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**Kay- I’m on Craig’s computer and I’m pretty sure all the text and pictures in this post are going to be a bit screwy. Let us consider it an opportunity to embrace imperfection.

I brought home a copy of Carry On, Warrior last night. It was in my hands. A real BOOK. It’s not finished, just an early copy to distribute to booksellers, but still. It is now something to hold, to show to my family. It’s a real thing. I brought it to Tish and Amma and held it up to them like it was a newborn baby. I said, “Look! It’s mama’s book!” Tish looked at it, smiled and said, “Oh! Is that what you’ve been doing instead of playing with us?”

I hear you, Mommy Guilt. They didn’t used to listen to you, you know. Mamas used to have their babies and let them do their kid thing for twelve hours a day while mamas smoked cigarettes and played bridge or worked all day and then made Hamburger Helper. I think all this obsessive Mommy Guilt is relatively new and I am going to try every day to silence it. I will not let you take me down, Mommy Guilt. I did a good thing. I’m proud of myself. I wrote a book that is going to help people take it easier on themselves – and maybe one day one of those people will be Tish. Shut up, Mommy Guilt. I’ve got work to do and kids to raise and honestly, neither job needs my UNDIVIDED attention to thrive. There is nothing about me that is undivided and there never will be. I am a woman divided. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Okay- I’d like to catch you up on all that’s happening in Monkee Land- a State of Our Union, if you will.

Sister and I have been traveling- first to LA again, where the president of a very humungous network may or may have not told us that the Monkee Revolution is the VOICE OF OUR GENERATION. Kay. Things are happening there –I will keep you updated.  Also- I saw Lieutenant DAN! He smiled at me. I was totally bummed that he had legs.



We left LA, excited about our little celebrity sightings. And then The G to the O to the D put us in our place by introducing us to some REAL CELEBRITIES. These guys. It was September 11th, and we were at the airport getting coffee and waiting for our plane. And these men walked in. They are highly trained firefighters from all over the country who spend their FREE TIME and OWN MONEY to travel and train firefighters all over the world. We sat down with them and talked about September 11th. Most of them, upon watching those planes crash into the Twin Towers, dropped everything and drove to Ground Zero. They just went and saved people. They literally didn’t sleep for days. One of them told us that he didn’t sleep for four straight days.



We thanked them and they blessed Bobby. It was something. It was really something. There are such thing as heroes.




Next I traveled to Virginia to speak to group of moms about Life. It was a BIG group of moms so I was kind of scared. But my best friends all came and sat right up in front. Anna came, too. And Bubba and Tisha came and sat in the back of the auditorium so Bubba could wave his arms frantically whenever I started to get off point. Truth. You guys- it was magical. It was just like Momastery except in real life. I spoke for a little while about the bruty of it all and then I read a little from Carry On and then the best part- questions and more questions time. I can’t really call it question and answer time, because obviously I don’t have any answers. But the important part is during that time the whole crew realized that we all have the SAME questions. How do I deal with mommy guilt? How am I going to survive my colicky baby? How do I help my hurting friend? How do I encourage my girls to develop healthy body images? How do I find my passion and then follow it? What deodorant REALLY works the best? There was a whole lot of laughing, a little crying and that beautiful, comforting energy that always accompanies choruses of me too me too me too me too. What is that quote? The secret of life is not to find the answers, but to ask good questions in good company? It was like that. It was my favorite thing.

Email me and bring me to your events. I want to meet you. It fed me and encouraged me in a way that I can’t really grasp sitting behind this screen.  I love you, Mothers of North Arlington!


It’s fall, Monks. Fall is our season of filling up and overflowing. During my trip,  the Monkee See- Monkee Do board held a five hour meeting and Lovies- we have so much amazing work coming up during the next few months. AMAZING things are about to happen. I know you’ve been waiting patiently to love on some Mama Monkees and you are going to get plenty of chances during the coming months. Get ready. The Love Revolution IS ON FIRE.

Kay. Last, but totally not least.

Remember how I was going to the doggie shelter every day to comfort myself? I accidentally fell in love.
Here’s how it happened. I tried to sneak out of my house one afternoon, but Craig caught me getting in the car and said “where ya heading, honey?” Obviously, he knew exactly where I was heading, but I mumbled something about groceries and sped away.

I went to the shelter. This little one was in the first kennel.



She had arrived a few hours before from Puerto Rico. Apparently Isaac hit pretty hard there so they got as many strays off the streets and sent them to Naples. This lovie had never had a home before. She was a street dog. I just decided to play with her for a little while. An hour later I looked through the window and CRAIG WAS STANDING THERE WATCHING US PLAY. Busted. Note to self- if you are going to lie about where you are going- mention a place you might ACTUALLY be going, not the GROCERY STORE for goodness sake.



Craig came in to our little room and I told him all about this new little Puerto Rican. Craig sat down and started speaking to her in Spanish, “Hola! Me llamo Craig! Siente te!” Then he pulled out his iphone and played some Shakira for her. All three of us danced. Chase later told us that Shakira is definitely not from Puerto Rico.  Whatevs. It was festive.

We brought the kids to meet her and then took her home. She is ours. Her name is Monkee, of course.

On the way home, she sat in my lap and I said, “YOU GUYS! WE FINALLY ADOPTED INTERNATIONALLY!”

Craig smiled. Chase (aka the peanut gallery) said, “Um. Mom. Puerto Rico is not another country. It’s hard to explain, but it’s, like, part of OUR country.”

DAMNIT!!!!!!!! Foiled again. Oh, well. We are proud to be Americans.


Love you so much Monkees. So many exciting things are just around the corner for us.

It is true that we can do hard things, but do something easy today, okay?  That’s important, too.



Also – THIS.




Additionally- please don’t forget to Fight the Power.



Love, G, Sister, Bobby, and Monkee

Carry On, Warrior
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  120 Responses to “State of Our Union”

  1. After reading this post, somehow I ended up on the last page of your blog to the entry “Doggie Dilemma” from 2009 – and I guess you now have your answer: shelter dog!

    Thanks for your honesty and loving people.. and your genuine happiness in the picture where you were “caught” playing with the puppy. Genuine happiness rubs off and makes others (me) smile.

  2. WTH? You were in North Arlington and I wasn’t aware! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    You have changed my life. The stories you bring to me–kill me. I am a sobbing mess sometimes–luckily you are damn funny. Thankfully, I work from home full time so my co-workers don’t think I’m crazy. Whatever–they thought I was a loon before I started working from home!

  3. She so looks just like my puppy. She is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix) and her name is Mindy. Have fun with your new puppy!

  4. Hi!
    I’m new to the blog, and love every word. I am 50 (whaat?) and have 2 girls, 21 and 18. My 18 yr. old will be a “child” forever, so your words ring true, especially about the Mommy guilt. For me it just has lasted forEVER!!!
    Does it ever end? Probably not, but it changes with a life of it’s own. I’m blessed to be able to change my perspective once in a while and look into her sweet blue eyes and think, I’m a MOM. so cool.

  5. Also, I think there’s a danger in overly embracing celebrities and media when the focus is supposed to be “Stepping Back, Slowing Down, Focusing Up.” There is a danger in idolizing celebrities.

    That isn’t mean to rain on your parade, G. You deserve recognition for all the hard work you’ve done. The challenge, I think, is to not get caught up in it and keep your feet on the ground. Otherwise, the message will get lost.

  6. Glennon, I love this post! I love how you help me look inward (I’m going to start AA again) and outward (I have looked at the pic of you playing with Monkee a million times -just makes my whole heart smile). Thank you for being YOU and taking the tremendous time and effort to be there for all of us, I can’t imagine this brutiful life without you!!

  7. hi G.

    I am a big fan and have read all your posts. Just a comment on your book title. Somehow “Carry on, Warrior” doesn’t grab me and doesn’t seem to capture your essence. How about something like “Life is Brutiful” or “What a Brutiful Life” or “Surviving this Brutiful Life”.

    Just my two cents.

  8. I have a serious question…why do I feel like these blogs I try to embrace and enjoy ring false and fake, very self centered? Is this just the nature of the woman who mommy blogs? I am 50, have raised my young kids and am so happy this was not part off my generation. I am truly trying to understand and mean no ill toward anyone.

    • I am wondering if you are new to momastery? I would say some recent posts have edged towards what may seem as self centered compared to other ones. But I would like to say that I have never seen myself so clearly as when I look into the mirror of Momastery. I have been following since Don’t Carpe Diem, and that post was a holy piece of work for me. I couldn’t believe it…who. was. this?? Amazing! And then I came here and I read and read, and Glennon has taught me so much and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH! Of course I don’t agree with everything, but no where, NO WHERE, have I been able to identify so closely with the thoughts of a fellow mommy. Glennon is able to articulate what so many women are thinking…and bring us together in a very special way. Might be generational, not sure.

    • I agree with you to some degree. I sometimes think it feels like the writer is trying too hard to be hip and fun. I hear “kay” and “whatevs,” “4-evah,” and “swearsies” kind of talk from my teenagers, so I don’t expect it from a woman who must be near my age. It is probably her authentic voice, but it feels forced in the written word.

      I’ve read blog entries I very much appreciate and some opinions that I strongly disagree with. Some entries make me wonder if I grew up with too “normal” a childhood — no real dysfunction, no abuse, disease, addiction, mental illness, death of a parent, etc. — to understand a writer who blogs about how damaged we are. Glennon once mentioned that there is no such thing as an “idyllic childhood,” and I couldn’t disagree more. “Idyllic” doesn’t mean perfect, it means pleasing in a naturally simplistic way. This describes my childhood and I think those childhoods of many of my friends. It’s not a generational difference; I can’t imagine I’m more than a few years older than Glennon, if that.

      What I’ve decided is that this blog is very precious to a lot of people and brings out the best in so many; it’s just not always the right fit for me. I also think Glennon’s “brand” of spirituality is comforting for a lot readers. On occasion I’ll take a look at a post or two–and I very much love the posts about helping others and how Glennon reminds us that Jesus was a friend to the lost and the sinners. I’m grateful that Glennon is giving hope and encouragement to people.

    • Melissa,
      I guess you need to ask yourself what you are looking for in a blog/from a blog.
      I think you really need to go back and read some older posts and not just judge Momastery on this update type of post. Glennon was answering a lot of questions from her regular followers about what was going on in her life so it might have seemed to be a lot about her but this one needed to be.

      I do think blogs are personal by nature and are often reflections of what is going on in the author’s life or past. If that seems “self centered” to you then I don’t think you will like blogs in general. If you can look at it as a mirror and a chance to reflect on your own life and your own past then you will see it can be very YOU centered. I think a lot of it depends on the outlook you bring to it.

      I would like to kindly suggest you try reading your words from another person’s viewpoint. I know you meant no ill will but I would like to share that when I read the words, “am so happy this was not part off my generation” they came across as very judgmental and from a position of feeling superior. I don’t really even understand exactly what you meant by that. (the mommy guilt part or what?) I am almost 50 (49) and am still raising young children – ages 7 and 3. So I found myself wondering what “your generation” really means relative to me.

      Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts. The post that I first read that brought me to Momastery was this one
      It moved me and made me cry and I became a fan of Glennon’s writing. (Part 2 is really good too).
      Sometimes she makes me laugh, sometimes cry, sometimes I can relate, sometimes I’m concerned about her and others she writes about and want to help, sometimes I feel like I can’t read any more prayer requests and stories posted on her facebook page because my heart/soul just can’t take on another hard story that day, other days I pray and donate money towards a van. Overall I find this blog/ fb page a good place to be, for me. It might not be for you. I hope that you find what you are looking for. Midlife brings a new perspective I think, especially when your children are grown. I’m betting there are other blogs out there that you might relate to more.
      Good luck in your search, Kerry

      • I really appreciate thé comments and i want to clarify that what i meant about my génération was that wé did not have social network and blogs and i al very happy about that. I also have tried to examine specifics about what rings phoney to me and part of it is thé cutesy words and thé over dramatic feel. It seems like that is thé reality show culture and this feels that way to me……and then i see à picture of Glennon with Mark Brunett Mr. Reality Show. I am also not à fan of organized religion and When i read over thé blog again those things jumped out. Again, i am just curious of thé pull of bloggers as oposed to listening to your own voice and i appreciate thé constructive comments and blog suggestions. I have followed Matt Louglin for several years and Enjoy his frank dialogue and no cutesy words have been added. I support his foundation and thé good work hé is doing along with Glennon. Sorry for thé spelling errors etc. I was typing on my phone with one eye shut.

  9. Someone help me..what am I missing? Why does this blog ring false and why does she seem so self involved? Sister, monkey….help me out folks?

    • She’s exactly who she is – as human as she can be. There’s lots of blogs in the world, it’s ok if this one’s not for you. We’ll love ya if you stay or if ya go.

      • I guess my question is whether you have found blogs that made you feel that way? And if so I assume you kept going and found something that spoke to your heart. Maybe blogs are just not my thing,although I did connect with one written by Matt Louglin.

    • there are other blogs that I cannot read. this one though, this one feeds my soul. I am an older mom with a five year old, I suffer from anxiety and panic, depression and an eating disorder and I come here because I am loved and accepted and never preached to. I hope you can find something good here but if not there are many other blogs out there. you might like The Bloggess unless you are easily offended.

      • That’s wonderful that you found a place you connect to. Will check out the one you suggested. Thanks, always open to suggestions. I think blogs just may not be my thing.

    • Are you new to Momastery?
      I am.
      Have been reading less than a year.
      What brought me to this place was a “love flash mob” email a friend sent me. The monkees were sending a family on vacation so their beautiful mother with stage 4 cancer could see her children play in the ocean for the first ,and only, time. The Monkees did it. In record time. Inspired by this blog.

      Love. I hope it’s not a generation thing.

  10. A little bit of a random question….is “Carry On Warrior” going to be available in Nook and Kindle?

  11. G, your fb vs. dad deal reminded me of this hilarious website. Have you heard of When Parents Text? Too funny:

  12. Baby Bobby is absolutely adorable.

  13. My monkees—

    A moment of encouragement: I was walking down the street with my 4 year old and he saw a baby bird walking on the sidewalk. We started talking about how the mama bird teaches her babies how to fly. My son turned up to me and said; “just like you are teaching me to fly, right mama?”. I don’t know what he taught that meant in his amazing little mind, but for me (and all of us) it was profound and beautiful. A perfect reminder that “YES” that’s exactly what I’m doing everyday. My fellow warriors, carry on… We are teaching our babies to fly.

  14. What happened to Theo?

  15. Oh my gosh, how cute is Monkee? I LOVE the photo Craig must have taken with his reflection and your “too happy to be guilty” face. I’m sure she loves Shakira even if she’s not a fellow Puerto Rican.

  16. How does one get invited to these N. Virginia speaking events? And can we hold some that are open to non-mothers as well? :) thanks for the regular inspiration. I find so much PEACE here!

  17. Great post. Chase is awesome — nothing like a kid to put you in your place. :)

  18. That picture of you getting busted is absolutely priceless! I’m so happy you got your puppy! Big smiles on my face for you!

  19. Love it all!

  20. I have spent the majority of today reading your blog. I am so thankful I came across it, you will never know how inspired I am by your words.

  21. THE book? You held the book??? I can’t wait for Spring. I love Lieutenant Dan. I wish I had known you were in VA, would have love to have listened to you again. Little Bobby is a gem. Be well!

  22. Yay! You got the Puerto Rican. Did you have THE talk? As in the this is my travel buddy talk?
    And oh how I wish mommy guilt would quit gabbing. I am trying dang it! Congrats on the book. You rock!

  23. Love the awesome smile on your face when Craig “busted” you. Great post as usual. Hugs to you and your family.

  24. So true about the undivided attention comment! My two are teenagers now and I’d always felt that if I didn’t give them “my all” I wasn’t being a good mother.
    Luckily I learnt that it’s okay to do things I wanted to and that they would still be okay.

    I’m not sure when this whole “pour yourself completely into whatever you are doing or you won’t have the desired outcome” attitude came in. I balance motherhood with running a business with my husband and working on my own creative projects- along with catching up with my girlfriends regularly! If I feel like taking a nap mid afternoon I do it without guilt:) Yes I’m still here for them but I’m my own person too!

  25. Sooooooooooooo stinking cute………..

  26. Glennon, you’re so funny. My grandma tells me how all the women in the neighborhood used to gather at one house, smoke, play cards, have coffee, while the kids played. I asked her what in the heck the kids did all day (since mine seem to need ME! ALL DAY!, to be entertained)…she looked completely blank and said “PLAYED, I guess.” I need a bridge group, STAT.

    • So true! I scratch my head sometimes. I was riding my Big Wheels motorcycle BY MYSELF ON THE ROAD when I was FOUR!!!! There is NO WAY I would let any of my kids at that age do that. For one, our neighborhood is vastly different. People drive like maniacs in our parking lot and don’t seem to care one iota for playing children. Hello, NoVA, workaholics!

      Sometimes I tell my kids, “It’s okay to go outside WITHOUT me! I’m just inside the house if you need me.” They’ve gotten used to it and don’t stray too far. It’s liberating for them and liberating for me.

      There’s a 12 year old boy in our neighborhood who has eyes for my 2 year old, though, so I am a little bit of a momma bear there.

  27. Oh, Glennon- such a sweet puppy. We have a similar dog- his name is Dan. It looks like your dog is a poodle/schnauzer cross. They are commonly called Schnoodles. They don’t shed and have the sweetest personalities ever. Congratulations on your book- nothing like a joy filled week of helping others!

  28. Glennon, what a treat to meet you while boarding our plane to Naples on Friday! It must happen to you all the time that a random chic stops to ask if you are THE Glennon?! Congratulations on all the many exciting changes happening. Including Monkee, how could you not love on that face? Keep writing, we love to hear from you!

    xx Sophie

  29. Glennon, I would have loved to have come to hear you speak if I had known you were going to be back in Virginia. I live in Loudoun County. Please tell us of your engagements before you head out so we can come. Maybe you did and I missed it though. That would totally be like me! Carry on Warrior. You are doing great work.

  30. I love how well Craig knows you and loves you for who you are!

  31. Glennon. I love you and your blog so much. I forward friends a link each time you have a new post. They’ve decided to call me a “Ge-vangelist.” I love being a monkee but Gevangelist is a pretty good synonym. Thought you’d appreciate.

  32. Best. Post. Ever. I had a stomach cramp from laughing at Chase saying that Shakira wasn’t from Puerto Rico and then tears when he tried to explain that the Puerto Rico is kind of part of the US. What a great great day for you and your family! I hope Monkee is adapting well. You saved her life :o)

  33. There have been so many amazing posts lately! It’s inspirational to hear you admit that you are a woman divided. That’s what I aspire to be. I’ve been so focused on just being a mother and have missed pursuing my creative passions that used to be a huge part of my life. Watching cartoons and playing with duplos isn’t as exciting to me as it is to my three year old:)

    I’m glad to hear things are going well for you and I look forward to reading the book!

  34. Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but Lt. Dan (Gary Sinise) is also a hero! I just watched a documentary about his Lt. Dan Band and his USO concerts. He devotes a tremendous amount of time to our troops, both here and overseas. He is a wonderful American Hero! Also pretty good-looking, if you don’t mind me saying so :)

  35. Trust me, undivided attention on kids does not make for healthy kids! You are teaching your children what is important in life by what you are doing. They are so incredibly blessed to have parents like you and Craig.

    Can’t wait to see what is in store for Monkee See Monkee Do!

    Please post where you are going to be when you start the book tour. You should be so proud of that accomplishment and I would really love to get a signed copy.

    Love the new Monkee … she is adorable. And last but not least, thank you for the new picture of Bobby. He just gets cuter!

  36. Love your little Puerto Rican!

  37. What happened to the other dog from Puerto Rico that looked like a large chihuahua?
    I could not agree more about firefighters but Lt Dan is also a real hero. Gary Sinese formed the Lt Dan Band and he travels the world playing for the troops. There is a documentary about it and everyone should see it. Please take the time to watch it, it reminds you that there are amazing people out there and once in a while a celebrity does something not for money or fame or attention, just because he wants to give back. I went through at least one box of kleenex watching and my husband went rhough his own.

  38. Woot-woot!! I’m feeling the love, G…and what a CUTE puppy!!!!!!!!!

  39. What beautiful, smiley faces in that family picture! You’ll treasure it forever.

  40. I could not possibly love you more. That is all. Sister on!

  41. “Neither job needs my UNDIVIDED attention to thrive.” – that really spoke to me, too!!

    That photo of the facebook convo has me literally Rolling on the Floor Laughing over here. (ROTFL, as they say.)

    Hey, I like that you and Kathy Kiely have profile pics in the comments. It makes the monkee comment area more personal. How does a monkee add a profile pic?

  42. <3 you, G! So proud of you and all the Monkees! :)

  43. I saw this post after coming home from a long run….really wanted to just read it, but forced my sweaty self to take a shower, make coffee, send husband out on an errand with one kid and put the other kid outside so I could have some QUIET. I like to SAVOR these posts all alone and then call my Monkee girlfriends to talk it over. Thanks, G! I needed this love-y time today!xoxo

  44. I am requesting that you come to Canada, to a little town called Lacombe, in the province of Alberta. There you will find a moms group also:) I would love to have you there to speak and share, but most of all for myself. So I could hug you and tell you face to face how much you have helped me and how much relief you have made me feel. There are not enough words to explain how your writing, your thoughts, your life have touched my spirit, which has made me carry on. Please come:)

    • Yes! Please do come to Lacombe! I’m not from there but live a few short hours away in Drayton Valley. I could bring an entire gang of warriors with me:-)

  45. Oh I love it. Thanks for the info update! Love hearing about all the wonderful things God is doing around here!!! Ah so great! Totally wishing I still lived in NoVa so I could have met ya – maybe another time / place.

    ps. keep up your hard work & snuggle that adorable pup!

  46. Thank you so much for including the firefighter heroes. Powerful stuff!

  47. Such great news. Love wins, indeed. I cannot wait to hold and then hand out copeis of the book to friends.

  48. As a writer trying–mostly unsucessfully–to balance parenting, writing, and teaching, I often have that “me too me too me too” feeling when I read your work. That is the surface level pleasure I get from reading your posts and blogs because they’re often so funny and relevant to me. The struggle from addiction, the steady faith in God, the ongoing quest to make the world a better place by helping one mama at a time–those are deeper elements of your work, some of which I don’t relate to personally, but which teach me, regardless, how to be a better human. That you do this through personal revelation and humor rather than preachiness is your gift. Thank you. I hope your book tour takes you to Madison (WI) so I can be at one of those sessions you describe above and meet you–and Monkee–in person. She is adorable. And Craig was right to follow you and, I think, fall a little in love with her himself!, right? :)

  49. I am sitting in Panera Bread with a Cafe Mocha in hand, dreading beginning my Q3 estimated taxes. This post made me laugh and relax – definitely needed. Thanks! And isn’t it awesome when everything just falls together, like it was meant to be? Maktub. :-)

  50. Thank you for coming to speak to MONA this past week! My friends and I had a wonderful time and your message was spot on and seemed to resonate with everyone there – THANK YOU! Best of luck in all of your adventures and I look forward to the book coming out! I hope one of your signings is back here in your hometown! Thank you!


  51. G ~ when will the general public be able to RUN to their current booksellers and get copies by the dozens??!!? I CANNOT wait!!

    LOL about Chase & his Geography smarts!!!! Welcome to the littlest monkey!!

    Just talking about some Mommy guilt last night ~ torn between a calling in my career, and being here enough for my own two ~ SO hard to juggle!!


  52. Congrats on a new family member! I just emailed you an article about a book on eating disorders for teen girls that’s recently been published. I have no affiliation with the book or the author just saw the article on Huffington Post and thought I would share with you. Haven’t read the book yet either so don’t judge my taste if it stinks! But if it doesn’t, maybe it will be a tool we mamas can use to help our little girl monkees through that crazy stage in life. Hope theo loves monkee and good luck!

  53. I am sitting here crying my eyes out right now. I am not even sure why. It really has been such a week… actually it may have been the last couple weeks honestly. I’m tired. I’m so tired and this big colorless hole is attempting to swallow me up. I come to our Monkee circle to know that even in my silly feelings I am not left alone, or ignored, or unimportant. I come here and I see “The State of Our Union” and I cry because I am so happy for you and your new puppy!! I am soo happy and jealous that you are out speaking places to mommas just like me. I am wishing and wishing that Kansas was somehow a destination area. I just want to have you over for dinner! Thank you for the work you have put into this place and our book and our hearts. Thank you for letting me be surrounded by Monkees and friends. We really all belong to each other and I am so glad! I love you Glennon. I love Monkees. I am sitting among my Monkees and friends and I am not letting any holes… colorless or not eat me. How can I pray for my Glennon and Monkees?

    • Me too. Let’s cry together at the brutifulness of it all!

    • Love you Hillary! You seem to be (you are), such a loving and giving person!

    • Dear Hillary,
      You are in my thoughts a prayers. You kindly wrote me back to a question I sent you via a fb message and welcomed me to Momastery. You always lift up other Monkees and Glennon in prayer. It is time we all returned that love, prayers and positive energy to you.
      God is right here always. (I just read “Right Here Always” by John Shore author/blogger and thought those words were so simple yet powerful.)
      May you feel that strength and love – it is RIGHT THERE with you ALWAYS.
      Love and hugs,

  54. So much love here. Beaming on a sunny Saturday morning. xo

  55. G, your timing is perfect as always! I’ve been a bit down and have been bouncing in and out of Momastery waiting to see what was coming next. I’m so tickled things are going so well. I can’t imagine the joy and wonder you must experience holding a labor of love in your hands for the first time.

    Well, actually, I guess I have an inkling. I imagine it must be at least a little like the first time I held my Bean. There is love and awe and a tiny, tiny bit of fear. We are going places, G. Momastery is making differences, huge differences to all sorts of people in my life. I can’t wait until more people hear our truth. Love wins! Life is brutiful. We can change the world without finding perfection in ourselves. Powerful.

    What a gift to have met and had Bobby blessed by such heroes. I teared up seeing their strong, handsome faces. Thank you, all those folks out there protecting and rescuing us. We owe you everything because you are prepared to give everything.

    Welcome to Monkee! I’m glad you have a new partner in crime, G. Thanks to Craig for his openness and patience. I hope the kids are enjoying her, too. Is Theo adjusting?

    I suppose I’m rambling. Glad to hear all the news. Love to you and yours, G, and to all we Monkees and all those folks who are Monkees-to-be without even knowing it. :)


  56. G-I can’t wait to hold my very on copy of Carry on Warrior! I’m so excited for you and all of us Monkees. Congratulations on your new family member – even if Puerto Rico is technically part of the US, I think you can count it as an International Adotion!

  57. Everything about this makes me so happy. Seriously, the tears are streaming but they are happy tears. (Have no idea why but I’m going to just run with it.) Have a super weekend lovin’ on the world, Monkees.

  58. :-). God IS good, isn’t He?!?!?

  59. So happy you got your dog!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us to help other monkees!!!

  60. So exciting! I wish I could see you when you’re here in Los Angeles!!! Oh, and I love the comment about Lieutenant Dan. :) I love the brightness and light you bring to my day. Thank you!!!

  61. Congrats on the new one. And everything else. It makes me so happy to know people are being helped through love.
    When I first started reading you a few years ago, I’d convinced myself that although I’m not a mother or wife, we were alike. And I truly still believe that, in the way I believe we all are and in the way we find certain kindred spirits in the world. But (of course, “but”) lately I feel less and less like I’m embraced here. I know that sounds bratty. I have been known to be so. And I love the thought of helping mothers, I do. I have helped countless children in my decade-long volunteer “career” and, subsequently, helped a lot of their mothers (foster children, neglected and abused children, etc.) so I feel like I understand at least a little why its so important for mothers and parents to get that support. But as I’m not technically “one of you” I’m feeling more and more as though this isn’t the place for me anymore. My own life has taken a tumble lately and maybe that’s it, but women supporting women used to feel like the focus more, or at least what I could relate to. Now it’s just “that thing you can’t understand because you’re not there” which I constantly tell my clients is a farce because perspective is the real problem and no two are ever alike and that can’t be what we strive for.
    I understand if you’ve had to narrow the focus. I get that. I mean, there can hardly be books and television shows including everyone, every life. I just sort of feel like the course split before I was ready.
    I appreciate what you do so very much. I have friends who’ve been saved a few times by your words from mommy guilt. So I thank you. I get what is going on here. And I embrace it, even as I’m not feeling so much a part of it any longer.
    I apologize this all came out here as a comment. I didn’t know it was coming either.
    Much love to you and yours. (Oh, PS- I come from a family of firefighters. They are incredible creatures. Thank you for thanking them.)

    • lesley. can you tell me more? this is so important.

      i want to hear more. first- why don’t you think you are one of us?

      second- is it the book and the LA talk? what about that is hurtful?

      i want to know everything. because if there is a blog that includes everyone – why can’t there be a book and a tv show that includes everyone?

      this is not MY place, it’s OURS. YOURS. And I want to understand your heart. Please, tell me more.

      Love, so much love.

      • Thanks, Glennon. And thank you, Hilary and Arleigh.
        I’m not leaving. I promise. It is not that I am hurt by any of it. The first ever lost I read was ‘On Faith’ and my first thought then and since was that as many people as possible needed to know Momastery and all this love was out there. And if that is in every form of media possible, I am happy. Don’t think that my own feelings stop me from being a supporter, please. That’s not it at all.
        I am not hurt, though I am crying now. But that’s normal for me. :) Thanks for your words and for trying to understand. I just felt division and although the grown-up part of me knows that’s all in me, the other part of me struggles with it. The “women matter because they are mothers” message is kind of corrupt in our society right now. It skips over a lot of women. While I know that’s not what you think or say, Glennon, it’s a thread I and women like me see everywhere.
        But this all reminds me better to try to understand others a little more. I do love mothers. So much. Thank you.

        • Also, I have typed all this on a tiny phone so if something doesn’t look right, I apologize. Thank you, again.

        • Thank you Lesley…for your honesty and bravery. I think it’s so easy for lots of us to get caught up in our own little bubble and forget. If I was honest I’d say one of the main reasons I’ve been visiting the safe, good place that is Momastery (an almost original Monkee here!) is for the reminder that I am a Woman, a Professional, a Mom and a Member of Something Bigger. I can lose myself in these posts because they feed whatever part of my soul needs filling on that day.

          I actually sometimes shy away from the Mom-ish posts a bit myself (even tho I have three kids!) because this place is my place to hide and find myself…especially on the days I want to be more than “just a Mom.” Even tho I love being a Mom, I need to be reminded that I am a lot of things and that the Mom part of who I am doesn’t completely define me. Many days the posts that resonate with me the deepest are the ones about being a woman, a servant, a friend, etc. That’s not to say that the Parenting ones don’t hit a place that needs hitting some days too…it’s just that there are days I miss the non-Mom ones too! You are not alone friend.

          So thank you Lesley, for putting this out there because your words hit the mark – even for us Moms. 😉


          • Wow, Colleen. Thank you. That is some full circle-ish stuff right there. I love it. I can’t really wrap my brain all the way around it yet, but I’m going to copy parts of it to help my clients when they are struggling trying to be even one thing, much less mom + more. Thank you.

        • i totally, totally agree lovie. i hear you. i kind of wish i had named this place everybodyastery.

          you are loved.

          • Perfect G. Everybodyastery…love it.

          • Thank you, Glennon. I do feel loved and accepted here. There’s just a whole lot else contributing to me feeling alone and left behind right now and I got afraid when I felt it here, because I never had before.
            Thank you, again.

    • Oh Lesley! No.. please don’t go! I don’t come here to be a mom or a wife… I come her to be a friend and woman. I am so sorry you are feeling left out! Oh Lesley! I’m crying for you and your hurt feelings!! (I’m sorta on a crying binge, so bear with me.) Lesley, you matter and you are one of us! We all come from so many different places! You said your life has taken a little tumble as of late… how can we help? How can we support and love on you? Please don’t go… you are wanted and needed here!

    • Sending huge doses of love your way, Lesley. You belong here. We need you here.

      In fact, because you’re not a mama, those of us who are mamas need your voice EVEN MORE than we need each other sometimes, because you can help us so much as we try really hard to not be “undivided”, like G was talking about at the beginning of this post. Sometimes the job of having little people gives us tunnel vision, which isn’t good for us. Speaking for myself, I know that I need my not-mama friends to help me keep my perspective – to help me remain a whole and balanced person who can have conversations about things that aren’t diapers and school and all that stuff that can otherwise take over. And when that stuff takes over, and I’m not nurturing my whole self, I can get in trouble.

      Thank you for the reminder of how important friends like you are to me.

    • Lesley, we are all Monkees, whether we are wives or mothers or not. I hope you find your place here and know you are loved and embraced. WE love YOU!!

    • To me it’s not about whether everyone here is a mom, but more about all of us mothering each other. I just moved and I made a new friend who does not have children; it is so refreshing to have her perspective and to talk about things other than schools, kid activities, and parenting challenges. I need her as my friend, and I think Momastery needs more Lesleys… I hope you won’t leave.

      • Thanks, Donna. I’m not leaving, I’m just struggling with how it feels to be here when I feel a gap. Or anywhere, for that matter. I really appreciate your words. I’m taking them to heart. Thank you.

    • Lesley – I so totally get it. I love G’s message of love. I love the idea of a love revolution. I love that there are so many important discussions taking place. But every once in awhile I just have to distance myself because I too am not a momma, and it’s hard to connect on that level.

      • Thanks for getting it, Victoria. It is hard to love something and also not really feel a part of it at times. But maybe that kind of is love, in a way. I don’t know.
        Thank you.

    • Lesley,

      Hey it’s another Leslie with an ie! When I read your post, it came to my mind an experience I had when I moved recently. I didn’t really know anyone very well and I felt like I didn’t really fit in anywhere. Back in February my husband had to have emergency surgery, all of our family live about 3 hours away, and I had no one that I felt like I could call for help with the kids. It was a very hard emotional time for me, and I just wanted to go home! But when people found out that I needed help and that I felt like I didn’t belong, they really showed up for our family in a big way. Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in our everyday that we forget to make sure others are doing okay. So please please don’t feel alone or like you don’t belong. This is a beautiful place for anyone who wants to be here and if you need some encouragement or have things going on that you need to discuss, please bring them. I don’t know you, but I am so glad that you and each and everyone of us is here.

    • Lesley – I’m not a momma, either – just a woman trying to leave a bit of a positive impact on this brutiful world somehow. I TOTALLY understand what you are saying. Totally. And just because we don’t have children doesn’t mean we don’t understand the daily struggles of these momma Monkees. But NOT all Monkees are mommas! Like you & me! But we can certainly come here to laugh, be inspired, and yes, to even cry. We are supporting each other. As women. As working women. As married women. As momma women. As young women. As old women. It’s like if we are all standing in a HUGE circle with our arms over the shoulders of the Monkees on either side of us – we are a TEAM. And anyone is welcome on our team. Because that’s what makes us interesting. And funny. And unique. Oh yeah, this is a VERY unique group. So darn special, too. OH, and we even now have a kanine in the crew! Seriously, how great IS THAT?? So we all belong, and we are all allowed to have feelings, and yours are validated. I so totally get you. While I don’t have kids – I am extremely involved in the lives of others – of helping their moms cope. I am convinced that is part of my mission here on earth. To help those moms teetering on the edge. Hold them back from going over. To hug them. To help them. To encourage them to go on. You do the same. So yes, you DEFINITELY belong here! BIG BIG HUGE HUG from your Monkee-friend, SZQ!

      • Thanks, Susie. It’s hard to feel like it’s enough sometimes. Dang. Do you think not-mommy guilt is like mommy guilt? Ugh. So over guilt and all it’s faces.
        Thanks for the encouragement. So much!

        • I hear ya, girlfriend. I know that feeling, too. You & me, we’ll be non-mommy guilt supporters! :-) I know there are so many other “guilt-ridden” areas in our lives with different relationships and interactions. (and not only am I not a mom, I am a very young retiree – more guilt! UGH). I feel that too, sometimes. First and foremost, look out for YOU. Your feelings are SO important – and I am so glad you shared them here with us. Hoping we can help you let go of some of that guilt. It’s a heavy load to carry, huh? Counting our blessings, every day. There are many. Some we don’t really even realize. Like you & me meeting up here! No-mommy Monkees! We might be the minority in that way, but not in being caring, considerate, empathetic, loving, nurturing women. You are loved and embraced and understood. RELAX! ENJOY this day! XO

    • Lesley,
      Just wanted to add my ((HUG))
      I’m still figuring out if I “fit in” sometimes myself.
      I would venture to guess that for every person that bravely posts something to the Momastery wall there are at least 10 others thinking, “Why can’t I feel that confident or why am I so self conscious?” or ” Maybe I’m only sort of a Monkee – maybe I’m just a “Fan of Momastery” (would that be a FOM?)
      Thanks for taking the time to share your feelings.
      Love to you

  62. “I am a woman divided. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”. Thank you for that. You are wonderful. I love that puppy!

  63. may i suggest your lovely sister try an ergonomic baby carrier for baby bobby? the baby bjorn is stylish and oh so popular, but the baby is positioned in a manner that is not favourable to his development. plus, the weight is distributed on the parent in a way that HURTS. in the baby bjorn the baby is held up by his groin, putting unwanted strain on the area. his legs and arms are dangling. not great. the weight is put on the parent’s shoulders (even with the fancier model that has the back support).
    there are tons of carriers that are ergonomic, that support a baby’s developing muscles and bones, that distribute weight evenly. a few suggestions: ergo baby, slings, wraps such as moby wrap or sleepy baby, mei tei’s, etc.
    jsut please, mamas, lay off the baby bjorn. they do have a kick ass, celebrity endorsed marketing team. but as far as looking out for our babies physiology, not so great

  64. Got nuthin but love for you, G! xoxoxo

  65. oh G, i can feel your excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s so good to see you happy and healthy(ish?) and downright giddy about all of these amazing things! as my 3 year old says, “you make my heart so happy” (yeah, she’s totally ripping of kai lan, but it’s still sweet).

    these lines…
    “I’ve got work to do and kids to raise and honestly, neither job needs my UNDIVIDED attention to thrive. There is nothing about me that is undivided and there never will be. I am a woman divided. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”
    …pretty much sum up me! i love when you put it in a way that makes sense this brain of mine :)

    love you warrior!!!

  66. NOT ABOUT ME, SUE. ABOUT US!!! US US US!!! It’s NOT ME. No no no. It’s the Love Movement people are noticing and loving. Love Wins. THAT’S what they’re noticing. I love you.

    • Yes, I hope it remains that way, but it seems to me that the media will fixate on YOU. You are the leader in a sense so your name and face are the ones that will be the “hook.”

      I’m sure THE message can get through because it seems like you are committed to the Truth at the Source; I just hope that the focus remains on the WE, the CONNECTION – because it is easy for that to get lost when there is one voice at the helm. I guess that’s why I can see how some people are feeling confused.

      Very exciting news for you, though! Embrace the flow!

  67. I just want to tell you I was wearing my LOVE WINS sweatshitrt out to dinner lastnight at Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton…you remember them…and at the table next to us was a woman wearing a LOVE WINS tee shirt…we hugged, like we were long lost friends and talked about you a bit. You’re everywhere, Glennon :) The big shots in Hollywood are right about you.

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