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You took our book to # 5 on Amazon this morning.


Our book is Number Five. It’s number five OF THE WHOLE AMAZON. OF ALL THE BOOKS. And it’s not EVEN OUT YET. No one can believe this. The fancy folks can.not.believe it.

Raise your hand if you can totally believe it? I can. It’s actually pretty easy to believe, after all we’ve been through together. We can do hard things. We know this.

This morning I am filled with awe and gratitude and an overwhelming desire to keep things real. I want to remind myself every minute that this revolution is not about wide, it’s about deep. It’s not about shiny, it’s about a little banged up. It’s not about impressing folks in fancy offices…it’s about touching folks one at a time right in their family rooms.

Our revolution is simply about reminding folks that they are already home. And that there are thousands of people who will say “welcome home” and then offer a sister a seat and a cup of tea and a place to stay forever. Even if and when she makes a mistake. Even then. Especially then. There is plenty of room for mistakes inside our revolution. You need to know that. Don’t hold your breath.

And so . . . the bigger things get, the smaller we need to keep them. One at a time. On the ground. Upside down revolution. Person to person. Hand to hand. If we lose this- we lose it all. What good is it to gain the world if you lose your soul? My job is not to top the charts. It’s to keep the soul in the Momastery.

I was thinking about this yesterday evening as I watched the numbers soar. I kept remembering that we are never as good as we think we are and we are never as bad as we think we are. I kept thinking about a quote I read in Bob Goff’s book, Love Does. He says, “I’d rather fail at something that matters than succeed at something that doesn’t.”

What you did yesterday on Amazon matters to me. It matters to Sister and Tisha and our editor, Whitney, who is as Monkee as Monkees come, and who spent the afternoon yesterday holding flowers I sent her, staring at her screen and breathing deeply while re-freshing the Amazon site every ten seconds. That matters to me. It matters to me that you made her so happy. I’ll never forget the image I have of my Whitney holding her flowers and refreshing her screen. She believed in us, she vouched for us, she went out on many thousands of limbs for us, and then she worked her Monkee BUTT off for us. Now it’s all paying off.  I am eternally grateful to you for that. As is she.

Still, in my heart of hearts, I know without question that yesterday’s frenzy matters less than other things matter.

And as I snuggled into bed thinking about that last night, I remembered an email I’d received a few days back from a woman in Indiana who runs a home for unwed teen mamas. Just five teen mamas at a time live there. They are loved well and so are their babies. They are taught hope. They graduate from high school. They learn what Carry On, Warrior and Sister On really mean.

In her email, this woman mentioned that her home was low on funding. And that they needed help. And that they all love Momastery and wondered if maybe we could be that help. They wanted me to come to them, but they didn’t have the money to pay for my flight there.

I wasn’t going to go. They needed me in the middle of the book tour, and my health and my kids and I get these requests all the time and you cant help everybody and you know…yadda yadda yadda and more endless yadda.

Last night I decided to quit yaddda-ing. Love doesn’t yadda. Neither does gratitude.

I got out of bed and I wrote the Indiana hero this message:



I love your organization. And I just love you. Yes. I’m in.

I am honored that you want me. I want to come hold babies and hug warrior mamas and tell them my story and hear theirs. And yours. And dance on my head or sing horribly or make speeches or whatever else we need to do to raise money for this beautiful home. I’ll pay my own way- I want you to save every penny for the lovies.
What next? Sister and Bobby are coming, too. And my friend and fellow Love Warrior, Amy. And maybe a hell of a lot more folks. What you do matters. We want to celebrate that.

Love Wins.


I just wanted you to know that I KNOW that gratitude is as gratitude does.

And I want you to know that the work you do, the door you hold open today for the mama with one arm on the stroller and the other holding her toddler, the coffee you buy for a stranger, the millionth diaper you change, the character assassination you step away from and the smile you offer a lonely looking teenager in the check-out line:

Those are the things that matter. Those things are who we are.

I haven’t forgotten, and I won’t forget.

Serving this revolution is the fourth greatest honor of my life.


I love you. I truly, truly love you. And I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is.





Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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  144 Responses to “Stepping Back, Slowing Down, and Focusing Up”

  1. Thank you for your positive spirit and for reminding us of how the little things matter so. I’m delighted for the book’s success, and I can only imagine how it will further the message of the “brutiful” world and how we can all help to make it a teensy bit better by being…us.

  2. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to read it…psssttt, we all knew it would be in the top five, if not #1 :)

    I recruited a new mom last week at a tumbling class. She was like meeting a sister so I had to share and last night she walked in chuckling and told me she recruited all her office friends:) More Monkees!

  3. I know I’ve said this before but, Thank You. Thank you for keeping it real. Thank you for taking reality breaks and thank you for allowing all of us to be real.
    Bless you Glennon and bless every warrior!

  4. Hi Glennon,

    This ride is exhilarating! High five for Brutiful. High five for recovery.

    I thought you might enjoy this talk by my pastor, Andy Stanley. The bottom line of the message is “Do for ONE what you wish you could do for EVERYONE.” I think about our community of warriors who are all about doing for ONE (and sometimes MANY), especially as EVERYONE seems to be looking at us right now. Maybe it will help fuel you and your team for takeoff on the book tour.

    Carrying on with you,

    Laurie Kimbell


  5. “I kept remembering that we are never as good as we think we are and we are never as bad as we think we are.” Ah – such truth. Thanks. I needed that reminder. :)

  6. 288 pages. Damn, G!

    I remember writing really big to meet the page limit in school writing assignments..and later being peeved when they moved it to ‘word count’. Do they still do that in schools:)?

    Quite impressed.

  7. Lovely update!! Well done.
    Make sure too that you take care of yourself and get some rest during your upcoming full-on book tour circus. You’ll need rest too.

  8. Hi G, I’m really happy that the love revolution is spreading… Can’t wait to have the book in my hands.
    Also: please watch this:


    It is huge. It is a love story between Israel and Iran.

  9. SOOOOOO excited! Cannot wait to own this! Congratulations and big hugs x x

  10. So, I was super excited to see your post the other day . I am so completely in love with your site, which I found from another blog, Kelle Hampton’s. I read her book. Then I made most of the ladies I work with read it. And now, I have preorder yours, and will be again passing it to my ladies with an intense face, and a “You HAVE to read this. It is amazing.” Because I know it will be. I can’t afford to buy each lady her own copy, but after reading, they may just decide it is something they need to own. Warrior On, Sister. YOU ARE DOING AMAZING THINGS, ONE MONKEE AT A TIME.

  11. G- I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a safe place. I know this is off topic but I need to share. I have been harassed and bullied at work for the last 4 years. I have filed grievances that were supposed to protect me but it continues. My doctor finally said enough is enough and pulled me out of my job. I cannot cry anymore. I feel weak for letting them get to me and I am so sad to lose the career that I have spent so many years cultivating. Two college degrees and now what? I do not think I can continue in this job and feel lost. I now know that I will have to deal with PTSD forever but I also think it is important to show my kids that you cannot allow people to treat you poorly. I tried to hide at work but they found me anyway. I need the support of the Monkees. Even though I don’t know them, I feel like the energy and uplifting spirit is unlike any other place. I have detached myself from life so now have no friends and no support. My poor family has to find me in my dark room after work…not a life. I now understand the struggle for kids who are bullied. I too have been constantly thinking about committing suicide. I am glad I reached out but I cannot see me doing anything else. So now that door is closed, I know God will give me another open door. I just need to be patient and heal. So, for Shelley in Portland, please pray.

    • Praying for you sister.

    • shelley,

      your story is heartbreaking. and yet what i also hear is strength and courage. four years of abuse will take a significant toll on anyone. but you are not beyond repair. that you stayed and fought for so long is a testament to your will and character and integrity. you DO belong, and you are NOT alone. God does not waste the heinousness in our lives, and will use it (just wait and see!!!) to bring about JOY and BEAUTY. personally, i’m really impressed that you’re able to reach out in this forum. it takes boldness to share things publicly, even in a mostly faceless space. i will absolutely lift you up in prayer all week and beyond. you are LOVED and PRECIOUS and WORTHY. people who demean you or speak against these things are lying to you. you need to preach the TRUTH to yourself, and get around people who will preach it to you. i am not anyone special on here…just a once-in-a-blue-moon commenter…but i’m telling you: you are welcome in this place. we are seriously honored to share with you in this, to encourage you, to tell you the truth, and to help bear this burden.

    • Shelley, I’m so sorry you have had such a hard time. I think dark times always come before the light, and soon you will start to remember what is beautiful about you and your life. Try to remember that what other people do unkindly towards you always says more about them then it does about you. You were made for great things. You have already survived so much which shows how strong you are. Just put one foot in front of the other and don’t worry that you can’t see the whole path ahead of you yet. We only ever need to see the next step.
      You can do this x x

    • Shelley, I will add you to a prayer list. Please reach out and get help for yourself. I am a Social worker and recognize so much pain in your words. I am not sure what numbers are available in your state but I believe 1-800-668-6868 may be a start. There are professional counselors just ready to talk and connect you to help. Please, please please get help so you can come out of your darkness!! You have so much love surrounding you!

      In love!!

    • You are braver than you know and stronger than your imagine. I can hear it in your voice and feel it in your reaching out. Praying for you.

    • Shelley,

      I am praying for you and so grateful that you wrote your story. What a horrible experience and I am glad you are taking care of yourself. I am a Social Worker and live in Portland, Or. I have a large group of social workers that I’m in contact with regularly and would be happy to help you get connected if you would like. Keep reaching out!

  12. Thank you for this. I’m a mom of an 18 mo and 6 mo old little boys. It is love, joy, exhaustion, newness, crazy, hard… All at once. On my best days I feel like I love my husband and the boys well, straighten up the house, maybe even take a shower and add some makeup. And dream of helping others. On the hard days, well, the truth is ugly. On the hard days, I feel unnoticed and forgotten. I read this on a hard day. My eyes leaked. You connected with me. I’m doing hard, important work. Raising little humans. Changing the millionth diaper. Not unnoticed or forgotten. And love doesn’t yadda. Neither does gratitude. I will do my hard work and I will help others. Joy. Love. Thank you.

    • You are doing good, important, critical work at one of the most difficult stages of mommyhood. Those early years are brutal, and I so remember those days. You’ve got this, and those little angels are so lucky to have you.

  13. can you post the info for that home in Indiana, to make a donation—


  14. G,
    Amen sister


  15. Glennon,
    I live in Indiana too… where are you going? When are you going? I want to be there too… I will dance on my head and sing horribly with you.

  16. Can’t wait to read your book! I am also posting a link to my “Fund Me” website, and ask that anybody who sees this take a quick look! I am putting aside my pride and asking for help with my overwhelming student loan debt because I feel like I am drowning every day of my life. My husband and I have done so many things to try to lessen the burden, including moving 750 miles away from our families. $134,000 is a number I can barely stand to type, yet it is the reality we face every day. A heavy consequence of trying to better ourselves and get a good education. Please consider taking a look at my page. No amount is too small.

  17. Just pre-ordered it for my Kindle (first book purchase for the Kindle I got for Xmas!) and also a hard copy for my sister who is expecting her third baby at the beginning of May. I think she will get a big boost from your book – she is stressed out!!! I shared Kairos vs. Kronos with her last year when you first posted it and she totally related as she is in the throes of tiny kid-dom. Thanks from a fellow JMU alumnus (1992!) and Virginian!!!

  18. I’m so happy for you! I pre-ordered the book last night from amazon and was SO EXCITED. I’ve never pre-ordered a book before, but I just can’t wait to get my hands on this one. You give me SO MUCH hope.

    Just looked at the link for the Indy event and I’m hoping and praying my hubby will be okay with me making the drive to see you in person and support this wonderful home. Fingers crossed!!!

  19. It was #1 when I preordered last night.

  20. long time reader. first time commenter. very happily pre-ordered twelve copies to share, and asking these eleven dear ones share their book with another after reading.

    keep on.

  21. Indy Monkees-

    The love is overwhelming. We should get together sometime:)

    Here’s info on the event:

    As Glennon says, “Cairos”

  22. Just bought it! Love you G-thank you for going to Indiana-those mamas need you!

    I work in career services for a college, and I see all kinds of students just like this-juggling school, work, kids, all while being a single mom. Good for you-they need hugs, and they need inspiration. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    Hugs Hugs Hugs from Minnesota!


  23. #4 in Amazon now… =)

  24. i’m weeping here in my chair in minnesota. you are b-YOU-tiful and loved.

  25. There’s so much yuck in the world… then there is Momastery… and every time I come here I am refreshed and encouraged and I remember that no matter what, I can warrior on… and teach my daughter to warrior on too.

    Thank you for that. Thank you for the inspiration to keep the love flowing when it would be so easy for me to shrivel up and bury my head in the sand.

    I am so, so happy for you and so happy for all the wonderful people who will get the opportunity to read your book. It’s a total movement. Love to you, G.

  26. I’ve been wondering if you’d gotten your hands on Bob’s book yet! I just love, love, love it. Seeing him speak to my college students on Monday, can’t wait.

  27. Tears flow…in awe, recognition, pride, and inspiration. Warrior on, Monkees.

  28. Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #1 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Specific Groups > Women
    #1 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Women’s Studies
    #1 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Spirituality > Personal Transformation

  29. My heart over flows when I read. It makes me want to load up my baby and road trip to Indiana where I grew up. This is what we are and what we were made to do. Love, love and more love. So I’ll smile at strangers, dance goofy for my kids and cry when I hear Adele sing “Make you feel my love” and yes if needed I’d jump in the car to cuddle some little ones and hug their mamas. Please keep sharing these inspirationals stories of life.

  30. I live in Indy and I am ridiculously excited to see the great,hard things us Monkees will do for this wonderful organization!!!!

  31. I pre-ordered my book. As excited as I am to read it, what I really can’t wait for is loaning it out to one Mama at a time and introducing so many great women warriors to this community. Some people just have an aversion to blogs or never find the free time to get online and check it out, but with a book in their hands they will make this beautiful discovery that this struggling and sharing and yearning to love part inside all of us has a voice. Super excited!

    • Shannon,
      I was thinking the same thing! I can’t wait to share the book with others and spread the love!

    • I agree! I have sent a link to this site to so many friends, who I know would benefit from being a part of the Monkee family. And yet, I haven’t heard back from one of them about it. They have NO IDEA what they are missing. I’m buying this book for my “sistas” – beautiful women I had the amazing opportunity to soulfully connect with 10 years ago when our kids were attending the same preschool. I can’t wait until we have our next girls’ weekend (we live in 3 different states now), so we can talk Monkee talk! God Bless you G for creating this beautiful world and inspiring us to be better, but yet okay with all that we are!

  32. Wow. This is an amazing group of Monkees, y’all. Such great things are happening, because we are making them happen. Love wins! Glennon – words can’t express my thanks for bringing the Monkees together and leading the charge with your truth. Much love.

  33. Congrats from a long time male monkee
    ….I think it’s Great and well deserved.
    Carry on…………… I can’t wait for you to get on my neck of the woods

  34. Can’t wait to read it! I need to plan a vacation so that I can actually find time to read it.

  35. G – I just logged on to Amazon, and sure you’ve already seen it but…. YOUR BOOK IS #1!!!!!!!!


    • Ok, #1 in Movers & Shakers – still a #1 (and I know, you are not concerned about the #’s but it is still so incredible to see!) <3

  36. Well, we’re NUMBER ONE on their Shakers and Movers list. NUMBER SIX on the Best Sellers. At the bottom of the page, where it lists books that people who bought OUR book also purchased… Kelle Hampton’s “Bloom” and Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s “The Language of Flowers”.

    Just interesting, thought I’d share.

  37. the last part of this post really hit home for me. my 17 yr old is a momma and a dang good one at that. her and her boyfriend adore their baby girl and are there for her 24 hours a day. it has been hard and they have been the best teachers for me. she did a paper on her experience for her senior project. a sentence in that paper really stuck with me. quote ” i thought once i had my baby the looks would stop. i was wrong, i still get judgemental looks now from carrying a baby in my arms instead of in my belly.imagine going to your local grocery store and feeling like an outcast” about broke my heart because they are trying their hearts out to do it right.i am so proud of her choice. i told her from the start you are a person not a stat. i don’t care what they say about teenage parents all i care about is you and how you will flourish!!! and they have. :) i love the saying “once we know better we do better” and if i ever in the past made a young mom feel any other way than loved i did not mean too. i now make sure i offer a smile and kind word. after all we are all just trying our best. i am so proud of the 3 of them. blessed beyond words. thank you glennon for gently reminding us that yes we can do all things with love. i wish we could go with you to indiana:) maybe we could be a part of it in some way!!!!!

    • You are a great mama, so I know your daughter is a great mama…and I am quite certain that baby is off to great things. I can hear the pride in your voice, and it brought a smile to my heart.

      • Colleen,

        Love your story. Love your daughter’s story. I love that you offer a smile, I’m going to make an effort to do that everywhere I go. I wish you could come, too, but you’re already a part of it.

        Hug your daughter for me, and for PHI


        • thanks Sarah….hugs and love is all i got. and its enough. love what you are doing.
          these young moms need support and you are giving them that plus a whole lotta love.

      • thank you heather

  38. Another Hoosier Monkee here, who just pre-ordered and who can’t wait to hear more details about how we can help Sarah and Project Home Indy. LOVE!

  39. I’m in. I love you G.

  40. When I looked last night, you were number 1!!! This morning, it was number 2. Still super exciting!!! I’m telling everyone I know!

  41. I love you, too!!! Speaking of revolution? have you seen Les Mis? I’ve seen it on stage several times but the movie does it justice in relaying the message of love and redemption against the backdrop of revolution so make sure you see it. XO

  42. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community of Love Warriors and I can’t wait to get my book. We are sending messages of love and hope to the world….LOVE WINS and WE CAN DO HARD THINGS (yes, I am yelling, but it is joyful yelling!)! Sister on, Glennon! Much love to you, your family and all of our fellow Monkees! xoxo

  43. Spent the morning fretting about the work I couldn’t get done because of computer problems, and the other work I couldn’t get done because of the first batch of work (grading papers, on the one hand, and writing/research, on the other). And between this post and something I saw on Facebook about a little boy wanting to buy an hour of his dad’s time so they could have dinner together (who cares if that was fiction? It’s still too true!), I’m sitting here weeping and realizing that in twenty years, whether or not I have written a second or third book will not pierce my heart like the recognition that I wasn’t there for my babies, or spent too much time resenting the time they ‘took’ from my work.

    I love my work, but it does not, it cannot, love me back, and it doesn’t need me to be the best Monkee Mama I can be.

    • Kew,

      OMG – I’m crying. I do the same thing, every day. I battle chronic fatigue, along with other things, try to juggle four kids and working, when I can, for my husband’s business. I spend more time worrying about how to get everything done than I do enjoying time with my kids. My husband is an incredible man! He matter-of-factly told me last weekend that I do not enjoy being a mother. He knows I love our kids, but I don’t like to be around them. Every little thing is a bother. He said I come off this way. He might as well stabbed me in my heart with a knife. He’s begging me to leave, find time to figure things out, go somewhere to heal, anything. Just DO SOMETHING! The one thing I’ve always said that I want to be known for as a mother is that my kids are loved. I know I will make mistakes. I will constantly question my decisions. I will apologize more often than not for screwing up. But I want them to be able to say, “I am loved.” And after hearing all the things my husband said to me, I am crushed to even think how I might look in my kids’ eyes. That’s why I love what you said about being the best Monkee mama you can be. I needed to read this. I need to follow your words. Thanks fellow Monkee Mama for helping me out.

      • I have been there, Heather M. The husbands, they can be the best friends you will ever know, yet hurt you in the worst ways imaginable. It is because husbands and wives share the deepest possible love known to humans. Even in the bible, children leave there parents and CLEAVE to their spouse. And, as we all know, love hurts. So know that you are you are supposed to take it ALL to heart, and still warrior on in forgiveness. STRETCH that love to hold all things…good and bad. About once a month (can you guess what time of the month?) I go through my cyclic doubts of ny mothering, wifing, humanity skills. Sometimes people around me are kind and supportive, sometimes they cut me up even more. I never stop to hink what THEY might be going through at the time. No real conclusion or life lesson here, just, I know how you feel. Keep loving. It is the best way to move forward.

        • Gosh, I sound so dark. Sorry about that. I am actually a crazy upbeat optimist about all life related things. Read my works with your best perky voice…maybe that will help. And then go get a hug.

      • Oh, Heather M….. Your situation sounds so tough…and so familiar in painful ways, although the externals of our situations are pretty different.

        I am reminded of a time about 18 months ago, when I found myself afraid, positively afraid to be with my children when my husband wasn’t at home, because I was afraid I would lose my temper and grab them and shake them until they hurt. And when we were all four together, I would sit on the floor like a zombie, unable to interact, and tearing up at the thought that I would be in this prison of child-rearing for another 15 years at least….

        Well, a wise priest and friend asked me one day if I was okay, and when I burst into tears and started confessing to her (or so it felt), she told me that I should get help, NOW, and that there was help to be had.

        Within 48 hours, I was on anti-depressants, and within a week, I was on my way to being a new woman. I say this not because I am trying to arm-chair diagnose you. I say this because sometimes we DO need to do something radically different, to recognize something is really not right, to know that sometimes it’s not just about having a better attitude, or bucking up.

        When I spoke to my doctor, she at first thought that her first action was going to have to be to call Dept of Children and Families for my children’s safety — although in the same conversation she decided things were not so dire as that. I made a friend come over and spend the evening with me when my husband had to teach late, just in case (and I felt SO ashamed, which also speaks to my level of fear about what I might be capable of). Even typing this makes me cry all over again. But in my case, while the anger was terrifying, so was the numbness, so was the feeling of not enjoying the kids and being trapped by them in a life I didn’t want, a me I didn’t recognize…..

        I’ve come a long way since then, and I am no longer on anti-depressants. I still get stressed and cranky with about the kids, about work, about my dear husband, but it’s worlds apart from what used to be.

        I don’t know what might be right for you. Maybe you do need a break, some time away. Maybe you need a good talk with your doctor. Or maybe you can be your own “ah ha!” moment.

        One other thought — my mom once was talking about practicing her yoga, and how she doesn’t get around to practicing when she is not with her teacher. Her teacher said, rightly enough, that she would improve more if she practiced on her own, and between the two of them, they came up with the idea she could be her own best friend: she could talk to herself as her best friend would, and talk herself into practicing. Not through self-abuse and guilt, but rather in a loving manner, as a best friend would.

        My wise mama recommended that to me as a way to ‘cool it’ when I get aggravated with the kids over something like brushing teeth at bedtime, when we are all tired and cranky anyway, and it’s so easy for me to bark at the kids. I can take my aggravation to my best friend, and tell her, and then listen to her give me some good advice, instead of just yelling at whichever kid is being a pain in the butt (because you know they sometimes just ARE!). This is not easy advice for me to follow, but remembering to do this even some of the time helps.

        And it helps, too, just to remember that I do need a friend. I cannot do my life alone. And when I don’t have a friend available — which is, in fact, most of the time, really — then I can try to be my own friend.

        Anyway, big Monkee hugs to you, my Monkee sister, and I’m sending you lots of love to help you be the Monkee mama you want to be.

  44. Thank you for agreeing to come to Indiana and helping. Project Home Indy is a wonderful program for Warrior Mommas here and it’s run by a truly spectacular staff. You are right, gratitude is as gratitude does. Peace be with you.

  45. I feel so lucky to be part of such a special community! Thank you Glennon.

  46. yes. a thousand times yes.

  47. THIS. resonates with me.

  48. There is something in the way you write, the way I imagine you speak and think, and the way I know you love, that climbs up into my chest and holds on desperately. There is something in the way you live your life – with the pain part exposed, with thanks, with wonder, that I can only aspire to. And I do.

    Congratulations. On the book, on the community, on the reflection, on your impact and your service to us all.

    I’m sure this is not new to you – but there is a jewish term tikkun olam – which means, simply, repairing the world. From many people who know much more than I do, I learned that it is both our greatest shared responsibility, and also the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Your embodiment of this ancient truth is staggering and beautiful.

    Really, really, thank you. And I’d like to hug the babies and the mamas with you.


  49. I know you understand why your message is so well-received, but as I read your post today, I saw a quote that says it all:

    “Our revolution is simply about reminding folks that they are already home. And that there are thousands of people who will say “welcome home” and then offer a sister a seat and a cup of tea and a place to stay forever. Even if and when she makes a mistake. Even then. Especially then.”

    That message of grace and HOPE is what we all need, particularly struggling women who get so little sympathy and credit. Thank you for putting it out there for all to see!

  50. just sending love, congratulations, G and all my Monkee friends :)

  51. Thank you. 2 words that don’t seem enough but that are ever so heartfelt. You bring such hope and love into the world and encourage and give courage to the rest of us to do the same. Thank you X 512 million.

    Much love and congratulations! Yes, we can do hard things and yes we can also do amazing things. AMAZING!:-)

  52. Holy wow. How wonderful!

    I’ve just pre-ordered my copy — can’t wait to read it and to share it with folks here at my synagogue.

    Blessings to you!

  53. I love when people have the courage to ask for help. I live in Indiana. Not sure where this home is in relation to where I am in Indianapolis, but I would love to help. Please let us know what us Hoosier Monkees can do to help support other Hoosier Monkees in need. XOXOXO

  54. I pre-ordered 8 books yesterday because I want all my heart sisters to have a copy. Realized this morning that it’s not going to be enough. Amazon may need to make a special category for this book.

  55. Just ordered mine on Amazon. LOVE that Daring Greatly came up as the items people most often purchased with Carry On Warrior!
    PS: I forwarded your pediatric escapade post to my pediatrician and he LOVED it (he is a total Monkee). He volunteered as your back up pediatrician in Miami anytime you are on the east coast of Florida! :-)

  56. Yup. Made me cry again. Happy tears for the Amazon thing and most happy tears for the lucky teen mamas that will get to be wrapped in your spirit. You are simply awesome.

  57. Hi G-I am blown away too that you made it to number 5 on Amazon in just one day! I knew you would do well-no question there-just marveling at the speed of it! But I guess I shouldn’t because the reason I bought the book yesterday was out of love for you and what you stand for and all the good you do and you deserve sooo much love right back! Enjoy my dear!!!

  58. Your letter to the Monkee Mama made me cry. For you to share your love with one small group of women will warm your/their heart and help them find strength to spread their wings. Wonderful! Love wins.

  59. Crying again this morning G!! I can only hope to be half the woman you are….. Amazing. Thank you for your love!!

  60. G, speechless and so in love with Monkeedom my heart is spilling over this morning.
    Thank you for all of it, thank all of you MONKEE WARRIORS FOR ALL OF IT!

  61. yes. and yes. and yes again. thank you for reminding us of what matters, and that we matter, and that our little millions of tiny kindnesses add up, that they touch people. that love works (or, to quote another smart man, “Love never fails.”). you give me hope, and that is the difference between light and dark, between life and death. what you do matters, Glennon. hold on to that next time you are tempted to forget.

    and now, i need to go look up Bob Goff, whoever he is, and his book with the enticing title, Loves Does…….

  62. How can we donate to this woman’s home for teen mothers? I’d love to. Sorry if it’s obvious and I just didn’t see it!

    • Dearest Glennon and Monkees-

      I am the lady in Indiana. My name is Sarah Nielsen, and our organization is called Project Home Indy. I am speechless and humbled as my hands shake and I write to the most generous community I have ever met. I feel like I know you all.

      Last night, I received the above response from Glennon. I screamed and shouted to my husband, “GLENNON MELTON WROTE ME BACK!!!”. It wasn’t until he was able to calm me down that I was able to read that she said “yes”.

      And then I was moved to tears. Big, heaving, sobbing tears. You understand, I know. And then I looked at my husband. My harley riding, tattoo covered electrician husband had tears running down his face.

      This is huge for us as an organization. Our mamas and babies will never know what hit them after the Monkees enter the scene.

      For Glennon, for Momastery, for your kindness, and for your generosity, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

      And get ready to rally in Indy, friends. You are ALL invited. Details to follow.

      Much love,


  63. Thank you. Thank you for honoring all mamas…no matter their age, their stories, their bests, and their worsts.

    Yesterday, a mama called and asked me to sit with her kiddos so she could go to the post office. She just was too tired to try to wrangle two babies and two packages in the freezing cold. Her twin boys are 18 months, and this was the very first time she left them with anybody but their daddy, the first time she asked for help. The boys and I had a blast, I got to relive baby moments since my babies are bigger, and she burst into tears when she came home because she did it and they were okay. She’s one tired mama. And I shared this space. She read post after post, comment after comment. We cried. For the first time, this mama realized she wasn’t alone. And I stayed while she took a bubble bath.

    You did that. You created a space that shows mamas grace…grace from others, grace from themselves. We are in this together, and you bring us together. Thank you.

    • Heather, I know how hard it is to ask for help as a new mom. You must be an amazingly special woman for this mama to call you in her time of need. THIS is what the revolution is all about for me. This act of love. Thank You.

      • Thanks, Holly. You are so sweet. I just happen to live next door and offer a lot. I’m just glad we are part of a revolution to make it not so hard for mamas to ask!

        • I love that you stayed while she took a bubble bath. I wish everyone had a neighbor like you. :)

        • You know it’s the offering that counts, right? If we never put ourselves out there as help for others, they’ll never know they are loved.

          If you don’t mind, Heather, I would like to buy you and your neighbor each a copy of Carry On, Warrior. You are both special people! You can click on my name in the comment to get to my info. Send me an email with your names and addresses and I’ll pre-order today.

          Seriously. Love Wins.

    • I agree with Holly — thank you, Heather!

    • There should be no picking-favorites, but this is the best post on here this morning. You and she matched each other in what you both did.

  64. When one door closed for me, another one did open. The Momastery door opened and there you and all the monkees were to welcome me to my new brutiful life….as I am. What an unbelievable gift you have given us; hope, inspiration, strength and courage to Carry On. And in return, I will share it every chance I get. Thank you Glennon, thank you.

  65. Viva la revolution y’all. SISTER ON.

  66. I’m proud to be a Monkee too. As a newly single mom, no one knows the fortitude it takes, on my childrens’ worst days, to manage the chaos … and make it to work on time.

    Momastery has become my place to slow down, reflect, absorb, and “get” my life through someone else who has the talent to write it so eloquently. I’m here because it’s real, it’s flawed, and it’s beautiful. Thank you, Glennon, for saying that this is not about wide, it’s about deep. It’s what I needed and wanted you to say.

    I’m here, we’re all here, wishing you the greatest success that life has to offer – love.

    And we can’t wait to read the book.

  67. Totally kept it together until I read “What you do matters. We want to celebrate that.”

    Oh G, you are doing such good things.

    Love you madly.

  68. You are what all people of success should strive to be. Authentic and real. It’s why I love to read everything you write. No smoke and mirrors…just you. Raw and genuine. And a heart of gold. Love wins.

  69. Good Morning! I have been reading your blog for a while now and love every word of it. I preordered my book yesterday and have a ticket to hear you speak in Raleigh in Feb. SO EXCITED!! What I am wondering is this…I really want to meet monkees in my area but don’t know how to find them. Any chance you could ask the monkees in Cary, NC that want to form a ‘barrel of Monkees’ to contact me?
    [email protected]

    Thanks and God bless

  70. Glennon, I am so proud of you! So proud of us! When I saw the post about pre-ordering the book, well of course it was the first thing I did. I want Monkees to show the WHOLE WORLD that some people can be counted on to show up. Some people really care, over and over and over again. Some people will do small things and get no credit so that we can do HUGE things together and LOVE gets the credit. You are rocking this world and we are SO right behind you!! Love.

  71. Ah, the upside down revolution. Like an upside down cake…the loveliest, juiciest bits first. That’s us. Dessert first! The dinner party will come together on its own with joy and love and light.

  72. Love you, too :) You are an inspiration.

  73. When I first started reading your blog I thought you, alone, held this wonderful, magical power to love as strongly as you do. I marveled at you and your work while I drank my tea and thought myself too small and too busy to do much good on my own. Your lesson–that is finally dawning on me these many months later–is that I hold that magical power too. I am finally getting down to business–to Monkee business :) Thanks for believing in me.

  74. “Not a smart woman…”, my arse! You are smarter than you imagine, because you somehow have discovered the pulse of women all over this country (heck – world!) who have been lying in waiting for a way to gather together and empower ourselves in a way we couldn’t do alone. Those of us who felt like the minority, now know we are a resounding MAJORITY! And WOWSA!, how empowering is that?! Look what’s happening to us – we’re making a difference!!

    Plain-and-simple, I think you are a gift from God. “No pressure”, but seriously – he must think very highly of you G! ♥♥♥ (I know WE do!)

  75. I love this so so so much! Thank you, I really needed to read this today.

  76. You will top the charts and our hearts. We know you won’t change, but you will expand and lead more monkees into the love-o-lotion you began. I look so forward to watching it unfold, it is so joyful. Angel blessings to you G!

  77. LOVE.

    Grateful. Thankful. Blessed.

    Thanks Glennon….for keep your head in the heavens but your feet on the ground (or on Indiana soil)!!!


  78. Thank you Forrest. Thank you Glennon. Thank you Monkees. Love it all! Proud to be part of it.

  79. I had a dream last night that I was picked to plan and execute the launch party for the book….the dream went through planning and the actual party. In one part of the dream two monks were fighting about something silly and it escalated. I ran up to them both and gave them a big hug, while yelling love wins, love wins…The next scene was everyone singing a congratulations song to you Glennon.
    It was a great party, if I do say so myself 😉

  80. So, sitting here crying. Again. Thanks, G. Cannot everloving wait to read the book.

  81. You lead us Monkees by great example, dear G. I love coming here and reading your words because they give me (and so many others) strength. Thank you for being YOU. Because you are pretty incredible. Monkee on, sister. :)

  82. I couldn’t be happier for you! Congratulations on the success of the book! And I’m so happy for us, you created a place that brings a smile to my face….always.

  83. I am just so proud to be a Monkee. My heart is smiling through its happy tears right now.

  84. Hi Glennon,

    You are going to get this question a lot, so I thought I would start it. How do we start getting our libraries/book stores booked as part of your book tour? Do you have contact information for that? We small-town Monkees want to see you, too!

    Thanks, for everything!

  85. Love wins. I am crying beautiful happy tears.


  86. Yes. This. Loving you and believing in the revolution. It’s all happening. xoxox

  87. Love <3

  88. I still get chills whenever I see a new Momastery post pop up. It is hard to believe that nearly 3 years (OMG) , I was pregnant with twins, on bedrest, yucky drugs, trying to stay sane and the Monkees came together to give me the strength to get through it. My boys are amazing and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not intensely grateful for all the support in my life. Thank you, Glennon for creating this amazing place. I’m not sure I can wait until April 2.

  89. … starting my morning with a contented smile. Thanks.

  90. You are so loved too. Thanks again for all you do and for being the brutiful person that you are.

    Congrats on the best seller climb. You will hit number 1, I just know it.

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