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HELLO, and Happy Day, Monkees!  Sister here, reporting for Glennon on this most exciting day.

I was forced to put G in a one day Momastery time out because her distaste for anything that smells like promotion was threatening to ruin the perfectly fabulous time we are about to all have together.  But sister-promotion is a basic tenant here at Momastery, and what G does whenever she sees a sister doing something good and true and smart, so here I am.

Because she and WE – this whole Momastery community – have done something very good and true and smart.




We have made a book that will arrive in 70 short days! Carry On, Warrior is our baby, and we are in our LAST TRIMESTER! Which, actually, is a very good reason to order up many foot rubs and naps and chocolate desserts and stay in our yoga-pants until April.  Carry On, Warrior will be here before we know it and there will be crying and rejoicing and visitors and no sleeping and we’ll really wish we had used these 70 days more wisely and lazily.

If you’ve been reading Momastery long enough, you know that G has a tendency to rename her babies. Some people play tennis, others cook, and Glennon picks new names for her kids.  Partly because it is a hobby she can enjoy without leaving the house, but also because, as she gets to know each kid, her name reveals itself undeniably.

Remember how Amma got her name(s)?  In utero she was Tess. Then Amanda. Then Amme. Then Scout. Finally, Amma. Rhymes with Anna. We repeat that “rhymes with” part a lot. Glennon has friends who still won’t attempt the third child’s name because they’re so confused. They gesture in Amma’s general direction and say, “you know . . . her.”   In fact, when Amma was four she looked up from her coloring book and said, “Mama! What my name again??” Which would’ve been funnier if G had been able to remember it more quickly. The point is, she was always, undeniably and for all time, just an Amma of a thing.

So it should not be a shock to us that this phenomenon also happened to our baby – Carry On, Warrior.  Glennon took that book home and loved her and learned her.  And, as these things go, Carry On revealed herself and her cover was blown. Carry On, Warrior is, undeniably and for all time, a beautiful and bold rainbow of a thing. So without further ado, may I present to you the new and final cover of Carry On, Warrior. . .



IT’S A GIRL!!!  And we love her.  We love that she assumes nothing. Everyone has a home with her. Each of us can find our place and take what we need. Just like our community. Everybody’s in, baby.


It’s time for the Shower (without all the awkward 4-hour gift opening and the pretending you’ve never seen a Boppy quite that beautiful before). It is time to celebrate all of the doing of the hard things and the loving each other so well here.

Every preorder of Carry On, Warrior (www.carryonwarrior.com) will arrive to your home ON the first day of the book’s release, April 2. And if just half of Monkees preorder the book today, Carry On, Warrior could be on the New York Times bestseller list in the first week of publication. Wouldn’t that be wild? It would be historic and magical, just like our community. And it would be a proper way to celebrate a baby sister’s arrival to the world.


And if you believe our baby will help folks breathe easier and further the kindness revolution….


 Pinners, Pin THIS! 


For you Tweeters and Facebookers, share the book with your friends by posting this link into your status:  www.carryonwarrior.com.  


And then PREORDER!!!  All preorders will arrive on publication day, April 2, and many of the sellers are offering the book on preorder for 40% off list price – that’s $10 off each book!


Buy a copy for your bookshelf or nightstand (you are going to want to HOLD this beautiful baby in your hands, trust us!) and preorder one for your friend who is becoming a mom, becoming sober, healing, becoming more real. Buy one for your mama and mama in law and sisters and daughters and your child’s teachers. Buy a copy for each of your warrior girlfriends for Mothers Day. Stock up, make this book your 2013 Go To Gift to Those You Love.


And Thank You. For everything. For Every Thing.


Carry On, Warriors.

Sister and G

Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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  115 Responses to “It’s a Girl!”

  1. Hi G and Amanda. I just checked my amazon account for the status of the 4 preordered copies of Carry On which I preordered the day you made the preorder announcement and I am soooooo disappointed…….the estimated delivery date is April 5-9. :(. I have been counting the days down until April 2nd and am crushed they wont be here. Do you by chance know why Amazon is not following through on the preorder promise to have the books in hand on April 2nd. I had a book party planned and everything! Boo-hoo, I’m going to cry myself to sleep now!

    • Same thing happening here. I ordered on Jan 25, but Amazon hasn’t shipped yet, and says delivery date is scheduled for April 8-11.

      Still very happy for Glennon, Sister and team. Congratulations on an exciting birthday. Can’t wait to meet the baby next week sometime.

      (Hmm, I may just need to make a road trip from Cleveland to Cincinnati on Thursday and pick one up in person.)

      • Strike that…I went back to my original confirmation from Amazon. It turns out that they quoted Apr 8-11 all along. I’m still so eager to meet this book that I ordered two more copies from Amazon, plus reserved one at Joseph Beth in Cincinnati for Thursday.

        My unexpected delay has turned into a Spring Break road trip with my kids. I hope that the universe has found a way to turn your delay into a blessing, too. Best wishes to you, Colleen.

  2. Just preordered my two copies – one for me, one for my sister!

  3. I’ve ordered mine but am in the UK and so only get in June …. JUNE, people!!! So uncool that I have to wait months (literally months) longer. Very similar to my third trimesters, come to think of it 😉

  4. so excited ! pre-ordered yesterday :)

  5. The cover is perfection!!! I love it. I got my copy pre-ordered. I can’t wait to read it!

  6. Glennon, I was truly excited to use the Amazon One-Click to order your book and the Brene book tonight! The people at Amazon were probably very happy to see that I have turned from my usual impulse purse/shoe purchases to a higher calling. Speaking of which: please allow this minor plug for my third book purchase of the evening…a pre-order of a warrior book of a different kind, Damn Few, by my cousin Rorke Denver. Rorke is a retired Navy SEAL whose wife Tracy, a devoted Monkee, introduced me to your site a couple of months ago–I have been thanking her ever since. Rorke’s book about his decade-plus of service, and the sacrifices made by women like Tracy and other Special Forces family members every day, comes out Feb. 19th from Hyperion. So this is my plan: get the Brene book first; get Rorke’s book second; then complete the trifecta with YOUR book! After which I will conquer the world! Or at least, continue to wake each morning with the realization that I, too, Am A Warrior. (of sorts!!:)) Thank you so for the constant reminder of same.

  7. I have a Sister who is my Lobster so I loved hearing from Glennon’s Lobster today!
    I just want to say, Glennon, I found this blog because a friend forwarded “Kairos for Croyles” to me and I was inspired by the Monkees and what they could do. ReLOVEution, I believe.
    So, I am super proud of you, and the whole Monkee community for all that you do and for this book that is sure to inspire, heal, and help.
    Much love!

  8. Amazing we’re at #7 on Amazon!!! We can do hard things!!! I ordered 4 – me, mama, MIL and bestie:) so excited!!

  9. I just ordered my two copies and OMG – it says that your book is now #1 for Amazon “movers and shakers” for preorder sales and #7 overall (if I’m reading that correctly, which I hope I am)! A huge Congrats, hugs and a few tears of joy coming your way! You so deserve this! You’d better be coming to Boston so I can have my copy signed by you!

  10. Done! Thank you for all of the work and love. Now I will have this special place in a physical book to place in the hands of my friends and family and say READ THIS!!

  11. Preordered! And loved Brene Brown’s review on Amazon. So fabulous!

  12. Sorry for the silly question….does it matter where I pre-order from?
    I can’t wait to hold your baby…I love babies :0)

  13. Preordered 2!

  14. I love this cover soooooo much better. Would never rain on your parade with the last one, but now that you have this one I can speak the truth! Cant wait to have YOU sign it! Singing inside.

  15. Done! on my Nook!

  16. Awesome! Just ordered one for me and my best friend! Great work Glennon and Sister!

  17. I have been on the edge of my proverbial ladder, waiting for this day. Had preordered on amazon under 1st version of cover and added 3 more to the new cover prepaid edition to share with my mom, my BFF, and my other BFF. Today is a beautiful day. Rest up G. The ride, no doubt will be exhausting BUT worth ever second. We are with you every breath. Thank you for sharing your humble soul. We monkees, are humbled by you. Love, love and more love.

  18. I live in Europe. Will I be able to get it here?

    • Use book depository, I’ve preordered mine from there because they have free shipping anywhere in the world and it works out cheaper than amazon even though the cover price is more, I’m in Australia so it may be worth checking both out.

  19. So proud of your baby girl! She is beautiful, thought provoking, and undeniably real! Keep being Glennon, your truth frees so many of us. I love you friend!

  20. This is amazing, Glennon! The cover is beautiful, and I can’t wait to read it. Congratulations to you, Sister and the whole Momastery family!

  21. Pre-ordered, so excited! Please post an update when you know how many preorders went out today :)

  22. I placed my preorder too! I have a Kindle, but ordered the hard cover with the hope that there will be an opportunity to attend a book signing. I would love to be able to express my gratitude to Glennon in person for creating Momastery. I was in bad shape emotionally when I somehow stumbled upon this site. I will never forget the feeling I had when Glennon responded to my first post by saying “welcome home” Those two simple words wrapped around my bruised heart and I cried. I have been reevaluating my life since then and have come back here every day to fill up on more sisterhood. I am grateful to all of you for being here and welcoming me into the fold.

  23. Sooooo excited! My order is in. Thank you G for your honesty.

  24. Shamelessly promoted on Pinterest and Facebook and pre-ordered four copies. Read on Warriors!

  25. Quick question: Amazon is saying Estimated delivery: Apr. 5, 2013 – Apr. 9, 2013. Do I have to do Amazon Prime or pay extra for the two day delivery in order to get it by April 2nd? I know Sister said, “Every preorder of Carry On, Warrior (www.carryonwarrior.com) will arrive to your home ON the first day of the book’s release, April 2.” So I guess I’m just not sure how it works. Sorry, can someone please explain?

    • I should note, I am being frugal so I can wait the extra time for shipping if I must. But I don’t wanna if I don’t hafta! 😉 I just want to check the right box but I will order it regardless.

  26. Yay! Just preordered 2, one for me and one for my mom! Will probably be ordering more soon, though, as a list of people keeps popping up in my head. :)

  27. Just pre-ordered!

  28. I have preordered 2 sister. So I have a spare when my first gets all pukey from Reese.

  29. Love the new cover!!

  30. I just pre-ordered 2!! I can’t wait! I have butterflies in my stomach! I am so excited and happy for you Glennon!

  31. YIPPPEEEEE! Just preordered my hard copy on Amazon, first ever pre-order! I am a big fan of the new cover, too.
    Oh and I definitely was saying “AHH–MAH” in my head when I pronounced Amma’s name while reading, love knowing how it is really pronounced. Now I will just think
    A–mma, like A—mazon :)

  32. Just pre-ordered. So excited!!

  33. Crap. I won’t let me pre-order! I hover my cursor and nothing happens. Oh well. Plus I realized that I don’t know where I will be living here in the near future since the bank wants my house …. soooo the April ship date, hm. I will have to wait. Been waiting for years for this moment!!!!

  34. I am going to be the proud new mom of this beauty via Amazon per order:)))))

  35. Pre-ordered for my Kindle & I cannot wait! Also did a little bragging about my purchase on Facebook. Feeling happy & lovey <3

  36. For international orders I recommend using <a href="Book Depository.“>Title They don’t have the best deal on the book but it ends up being cheaper (atleast for me) because they have free international shipping!

  37. Pre-ordered mine on Kindle. Woot, woot. Congratulations!!!

  38. Pre-ordered with wriggling-like-a-puppy happiness!
    Question though: I’m now confused about the pronounciation of “Amma”. Is it Ah-muh (Ah as in the “o” sound in “on”? Would sorta rhyme with llama then…). Or am I totally butchering it in my head?

  39. Facebooking and Pinning and Preordering with joy!

  40. Just ordered 3 copies. I also peed a little bit. I seriously can’t wait.

  41. My bright new shiny copy will arrive to my Kindle on April 2….HOORAY!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this “baby”!!!

  42. Just ordered 2 copies! So very excited about all of this! Will be making this a Book Club selection for sure! Sister, you are great and absolutely right that G promotes everything good and so she deserves it too!!! LOVE WINS! PS – Are you taking request yet? :) Would love to get a book on “tape” (as my mother calls it). How fun would it be for us to hear Glennon speak her words! Just sayin….

  43. Happy Baby Shower! I just pre-ordered mine and I am so excited! xoxo

  44. just preordered for my kindle! Can’t wait!

  45. So excited for G and all the Monkees … placed my pre-order for two books (one for myself and one for my “bestie”) and April 2nd can’t come soon enough!!!

  46. Sister: i enjoyed your post more than any of the three baby showers I’ve been to! Looking forward to the new arrival and hope G is making the most of her time-out 😉

  47. I pre-ordered 2… Never done that before, and i’m thrilled to be a part of your success. By the way, I have been pondering all you have been going through as of late, and know that the enemy attacks us most when we are truly on track and being influential as God would have us to be. Hang in there Glennon, I think you are right on, and you are making a difference in so many people’s lives right now. Thankyou.

  48. Pre-ordered my copy! Yay! LOVE the new cover! It is so inclusive of all colors, creeds, expressions and I adore that. Thank you! xoxo!

  49. thanks for posting this Sister!!! this baby’s arrival deserves all the fanfare, love and praise :)

    (and then some)

    i’ve tweeted, pinned, shared on facebook and am anxiously awaiting my pre-ordered copies!!! so much love to you and G! i love the new look, as colorful as all of G’s posts and babies one might say <3

    thank you for embarking on this inspiring faith sojourn in this wonderful forum, G. it all started with what might have appeared as a baby step and focusing up and pecking chickens and unruly kitchen appliances… but it is nothing short of a huge leap of faith to bravely share your truth and every brutiful moment of this blessed life.

    as a reader, supporter and friend, this has been an amazing ride to be a part of; it has reaffirmed so much of what i believe, want to believe and have believed (even without knowing it) about US. women, men, warriors… unarmed, vulnerable, fierce and loving. this is grace. LOVE WINS.

    get excited, lovie. everything is going to be AMAZING!!!!

  50. Just preordered, can’t wait! Congrats and best of luck!

  51. Woohoo!!
    $10 off and free shipping thru amazon prime!

  52. YEAH, G!!! ROCK ON, Mama! You inspire me every day. Cannot wait to read your words in print. Looking forward to seeing you on your book tour. We miss you up here in Virginia! 😉 xoxo

  53. Just pre-ordered 2. No idea who I will give the other too – so many options. Cannot wait for it to arrive!!!

  54. Here’s to the newest star in the family….I bought two copies, one for me to keep and one to circulate among friends! Congratulations!

  55. I pinned this as my first ever pin! AND as soon as I get home Im going to pre-order my book with an Amazon gift card that I have been saving for something special. Obviously this is what I was waiting for!!!!! Yay, yay yay! (to quote my little one!)

  56. Pinned and Pre-Ordered!!

  57. One day after my birthday- so excited to read this! Preordered one for me and a couple for my sisters!

  58. Bought 4! Best friend’s birthday, and Mother’s Day gifts for my mom & MIL, DONE! Thanks, G!

  59. So excited! Just ordered 3. Thanks for my gift to my sisters for their birthdays!! Love the new cover!

  60. I preordered five copies on the first day G. told us about it. I can’t wait to get my book and give the others to all my loves.

    And thank you Sister for all you do for Momastery and G. Oh, that we all could have a sister like you.

  61. Cannot wait to read this!!!! YAY Monkees! Congrats G!

  62. I am a book LOVER and I have never once pre-ordered a book–until now. I even got a physical copy instead of one for my Kindle. I feel like this will be a “bedside book” along with Bloom and Jesus Calling. One that you can pick up and just turn to a page when you need a pick me up or guidance. One I will want to share over and over again with people I care about. I’ll get it back all dog-eared and highlighted–that’s the sign of a well loved book and I can’t wait to dig into this one. Biggest and best congrats to you, G. WE ARE ALL SO PROUD!!

  63. I think this is the first book I have ever preordered. I am so excited! Congrats G and sister and monks!!!!

  64. I just pre-ordered! So excited, for all of us. :)

  65. Ordered mine! Sooo excited!

  66. Purchased! Can’t wait!

  67. Done! Ordered two…fine work, ladies!

  68. I pre-ordered my book! Thanks for always being willing to share yourself with us!

  69. YES! I love the cover!

    I woke up this morning to a friend’s email saying she just pre-ordered the book for me. What a gift!

    Thanks, Glennon & Monkee team! You all continue to inspire me!

  70. Pre-ordered today on my Nook, and I’ll be buying hard copies for my sister and close friends! Love to you G and helper monkees, and best wishes to become a best seller!

  71. Oh and one more thing-I like the cover change. I never knew if the woman was getting into the armor or coming out. Maybe both? Regardless-love it and can’t wait!

  72. I pre-ordered one and promptly got an ad for a clear blue easy pregnancy test on amazon.com. Just passing that along.

  73. G-Wishing your you and your book all the success in the world-you deserve every joy and blessing! Heading over to buy my copy. Wow! I get to hold a piece of you in my hand as well as my heart :)

  74. Crying just reading this…. So excited I can’t wait!! You are such a gift, G…you too sister! 😉

  75. I’m preordering THREE. Best part? April 2nd is my birthday!

  76. I LOVE the new cover. So much more than the previous. Glennon, I’m so glad you got to know the new baby girl and made the change. I wish I could put into words what makes it so right. I can’t, but it is!!! XOXO

  77. Got it!!

  78. I ordered 2! One for myself and one for my sister whose baby is due on April 2nd as well!!!!

  79. So exciting! I’ll preorder for my Nook! Love the cover!

  80. I bought three! Can’t wait. I have two dear friends to give my extra copies to!

  81. I pre–ordered two and plan on buying more. I cannot wait to read the books take care and get some rest. Love you!

  82. I just pre-ordered my copy! Wooooo Hooooo!

  83. Just bought, one for me, one for my bestie! <3

  84. My daughter gave me an Amazon Kindle gift certificate for Christmas. I am always reluctant to used them because I just know something great will come along after I spent it. Well, this time I saved it and used it just now. I’m thrilled to have Glennon’s book to look forward to on April 2nd. I know I’ll end up with some hard copies as well. One for myself and some for gifts. Congratulations!!

  85. Yay! Congratulations :)
    Love the cover…I have pre-ordered two on Amazon – one for me, and one for whomever it moves me to gift it to (it will come to me). Also…um, Sister…you write really well, too – what a talented pair of Lobsters. Enjoyed hearing your voice today in celebration of your sister and this book and this community.

  86. Pre-ordered today!

  87. so freaking excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve pinned, i’ve pre ordered, and i already am calling it my new favorite book!!!

  88. Having just gone through a 1.5 year gestation with my own book, Slow Family Living; 75 ways to slow down, connect and create more joy – I wish you much success with your book! It is beautiful indeed.


  89. I preordered 8! I can’t wait until April 2nd! All my friends and I will have the best read ever! Warrior on and Congratulations G!

  90. I’m preordering today! Can’t wait to read this.

  91. Sent a message on FB, but thought you should know the pre-order button for Amazon isn’t working on the website. I can pre-order by going to Amazon directly, but not by clicking the link on the website. Of course, I was excited and determined enough to find a way, but thought you should let some techie guru person know.

  92. Well since April 2nd IS my birthday…..I will definitely need that book arriving just in time! I’m considering it my first bay present! -one happy girl, betty lightner

  93. Pinned. And congratulations on finishing your lovely book! It IS a lot like giving birth. It’s enormously hard, but a lot of the work happens in secret so nobody on the outside really understands how hard it is. You put it forth in the world and are forced to step back in utter terror because now it’s OUT and beyond your control. And whatever happens you will love it unconditionally forever and ever. What an awesome accomplishment :)

  94. I just pre-ordered! So excited for you and for us!!!

  95. I just pre-ordered it for my Nook. Please forgive me for being one of”those” people who do not buy “real” books anymore. :-) But I cannot wait to read it!

  96. Just ordered 2. One for me and one for my dearest friend! Can’t wait for April 2.

  97. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, I can’t wait to hold her :-)

  98. Pre-ordered months ago for my kindle—can’t wait. Congrats on your new baby! <3

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