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So, as I wrote about on Monday, when I think about 2013 I sweat profusely and then end up in bed. I am a reckless truth teller and relentless hope spreader. I’ve found my fit with these jobs: I am finally what I wanted to be when I grow up. I also wanted to be calm, but that is not going to happen. There are some things we must let go. I am who I am already, I think. With room for growth.

But this year, due to forces beyond my control, I am not going to be just a writer but also a traveler and public speaker and dresser upper and people meeter and TV show guest and magazine poser. G rated magazines – please resume breathing. These things are going to happen. Hold.

I just crawled back under my covers. Really, I did. Here I am. Snuggly and safe. It’s okay. Breathe in, Glennon. Breathe out. Courage, Love. You can do this. What if we were made for such a time as this?

This is what’s going to happen this year. Lots of shiny stuff. (I’m going to try to mostly keep the blog and Facebook page un-shiny and real. US, not me. Upper Case Life here and Facebook, my lower case life over at Instagram. Follow me there if you like me details.)

This year I and Monkeedom will be OUT IN THE OPEN. There will be many more, quite public opportunities for success and failure. What if I don’t do well with these “fifteen minutes” the Universe has offered? What if I don’t handle it well? HOW does one handle it well? These questions keep gnawing on my brain.

Then this suggestion hit me last night. I wrote it on my mirror. It will be my mantra for 2013.

(Yes, I have blue fingernails, a rhinestone phone cover, and a very messy bathroom counter. Again, I yam what I yam.)

When my “fifteen minutes” are over, I want to look back and rest in the fact that I used it wisely. And here is how I think attention and praise are used wisely: when they’re given away. Catch it all, smile, and then throw it around.  Sprinkle what’s leftover to others. Because when you think about it, 15 minutes in the spotlight is sort of like the few years we’re given on this earth, right? What will we do with this one shot deal? As Mary Oliver wrote and my friend Kelle always asks herself: Self…

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

I don’t know if I can control whether or not I do well, but I know I can do good. And I know that doing good is more important than doing well. Whether or not I do good matters to a whole lot of folks. Whether or not I do well only matters to me. I can get over myself pretty quickly.

So that, my friends, is how I am going to use this year. I am going to catch your love and then throw it around. I’ll keep a little for myself and then I’ll sprinkle the rest all over the freaking place like its fertilizer that’ll help things grow. Which it is, of course. Love is like Miracle-Gro.


I went to visit my publishing house in New York City last year. Scribner had a little (huge) surprise party for me there. I walked into a room and there were one million fancy people who all stopped what they were doing and looked at me expectantly. Sweat. I was supposed to speak – that was horrifying-ly clear. so first I spun around and curtsied. Tish did it at her ballet recital and I thought it looked pretty cool. Then I said what I’d needed to say to these folks for decades: thank you.

I said THANK YOU to book makers for creating the only legal escape and vice I’d ever discovered. I said thank you for healing me in ways that doctors and psychologists have never been able to and thank you for showing me to the world even though I’ve never traveled. I said thank you for introducing me to dreamers and geniuses and lost folks and found folks and for teaching me empathy and providing a cure for my loneliness and isolation. I said THANK YOU to the bookmakers…who provided me a safe place to hide for decades …and then, as if they hadn’t already done enough . . . provided me a place to come OUT of hiding . . . by offering a home for my first book.

I know I repeat this quote often…but one more time, with feeling . . .

The most revolutionary thing we can do is introduce people to each other. 

I can do that, through books. I can invite you to sit down with someone who is different from you but who is wonderful in her own way and might open your eyes and ears and heart a little wider. I’ve got wide eyes and wide ears and a wide heart and all five of them are gifts from writers.

Once a month, for the next however-long-I-can-stay-focused, I’ll be introducing you to a book and author I love. I’ll also be giving away a bunch of books. And often introducing you to the authors. They’re going to COME HERE. It’s going to be grand.

Some things to remember:

  1. They’re just books I’ve enjoyed. I’m not making any kind of cosmic statement about the world or my views of it or Monkeedom or religion or politics with my choices. I think we make a mistake when we reject books because their writers think a little differently than we do. Like people, every book has something to offer if we are ready to receive. We’re not trying to get everyone to think the same here, we’re just trying to get everyone to think . . . together and respectfully. I’m pretty sure that this long lost skill is the key to peace. So we have to practice.
  2. There are no strings attached. I don’t have any hidden agenda or deal with these other authors. We’re not trading attention. I just like them and I like you and since I can’t invite you to coffee…this is the next best thing.
  3. There are plenty of places on the world wide web to criticize the books I choose, but here isn’t one of them. These authors are like guests in my home.  Actually, none of them had the option of rejecting my invitation. So, I supposed they are sort of kidnapped hostages in my home. We will not kidnap folks, hold them hostage, and then talk smack about them. This is a community, but it’s also my second home. I almost always allow criticism of me here, but I won’t allow anyone to trash YOU or any of my guests. That’s my rule. When somebody has the courage to get naked on stage…we don’t have to love everything they say, but we’re not gonna be the one who yells BOO at them. Not the Monkees.
  4. No spoilers before we discuss the book together. Please. Pet peeve.
  5. Here’s how it will work. If you’d like the book, you will fill out a simple form. At the end of the week, I will use the random winner generator thing to choose winners. It won’t be first come, first served anymore. At the end of the week- I will send the books out. Everyone who entered will receive an email letting them know if they won or not. ***This time around . . . everyone is eligible to enter: folks who can’t afford the book and folks who can. Easy- peasy.


I’ve thought it through carefully and I can’t imagine that anyone would be unhappy with this plan. Except for the sweet older man behind the counter at my local post office. He is NOT happy with my spread-the-love-through-books mission. Not at all. When I showed up with my boxes full of Brene’s books, he scowled at me. I’ll work on him. He’ll be a Monkee in no time.


First book giveaway FRIDAY!!!!!!









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  110 Responses to “Feed Yourself, Feed Your Friends”

  1. Just what I needed. Thank you.

  2. Glennon, I can’t help but notice how much more inspiring it is to read the world-changing mirror sign to: “JUST. DO. GOOD.” . . . than it is to read the less inspiring, smaller post-it task: “Flossing is Good!” (Although I guess each has it’s place?!)

  3. Awesome! Good plan Glennon. And might I comment on the scowling postal worker. Dude, you HAVE a job. That IS your job. Be thankful and grateful for your job and people like Glennon with lots-o-mail. Sheesh. Glennon find out what he likes and start taking him a treat. My husband complained about a busy day yesterday at work and I just stood there, listened. Then I said (this to the man whose hours have been cut drastically and is hurting us horribly to the point that we will lose our home soon), “honey, was it a busy day full of work”. Why yes he said. “Well, be thankful for that”. He said you are right. Done deal. People, quit gripping about your job or leave it. I for one am VERY grateful for mine. Stepping off my soapbox.

    • (I do realize you are just being funny and adding humor to your story about the scowling man and all your books!!… but unfortunately there are people like him/her and it is sad; they need to smile and step up)

  4. You are so awesome and I admire you so much! This is gonna be fun – wheee!

  5. “I almost always allow criticism of me here, but I won’t allow anyone to trash YOU or any of my guests. That’s my rule.”

    For the record, I don’t think there should be any criticism of you either. I’m pretty sure that you are just as special and worthy as everyone else. 😉 Letting in constructive feedback is one thing, but allowing mean spirited criticism is another story. Remember to take good care of yourself this year! In doing that, you are taking care of all your Monkees too. Love you G!

  6. Glennon, you are a gift to me! Just had to get that out here or I will burst! I know you will “do good.” Yay team Monkee!

  7. So very excited for this!! Love you, as always!! xo

  8. Glennon, you should be an honoray Delta Gamma! Our sorority motto was to “Do Good”

  9. I am MORE than excited about this Glenn! MORE THAN….i read every spare second I have in life and will be reading along—sending and recieving love-
    xo beth

  10. g, i know i will probably never get to meet you here on earth, so it makes me happy to think about being friends in the hereafter, whether it’s here, or there. looking forward to meeting my afterlife monkees!

  11. Sounds like fun! Good luck on your book tours!

  12. You’re a genius. Vaguely tell everyone about something going on in your marriage that is devastating…yet you refuse to disclose details, citing privacy. You’ll have zillions of hits on your blog ( making you $$$) as people coming back waiting until you disclose the truth, because you know people just thrive on dirt. You have no intention of ever spilling the beans, of being truthful and authentic, because you are a liar, a faker, hiding behind your inauthentic religion. If you really were a true Christian you’d reveal the truth and ask for prayers. But instead you pretend and tell your stories. Whatever G, your hubby has cheated on you, or he’s gay, or who the hell cares. You’re a fake. Get over yourself.

    • Alison, my prayers tonight are for you. You must be hurting to find it a priority to give time to “throw stones” at someone else. I find it ironic you talk about being a true Christian… LOVE WINS no matter what.
      Love to you

      • A. Just calling a spade a spade
        B. I bow to no one but God, maybe you should research what namaste means.
        C. Worry about what God thinks of you, not Glennon , she can fight her own battles.

        • Wow….actually Namaste means I honor the spirit and light that is within you….and after your comments it takes a bigger person to see that love and light within you. How is judgement being the bigger person than Glennon??? We are here bound by love and by choice….you choose to be here why?

          • No kidding, Alison-go read something else. No negative nellies allowed on this site. And BTW-she doesn’t get paid by her “blog hits” because she doesn’t allow advertising. Duh.

          • No negative Nellies? You’re all sheep sucking up her feel good interpretation of the Bible. Maybe Glennon will be your friend if you blindly defend her without question. Lucky you! It’s a public blog, if she (or you) can’t take ANY questioning or criticism then obviously she has something to hide. How many of you sucked up to McMama before she was exposed? Ya, she doesn’t allow advertising on her blog, what a saint she is… Is she donating the proceeds of her book to charity as well? I’m sure she’s never promoted ANY product or book on her blog before either. “duh”, pull your heads out of your asses.

    • From Kelle’s post – “If you share, if you publish, if you write, if you speak, if you are brave and decide to put yourself out there, I promise you, someone won’t like it. Someone won’t agree with you. Someone will misinterpret. Someone will think that you are silly, unqualified and that your work is crap. That you are crap. They might not just think it but they might tell you.” Tonight that someone is Alison. Thankfully we know that the key to failure is trying to please everyone and if Glennon didn’t please you, fine, I hope you find something that pleases you. Peace be with you.

      • And usually, that “someone” is right.

      • Whether you like this blog or not I do respect the fact Glennon allows critical comments. I think it does show a sense of security. Hampton on the other hand can’t take any criticism and deletes all of those comments from what I understand. If you don’t blow smoke up her ass constantly she wants no part of anyone. I don’t think Glennon is fake but I think Kelle Hampton is about as insecure and fake as one can get.

        Mrs. Odie has the best take on K Hampton. Now there’s a great blog!

    • Alison, your comments are evil and hateful, certainly not “Christian”. I come to Momastery for hope and inspiration, not “dirt” on anybody. Glennon and Momastery inspire me to be the best, most accepting and loving person I can be and I am grateful to have found this blog. The “truth” is, love wins. If you want “dirt” there are countless tabloids to fill that prurient need. May your God bring you peace so that you don’t need to spew hatred.

    • alison, super mean-sies. but that’s what you were going for i’m guessing. sorry you’re so angry. how many times do you come back on here to look for responses? i’ve done that too… i hope it gets better for you.

    • Why do you interpret vagueness as fakeness when it is much more likely a show of respect for those who are involved in a painful situation (kids included)? Why are you choosing to make assumptions and heap an additional negative spin on an already difficult situation? As Glennon has previously stated, no money is being made directly from this blog. There is no grand, greedy scheme. There is community, in good times and in bad. I hope that you will eventually find the joy and feel the love, here or somewhere.

    • I am so, so grateful this morning. You guys, that one didn’t even hurt! I’m getting stronger, I think!!!

      Love and peace to you, Alison.


      • A strong woman with a soft heart, a beautiful combination. That’s you!

      • If ever a sister needs some Monkee-love, it’s Alison. Not hard to see that such anger, yet continual standing on the fringes of the group, is covering up some big-time hurt. And we don’t need to have the details of each other’s private pain spelled out to send love and prayers, do we? Sending them anyway, Alison . . . xoxo

    • I keep not understanding why people absolutely want to know what exactly “The News” was… Does it change anything about the hurted feelings ? Does it change the nature of our compassion ? Why ? Do we have to know what hurts to say “I am so sorry !” ?
      For me, the only News I need to know is “OOOOOUUUUUCH ! My husband lied to me, he betrayed me, my heart aches so badly, and my mind is so troubled, I don’t know what to do, what to feel, I don’t know if I can ever forgive him, if I can ever trust him again !”
      Is’nt that enough for us to feel compassion ?!

  13. Any chance we’ll be doing the make-up book club about the The Language of Flowers? I LOVED that book! I know you mentioned it right before THE NEWS, but I am still hoping we can all chat about it.

  14. Love ya, G. Just emailed you earlier this evening about your awesome “quote”…LMBO. Hope to hear from ya soon girlie 😀

  15. Bless you, Glennon and thank YOU!


  16. “Don’t worry about doing well; just do good.” More relevant and comforting words could not be found for me right now. Thank you, Glennon. :)

  17. “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”- Gosh, I love that.

    And I love books. And your book giveaway. And your gracious list of “reminders”.

    I just love the whole darn post! Thanks for the smile. Wishing you an amazing book tour! “Doing good” sounds like an awesome plan!

    I think I may need to adopt this motto and quote in 2013….

  18. I hope your time lasts much longer than 15 minutes. Also, when I am feeling afraid of the way my path is leading, if things are getting a little big when I am wanting to stay small, I tell myself that it is all about God anyway. If your feet are walking down the path He set you on, and dear I believe you are, then you don’t have to be afraid.

  19. You know it never occurred to me that you would be so nervous to do this book tour, you seem so brave and outgoing! Well you are brave for showing up here and telling the truth so often. This last year has been really difficult since I moved to a new city and I have felt so lonely. I started reading your blog after we moved here and I instantly loved it. And then I read several posts about religion and the mountain posts and I thought that maybe I shouldn’t read your blog because I didn’t really agree with you. But I kept coming back because I just felt so at home here. This year has really been lonely but for the first time in my life I have been able to really dive in and study, think for myself, analyze my views and expand my horizons. I just read Living the Questions, and wow that was a big one. Then I read Rachel Held Evans Year of Biblical Womanhood. These were game changers for me. Then I read Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things and I absolutely loved it. So this year I have to say that this blog and some great books have kept me company. Also after more studying I really don’ t disagree with you anymore at all. As a matter of fact, I would totally die on those mountains with you. So thank you for being here and speaking out and telling the truth and for making me think. Thank you for creating this place where we can know that we are not alone. I cannot wait to see what happens this year!!!

  20. You asked if I had any advice about public speaking in the comments of your pinatas post and I wrote a long, wandering, thinking out loud screed in reply. But reading this I think you’re more than good to go. No pun intended. Cannot wait to hear about some of the shiny adventures. And the not-shiny ones. And to read your book.

  21. Hey Glennon,

    I have been following your blog since another fellow Canadian Monkee put me on to it after she sent me your “Carpe Diem” essay…one of my fav’s I must add :) With your book tour on the horizon, do you have any plans to venture into Canada as part of your tour?


  22. I would just like to add something to your quote, “Don’t worry about doing well, just do good.” ……

    “And even if it’s not so good, it’s better than doing nothing”


  23. But really, most pressing, when is the Monkee iPhone cover going into production, hmm???

  24. Glennon, you have all of my admiration and support, as always.

    So much of what you say resonates with me. I have lived decades thinking there was something wrong with me, due to my discomfort in public speaking, my sweating, my sensitivity. Last year I read Quiet, by Susan Cain, and it changed my life, in as much as it made me aware that there are more people like me out there, and that being sensitive and an introvert is a blessing, not a curse. And that preferring writing to speaking, and that being moved and feeling deeply, are gifts. These are the gifts I savor from you each time you post. I am so grateful for your giving and sharing.

    Blessings to you! We’ll be rooting you on, and proud of you at every step!

  25. Okay, yes, your blog was inspiring (always is), but, honestly, my favorite part, was the bit about the sweet old man at the post office. Too cute.

  26. “my spread-the-love-through-books mission” – I just love you.

  27. I just wrote a post about being terrified of promoting my book. I invited advice. Then I see your post, and it’s the most wonderful advice. LOVE this! Love “Don’t worry about doing well, just do good.” If only I could get my ego to latch onto this idea and agree and leave me the heck alone so I could get over myself and pay attention to others, as you do so generously, Glennon. I’ll keep working on it. I’m going to carry this saying with me when I have to do my own little curtsy thing in May, no matter how few people show up to see it. You are endlessly inspiring, friend. Thank you.

  28. When will you be in Raleigh? I assume NC….I am sure there is a Raleigh elsewhere….but I know of none.

  29. Some of my best-loved and favorite ‘reads’ have been by people who think differently than I do. When a fantastic writer expresses his/her view that is completely different than mine, He/she helps me see the world more clearly.

  30. As FlyLady would say, “WE can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes !” :o)
    The more I know her, the more I think you deserve to become a Flybaby… It’s good for the “letting go of things” and for the “I am what I am”, and such things. But maybe you already are…

  31. Oh I am so in. Where’s the form to fill out? Can we submit books? Also, you’re speaking at an event in Raleigh and I just signed up and I’m totally excited to see you! If I remember (18 month old at home) I will wear blue polish for you!

  32. “All of us want to do well. But if we do not do good, too, then doing well will never be enough.” -Anna Quindlen (who would be a great additions to your book project!)

  33. In the words of E.B. White, “…She was in a class all by herself. It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.” You dear Glennon are BOTH!

  34. ok, what in the heck?! I want you details, but do I HAVE to get them through Instagram? I don’t have the slightest clue how to go about that. lots of accounts makes me overwhelmed. 😛

    Also, if you invited me to coffee, I would drive and come. for real.

    Looking forward to this plan! Thanks for being you!

  35. You are so loved. Thank you for being you.

  36. Glennon,

    What an inspiring post–you breathed courage and determination into my spirit today. As a fellow blogger, (www.everything-belongs.com) although on a much smaller scale, am also in the process of writing a book (out of my blog). It is running me into the ground and yet I cling tight to the call and to the greater purpose…it is so not about me but about the message God wants to share through me. With three kids at home, I wonder what I got myself into and how I can do this, and even if I have completely blown this opportunity to be used “in such a time as this.” I whine, I loathe, I bitterly complain. Pray for me as I write and listen and give myself to this project of looking for/being surprised by God in the midst of my ordinary every day life of wrangling kiddos, as I have moved from being a “professional” minister to now pastoring my congregation of 3 beautiful and crazy boys. I need to get my manuscript into the editor by the end of this month….I need a miracle myself. Good enough…such a good word. It is not about me, but what God is doing through me. Thank you again for your encouragement. Blessings to you. Thank you for listening well to what God is doing through you and having the courage to *do.*

    • Sister. Just show up everyday. Just tell God you’re going to show up, sit in front of the computer, and he is going to have to make your fingers move. He will. He did for me.
      And then please send me that book when it’s done!!
      Sister On!

  37. You have changed my life today…again;) As an afflicted perfectionist, hearing “…just do good!” is like the feeling you have when you crawl exhausted into your warm bed and realize you can sleep and rest as long as you like:)…utter peace..an actual weight lifted from weary shoulders. This is one of those things I’ve heard a thousand times in one way or another but you struck a chord today:) I will be putting this on my mirror too! Thank you sister:)

  38. I can’t wait to see which book is first!! Thank you.

    FYI – I know that when you are stressed you like to buy things to make you pretty. I do that too! If you need anything pretty for your book tour please let me know. I sell jewelry from a home party company. I’m not trying to advertise here, that is why I’m not mentioning the name of the company. If you are interested feel free to contact me and I can give you more info. If not, then no problem. I’d love to travel to Florida to have the chance to meet you. Thanks!
    [email protected]

  39. Great plan, G. Of course your plan is nothing short of another revolution of sorts. You are amazing. Remember a while back when you wrote the post about hearing the music, and I told you that you are the music? Today as I read this that thought came to me. And also this – the sound of your beautiful soul is my favorite song to dance to. It really is. I browse through Facebook most mornings and then your post touches me, inspires me – makes my heart dance. Thank you

    Sister on!

  40. The best thing you could possibly do with your “fifteen minutes”, is be yourself, as fully as you can muster up the strength to be. We will all be winners if you just do THAT! You’re awesome, just as you are, “with room for growth”…just as it should be.

    I love your sweet and giving self SO much.

  41. Can’t wait! BTW I’m in love w/the little GEAH convo going on….fabulous. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who “accidentally” skipped some pages (why is a bedtime story SO long!!) and may have entertained myself by trying to be an actress while reading. lol 😉 I seriously cannot wait to see what books are coming!

    • ashley- i actually get strategic about which pages they wont miss. the key is to make sure it still rhymes. it’s an art..page skipping.

      • That could be a workshop! “The art of stratigically skipping pages” without your little smarty pants noticing! lol!

        One of my childhood memories was my mom, sitting in the recliner doing our reading homework (specifically Grover knows Best) and snoring while I read, and I was appalled!!! I totally get it now, but at least I don’t snore! :)

  42. ‘just do good’ i love that…as my son’s teacher says to her class…just do your personal best. Your personal best looks different then the kid sitting next to you and next to her…a lesson i wish i had learned in third grade :)

    if its you and its genuine and its real…its your personal best.

    thx for keeping it read and spreading the love…

  43. I love, love, love you G! You never cease to inspire me and help me to feel that I am not alone in my sanity/insanity. I am now going out to do good. And maybe I will even do good well. LOL! Thank you!

  44. Love, love, love you G! You inspire me and make me feel slightly sane on a daily basis! I am now going out to do good :) And I might even do good well. LOL! Thank you!

  45. Just when I think that I can’t relate to you any more, BAM! You say something else that resonates with me. I too LOVE books, and feel that it is a legal “vice” of mine as well. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Pinkie swear, no bashing the authors from me! Thanks for bringing this to us G! :)

  46. thanks for you rawness G. Sometimes raw can seem so fake, but not with you.

  47. Just when I think, this chic cannot get any cooler, you do. Thank you Glennon. A million and one thank yous. Love the polish by the way.

  48. Aww . . . love is in the air and it feels, smells, looks, tastes and sounds. . . well. . . simply put. . . “GOOD”. As love should be. . . simple and good. 2013 is gonna be good! Thanks for the reminder, G.

  49. Just want a little clarification. When we get together to discuss these books, what is the goal? I absoulutely agree that we should not be rude, but should we be reticent to give any criticism? Doesn’t seem like a discussion if we are only giving gold stars. I do realize there are plenty of other places on the web to have these discussions or reviews of these books, but this is the community that I care about. Anyways, I’ll go along for the ride no matter what, just wanted to know.

    • Jenny. I hear you. I think if we share thoughts, and even criticism respectfully… it’ll feel okay. We’ll just take it one day, one comment at a time. We can do hard things.

      Love G

      • I think that, as long as what you are saying is what you would say to the author’s face, it’s okay. Imagine that we are all in Glennon’s living room together with the author – it’s that sort of a conversation. Because this blog is sort of like hanging out together in her house…

  50. As always Glennon, such a treat to come and visit with you. It’s always a better day when you’ve written words down for us to read.
    Thank you,

  51. Getting people to think together and respectfully. You are brilliant! Totally made my morning! Looking forward to following your 15 min and watching you spread the love. This whole world needs it badly.

  52. Congratulations on your fifteen minutes … you are so deserving of it. You excel at doing good, and I have a feeling you will excel at well too. If not, we love you anyway … probably even more.

    I love the book sharing project. I am mailing out most of the books that I have read to other Monkees, and I’ve had so much fun “meeting” the recipients of each book. Another idea from you back when you suggested The Language Of Flowers and mailed out copies. I am buying copies of your book for all my loves but that is one book that I will be keeping for myself.

  53. Sounds great!!

  54. Lovely books to discuss with lovely people! I am so excited about the book club. I solemnly swear I will never post a spoiler. That is also a pet peeve over here. *ahem* All the local Monkees and I will have a grand time discussing IRL, so there is MUCH to look forward to this year.

  55. Interestingly enough, I recently read that we should not let “the perfect be the enemy of the good”. :-) I will look forward to being a party to random virtual author kidnapping soon!

  56. I am reading “The Language of Flowers” now. I got it for Christmas and I’m completely enthralled. Thank you for pointing me to it.

  57. I know it might sound weird, but when I read about all the stuff you are going to do (the book tour and tv and stuff), I am just so damn proud of you. I feel like you are doing this for all of us AS all of us. And I love the book sharing idea, too!

  58. “We will not kidnap folks, hold them hostage, and then talk smack about them.” because that’s just rude! Love you G!!

  59. Perfect plan for 2013 and for the book giveaway! Random is much better for everyone. Plus I say leave it to the monkees to know if they should or shouldnt enter the drawing based on need. Need is so subjective anyway.

    As for the book tour, I think only Glennon lovers would dare show up (detractors should be warned). The more true you are to the blog writer we read here, the more blunders you make will mean the more your “fans” will love you. They know you can do nothing but “keep it real”. If you trip walking up to a podium or laugh uncontrollably at the wrong moment we will understand. :)

  60. “We’re not trying to get everyone to think the same here, we’re just trying to get everyone to think . . . together and respectfully. I’m pretty sure that this long lost skill is the key to peace. So we have to practice.” Amen!

  61. I love you, Glennon, just the way you are… And I promise I will help sprinkle all the love I have to give around my peeps and those I meet. XOXO

    2013 is going to be AWESOME!


  62. Love it, can’t wait to enjoy 2013 with all of you

  63. Spoiler alert: It was Mrs. Peacock with the wrench in the dining room. ooops – so sorry.

    I absolutely LOVE this description of books and the places they take us without us leaving the home. Thank-you for that gift today.

  64. Hi – I’m in Ireland. Will you ship internationally? :)

  65. I’ve been following you (no, not FOLLOWING you in my car) Christmas 2011. You have taken us on such a wonderful ride. Seeing the love take over like a plague (good kind) is just beautiful. You said it, did it and continue to do it, one Monkee at a time. You give and been the catalyst for others to give love, hope, encouragement, friendship and more. Thank you Glennon!

  66. What a great idea! I can’t wait to follow this project, as reading is one of my resolutions! However, I should have made an asterick on that to include grown up books, since so far Dr. Suess and Strawberry Shortcake have been the farthest I have gotten! (and I totally dozzed off last night in the middle of Green Eggs and Ham, I mean really who eats that?)

    I’m wearing my Monkee shirt today at work, and just got a great email for an interview for my dream job! A job that will allow me to make a greater difference in the lives of the youth in my community and attack bullying head on! I swear it is the work of the shirt, thanks for sprinkling them with magic fairy dust glitter! :) Therefore, I am not washing it till I get this job! :) (this is the only place I would admit that to!! lol)

    • Best of luck on the dream job! You go attack bullying & make a difference!

      The secret to reading GEAH (my 3YO son & I read it and roar with laughter) you have to get more and more angry at Sam I Am & read it faster as pages go by. Then when he decides green eggs and ham are good, go overboard with jubilation. Trust me, it’s a thrill ride :)

      • I am laughing at my desk picturing this story time tonight! Thanks for the giggle! :)

      • YES.

        The other key is to secretly skip LOTS of pages.

        • Totally agreed, till they bust you and you lay there wishing that they weren’t so good at reading and regret spending all those hours reading with them! Being a good parent can come back to bite you in the booty when you least expect it! lol!

        • I agree Glennon! While I was so excited and proud when my son learned how to read… it totally backfired – I now have to read ALL the words, sentences and pages of Dr. Seuss books. I mean, I LOVE the guy and his messages, but some of his books are just SOOOOO long.

        • I used to skip LOTS of pages of Dr. Seuss books. I cried a little when they started figuring it out.

        • See what I did was teach the oldest one to read exceptionally well, and now he reads to his little sister. It’s awesome… ;0)

  67. as always you put word to what I feel.
    Even when you are just talking about this kind of stuff, I still find something that resonates and makes me feel less alone.
    Thank you

  68. I love it :-) sounds like a perfect plan to me!

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