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I’ve been digging Kristen Howerton lately. She’s a professor and mother of four, and she blogs over at Rage Against the Minivan. She writes really important things, like her recent article titled “The Only Mommy War Worth Waging.” In it, Kristen shows how the world pits mamas against each other…Breastfeed-ers vs. Formula givers! Attachment-ers vs Ferber-izers! Over – acheivers vs Slackers!

Snoooooze fest….

Then Kristen asks . . . what if instead of throwing our energy and attention behind judging each other’s mama choices . . . we joined forces to help angels who don’t have any parents? How about fighting for mamas who, because of disease or poverty or politics or God knows what, didn’t even get a chance to make any mama choices for their babies? There but for the grace of God go we. Instead of Dance Moms vs. Couch moms…wouldn’t it be more exciting to join the All Moms versus Parentlessness battle? This is her point. I think it’s a good one.

Enter Little Princes.


















Oh, my God. I love this book. It’s the story of how Conor Grenan set out to travel the world and found himself caring for parent-less little in Nepal. It’s a comedy and an adventure and a romance. Conor is accidentally inspiring, which is my favorite kind of inspiring. I can’t wait to get Little Princes into your Monkee hands. It will be magic, I think.

When I told my friend and agent that I wanted to give Little Princes away, she contacted Conor, the author.

So Conor is here today, and he AND LIZ will be back in three weeks for our book discussion to answer your questions and make you laugh. Over the moon about this, I am.

Meet Conor and Liz Grenan.



Hi New Friends!
So, you know when you’re a kid, and somebody asks you a question like “How much do you like ice cream?” and to show them how much you love ice cream you spread your arms so far apart that it looks like you’re trying to hug a planet?
That’s how excited I am to be a part of this.

I love Momastery. I have for a long time now. I love what makes Momastery what it is – this community where folks come to be themselves, honest and loving and caring and compassionate and curious about the world. (Not coincidentally, those are also the things I love most about my wife.)

I also love funny. I need it. And there’s a ton of funny here.

Thank you for letting me introduce you to this book, Little Princes. I shall just say this about it:

I’m allergic to books where the author seems to be Natural Born Selfless and thus was simply destined to save the world. I’m allergic to books that make you feel bad about yourself because the author is Just So Amazing.

That’s not me. It’s actually sort of the opposite of me.

This is what I believe: that children, no matter where they’re born, no matter under what circumstances, are beautiful and hilarious and annoying and frustrating and wonderful and resilient and the source of our greatest joys and heartaches, sometimes simultaneously. And that we are Called (with a capital C) to protect them, whether they live next door or nine thousand miles away.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize all that. It took me even longer to believe in a Calling at all, and even longer than that to believe in miracles. And yet, here we are.

It’s an honor to share this story, truly. I hope you enjoy it.

Your best friend in the whole world,




Love. Him. Don’t you love him?? I know.

But listen, when you read Little Princes, don’t develop a little crush and get distracted from the sentences because you are considering that if you’d married Conor, your name would be Glennon Grennan. Cmoooooon people! He’s MARRIED and so are YOU. And we’re talking about JUSTICE work and ORPHANS here. Stay focused. God.

Okay. I’ve got SIXTY copies of Little Princes sitting here in my condo with me. (THANK YOU, WILLIAM MORROW!)  They are going out in the mail next week. (SORRY AGAIN, NAPLES MAILMAN!) Please fill out this form to win, and I’ll send you an email on Thursday to let you know if you won. So exciting. Love you to pieces.



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  106 Responses to “BOOK NUMERO UNO!!!!”

  1. Hmmmm— did I miss the discussion? I can’t see where/when it’s supposed to be (or maybe when it already was….). Thanks for picking such a great book, Glennon!

    • oops– I looked for my comment from yesterday, but was looking at the wrong end of the queue– sorry for the re-post.

  2. Ok– so I read the book and loved it!! I came back to the post looking for how/when/where the discussion would be, but can’t find any of the particulars. Did I miss it? How do I find out more? BTW– I LOVE book suggestions– with three young kids “browsing” for books is NOT an option, but I can always find a title online and either order it or request it through my library. I got this one through our library but I’ll be making a donation to Next Generation Nepal to make up for the lost sale. :)

  3. I don’t often do book clubs, but since I love the Momastery so much, I thought I would try your first pick. I loved it! Now, my question is, where and when do we get to discuss it? I think I missed something…Excited about joining through books!

  4. One book, two days, and one box of tissues. What a wonderful book, thank you.

  5. I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this book! I look forward to reading it every day and will be recommending it to everyone in my circle of the world. Thanks, G & Conor! Monkee on!

  6. I was on vacation in a Third-World country when you posted this and so I’m just now reading it. Recently you talked about how you were going to give, give, give this year to other writers, people, causes. You even asked for people to nominate other people’s blogs for a special project. I read each of those comments hoping that someone who mention me. They did not, and I did not mention myself because I thought that was kind of cheating. I said to myself that if you wrote something that was relavant to what I was experiencing at the time, I would post a link in the comments and hope that you saw it. It would be up to me to make it worthy.

    I’m sure you hear dozens of times a day about how people relate to you so much; how people feel like they know you; how you speak directly to them. It’s the mark of a great writer, no doubt. You connect to people so well and you can include me among them.

    At each revelation in your past year I have been right on your heels, (proverbally of course because I can guarantee that I am not as nearly as fashionable). Marriage, career, children, faith–step, step, fall down, back step, step.

    Uncanny similarites and synchronicities like you posting about Brene Brown and my therapist recommending her Ted Talk and book that very same week. I keep thinking that maybe I’m just projecting your ideas into my thoughts, but then this post happened and it was very similar to something I was experiencing that very week in my travels.

    I wrote the following blog post about my experience traveling with two small children to a Third-World country two days before you posted this one about Little Princes. There is so much perspective to be gained in seeing the children of the world who have so much less than our own. I’d be honored if you read it.


  7. I was skeptical if a book about orphans in Nepal was really my thing atm, because I just feel so down about the world in general. But I trusted your judgement and ordered a copy and it came in the mail today. I read the first few pages before heading out to pick up my kiddos from school and I immediately fell in love. THANK YOU!! I am so excited about reading this!!

  8. Don’t know how I missed this post, but I am going to the book store today to buy this book. I will pass it on once I read it.

  9. Oops… Looks like I waited too long to enter the drawing. I’ll have to get it from the library. Great idea! Love both digital and physical book clubs.

  10. Welp, I must have missed my chance to enter the drawing. Oh well :) I’ll definitely put it on my list for the future. It looks like a great book. I love the author’s “allergies.” I can relate to those!

  11. ILOVE this! I am raising money for an organization called Orphan Aid Africa whose mission is to support the family instead of supporting the orphanages. Most orphans in Ghana aren’t actually orphans, just have mamas who can’t take care of them due to disease, poverty etc. I’m excited about supporting a cause that gives those mamas a chance! Thanks for putting into words my purpose in doing this!

  12. This sounds like a very interesting story which I would love to read!

  13. I would love to read that book

  14. Would be thrilled to win this book!

  15. Okay, so I still feel relatively new around here (though I’ve been reading for nearly a year now) and I’m still working my way through the old posts, chronologically, while keeping updated with the new stuff. Today I read this new post and also “Haiti through Perspectacles” from January 15, 2010. And also the post about the first hermit crab book club selection. I always dither about which charities to support, and drive myself crazy by trying to find the “best” or “perfect” cause to support, which is ridiculous. One of my new year’s resolutions was to “dither less” and I am trying to do that so today I took the plunge (which seems ridiculous because it’s not as if giving via computer is anything so astounding or difficult) and became an SOS Global Village Builder. Thank you for introducing me to this organization, I am psyched to be a part of it! And thanks for everything else that you do. You make me think, you make me hope. It’s been a rough time around here lately and you make it better.

  16. Went ahead and bought the book – decided I couldn’t wait! Looking forward to getting into a bath and getting started tonight!

    • So… 3 hours later and I haven’t looked up until now. What an excellent book and a great story. Thank you for choosing it and for introducing us to this story.

  17. i. can’t. wait. to. read. this. book. !

    love you people~


  18. AAAAAHHHH!!! I LOVE this book. I read a year ago and could not put it down. I recommend it to everyone. I made my two oldest kids read it. It is life changing. Cannot WAIT to learn more about this couple. So neat!!!

  19. So LOVED this book! So loved reading this blog post! So loved your descriptor of Connor being: “accidently inspiring.” Glennon, you’ve turned it into a: “Rock on People Parenting the Best Way They Know How to The People Who Need it Most” kind of inspiration day.

  20. Glennon Grennan!! Oh, that made me laugh waaay too hard. I had a friend once who last name was Lynd – pronounced the same as my own middle name, Lynn. I still get the giggles about the prospect of marrying her brother: I could have been Rachel Lynn Lynd. Bwahahaha. Super excited about this book!

  21. I can NOT wait. After reading this book description, I have to get out and find this book today. And when I’m done, I’ll give it to a Monkee who can’t afford to buy one. The horrors that befall children and their families, especially those being trafficked make my heart bleed and skip beats as if I will stop living if I can’t find a way to help. Thank you Conor for telling your story.

  22. I love books, I love Momastery, I love learning about people trying to make this world a better place. Best. Book club. Ever.

    Lovely to meet you, Liz and Conor. Of COURSE you are Monkees. I look forward to reading about your Calling, whether I win a book or not. And who couldn’t use more funny? Thank you in advance!

  23. I just downloaded it for my kindle…I live in China…no such thing as books with English words in them here 😉 Looking forward to reading this! Thank you for all you do! You are an inspiration Glennon!

  24. How did you know that as soon as I saw his photo I lost total concentration on your words. I had to read his letter 3 or 4 times before I actually could comprehend them, lol! He’s adorable, and so is she!! Great recommendation, thank you!

  25. If I don’t win, I will be buying this book FOR SURE. :)

  26. Gorgeous G,

    Is the book giveaway open to us monkees outside the USA? No probs it it isn’t, but if it is not I would love to enter one of my amazing USA monkee friends, I have a few that don’t know they are monkees but they soooooo are!

    Thanks babe!
    Sarah in Sydney (who is hoping with all her monkee might that this penis/vagina COW book tour will bring you Down Under!!

  27. love you to pieces, right back!


  28. You had me at “Called”…….
    Seriously, I have a real weakness about children’s issues.
    Thank you!

  29. Just wanted to say I’ve read this book and it’s a great read! It got me into reading again, after 20 years.

  30. I am so excited to read this book!!!!

  31. Glennon Grenan would be soooooooo ridiculous, Karen Grenan is at least a wee bit better!

    I am in love with this very idea:

    “This is what I believe: that children, no matter where they’re born, no matter under what circumstances, are beautiful and hilarious and annoying and frustrating and wonderful and resilient and the source of our greatest joys and heartaches, sometimes simultaneously. And that we are Called (with a capital C) to protect them, whether they live next door or nine thousand miles away.”

    Yup! Pass it on!

  32. Great book! I actually went to hear Conor speak at GMU in Fairfax on his book tour. He was very relaxed in front of the audience and really funny–he could give you some good tips Glennon! Not to be a **spoiler**, but wish he had included a few more of the sweet details of his courtship with Liz in the book for us hopeless romantics:)

  33. Yay!! Great choice! I loved this book when I read it. I was so touched and moved by Conor’s journey. He made me want to go to Nepal and help the kids as well!

    Oh..and I and love Liz Grennan as well. She is one smart cookie.

    Thanks Glennon for sharing this awesome book with the world!

  34. Love the books you recommend. Looking forward to reading!

  35. This book looks great, Conor is adorable, and so weird…mu husband dated his wife in college! I went to her page, started reading her blog and put it all together.

  36. I am so, so reading this. Books like this make me want to sing.

  37. Sounds amazing!!

  38. I have immediately read every book you’re recommended, so I am thrilled you’re being formal about your book recommendations now. Every post is inspiring. When will we be seeing the schedule for your book tour? I am dying for you to come to Minneapolis, and if you do, I want to make sure it’s on my schedule ASAP!

  39. I would love a copy..thus would be a good book to get back into reading with!

  40. thanks for introducing me to the Grennan’s…very inspring and uplifting to read through stillthesea.com this afternoon. would love to read “Little Princes”.

  41. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to these people G. Just when I am ready to give up, stop caring, stop looking for the good in the world, you have a post like this. Thank you G, Kristen and Conor and Liz (except I secretly hate you for being beautiful in matching shirts) for all that you do and inspire others to do. Frustration has left my heart, and love has re-entered it again today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  42. What an inspiration he is – and you also! Every time I read ANYthing on Momastery, I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest, I’m so filled with hope and love and aspiring to be MORE! I’d love to read Conor’s story and be further inspired!

    Carri M.

  43. Thanks so much, I’m over the moon! Love ya, G, and from one Mama who’s adopted the babies from next door, I thank you. 😀

  44. Thank you, Glennon, for nudging Monkee attention towards the parentless children of the world. I am a Foster Parent and truly believe that this is Kingdom work (God’s kingdom that is…). More than anything else that is put out there in the media as being the “Christian agenda” (which is usually more about hate than about love… confusing, right?), THIS is it. This work of giving your self (or what you thought was your self) up for the love of children who are hurting, and who are not yours by birth… THIS is our calling.

  45. It makes total sense that these people are Monkees and that this connection happened. These are not coincidences! Buying Little Princes tonight! Love love love.

  46. I want a Calling! :)

  47. Oh Glennon! Thank you for introducing us to the Grennans <3 Isn't it amazing how beautiful hearts seem to find each other? I am so excited to have a new "best friend in the whole world"! I did enter for a free book, because let's face it, I LOVE free stuff. But if I win it, I have an old "best friend in the whole world" that I will give it to. I am buying a copy and would also love to forward it on when I am done. Love to you, sweet G, my old Monkee friends, and to my new friends Liz & Conor!

  48. You are a brilliant brilliant woman Glennon Melton. I am a proud proud true blue robe wearing Monkee. Thank you for doing what you have done and do every single day. Rock on, Sister. Puleeeaassee keep rockin’ on.

  49. I have read this book and it is amazing! Great choice – you all will enjoy it!

  50. this book hits so close to home…would love a copy! and love that you inspire all the monkees!

  51. Hi, Conor and Liz! Welcome!

  52. First, you talk like Yoda and it’s totes appropriate. Second, could that couple BE any more beautiful??!! My God. I’m ordering this book right now. Thanks, my G.

  53. I can’t wait to read this book!! I would love to get involved with parentless children, they are the closest thing to God, aren’t they?! I admire Conor’s courage to actually DO something about what he’s learned for that is where miracles lie.

  54. SO love that he and his wife LOVE you and us Monkees!!

  55. Eeeep. I can’t wait to see all of your book choices. I feel like I just joined the best book club of ever.

  56. Would love to read this book. I think all the time about children who are less fortunate than my own, and always wish i could scoop them all up and change their lives. Would be inspiring, I think, to read conor’s story of how he really did it :)

  57. How can we set something so that fellow monkees can loan out books through kindle/nook? I’m a nook reader and would love to swap and share!

  58. Entered! But I will buy it even if I don’t win. :)

  59. Love everything here! I’m looking for new fun, inspiring books to read and this one will definitely be added to the list. Thank you!

  60. You always pick the BEST books. I’m gonna read it even if I don’t win it! Love you guys!

  61. I’d love to read this book – & I promise not to develop an author crush on him. His last name has more than 5 letters, & after the maiden name I had, I promised myself no more than 5 letters in any last name I take on. 😉

  62. Would love to read this!!

  63. i love how so many people are putting love into action :)

    thank you, conor and liz and g :)

  64. Would love a copy of this!

  65. Sounds wonderful! How can I enter the giveaway? Just by posting here? Thanks!

  66. I can’t wait to read this regardless! And I’ll be sure to pass it along too!

  67. Yay!! Both he and his book sound wonderful! If we win and so choose, would we still be able to do the pass it on to the next monkee idea? I know you’ve switched up the way things work, which I am SO glad since I’m sure it makes it easier on you, but is there a way that we could make that happen to help spread the love and good words? Thanks for all you do Glennon!! :)

  68. I’m so glad to have found you. And I have no idea what a URI is. :)

  69. You & your generous GINORMOUS heart are quite inspiring:) Would love to be honored with your first book selection in this fantabulous book give away!!

  70. Would love to read it!!

  71. I can’t wait to read it!

  72. This sounds like an amazing book and I would be so overjoyed to receive and read it!

    Thank you for all that you do, Glennon! :)


  73. Love you. Love your blog. Love my fellow Monkees. Love wins.

  74. I would love to read this book and then pass it on o someone else. I adore all children. We struggled with infertility and had to settle with only 2 children. One is named Chase. :). And he sounds just like your Chase. I love being a Monkee. You have made me a better person.

    Much Monkee love!!

  75. Thank you for sharing, inspiring jumping in the trenches with us. :)

  76. Oo! Oo! Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me! 😀

  77. Thank you for sharing this book, if I don’t win a copy, I think I will buy one for myself.

  78. Yay! So exciting to be a part of this.. I’m reading this book regardless.
    Thank you,

  79. ohhh I soo hope I win! I have a friend that lives in Nepal and works with the people there! so amazing!

  80. I am starting a new life with my 2 children away from their father who has almost completely killed their spirit. We begin our new journey together with great anticipation and hope. Their eyes are bright for what the future holds. It took great strength and struggle for me to get them out of a really bad situation but I somehow found the strength and now it is their time to shine. I will give them all II can to let this happen..

    • Good luck to your family, Molly! I’m sure your strength will carry them far.

    • Good for you for making the hard choices! Good luck to you on this journey, remember you are never alone, you have all of us to hold your hand through the hard hills to climb! Big hugs!

  81. Can’t think of anything hilarious or profound to say so I’ll pretend I’m in politics or a swanky celebrity attorney and say No Comment.

  82. Sounds fantastic! I love real and humor and kindness and calling… <3

  83. This sounds like a good read! Can’t wait!

  84. Sounds amazing!!

  85. I would LoVe to read this book!!!!

  86. I read this book last year and gave it several people. What a wonderful pick. Glennon, check out a book called “no biking in the house without a helmet” you will meet another amazing momma who raised incredible kids who love and adopt others. When I was done I wanted to be her friend because her family was so awesome!

  87. This sounds like a really inspiring book. Since we’re currently in the process of adopting through the foster care system, the idea of parenting those children who don’t have parents, through whatever circumstances, is very close to my heart. I look forward to reading Little Princes!

  88. I love you glennon!!

  89. Can’t wait to read it! Love being inspired to be better!

  90. Thank you for sharing this book – looks amazing!!!!

  91. Love your enthusiasm; I can feel it through the screen.

  92. Thank you for introducing us! I am in love already.

  93. Loving the quote:

    “I’m allergic to books that make you feel bad about yourself because the author is Just So Amazing.”

  94. I would LOVE to win this book. It sounds amazing!

  95. I just bought this book on Amazon. CAN NOT WAIT to read it. Thank you.

    BTW – for King and Country was on Leno last night singing their awesome new song “The Proof of Your Love”. Did you know this is kind of YOUR jam? It should be for all of us. Its pretty awesome.

  96. I’m Sooo EXCITED! This is my favoritist of favorite kinds of books!

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