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  55 Responses to “Something I Told Myself the Other Day, While Watching the Kiddos Play”

  1. We are convinced We’ve look at this very same form of affirmation elsewhere, it should be more popular with the people.

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  3. As I read these responses, I was amazed that parents now feel guilty for training their children. Do it now,” raise them in the way they should go”. Yes it is hard, yes it is constant, but the more you correct them now, the less you will have later, and the more successful life you will both have. We all think our children are the cutes, brightest on the planet, but trust me, the rest of the world does not share your indulgence. I taught for 22 years and the indulged, worshiped, self centered child, does not enjoy life in the real world, nor does anyone around them. Don’t appologize for disciplinging your children, you, they and everyone around you will appreciate it!

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  5. Love, love, love this. I made it my screen saver on my computer. I have two fantastic kiddos. My husband and I both teach, and sometimes I think we are too hard on our kids because we see all of the not so great things kids can do. I really need to stop and remember how wonderful and precious my two already are. They are great kids and I need to tell myself that every day – even when I feel like selling them :)

  6. I love this. When I became a single mom I quickly learned to lower my expectations. The amazing joy that has come from this is that I love parenting so much more than I used too. I am so much more relaxed and so are my sweet beasts. Yee Haw for imperfection and spontaneity. I am able to see my kids as little human beings, not what I want to mold them into. Life is good.

  7. Where did this post go?! I can’t access it.

  8. SUCH good advice! And just when I needed to remember to widen my focus; thank you!

  9. This is something to remember every day! Thank you!

  10. Love it! Definitely a good thing to remind myself every now and then.

  11. Love, love, love it!!!! And if it is ok, I just may steal it and pass it on :)

  12. Love, love, love it!!!! Oh yeah, I may have to steal it if that is ok?!!

  13. Ok, you just brought tears to my eyes. That is SO true!

  14. LOVE.so important to remember, constantly ~ Thank you, Smile…

  15. May I have permission to print this on photo paper so I can frame it and hang it?

  16. Oh kids! So crazy and in your monkee’s phrase “brutiful” moments…I used that in a post today:) It’s a great word! Thanks for this. Good thoughts!

  17. So hard to remember this when, after being impressed that your 3-year-old wanted to brush her teeth in the middle of the day, you go to the washroom 2 hours later and find that she popped the plug into the sink and the water is running (very slowly … but that doesn’t matter at this point — there’s half an inch of water covering the entire floor). lol — then she asks me this morning why the mat isn’t on the floor. BECAUSE IT’S WET AND WON’T DRY OUT FOR A WEEK! (no, I didn’t yell that at her … thought it though)

    Sometimes you just have to chant, “Children are a blessing” to yourself until you can see that they’re “a good kid” 😉

  18. A moment after reading this, I wrote it down and put it on my fridge. EXACTLY what I needed…..thank you.

  19. This is such a great reminder! I often get so frustrated and so worried about how my kids will turn out. Success in school can be a big struggle. Doing well (or not well) in school does not make my kid a good kid. He is a good kid because he is kind and curious and loving and artistic. I need to help him (and me!) understand that test scores do not define him.

  20. I am a single mom of 4 kids and there are times I get caught up in thinking that people out there in the world are judging me based on my kids behavior. But then I stop and ask who are “they”…the elusive “They” that we are all so worried are judging us…Like you said..we should instead think about what our kids see reflected in our words and actions. Do they see US judging THEM instead?? Oh how that must hurt. Thanks for this reminder!

  21. I truly believe that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I needed this today. Tears streamed down my face as you reminded me of the magic that is – and always has been – in my children – even when I am at the end of my rope. Thank you for the reminder Glennon. You truly speak God’s words.

  22. I love this! I wish I had seen this many years ago.

  23. I like it

    love and light

  24. Sometimes I will have to say that to myself. I feel like such a horrible mom some days.. Emma be still, Emma be quiet, Emma stop hitting your sister, Emma go get a paper towel for the juice you spilled. Then I miss the moment when she looks at me and says I love you. Emma is an amazing little girl. I hate that I forget that sometimes. Thank you for the reminder.

  25. Excellent advice. My Dad’s always telling me to keep the big picture in mind, we are moving in the right direction, we’re learning, we’re blessed…things, including the kids, are good.

  26. Glennon, this brought instant tears to my eyes. Thank you, thank you for posting this when I needed to read it. Our son, our dear, sweet, beautiful 6-year-old, is starting his path toward an ADHD diagnosis. My head is glad that we’ll soon have tips and tricks to try and help him. My heart is sad that it will soon become an official battle and he will gain an undesireable title. I’ve always wanted to scream to the world (at least to those in our direct vacinity) that he IS a good boy. Just a boy who didn’t get his impulse-control feature.

    • I feel you pain! We are on the fence right now about whether or not to head down that path ourselves with our 6 year old son… so many helpful things can come out of getting that “label” figured out, but so scary too… not wanting to create limits on his potential in the eyes of others. I wish you good luck and hope there is some relief in pin-pointing a “reason” for his struggles that will help everyone approach the situation from a place of understanding, rather than frustration (though I KNOW how frustrating it can be!) Just read a really great book that helped us immensely called “The Explosive Child” – it blows all other parenting methods out of the water when it comes to a child with impulse control difficulties and overwhelming anger/frustration levels that go from 0 – 100 in 2 seconds. All the best to your family :)

    • Robin, I have two ADHD boys myself. Be glad there is help for what he has…there are medicines, and behavioral therapies, and food moderation…I know it’s hard but you will soon find what works for your boy and what doesn’t. You have done him the biggest favor…my one son went through 1st grade before he got his diagnosis…and he thought he was a bad boy who was just stupid. It has affected his self-confidence…an official diagnosis is a GIFT…because while you don’t have to use it as an excuse, at least he will know it is something that he can’t help.

      • Robin, I have an ADHD son and when we diagnosed him it made me realize that he is the best boy but his diagnosis gets in the way. It also helps me remember that I have a daughter that needs some attention too! And Mama L. I feel everything you just said. You spoke my life…lol

  27. As we begin our summer vacation, these are truly words to live by! ty! Hugs!

  28. This is a great perspective for our rainy afternoon….(as cabin fever sets in and I can feel my voice getting too loud and too many No! Stop!! comments


  29. Such a wonderful statement. Fortunately, I am often reminded about the goodness of my littles in tangible ways…tear jerking letters written to others about their perception of me, unexpected examples of good table manners, the unsolicited exchange of “I love you’s” between siblings, etc. These things usually happen when I least expect or deserve it. Somehow, they just know when I need to know I’m doing a decent job raising great humans :-)

  30. Dammit, Glennon, why do you and your Monkees’ comments always make me tear up. You are so close to real…..you are real…you strip it bare.

  31. That. is. awesome!

  32. Shared over at Google Plus.

  33. Perfect for “Pinning,” so I did! Good advice, Glennon.

  34. Luv it….you could apply this to just about everything. it’s easy to get caught up in doing it perfect when if fact it already is. blessings to you.

  35. This is a great reminder of what is truly important…As a single mum of four children, sometimes it is easy to get too caught up in making sure I am doing a good enough job raising them all, without stopping to simply appreciate the wonderful little people that they each are :)

    Thankyou for sharing so much of yourself on your blog ~ I find you very inspirational ♥

  36. Can I cheat and comment on the previous post? Mother Teresa’s quote?

    Cuz I was talking about your blog to a friend yesterday in church, and I told her that although you and I don’t share the same doctrine, always, (and honestly I wish you believed all the same things I did because then I wouldn’t feel scared that maybe I’ve been believing the wrong stuff) we do share the strong belief that Jesus teaches that love is most important. And that to love God is to love your neighbor. And I told her that you do a good job of loving your neighbor. A better job, if your posts truly reflect your daily reality, than I do. So even though your doctrine sometimes scares me, I want you to know that I’m going to keep reading your blog.

    You drive me closer to God by convicting me of my smallness and reminding me of his largeness. Thank you for persevering in the presence of persecution … and I’m sorry if I’ve sometimes been one of the persecutors.

    • this was a beautiful and honest comment and i’m glad you shared!

    • You’ve expressed how I feel, too. You said it more succintly than I could. Thank you for putting my feelings into words.

      Thank you, online community, for all the real-ness. It’s so refreshing.

    • what a beautifully honest remark. may we all find people that challenge us to be the people we want to be. it’s not always easy and most people will take the easier path. thank you for sharing.

    • “You drive me closer to God by convicting me of my smallness and reminding me of his largeness.”

      What a beautiful way of putting it — thank you for sharing that.

  37. Love, love, love this!!!!! You are such a wonderful, creative person. A true blessing to so many lives including mine!! Monkee love!!

  38. I just LOVE THIS! I think I will print this off and post them all over my house. :) Thanks for the reminder.

  39. Great reminder for all moms! Such words of comfort…. and Hope! In all the chatter on this planet that’s spoken every day I’m glad your loving voice is heard! xxooxx

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