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Fifty-three days. In fifty-three days, I’ll leave my little condo in my sweet retirement community (wait, did I tell you I accidentally moved my entire family to a retirement village? It’s okay, I kinda love it. Ethel and Bertha say hello) and I’ll set out on a Momastery pilgrimage.

The Book Tour.

I’m scared, yes. You already know that. But did you know that I’ve never been in a roomful of Monkees before? Despite what I’m always preaching to you, I’ve been waiting. Waiting for some magical time in my life to arrive before I stepped out from behind my screen to meet you all. A time when my personal life was in perfect order, my health was swimming along, my acne had subsided, and I had attained that elusive grown-up composure, elegance, and sophistication that I’m always certain must be on its way. None, but NONE of those things have happened to me. And nevertheless, it’s time to go. So yeah, I’m a little scared.

But I also know that scared and sacred are almost the same word, and often the same experience. So I’m coming to you anyway. Bubba always told me that courage is not the absence of fear, but doing what should be done in the midst of fear. So I will pack up my bag and my forty million medications and pairs of yoga pants and accessories and tubes of makeup. You will notice, Monkees, that when I feel insecure, I over accessorize and apply layer upon layer of makeup like perhaps foundation and pressed powder have bullet proof properties. It’s okay. I’m not going to try to fix that defense mechanism just yet.  I’m okay with it. A girl’s gotta have something. I’m just saying that if you come to see me and think “wait! I must be in wrong place! That’s not G, that’s SNOOKI!”  You can stay put. It’s me. Forgive a sister. Life and public speaking are hard. Pounds of bronzer make it a little easier for me and the Snooks.

Now, I need you to help me name this book tour. Because it’s NOT a book tour. It is much, much less fancy and much, much more important to me than that.  I mean, four years, friends. Four YEARS we’ve been meeting and sharing and laughing and crying here.

You helped me introduce myself to the world. You helped me come out of hiding. You taught me that I was okay, funny occasionally, maybe even a little wise – as myself. You’ve encouraged me during this very hard time in my marriage. I’ve watched you love each other so fiercely and through that, you’ve shaped my beliefs about women and this world. And you know what? The truth is that living in a retirement community gets a little lonely. Especially when things at home are far from perfect. And so you are my lifelines. You help me LIVE. I don’t care if it sounds dramatic, because it’s true. You are my friends. I turn to you when I need love.

So coming to meet you, to hug you and to thank you for being all of that to me…it’s not a book tour.

What is it?

I guess I’m hoping it’ll just be a series of Kairos moments. And I’m pretty sure it’ll be the first time I ever let myself truly believe that this community, this Kindness Revolution, these friendships – YOU – are REAL.

And so I’ll hug your necks and I’ll hold your hands and I’ll be so embarrassed because my face will be beet red and my hands will be sweating and shaking. But you won’t mind. I know you won’t mind.

I can’t promise much.  My only plan is to show up, stand in front of you in all my glory and pain with all my success and failure and my confidence and insecurity and terror and peace and brokenness and divinity . . . .

and declare us all beautiful.

Come see me. And let me see you.

Love, G

Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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  282 Responses to “Let Me See You”

  1. […] less and have perfect skin. Or at least have less acne than I do right now! In her Feb. 7 post, “Let me see you,” Melton wrote about the book tour: “I’ve been waiting. Waiting for some magical time in my […]

  2. I am still so upset that I didn’t find out about Momastery until the DAY you were in Atlanta! I could have – WOULD have – come to meet you! Next time. For sure.

  3. Come to Akron, Ohio! We have hugs!!

  4. Feels exciting. Feels big (in numbers of people) and small (in humble conversations) and heart-breaking and hopeful all at the same time. Will be praying for you…

  5. I hope you’ll come to NYC! Good luck!

  6. I’m loving everyone’s tour name suggestions. May I respectfully submit Carry On, Warrior: The Preen and Glean Tour. Preening (or grooming) is a social behavior of monkeys used to bond, build relationships, make peace, etc. The definition of glean is to collect gradually and bit by bit which is what I believe this community is doing… Allowing us all to learn how to live, co-exist, treat one another with kindness by collecting ideas, experiences, and wisdom. Just a thought.

  7. Bring it, girl. We love you just as you are.

  8. Things will go well and love will abound. I’m so disappointed that you won’t be anywhere near me but I’ll send my love and a cool breeze to keep the heat low and sweat dry :)

  9. Well, holy crap! You’re coming to St. Michael’s!

    I *love* St. Michael’s!

    Sweet. See you there.

    And way to be brave as all get-out, Glennon. I’ll be proud to come hear you do this thing. Proud and inspired, both.

  10. Hi Glennon,
    I’ve just read this post over on another blog that I follow: http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/diy-book-tour/
    Chris Guillebeau is summarising some experiences from his first book tours. Maybe that’s interesting for you.
    Unfortunately, I am in Germany, so I won’t be able to come to one of your events. But it’s a real joy to witness how you “go into the arena” for what you believe in.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Related to a previous post, but also to this one:
    I had the opportunity to hear Brene Brown speak last week. She was delightful. She said something that I thought you ought to hear: the hardest part of being so public has been criticism. The anonymous, online, she-must-be-a-terrible-mother, I-feel-so-sorry-for-her-kids, and-by-the-way-hasn’t-she-ever-heard-of-Botox kind of remarks. She said that after the first TED talk went viral, she looked it up, found those comments, and stayed in her pajamas for a day.
    And, she continued, her ultimate decision was that she would only listen to criticism from people who were researching, reading, writing, speaking, being out there and refusing to hide behind an anonymous Internet name.

  12. Is it weird that the idea of meeting you makes me nervous? I don’t wear bronzer but I’ve been know to pack on too much eyeshadow. Maybe that would help?

  13. It’s not a tour you are embarking on, it’s a journey.

  14. Will you come to Baltimore, if I can find a venue?

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