or not you send it my way – keep up the reading, sharing, and traveling! Peace!

  42. LOVE all your book selections and movies and music…. BUT you must not have met Patty Griffin yet? oh dear, you must meet her… songs will steal your heart…. She’s blue-sy, a little rock and folky. “mary” is deep. “long drive home” ..
    and “heavenly day” ….. oh, and anything from Downtown Church cd.


  43. G – I love the new look!!

    **Question on your Book Tour** – Have you been confirmed at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL for April 5th? You aren’t showing up on their website yet so, I don’t want to order the book yet as I want to make sure I get a ticket for the line to meet you.

  44. Glennon – I love the fresh new look of the blog! It’s such a good reminder that sometimes change is really good. Especially this time of year. I also can’t wait to pick a book from your library. Some books I recognize, but even more fun, some I don’t. Will peruse more thoroughly this weekend.

    Very best of luck as you kick off your tour. See you soon.


  45. I’m a follower but have never taken the time to comment. I just had to tell you how absolutely fabulous the new sight looks. And the picture of you – amazing! You are an inspiration and you motivate me every day with your words, your humor, your honesty and your courage. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I’m eternally grateful…

  46. Hi Glennon, Love your book recommendations; now I have one for you :) Have you heard of Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron: http://www.hsperson.com/index.html#hspbook Being that I think we have so much in common, I think you would like it too. One of those books that makes you think differently about the life you have and will live. Nothing but love! Janae

  47. I love the new look of the blog…well done! And I just finished The Fault in our Stars last week. What a wonderful book that was. Did you see they are going to make it into a movie?

    P.S. I often have Below My Feet on an endless loop.

  48. I blog about books, so of course I was excited to see this post! I too think sharing and discussing books with strangers and loved ones alike brings us closer together and reinforces the fact that we are all unique, but also highlights the parts of ourselves that are the same. Keep reading and spreading those books, Monkee girls! :) P.S. Jane Eyre is my favorite book of all time (I collect copies…. NERD ALERT!) so I loved that it was on your shelf too.

  49. Thank you, Glennon! So many of my favorites are on your lists that I think I will absolutely love the others. I clipped your line “Books both buffer me from and plunge me into humanity, simultaneously” as perfectly capturing the source of my passion for reading. Now I am definitely looking at your favorite music!

  50. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I wish you affiliate-linked to Amazon though… I’m definitely going to buy a few of your recommendations and think you should get that ‘credit’! Thanks for sharing your favorites, so many parallels with my own.

  51. Love you, G.

  52. LOVE this post, the new look, YOU! I too feel so much fuller after reading a good book. Thank you for this. Cannot wait to read your book in April.

  53. such great books! Here are some ideas for you to check out:

    The Education of Little Tree – Forrest Carter
    Fair and Tender Ladies – Lee Smith
    Ellen Foster – Kaye Gibbons
    Lonesome Dove – McMurtry
    Wonder – Palacio
    When you Reach Me – Stead

    Love you – big love to all the reader monkees!!

  54. I was JUST at the book store fumbling with my phone trying to find the post where you talked about the book Daring Greatly, so this is AWESOME. Also, the new design looks super fly.

  55. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. And love the new look of the site.

    I am just finishing a vacation at the beach, and I got to finish two books. One of my all time favorite ways to spend a vacation. Anyway, I just want to give a shout out to them, and suggest them to you all.

    First Butterfly Mosque, which is a beautifully written book about an American who converts to Islam in post 9/11 world. She lives in Egypt, where she falls in love with her new found religion, the customs, the country, and her husband, all the while finding balance with the difficulties of all those places. It opened my eyes to the Muslim faith a ton, and her honesty in bridging her American and Islamic worlds is startling. As she puts it, she and her husband had to create a third culture. One of my favorite lines was, “The most wonderful thing that ever happened to me did not bring me peace or comfort.”
    Very enlightening and personal.

    The next one is Proof of Heaven, a neurosurgeon’s account of his near death experience and feeling the Divine. I thought of you, Glennon, for when he came to the Divine, the three things he was “told” were,
    1. You are perfect the way you are.
    2. You are unconditionally loved.
    3. You can do no wrong.
    Very moving book!

  56. Thank you for sharing. Thats what I like the most about what you do. You share. One of the first skills we learn as a child. One of the first skills we lose as an adult. Thank you for bringing it back.

  57. GLENNON!! Of course of course of course we love all the same music. Of. Course. And Brene Brown. Thank you for introducing me to Brene Brown. Between the two of you, there’s been a mini-revolution right here in my own home =).

    Keep sharing things you love! You’re my cup of tea, lady. Great job to you and your team on the blog, it looks fantastic.

    Sarah O.

  58. nicely done, y’all :) got a book for you, “The Antidote’ by Oliver Burkeman, is a thoughtful book about positive thinking 😉

  59. I love the new look. It feels fresh and clean and peaceful.

    I just got a Kindle, so I am excited to see the book recommendations. Thank you for sharing.

    Love and respect

  60. G – love the new blog, to learn what are your favorites – just love all these little (big) gifts you give us. Have a great time in NC this weekend! I can only imagine the energy that space will hold. Think of you often and sending love and light!

  61. Love the new look!

  62. Morning G. Love the new site looks so cheerful!! Thanks for the book list. I thought I was the only crazy person out there spending my hard earned dollars on so many books. One of my favorite places aside from the barn with my horses is Barnes and Noble or the library. And yes they are no good if you don’t pass them around.:) safe travels I know you will feel the love out there!!!

  63. OMG OMG. ERRRMYYYYGERRRRD. I am so excited. I ordered the we can do hard things tshirt. OMG. I want them all. I’ll get love wins later. Must have food in the house, although I consider your items/blog my “food”. I love the new look of the site and LOVE the book recommendations. Love you! (ha ha I scrolled up to look at something and I see “feed yourself”. Appropriate!

  64. I miss the hooded monkey!!!! I like all the new stuff on the website, but I really miss MOMASTERY front and center. It was sooo comforting to me, wish it wasn’t shortened to M. Book list is great, can’t wait to start!

    • Ooh, I would love a short review of each book from Glennon when you click on a book/movie, that would be really fun.

    • I want to see a hoodie or “modified” sweatshirt (girlie style with bigger scoop/boat neck) with the new big “M” on it (and momastery.com in tiny print) in colors like washed out/faded blues, reds, greens, browns. I’m not a hoodie girl but I like the new sweatshirt styles I have been seeing in the stores. I don’t like tight crew necks. Just sayin. A girl’s gotta show her sexy neck. (wink)

  65. Couldn’t agree more. I love that your favorites look exactly like my bookshelf. We are united.

  66. Ohhhh, I love this. We share similar book tastes and now I have a few to add to my goodreads list! Thank you. A couple of children’s books that you may love – In God’s Hands, Gershon’s Monster and Good Griselle. They speak volumes and have great pictures.

  67. This is so awesome, the blog looks fantastic! I am so proud for you and all of us. I remember reading the Monkee section for the first time over a year ago and reading it again has so much more meaning now and a feeling of pride watching this, us, you grow into something so beautiful! I just cannot even begin to express what a life changing place this is for so many of us, who come here and are able to just decompress. Thanks, G. And safe travels, I so wish I could be there this weekend!!!

  68. New site looks great! Please let me know when your wild and crazy tour brings you to NYC!

  69. G, I love the new site and your new profile picture! Love it. Happy Friday!

  70. Love the new blog and your last two posts are incredible. Carry on indeed!

  71. Fabulous! What a beautiful, gorgeous, completely true-to-the-essence-of-Momastery-revamp. Love it.

  72. I haven’t even read this post yet because I am crying (tears of joy) for you and the Momastery makeover. Oh Glennon, I love all of the new pictures of you and the layout is wonderful! Hugs and love to you and your family. I hope 2013 has lots of blessings in store for you – especially those that are not disguised. xoxoxo

  73. There is so much laundry that doesn’t get done because I’ve been sucked into a good book. I’m always looking for a new read – thanks!

    Also – CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN RALEIGH TONIGHT!!!! Safe travels :)

  74. Oh my goodness! We have the same taste in books, almost to a T. I have read every one of your fiction list, most of the memoir and nonfiction. too. It was so good to see that many of my favorites are yours, too. In religion, you might want to read 1000 Gifts ; it was a life changer, God view changer for me (and I have been a Christ follower for many, many years)

    Blessings to you, Glennon; you do a great work empowering women and inspiring them to small kindnesses and to do great things.

  75. YAY! Book recommendations!!! SO EXCITED!! Totally agree with you about the power of reading. I wrote this recently about what reading fiction meant to me as a child “Many people seem to view “real life” as the gold standard by which to interpret stories, but I don’t think that does novels justice. For me, at least, the relationship between the real and fictional worlds was reciprocal. These books named emotions, pointed to virtue and vice, and led me into a deeper understanding of things I had already witnessed and experienced myself. They also let me try on, like a child playing dress-up, experiences and notions new to me. They acted as maps, mirrors, and magnifying glasses.”

    Hope all is going well as you prepare to step out and meet the Monkees in person. They are going to bowl you over with love. Wish I could make one of these gatherings but Laos to the West Coast is a bit of a commute. Cheers, Lisa

  76. I LOVE the new look! So fun, and it coordinates so well with the book!

  77. I love this post too! And I agree completely!

  78. Yeah! I’ love to hear your favorites! Looking forward to this!

  79. Awesome post, Glennon and I couldn’t agree with you more! So glad to hear from you today – I don’t know you personally but I’ve missed you. Praying for you every day. Any thoughts on when you might have Conor Grennan on so we can “ask” him questions about Little Princes? I just love, love, love that book!!!!! Are you going to pick another book for all us Monkey’s to read together? Much love to you today and every day…….

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