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So, this is the thing. Christians are always talking about how since He was God, Jesus was the only person who ever walked the Earth without sinning. They say Jesus was sinless, perfect.

Okay, BUT. That’s our perspective today. That is a post-resurrection perspective.

When Jesus was living out His life on Earth, most folks thought of Him as Sinny McSinnerton.
Jesus – although He was a devout synagogue-going Jew- appeared to be walking around purposely breaking the laws in the Torah. This was nothing short of scandalous at the time. Scandalous enough to get a guy crucified. Because the Torah is the book that the Jews in that day (and today) view as The Sacred, Inerrant Word of God. A faithful Jew did NOT stray from the rules in that book. Especially the religious leaders of that time, the Sadducees and the Pharisees. They PRIDED themselves on how closely they clung to these laws. Understandably.

Then along came Jesus. Jesus healed people on holy days, interacted with unclean women, hung with folks from the wrong side of the tracks, and told the world that some of the most religious folks were actually the most wicked folks around.* The religious leaders of the day were absolutely scandalized. Here was a RABBI, openly defying the rules CLEARLY WRITTEN IN THE TORAH. The WORD OF GOD. Jesus appeared to be demonstrating a blatant disregard for what appeared to be the rules.

The Pharisees confronted Him with this apparent treachery time and time again. They continuously tried to catch him breaking the rules, then demanded He explain himself. Once, when Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath (BIG NO, NO. NO – working on the Sabbath- as clearly stated in the Torah) the Pharisees said AHA! How can you justify doing that? It’s clearly stated as wrong! Right here- in black and white! In the Torah, the Sacred Jewish script- and you call yourself a Jew!

And Jesus said, “If one of your lambs was stuck in a hole on the Sabbath . . . wouldn’t it be the right thing to get him out? Wouldn’t you do that for your lamb? And aren’t people much more important than lambs?” **

In other words: Isn’t there a law of love in our hearts that overrides the individual laws in our books? Is there not? Jesus knew there was, because He created their hearts. He was asking them to trust their conscience. To trust the Love He put in their heart. To use not only their scripture, but common sense.

This sort of talk made the religious leaders nervous. What would happen if everyone just started walking around, following the laws of Love?? For one thing- they might’ve been out of a job. They were terrified. That happens – you know – when common folk start to question established rules; start to raise their hands and ask permission to look at things differently.  Questioners get SQUASHED. Or crucified, or humiliated, or hushed, because people in power get nervous. But in response to the religious leaders fear and anger about the “rule changing” –  Jesus says something interesting. He says, “I have not come to abolish the law, I have come to fulfill every letter.” But he promises this WHILE He’s clearly breaking the little laws. So what did He mean by that?  Could He have meant that there is an Ultimate Law, a law that starts to rise at the first page of every sacred script and falls on the last page like rainbow? A law that’s stamped into our hearts and weaved into all of creation?  Could that law be LOVE? Could Love be the law we are to follow, when in doubt?  Even when if it means breaking a smaller law? Just like Jesus did, again and again and again???

And so I just wonder…what form would Jesus take if he came back to Earth again? If the form He chose last time is any indicator, He’d appear as someone whom religious leaders and we common people would least expect. Last time, they were sure He’d come as a powerful king and He arrived as an homeless infant.  I wonder what He’d say, who He’d befriend, how He’d live, WHO He’d be this time around? Again, if past behavior is indicative of future behavior- His way of being and friends and every word He said would scandalize and challenge the religious folks of today, and He’d walk around breaking THE WORD OF GOD for Love. He would challenge and change all of our perceptions about who is in and who is out and He would ask us to fulfill the law, not by nitpicking isolated scriptures that have been translated by humans for centuries but by soaking in and understanding His entire message. The whole rainbow. LOVE.


How would He hammer His LOVE GOD AND YOUR NEIGHBOR message into our heads today, in this time, in this culture, in this country? Who are God’s children in this day and age that might be considered the least of these, the oppressed, the disenfranchised, the people religious leaders are least likely to embrace? How would He turn the religious world upside down once again?

I think Jesus would come back as a poor, black, gay teenage girl.

I’ve been reading scripture and observing the world around me for a decade and this is the ONLY prediction makes sense to me.

So I think all you folks waiting for the second coming should leave your pews and start hanging out on Skid Row or the high school LGBT meetings.  Because often Love looks nothing like what we expect.

God, I love my counter culture, subversive, scandalous Jesus.

I love you, every single one of you. Even the ones who are frantically trying to find the UNFOLLOW button.

Love forever.


Post script…

I sent this to a friend who is also a speaker/writer/author…she sent the following, which i love-

When Jesus taught that all the laws and the teachings of the prophets hang on two commands – love God, love your neighbor – he was giving us a rubric through which to judge the validity/necessity of all our other rules and regulations. So, for example, “thou shalt not bear false witness” usually sticks because, it’s hard to love God or love your neighbor when you’re lying to them. Same goes for “thou shalt not covet.” It’s hard to love your neighbor when you’re jealous of his stuff. But “thou shalt not wear a material mixed of wool and linen”? Whatever purpose that law once held no longer serves to help us love God and our neighbor today. Similarly, “remember the Sabbath and keep it holy,” indeed helps us love God and our neighbor, until we elevate that law above God and our neighbor themselves (hence, the lamb in the pit story).

I think this is what John meant when he wrote that “everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.



* Luke 11: 39-46 Matthew 23: 2-36

**Matthew:  12: 9-14

***Matthew 23: 37-40

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  1. I know this blog is geared for moms, but this dad is getting a lot of it as well! Thank you for sharing this post.

    I’ve actually been a pastor for the past 10 years and this is obviously one of the biggest issues facing our culture & church today. I especially loved your introduction and how you drew perspective to Jesus from a “post-resurrection” point of view.

    We (Christians) seem to have such strong moral and biblical opinions about an issue until we realize that our friend, family member, or child turns out to be opposite than what we believe. Our perspective changes when we stop seeing people as “issues” and begin to see them as human. Jesus seemed to have this down.

    Your post drew me closer to, Him. Thank you.

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  3. God is love.
    That’s what I always say and live by.
    Thank you for saying this and sharing this.

    My older brother grew up in a small upstate New York town in the 1980s. He experienced so much hatefulness that he left right after high school and rarely comes home. It hurts me that some people hate him for this, and some purposely would hurt him for this. He’s a wonderful person who now has a wonderful husband. He volunteers and works with non profits raising money to help suicide prevention and go end homelessness and sex trafficking. He does gods work helping the poor and disenfranchised. He would not say this but that’s how I see it.
    Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Being who you are isn’t a “sin” it’s s beautiful gift. May God bless everyone, and help fill their hearts with love and good deeds❤️

  4. I love you. God bless you. My heart is full of love and I feel empowered to go and stand with more of the oppressed. Wow, you totally nailed it with this. It is perfect! Just perfect! I can’t even think straight because of how much admiration and love I have for you for writing this. You somehow articulated my theology and my entire reason for being in a Christian in this one essay. God Bless you. Ok, now I will go and cry my tears of joy for the happiness this article brought me. Thanks!

  5. this post is beautiful and uplifting.
    thank you for sharing.
    i am so glad i recently found your blog,
    as you have many talents.
    peace, katie

  6. I believe we should love all people. All people are created by God and loved by God. All people commit sin. God send his son Jesus to die for our sins to reconcile us to him. There is no question whether we are to love one another. There is no question that all sinners can be saved by accepting Jesus as their Savior. There is also no question, to me, what the Bible says regarding homosexuality. I have gay friends and I love them. They are God’s children. He loves them. He wants them to be reconciled to him through Christ. But he does not love their sin, just as he does not love my sins or your sins, or anyone’s sins. To simply ignore the scriptures that are very clear on this subject is impossible for me to do. For this reason, I would like to share those scriptures. Maybe some of you have never read these scriptures and can ask God to help you discern what he intended as truth when you read them.
    I post this with love and no judgment, for we all have sinned and fall short. I love my gay friends just like I love my friends who lie, cheat, and steal. But God calls us to turn away from our sins. I felt compelled to share these scriptures because I feel many make assumptions about what is or isn’t in the Bible. If you want to know what is really in the Bible on this subject, these scriptures are there. They are there whether you believe what they say or not. I personally simply cannot ignore parts of the Bible and also say that I believe the Bible is the word of God.

    Lev. 18:22 “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”
    Lev. 20:13 “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them.”
    1 Cor. 6:9-10 “Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God: Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”
    Rom. 1:26-28 “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.”

    Lastly, I would like to say that we are all unrighteous. And the only way any of us will inherit the Kingdom of God is through our Savior Jesus Christ.

    Peace and Love to all of you and all of God’s Children.

  7. I do love your blogs but I have a problem with this one, and it’s the main problem with churches today and what they are preaching. Jesus would NOT come back as a homosexual because he cannot sin. The Bible CLEARLY states, in the Old and New Testament, that homosexuality is a sin…. just look at Sodom and Gomorrah. But homosexuality isn’t the only sin… it’s just one out a litany mentioned. People need to stop justifying and actually READ the Bible. We are to love the sinners (we are ALL sinners – Romans) but not excuse the sin. Read your Bibles, people… PLEASE.

    • The sin in Sodom has nothing to do with homosexuality, as we use that term (i.e., somebody attracted to the same gender). The Bible states that God decided to destroy Sodom because the people there were “utterly evil” but he would not destroy that place if there were ten godly men there. The Bible does not say why God knew the town was utterly evil, but it does state that God sent two angels there to make sure before destroying the place. Lot invited the angels to stay with him, but that night, the men of Lot–young and old–demanded to be able to rape God’s angels. The raping of angels (or men) is not homosexuality.

      Regardless, the Bible states so many rules and sins, including perhaps the scariest and most broad, “Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4:17. In Luke 6:30, Jesus tells us to “Give to everyone who asks of you.” But none of us do this all the time. By failing to obey this, we sin. My point is not to disregard the entire Bible because we sin constantly, my point is that the New Testament changed ALL the rules where love is now the key. We love God and each other. And we keep striving to be more loving to each other.

  8. I think he’d probably be a poor, black, gay teenage girl who was also an illegal immigrant.

  9. As someone who was raised in a very strict religion, I have struggled for years and years and YEARS to reconcile my church’s teachings with what I feel in my heart to be right. Thanks for having the courage to share this. It helps me realize that truth shouldn’t feel gross or make me ashamed to admit that I am trying to believe it. When it is goodness, you feel it and it makes you happy. This article makes me happy.

    • Yes, Kristi. I have struggled too. I am not gay but I don’t agree with the teachings of my former church on this issue. I was filled with so much angst over it that I left. But I have never left Jesus. Thank you Glennon. This essay is so powerful and courageous. And filled with love.

  10. I hope you can find the strength to take off this one last cape, for you the cape of all capes, Christianity.

    • I could never find the words, but I think this all the time. This blog and your writing speak to me all the time, I echo your words in my own life, and filter them for the God spin always wondering this same thing.

  11. We don’t really know much about who the celibate-Jesus was attracted to. Maybe that’s just the point. He loved all people equally. He embraced al sinners and called them ALL to a better life. Whether it was the woman caught in hero adultery or the poor, black, gay teen girl caught in homosexual adultery – “go and sin no more”

  12. why is there a picture of a man with a large nose sniffing a pair of floating testicles at the begining of this article? thanx

  13. Thank you for this perspective. Above all else, I know Jesus would read it and smile. Who better to understand this challenge to conventional wisdom than the ultimate Challenger?

  14. You go Girlfriend!

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  18. This is what happens when questioners question…

    Carry On Warrior. LOVE WINS!

  19. As Christians, we are called to love God and to love people. This principle should be applied to all aspects of our life. I have two members of my family that live as homosexuals and I love them, but it doesn’t mean that I condone their lifestyles. I strongly disagree with the author’s take on Jesus and His ministry of love. It is absolutely true that He chose to hang out with those who were deemed unworthy by the religious majority of the day. It is also true that He loved all people. For God so loved the “whole” world that He gave His only Son, that whomever believed in Him would not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16)

    However, when you read of the miracles that He performed or the conversations that He had with those outcasts, there is always something that He adds – “Go, and sin no more!” Be it the woman at the well who had been married several times and was living in adultery at that time, the paralytic whom He healed by the pools at Bethesda, the lame man who was lowered through the roof by his friends, one thing was abundantly clear – Jesus was concerned with their lives being lived in such a way that they did not continue to live in sin. His statement to them was not a mere suggestion; it was an imperative statement. Jesus Christ, being both fully God and fully man, understood the effects of sin and the penalty of that sin being death. The smaller rules that he had disdain for were a result of the idolatry that was present in the life of the religious elite. It was not the rules themselves that He sought to get rid of, but the heart of the matter – the sinful self-righteousness that was used to burden the Jewish people.

    The Bible condemns all acts of sin and very clearly states that the wages of sin is death. The type of sin does not matter and homosexuality is no different than a heterosexual having sex outside of the intended boundaries that God established. If a person does not repent of their sin then they will be subjected to God’s final judgement. Anyone who lives a life of lust and adultery is guilty of sin and must repent and turn from their sins if they want to escape this everlasting judgment. Our sins are what convict us and if you affirm that Jesus is God then He cannot contradict Himself. He would not condemn homosexuality in the Old Testament (even to the point of destroying cities because of their sexual practices – both homosexual and heterosexual) and then say it doesn’t matter in the New Testament.

    Sin is present in all of us. Ultimately, we were all “born this way”. Jesus calls us all to repent, to turn from our own selfish desires and idolatrous behaviors, and to follow Him. To all of us He commands, “Go, and sin no more!”

    • Hmm…I wonder why Jesus never “healed” anyone of their homosexuality. If it was so important and all. Also it’s beyond presumptuous to suggest that gays in general live lives of lust and adultery.

    • I have been a Christian for over 20 years. Most of that time was spent trying to find a “church home” as I was commanded to do when I first got saved at a CCM concert. I have heard this time and time again…about being sinful, blah, blah, blah. It never helped me get closer to God. It never helped me to stop sinning. It is a message that does not encourage at all. It is a message that leaves the listener feeling like they will never be good enough no matter what they do. Since this is something a lot of people are saying now I believe it is not a healthy way to speak to others. Jesus was led with love, not condemnation. He didn’t start out saying “Go and sin no more”. He started out with knowing their hearts and what they needed in their lives. Once Jesus touches our hearts we don’t need PEOPLE telling us what to do with our lives. I wish I never tried to find a church because church after church only taught me that I am just a filthy sinner and nothing more. Once I stopped going to church and just started seeking God directly on my own, I have learned so much more then all the years dedicated to trying to do things the church way. I can relate to what is being said in this blog. Shortly after I started on my spiritual journey alone I started asking God about the whole gay issue. All I ever heard was that they are sinners and that God would bring judgement on America because of them, just like he did in Sodom and Gomorrah. See, up until I ventured out on my own I hadn’t really known the problems that existed for gays. I had known some gays but they didn’t seem to be stressed as if they were persecuted for being gay, so I had no idea the horror that some had lived through. One day I was on this forums site that I used to visit. It was a tight group. Well, this one guy who had always made me laugh and smile with his posts opened up about the abuse he suffered just for being gay. This was the first time I became aware of something like this. He said that he gets jumped by skinheads just because he is gay. I was saddened that this sweet guy gets jumped just for being himself. Then I got a revelation. The church isn’t any different. They abuse gays with the Bible. Gays are going to bring God’s judgement on America. Gays are vile. Blah, blah, blah. I was sick to my stomach with this revelation. I had to go directly to God. I asked him to tell me what HE has to say on the matter. I didn’t get an answer for a while and I didn’t give up. Finally one day when I was alone and it was quiet he said one thing to me. Love. It’s amazing how one word can seem so complex. God is love. We cannot say we are his if we do not act in love. When people see that God loves them that is all they need. My life is so much better now that I don’t live by this whole “I am a sinner; I am not worthy” kind of philosophy. I didn’t become a haughty person just because I stopped focusing on being a sinner. The opposite happened. I have been humbled by the fact that I was so wrong for so many years. I see people differently…I see them the way God sees them. I was bullied as a kid. All the years in church never showed me how to actually forgive people. I figured it out on my own. I imagined the abusers one at a time in my mind and said aloud…I forgive you. When I was done with that I claimed loudly that these incidents are of my past. They do not dictate my present anymore nor will the determine my future. I surrendered the victim role. I was free. Then God took me a step further. He showed me that he loved them. Even the man who molested me as a child. I cried so hard that I fell asleep. For the first time I saw that EVERYONE is his creation and that he truly does love everyone. Who am I to judge another person’s life no matter what they have done if I have a God who sees past their “sins”??? And if that is the case then who am I to even judge myself? I live for his love, so that is what I get. I live for loving others, so that is what I do. If I live for his judgement, then that is all I will get. Not literally, but my mind and heart are only going to wrap around judgement. You get out of life what you put into it. Love. It is action. Love. It is freedom. Love. It is acceptance. Love is all you need.

    • There are none so blind as those who speak only what they hear. Chris wasn’t listening to anything but Chris’s own voice here, so let me break it down for this blind soul. “Go & sin no more” is only a command given by God to the sinner and above all else, Jesus made it clear each and every time that faithful who believed they were in the right were just as guilty. Chris is such a great example of how small the mind can be some 2,000 odd years later and how humanity, no matter how well intentioned, chooses to honor their own self serving beliefs above all else. There is always room for discourse, but pretending to understand sin is a task of a fool. Trying to love, above all else, sin or no sin, is the hardest of tasks our Christ asks of us. (including Chris)

    • Amen and amen. Well said!

    • Thank you for sharing, Chris.

  20. Glennon- I read your posts and laugh, think and find hope. I love what you say here.

    What I see in the comments is the conflict of: is homosexuality a sin or is it not a sin? That seems to me to be at the heart of this topic you have so bravely written about. Is it a sin or not? I don’t think you or I can convince anyone of anything different from what they believe about that. But in my heart of hearts, in my soul, I absolutely know that it is not a sin. To have it compared to alcoholism or prejudice or greed or any actual sin is just plain insulting! I am not gay but I just know – and yes I trust my God-given knowing.

    God has way bigger fish to fry than worrying about 2 men or 2 women loving each other and wanting to be together. Sure it gets messy and hard and hurtful, just like heterosexual relationships. But there is nothing inherently wrong in being gay (or bisexual or transgendered). We are imperfect and needs God’s grace all the time, but not because of sexual orientation.

    • Nothing but love to you Anne, but I have to disagree with alcoholism being a “sin” because it is a disease… treating it as sin is what keeps people using.

      The answer to everything.. everything at all… is freedom from all guilt. We are all varying degrees of sick, we are all varying degrees of guilt ridden, ego driven mortals. Underneath it, we are actually all Jesus: sons and daughters of God, we just don’t see it. Whether we are the gay, poor teenage, girl.. or the richest, most conservative man alive… we are all one. We just don’t feel it, maybe, we feel separate. Ask to feel love for yourself totally and then love for your neighbor is inevitable because we are our neighbors. Ask to see it and feel it… we will all feel the light. Love IS all you need.

  21. Glennon, I have followed your blog with excitement and interest for quite a long time. Sorry for never replying! I am a British girl living in South Africa aiming to reach out to the poor. I am part of a church plant and I currently work in a rape crisis centre and run a pregnancy help centre (this is all just an introduction)
    I have totally loved and appreciated your fresh approach to love and how we apply this. The love revolution is so needed and I delight in Love wins! It really does.
    My slight concern is that this article could be interpreted to suggest Jesus was in fact not sinless. My concern here is if that is the case, then his sacrifice is not enough for me!
    I was totally full of sin, I needed a perfect atonement, nothing less would do. No-one else could take my punishment cos they needed their own.
    Perfect, lavish love was demonstrated because he that deserved no punishment took mine.
    I have no knowledge of your theology apart from what I interpret in your beautiful blog. But for me I am whole heartedly convinced that he was sinless! Totally radical, wild in his love but beautifully holy or he wasn’t cleansing.
    But the beautiful truth of the new covenant is that all of the old has been satisfied~ I can now eat deer and goat (if I wish) and still hang out with people at that time of the month and still be totally loved and accepted by him. In fact even if I am in sin I am STILL accepted and loved by him, because of Jesus. I am sanctified by his perfection.
    Thanks so much for your blog, we love it.
    P.s. if you get a chance check out something called sozo, I think you’d love it. xxx

  22. I agree that Jesus would come as someone we least expect is a way that would blow all of our preconceived notions. However, he was sinless and he didn’t break the law so so much as he broke the crazy rules the Pharisees had added to the law. But then Jesus did something even crazier….he stepped up the demands of a pure life: gaze on a woman with lust? It’s the same as adultery. Harbor hatred in your heart? It’s the same as murder. Jesus would and does undoubtedly love every single person walking this earth, black, white, muslim, christian, gay, drug addicted, pimp, prostitute, politician. But he also pulls no punches. The law is perfect and we are not…which is why we need Him. He didn’t make excuses or negate the law. He fulfilled the law and so we need Him…desperately we need him…black, white, Muslim, Christian, gay, drug addicted, pimp, prostitute, politician…everyone. We need him. And we need Him to know how to live out this “law of love” because without Him we will inevitably pervert that too into something that serves our own selfish, human nature. His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways.

    • I don’t think Jesus mentions sins because he wants us to feel like sinners and be reminded that we are sinners. I think he does it for those who say that they haven’t done this or that. If we see that things are listed as sins then we can either acknowledge that we have done whatever it is or not, and that there won’t be any excuses. I don’t think Jesus wants us to focus on that, as if that is the way to live, though. And I really don’t believe we are supposed to constantly remind others that they are sinners. It isn’t productive. Love is what Jesus did. He came to those who knew they were living a certain way; who had been rejected and seen as just filthy sinners by the extreme religious people. Are we supposed to be like the Sadducees and Pharisees or are we supposed to be like Jesus? This blog points out the distinct difference between how the religious people think and how Jesus thinks. Religious people think in terms of deeds; as in if you do this or that then you will be blessed, etc. while Jesus thinks in terms of love-people’s hearts and needs.

  23. Oh G!! How I love, love, love the way your mind and heart work together!!! I so respect your spirituality, relationship with God and your willingness to question and examine long held beliefs. I not only laughed out loud at this but was nodding in agreement. Of course God reveals himself to us in ways to challenge us and to open our hearts…….
    Don’t take on the negativity, you are brave and you are awesome <3

  24. sorry, but pedophiles are FAR more outcast and rejected nowadays than poor people, black people, homosexuals, or girls will EVER be. back in medieval and colonial times it was absolutely nothing for adult men to have lots of hot sex with (and consequently impregnate) young teenage and preteen girls; that’s why the age of consent in the United States was seven years old until the mid-1800s. (I know, I know – until now you thought slavery was America’s greatest historical scourge. sorry to burst your bubble, but America’s greatest historical scourge is that it was once populated almost entirely by pedophiles.) face it: human history is rife with pedophilia; even the Israelite soldiers were commanded (in Numbers 31) to keep tens of thousands of virginal little girls for their own after conquering and slaughtering said girls’ nations. but today? shoot, a grown man can’t even admit to being attracted to a 16-year-old – never mind a ten-year-old – without putting himself in mortal danger from the local townspeople. look for the greatest outcasts amongst us, and you will find that they are men who sexually desire/deflower girls under the age of 18. this is why Jesus would almost certainly come back as a pedophile. besides, we already know just how much he LUURRVED the little children.

  25. Because of your message, G, I am feeling better about the possibility of Christianity. To me- either Jesus is NOT the son of God (capitalizing out of respect for believers) or if he is, HE IS NOTHING LIKE WHAT MAINSTREAM CHRISTIANS SAY HE IS/ DOES/ BELIEVES, etc. It is hard for me to reconcile what makes sense to my mind about the spirituality of life and the goodness of love and the portrait of God displayed by the church. And maybe that’s because I learned too much- I was a religious studies major and a seminary candidate before I just couldn’t take it anymore. I could not reconcile what I knew about love and the goodness of life and what people said about God. So for now, I will “risk my soul” to live with what I feel is right and good and omni-present: LOVE. Thanks, G!

  26. Thank you for not adding a qualifier to the end of this. So many Christian articles throw in the obligatory, “Now don’t get me wrong…”

    I appreciate you taking a stance and making people squirm a little.

  27. Awesome, Glennon! AGAIN!! (BTW, was the P.S. comment from RHE?)

  28. I deeply love two gay couples, one male, one female, and they are just as precious to me as my other friends. What I felt I HAD to comment on in this string was the often repeated mantra of “if God made me this way (gay) it can’t be wrong to act on it. I strongly disagree with that kind of philosophy. While I do not feel that being gay or in a gay relationship “hurts” society or other people, in fact I believe it makes the fabric of our society stronger, what scares me is all I can hear in the background are pedophiles saying “well, God made me this way so it can’t be wrong”. People, PLEASE don’t use this “argument” in trying to justify your lifestyle to others. One, it is ineffective; two, why are you trying to justify simply trying to live what, after all, is just a normal life with the one you love? If the person you are talking to understands, there won’t be a problem; if they don’t, you are not going to change their mind other than by actions.

  29. I think when we “determine” that someone’s life is being lived in sin and that it is our duty to make them “better” through Christ, we are judging. I will never be so mighty as to presume that my lifestyle is a better example of Christ- like behavior than my neighbor. I can only lift up others through pure love and acceptance because for me, that is the only way to be Christ-like and that is the only example worth setting. My God does not expect me to lead by example but rather to live by example. Leading would require me to have the insight on everyone else’s relationship with God. I cannot know the way to God better than you. Your way will lead you to the most personal and profound relationship with God. But it is just between the two of you. There is no way to judge that. My point in all of this is that I know what I have read in scripture but it doesn’t always mesh with the God in my heart. I choose the God in my heart every time because he only speaks one word: Love. We feel a need to categorize people as right or wrong, cite scripture, whatever it takes to ensure we are on God’s team. Here is the rub, there isn’t any other team. Sometimes people just show up a little late for practice but they get there eventually.

  30. Sing it from the mountaintop sista! You are absolutely correct. We have to love more and judge less, otherwise we miss the beauty that lays in everyone.

  31. I think you are amazing and love everything you write. I struggle so much with loving those that hurt me. I just don’t think I will ever be able to do it.

  32. I have never been able to find the logic in the the idea that Jesus was fully man and fully God.

    How (how how how) can anyone be fully man without sinning?

    We’re all willing to admit that we’re sinners. After all, Jesus said that He did not come for the righteous man; he came for the sinners. We all want to be the one that Jesus came to save. We’re all willing to be the Sinner. (To a point.) We’re mostly all willing to agree (at least in theory and because the Bible Tells Us So) that all sins are equal. God doesn’t differentiate between my “little” sin and your “big” sin. We’re all sinners, after all. We know all about the log in our eye. We know.

    And yet.

    So many of us want so badly to point our fingers. Look at THAT sinner and his BIG BIG sin. So many of us want to judge. So many of us ache to cast the first stone even though we KNOW that Jesus calls us to love one another.

    We know that our incessant search for others’ sins is an utter waste of time. We know that God is the only one who knows our hearts. Still, we decide for ourselves. We decide which sins are big and which are small. We judge even though we know better. We have opinions even though that’s exactly the same as judging. We decide who God loves, and we decide who is worthy of our love. Even though we know better. Even though we are flouting God with each point of our finger, with each stone cast from our lips.

    I don’t think it matters who Jesus comes back as. We won’t be prepared, and we likely won’t believe. I do hope, however, that we love him. No matter who, no matter what.

    • Logic? why do you need to see the logic behind the fact that Jesus was fully human and fully divine. His mother was a woman, but his father is the one who is in heaven. It’s a matter of faith. Matthew 11:25 At that time, Jesus answered, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you hid these things from the wise and understanding, and revealed them to infants.
      My daughter is 6 and until she gets brain washed by some wise and understanding she will still believe that Jesus is sinless God /man

      • Did not mean to be rude or sarcastic even

      • How can one be fully human without sin? The “mystery of faith” answer is pat and incomplete. “It is that it is that it is” doesn’t clarify or provide more information. That response means that either: you’ve never thought about it; OR you’ve thought about it and don’t understand it but you’ll accept it because you want to. However, that you believe because you *feel* like it doesn’t go very far in explaining your conviction.

        A well thought out, theologically- based explanation of the sinless man would be helpful.

        Your response, however, was knee-jerk, and (as you noticed) both sarcastic and rude.

  33. Hey, Glennon – I love this! I hope you aren’t reading the comments because too many of them are just. . .ick. But in case you are, are you familiar with the story of the Roman Centurion (in Matthew) who came to Jesus to ask for healing for his slave–with whom he likely was in a same-sex relationship?

  34. Wow! This one really knocked my socks off! I too am a Christian and believe that what “IT” all boils down to is love. God is Love, Love is God, Love is Love. Pure and simple.

    Your theory is dead on, btw. Jesus told us that what we do to the least of our brothers, we do to him also. The least today would indeed be a poor, dark skinned, gay female. The very least of our brothers. And therein lies the point…when I wonder…is that ‘least one’ actually Christ, it changes how I interact with them. It makes me love them, relate to them, care about them. Damn! God is so damn smart! :)

    Peace and love to you Glennon. By simply doing your thing, you make us think, you call us to be better people, you inspire us to love. Thank you!

  35. Namaste. Right? I see God in you and you see God in me. Right? In everyone right? That’s what I’m learning- that’s what I feel in my heart. That’s what I want for my children. Thank you G- thank you!

  36. Sorry, but the one good point you have has been lost in a lot of confusion, error, and WOWthatwasjusttoofar. It’s sad, really, because I like you and your blog, but, more importantly, I believe God does want us to share His love with everyone. Saying things like, “I think Jesus would come back as a poor, black, gay, teenage girl” does not promote that, it only causes confusion, spreads error, and, I might add, completely overlooks what God has said about Himself and about his Son.
    I understand you want to be kind, loving, accepting, etc. I understand your desire to embrace those who feel or have been marginalized, ridiculed, criticized, and condemned. Those are the things I love about you.
    You either believe what the Bible says or not, though. (It’s only God’s written Word and what He chose to have communicated about Himself.) If you do believe that, read it, study it. You cannot profess to believe what it says and hold to that “I’m okay, you’re okay” philosophy. The truth is, none of us is “okay” or anywhere close without the redeeming work of Christ and accepting him as our savior.
    Even once we have that salvation, we may (and most likely will) continue to sin because we still have to make the choice to walk according to our new nature and leave that old, sinful nature behind. Your sins are no worse than his sins or her sins or my sins, though. All are sin. All are walking outside of God’s will and away from Him. (For me, this is so much easier to understand after having teenagers.)
    God knows what is best for our lives, and that is His will for us. He has had it recorded in His Word. He tries to tell us directly and sometimes through other people or in other ways. We have to make the choice to walk accordingly, though. God does not force His will on us. We either walk in fellowship with Him or we push Him away in deeming our own ways to be better than His. (I’m telling you, teenagers help make this all very clear.) Once we confess Christ as lord in our lives and believe that he died and God raised him from the dead, however, we are born again as God’s children. We are made a new creation, whether we choose to fully live that reality or not. Nothing we do can alienate us from God’s love. Nothing can make him disown us or take that salvation away from us.
    That is the beauty of God’s love. It is not that He says all of our sins are okay but that He loves us and accepts us as His children in spite of our failings. That is grace and mercy. That is true love as only God can offer it. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son for us, and He still finds us worthy of that sacrifice when we fall short. Jesus Christ willingly laid down his life for this purpose, and he is still our advocate with the Father, even when and especially because we are not perfect on our own.
    That love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy is the example that has been set for us as Christians. That is how we should see each other, not as labels or the big piles of sin that are our old natures, but as people God and Jesus Christ found worthy of such sacrifice. When we see others who are struggling (and I mean with any sin), we need to remember that we need forgiveness as much as they do. We need to love them, encourage them, and help lift them up to the example which has been set for us rather than simply seeing them struggle and wallow and telling them they’re just fine where they are.

    • I agree.

    • The Bible doesn’t say anything condemnatory about being black, teenage, female or poor. In fact, it clearly states that we are to minister to the poor, for one. It does say, in a few places, that homosexuality is an abomination – not the people, the act. With all due respect, I also believe our OP has gone too far.

    • Truth!

    • TRUTH. From God’s WORD. Above all we must love, but it also goes beyond that. God has called us, through his WORD, to do more than that – but in EVERYTHING he calls us to do, we must love.

    • Thank you for stating the facts. I am a follower of Jesus who believes in love and mercy, but I believe in truth as well.

    • You’re missing the WHOLE point of this blog post. When Jesus came the first time, he completely blew what those days most faithful believers followed (THE WORD), out of the water. So why wouldn’t he now? You watch movies like The Passion and the TV series, The Bible and you feel like the Jews of that time were so ignorant and heartless to take the word so literally that they couldn’t see past the end of their nose and just LOVE and recognize The Son of God. So how many of us today would do the same? That’s the point.

      • I think the confusion that Jesus broke the Word of God is that Jesus disobeyed MAN’s laws and traditions, added to the church. He never once broke any of God’s laws or the ten commandments. Big difference. Jesus was spotless and blameless. If not, you can toss out the entire scriptures.

        • So Brad, tell us EXACTLY what parts of the bible are God’s & what parts are Man’s laws? Brad suffers like the Rabbis Christ confronted. These Brads & Rabbis think they know more about God and the sins of humankind than the rest of us.

    • Back in that time the TRUTH was that you don’t save the life of a whore because she sinned and she is unclean. But Jesus did. Back then the TRUTH was that you pay your taxes and don’t question and call the tax collectors thieves who aren’t of God. But Jesus did. Back then the TRUTH was that only God can heal people and any human being that tries must be performing witchcraft. But Jesus did. And He wasn’t performing witchcraft. Open your heart and close your eyes and mouths.

    • Or maybe you can believe in God and Jesus and NOT believe every written word of “Jesus” in the bible. The history of the bible itself is questionable as a reliable source of historical information. It was written long after Jesus’ death and not by his apostles, but by the followers of his apostles (and sometimes followers of followers of his apostles). The books were named to show reverence to apostles, not due to authorship of the books. There were huge disagreements between the apostles regarding Jesus’ real message and much of what was written was never canonized. Matthew, was the most scandalous of all. For all of these reasons, I trust how God and Jesus speak through my heart much more than I trust the “word of Jesus” purported in the bible. I trust my relationship with Jesus more than the written description of some other dude’s relationship with God whom I never met whom also lived thousands of years ago. And what Jesus tells me is written on a small red paper heart I have taped to my kitchen cabinet in case I forget to listen “Show love all the time.”

    • Agree, & beautifully said, Jenni.

      Listen, it’s plain and simple IMO….. It’s OUR job as Christ-Followers to LOVE. It’s The Holy Spirit’s job to CONVICT. And it’s God’s job to JUDGE. We are here to [love]. We don’t have to love the sin (and lets face it.. sin is sin, is sin….. )—-> we are just called to love the PERSON. When we love, (read: accepting the PERSON as-is, flawed, broken.. JUST LIKE THE REST OF US).. that’s when Jesus is really seen. [THRU us]. It IS our job to lead… not by condemning, but by LOVING. That’s where it starts.

      Here’s the thing… we all sin differently. Our goal shouldn’t be to condemn [this] group of people or [that] group of people. Our world has so much evil in it already, we don’t need to add to it.

      Hate the sin, don’t hate the sinner. Be the light in a dark world.. and trust me, we are living in a very dark world right now. You may not ever see me waving a rainbow flag & marching in a parade, but you def. won’t see me on the sidelines, condemning those who do.

      God knows our heart.

      Be the light. [that is all].

    • Ms.Glennon if you only had 2 comments to read. this one from Jenny and the one from Nichole on October 12. would be the ones.
      I love my children that is why I sometimes have to discipline them.

  37. I stuggle with what to believe when it comes to homosexuality. While i work out my own faith though i still believe that i am to love everyone

  38. Does God really care all that much who we have sex with? Do we have the right to deny people a fulfilling, committed, live giving relationship based on their sexual preferences? Is that what Jesus would do?

    Carry on, warrior. You’re doing God’s work.

    • I just have to add, I am fully comfortable with Jesus coming back as a poor, black, GLBTQ teenage girl because none of these things are a sin!

      • I’m sorry, but you are so wrong. The Bible CLEARLY states, in the Old and New Testament, that homosexuality is a sin…. just look at Sodom and Gomorrah. People need to stop justifying and actually READ the Bible. We are to love the sinners (we are ALL sinners – Romans) but not excuse the sin. Read your Bibles, people… PLEASE.

      • Josie: Idolotry: choosing to create and worship your own god rather than the God of the Bible….who does in fact, hate and judge unrepentant sin. He IS love, but he does not tolerate sin.

        If you choose to worship a god who is not the God of the Bible, then that is your choice, but please consider the ramifications of encouraging others to do so.

        Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery,fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like; of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you in time past, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    • Yes I believe he does care. If he cares enough to count the hairs on our head, and know our lives from beginning to end before we even show up, he cares who we have sex with.

      • Sorry Kate, of course you are right. I think was I was trying to say was more that I don’t think God is bothered about the gender of the person we are having sex with. Thanks for the correction!

        • Josie, I think He is at least a little bothered about the gender of the person one has sex with, as any basic anatomy class will tell you.

  39. Or Malala Yousafzai… he might come back as her too.

    Agreed, love is the only “law” or “ideal” we should all aspire to. I’m not gay, but I’m different in other ways, which in this world, makes me feel less than human sometimes. Just as laws and ideals have changed from the time of Christ until now, they will continue to change. And as Ghandi says, “Be The Change.”

    I wrote this last year on my own feelings of being different than the “ideal” and the one conclusion we can all agree on no matter how “non-ideal” our lives may seem.

  40. You are so right.

  41. Hi Glennon,

    I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months now, and I’m almost done with Carry On Warrior. My sister-in-law just came out to me last night, and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I had read this post and both parts of A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On before I had that conversation with her. I think it will be hard for most of her family to accept her as a gay Christian (and I know without a doubt that she loves Jesus – in fact, she embodies his love and grace more than almost anyone else I know). We had such a good conversation last night, and I was able to point her to some of your writings, and it was such a comfort to her. Thank you for opening the eyes of both the people who never gave it much thought because it didn’t directly impact our lives, and to those who are gay and have felt shame and fear and isolation. You have such a big heart, and I think God is doing big things for his children through you. God bless and thank you!

  42. I am disappointed ONLY because I thought I was the only one who’d ever thought that Jesus would come back as an African-American Lesbian. I said that to an agnostic /athiest friend once and for a split second I thought I’d made her a believer.

  43. Acts 28:26 – 27

    26 ‘Go to this people, and say,
    “You will indeed hear but never understand,
    and you will indeed see but never perceive.”
    27 For this people’s heart has grown dull,
    and with their ears they can barely hear,
    and their eyes they have closed;
    lest they should see with their eyes
    and hear with their ears
    and understand with their heart
    and turn, and I would heal them.’

    What we hear again and again in the gospel is the importance of “Turning” to receive grace and escape God’s wrath. I am not hateful. I am very loving. And yes, I love everyone. But that doesn’t mean that repentance isn’t a KEY part of the message.

    • If we have to DO something to receive grace, is it really grace?

      • The only thing you have to “do” to get God’s grace is to receive it. It is a gift.

        But any gift isn’t truly yours until you receive it. If I buy you a wrapped birthday present and you never take it from me or leave it wrapped on the table, is it really yours? God’s amazing and awesome grace is a gift for anyone who wants it, they just need to accept the gift. That’s all that is required – receive and believe.

      • Acknowledging that we need His Grace because we are sinful and hopeless without it, is merely humbling ourselves. That’s not “works”, that’s acceptance of His Holiness.

    • That “turn” is what you got from that passage? Really? I’m going along with Cathy and Brooke (and Glennon) on this one. Because here’s another one about gifts and grace:

      Ephesians 2: 8-9
      For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.

  44. There is so much wrong with the words in this article. Way to put just enough truth in there to make it believable to most people! This is disgusting. Jesus did not sin. Ever. Period.

    • Reread the post with an open heart. I didn’t read that Jesus sinned. I read that the leaders of that period believed Jesus sinned because of their literal/earthly interpretation of the written commands. Jesus knew the laws of pure love.

    • Lucy, you are so right. Jesus never sinned. I wonder…would it be possible for Jesus to come to earth as a black, poor, lesbian girl…and not sin? Because I believe that people can have homosexual desires and fight the action of sinning. Being “gay” seems like a label that is similar to being “an alcoholic” or, “a sex addict.” If the person chooses to claim that it is a struggle, and fight against it, to claim they know their need for Jesus, and to throw all of their hope in him…Jesus welcomes them.

      Jesus came to earth as a poor child…to many eyes, a no-body. He was born in a MANGER…he was born in a room with animal shit. That’s pretty controversial. And he, as he grew, had opportunities to forsake God…to sin…and he didn’t. He lived a perfect life for us, even though he was born in flesh and tempted in ALL OF THE WAYS WE ARE (Hebrews 4:14-16). So if Jesus had come during our time (God in flesh), couldn’t he come as a poor, black, lesbian girl, and yet still live without the sin? Because it’s not the label that makes you sin…it’s who you are and whether you give into temptation. And even for those who do sin, there is endless grace and forgiveness.

  45. Just read this – definitely one of my favorite posts.

  46. Well said! One of my biggest pet peeves are the people who think that because they go to church every week they are better than those who don’t…even worse people of one religion knocking on people of another religion for believing in a different set of rules, from the same higher power.

    • Trust me, I am no better than you, probably worse apart from Christ, but there really can be only one God, and He doesn’t write different rules for different people. There is no problem on issues where different “religions” agree, but where they contradict each other, only one can be right. God is not the author of confusion… hope that makes sense Chrissy, and I hope you know I only challenge your comment because I care, about you and the others that can be mislead by this article. See my comment (21 before yours) if you’d like a better description.

  47. Divorce is also considered a sin in the Bible. As is eating shellfish. And maybe we should start stoning women that aren’t virgins when they marry. The fact is there is SO MUCH scripture that is completely outdated. I want ONE person to explain to me why the “church” is not DILIGENT in persecuting divorcees. I guess that’s because it would cost them MORE THAN HALF OF THEIR CONGREGATIONS. (insert A VERY SARCASTIC TONE) But, those damn gay people. Reeking havoc, tearing marriages apart and taking the world down with them. Yep, it’s gay people ruining the sanctity of marriage. Not the 60% of heterosexuals that choose to divorce. Now, I’m not judging people who are divorced. I just can’t help but wonder why so many pastors use their valuable time to condemn the “sin” of homosexuality, when (I’m willing to bet my life) most of their adult congregation is on their second marriage. Food for thought. And Glennon, you rock. A lot. Keep on…

    • If you really want someone to shed light on that problem, it’s because many people are comfortable condemning a sin that they feel will never be something they struggle with. It’s easy to condemn an alcoholic if you’ve never felt the grip of that disease on you or someone you love, and it’s easy to look at all homeless people as those who made “bad choices” and therefore are on the streets through their own fault until you’ve been without a job and one bill away from losing everything you own. So where I agree with you is that the ones who judge the PEOPLE who struggle with homosexuality are not only likely guilty of pride and self righteousness, but are clearly operating against Scripture in regards to not judging others (Mat 7:1, Luk 6:37) and loving others (John 13:34+35, 1 John3:23 and MANY others).

      The only other thing that I want to bring up is that as a Body we need to be extremely careful to examine the Word as a whole and to “rightly divide” It. The reason I bring this up is because although I don’t doubt Glennon’s sincerity and heart for the hurting, there are serious problems with what has been written here. If you actually want to know what I mean, I wrote a response long ago in detail that is now #22 in the list (approx 20 comments before yours). I also addressed the ideas of “outdated” Laws there, which is another serious issue, and not always as easy to understand. Every Law has a purpose, but is also necessary to take in context as something intended to bring blessing, or something actually considered to be a sin (dietary Laws are a good example of this). As Christ said, He came not to “do away with” the Law, but to fulfill it (walk it out and then pay our price) ending our need for animal sacrifice, and in some cases even gave a new Commandment.

      I hope this makes some sense and as I said, there is much more clarity given in my other comment(s). I just hope you see (as well as Glennon) that we are in very tricky times indeed where false doctrine that sounds loving is everywhere, but when ingested will do us great harm.

      • Jon, What does the bible say about having a mortgage or credit card or student loan?[Topics all mentioned many more times in new testament than homosexuality, if we’re working on Truth.]

        • Alison, are you talking about taking out a loan or the people who lend the money? I know that the Bible condemns usury (and I don’t think that constitutes every lender, but quite a number of them), but I’m a little lost on the part about borrowing money. Not saying you’re wrong, but it’s not coming to me, so could you provide the citation, please? Thanks!

  48. Maybe someone has already said it, but I have to point out that: Jesus didn’t come the first time as a tax collector who moonlighted as a prostitute; he came and reached out to them first, since he knew they would be the most needing and receptive of him. He loved the most broken first, but did not join them in their broken-ness.

    • Amen Jenn, great way to put it!

    • Jenn, I find this analogy to be quite offensive and with undertones of prejudice. Jesus coming as a tax collector moonlighting as a prostitute is nowhere near Jesus coming as a homeless infant or for a second time as “a poor, black, gay teenage girl” (as was in the article). We are discussing the difference between professions (ones you chose to highlight I’m guessing because they’re taboo? Less praised? Somehow the first that would merit Jesus’ intervention?) and states of just being (privileged or not). A person born black or gay or homeless is not choosing to pursue a particular role; oppression merely exists in the society, and some groups experience this oppression more than others. A person is not “broken” because s/he is gay or a woman or a Jew or a prostitute, for that matter. This judgmental attitude is very off-putting and wrought with blind spots.

      Jon Price, your posts sound quite presumptuous. “Read my post (# whatever it is) to KNOW THE TRUTH not spoken in this article.” All of our commentary is just commentary, as is this article.

      • I agree that our commentary is nothing more than words, which is why it is essential for us to reason from Scripture, which is not mere commentary. If you truly read all my other posts and find me to be presumptuous I am very sorry. I have tried to be extremely careful to only offer the Truth in Love, not my opinion. I have multiple people who are close to me that wrestle with homosexuality and I condemn none of them, but I offer them the same Truth, and they know my heart is only for them to draw closer to their Father in Heaven, not to feel hated by Him.

        • “I have tried to be extremely careful to only offer the Truth in Love, not my opinion.”

          But the “Truth in Love” you offer is indeed your opinion of the Truth…

    • well said and i fully agree!

    • Thank you for saying it!

    • Amen

  49. Love the way you presented Truth.

  50. […] called Don’t Carpe Diem.  Keep an open mind and check out my other favorite entry of hers here.  Next up is Anna on Inch of Gray. She’s a beautiful writer with a beautiful soul. She lost […]

  51. Amen. Thank you, Sister. Blessings.

  52. Remember you also need to love those who you feel are hating.

    • I don’t agree with everything Glennon posts, but I believe with all my heart that she does precisely what you are saying. Considering that she was pounded into the ground by naysayers after a similar post this summer, the fact that she has come back at all, much less to bravely speak what she thinks again, is indicative of how she operates.

  53. Amen. I couldn’t agree more and I think you have found the true essence of Christianity.

    I commend you for being brave enough to write it and put it out there to an often judgmental/narrow minded group.

    • Not judgmental, but there a lot of problems with this article. The true essence of Christianity is following Christ, the Word he embodies, and rightly dividing that Truth. See comment #22 (at this point, but 14 comments before yours) if you want to understand what I mean. I love ALL people through their struggles and mine, but let’s be careful not to re-write His perfect Word.

      • Maybe, Jon, when you can decide which version of which text with which exegeses in which languages you decide is the inerrant word of God you’d point out where being homosexual is condemned by Christ, and which of the seven legitimate models of heterosexual marriage you think we should follow. And then you can tell us where the pain and misery of millions over generations, caused by misogyny and discrimination, (which is at the root of homophobia) is part of God’s inerrant word.

        • Amen.

        • Katherine, yours is one of sanest comments I’ve read yet. Everything you’ve written re: the Bible is accurate. What about the glaring fact that there are two different creation stories? What about the other writings that never “made the cut?” MEN were making the decisions of what to put in and what to leave out. The Bible is absolutely TRUE but not always factual. Our flawed hermeneutics got us into “Manifest Destiny” trouble and perpetuated the institution of slavery for thousands of years. I’m concerned that many Christians are in danger of making an idol of the Bible.

  54. Isn’t it possible that someone could be gay but not sin? Meaning, someone be born gay and be attracted to someone of the same sex, but not act on it or have lustful thoughts towards anyone of the same sex?

    Just curious…

    • Only if you think a child born straight will never have feelings toward someone of the opposite sex. Think logically (not religiously) about what you’re saying. You’re talking biology here. I guess the elephant is the room religiously though, is the fact that you think acting on gay impulses is a sin. Why would God create someone gay, with the intention of him/her never acting upon their feelings according to the way he/she was created? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

      • I think you’re right Steve, it doesn’t make sense at all that God would create someone one way and then ask them to act another. I think the real question then is does God “create” people gay, and judging by his WHOLE Truth in the Word, I would have to say no. And yes, I know that opens the whole can of worms about “are you saying people ‘choose’ to be gay when it’s much ‘easier’ to be straight?”… well, let me give an example from my own life. I have a “genetic tendency” to drink alcohol in an unhealthy manner, but I don’t believe God “made me” this way. At one point in my life, I gave into this desire, and it nearly destroyed me. Upon coming to Christ, it was NOT an overnight change, it was a slow working of the Holy Spirit to break me down and change my nature from within. Are there times I still want to, absolutely… but I don’t define myself by my desire. In other words, I am not an “alcoholic”, I am a new creation in Christ, and I have found that it is healthiest for me not to drink alcohol.

        The point of saying all this is that we often have a tendency to make God the culprit instead of our own choices, as hard as some of them may be to make. And this only leads to a farther separation from the only One who can save us. And the answer is not willpower either, it is simply to one day at a time draw near to the One who created us in line with His Word, and allow Him to restore us to who we were always made to be. Until then, thank God for grace and mercy along the way, but let us never exchange the Truth for a lie.

        • i don’t typically comment on these but i just wanted to point out that God did create us one way and He does ask us to choose another…all of us. God created Adam and Eve perfect and they choose sin. everyone after that is born into a sinful fallen world. and God asks us to choose His way. he doesn’t ask us to do it on our on strength but on the strength and power of the holy spirit in us, that is when we are strongest. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens Philippians 4;13. the bottom line of sin is when we seek to do anything for self and only by our self. without acknowledgement of Our creator the one who gave us life..God! if we only look at what we consider the “big” sins then we never see all the little stuff that put us on the same sinful level with each other. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.Romans 8:28 it says nothing of what the sin is just that all have. then you go to Love God! and love your neighbor as yourself. cant think of that scripture address right now. but if you love God fully first…then your neighbor as yourself without selfish motives or intent then your moving in the right direction but who does that all the time every day? so yes God made us one way and asks us to choose another daily moment by moment until Christ returns and we (Christians ) live in heaven. oh and only God knows who the true Christians are. He has mercy on whom he chooses to have mercy on. We are saved not by works but by faith so that no man can boast.

          • I appreciate the feedback Laura, but I have to disagree in one important way. What you say about all falling short, being born into sin because of the choice of Adam and Eve, etc is all very true, but none of these things mean that God “created” us in one way and then asks us to act another. He created us for perfect fellowship with Him, we rebelled, and then He made a way for us to be reunited with Him through the substitute sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It is true that the Law is impossible to follow perfectly (at least at the level Christ raised the bar to), but God Himself did not create us in a way that we were originally incapable of obedience. In His mercy however, now that we are born into sin, He has still made a way for us to be in harmony with Him, and also to recognize sin through His Word, and ultimately be set free from anything we are in bondage too, including homosexuality, alcoholism, pride, lust, hatred, fear, etc…

        • As someone who has also turned away from alcohol, I really appreciate your analogy. Quite apt.

        • Jon,
          Just as you point out that scripture should not be isolated or taken out of context, you have done the same with Sodom and Gomorrah. You have managed to leave out the part where Lot offered his virgin daughters up for rape, rather then let the Angels defile men. Due to the misogyny and homophobia of the times heterosexual rape was viewed as more godly and not a sin if they married their victim. You and many others have completely missed the point of Soddom and Gomorrah and have chosen to focus on your own interpretation to mean God was against homosexuality rather than wayward angels and people turning away from him. Different translations prove there are different meanings to this story so what makes your interpretation correct? How do we know what God’s word is with all the translations, mistranslations, and chapters left out? Also please tell me where in the bible are men stoned for raping or sleeping with promiscuous women? Their reward was they got to continue raping them or claim them as their property and wife. How is this godly by any standard?

          Also, you say you have a genetic tendency towards alcoholism and then in the same breath say you weren’t born that way. Which is it? I’m really tired of people claiming they know and understand homosexuality and comparing it to other things. Since you bring it up diseases like alcoholism can be treated with abstinence but you are still an alcoholic, just as a Gay person could decide to lead a celibate life. It doesn’t change their orientation or how they were born because it’s in their genes. Rather than hate themselves thanks to bible mongers, gay people could be true to themselves, and have the right to pursue happiness like anyone else who falls in love. As long as they are in a consenting relationship and are responsible with their sexuality using protection as straight people should who cares?

          A few more questions. When did you choose to live a heterosexual lifestyle? Was it hard turning away from the devil’s plan to have you commit homosexual acts instead? Did you get lucky that all your prayers worked and God helped you be straight? Also did you have sex with lust in your heart upon choosing this lifestyle or did you seek only to procreate? Did you feel attracted to the opposite sex or did it feel unnatural but you wanted to please God so you did it anyways?

          No one choses to be gay and hated because they have an overwhelming lust and a desire to sin and are too weak to avoid the devil’s temptation. It’s not because they are not prayerful enough or Christian enough either. Just as you and every other straight person didn’t end up straight due to your righteousness and ability to avoid homosexuality. You are born with a certain orientation whether it’s all the way to the left, right, or somewhere in the middle and it doesn’t matter what the bibles says. Religion has never been able to alter science, or refute all the discoveries made over time, and it’s not going to now. So chose love over hate and empathy over judgment, and realize you are unknowing of so many things as you did not create this universe.

          Finally, I’m so tired of the word homosexual. What if you were always referred to as some who has sex and that was used to define your whole person? Would that be accurate? Hey, there goes so and so, he’s a heterosexual. That’s all he does and thinks about 24/7 with no regard for anyone else. Just sinning all over the damn place, giving into lust, cheating on their wife, sleeping around, raping the unwilling. Geesh they can’t control themselves in the least, look at all the babies they are popping out. Breeders!

  55. Glennon, I was raised without religion and have questioned all my life why so many people who are religious are also filled with hate. How could Jesus exist if he was about love and so many religions seem focused on what not to do, how not to act, and who to hate? I wished I understood for so long. Your posts make so much sense to me and really make me believe in and love Jesus. Some people seem to delight in a God of fear and hatred who will smite down their enemies and prove them right. You’re focused on a God of love and acceptance who works through Jesus and believers to make the world a more beautiful place. I believe in that now too. Thank you.

    • Erin, this may be the post I write the most carefully as I would NEVER, and I mean never want to negatively affect your love for the only One really deserving of your complete love, Jesus Christ. I just want to make sure that we don’t focus so much on the Lamb that we forget He is also a Lion. Like a good Father, He would NEVER hurt His beloved, and those that love Him, but He does have to judge the world at some point according to His perfect justice and Truth. So please know that the most loving thing we can do is to be honest with others and ourselves about what He says in His Word… that is what He will use to judge by, and those who teach another doctrine are spoken against pretty harshly. I hope this makes sense, and you can read more in my post about 12 before yours (#22 at the moment), but I am so thankful to hear of your love affair with your Savior, it’s really a beautiful thing…

    • Love doesn’t mean having to accept all of their beliefs as true. Hence, you can love someone who is gay without accepting their life style. Somebody can have gay tendencies, but it is a sin if they act upon them. I heard someone earlier commenting on divorce, I feel like pastors do frown upon divorce because it clearly is a sin, but it is a sin that was committed once, and while it is a long process, it’s the same as someone turning away from homosexual sin. Do you not expect them to move on covered in God’s grace? Yes, divorce is wrong, but just like turning from homosexuality, when you turn from divorce you receive God’s grace and love. The Bible clearly states homosexuality is a sin and I honestly don’t see how we can sit here and only accept parts of it. Also, bringing up the physiological side of things…Homosexuality does not work. It does not procreate and therefore it is not biologically natural. I completely understand that people struggle with it and I in NO way look down on them for it, but I don’t believe it’s right to remain in sin. ANY sin. I believe that Christians should always strive to live like Christ.

  56. […] Here’s someone who knows much more about the Bible who shares my opinion on God’s love:  I think Jesus’d Be Gay – Momastry […]

  57. I LOVE you so much! This was the first time I EVER shared a blog on facebook. You are so wonderful and I hope to be as brave as you are when it comes to being honest about my thoughts someday. I hope this helps to combat any haters out there. I so wish we could be friends!
    Sending you love (and the haters because they NEED some love),


  58. Oh, my! While I agree that love is very important, God’s holiness and glory and honor is MORE important. And He calls us to follow Him in that in Rom 12:2 (Do not be conformed to this world…). I do NOT think that Jesus would come back as a gay person, because He can’t sin. And acting out a gay lifestyle is sin, as difficult as that is to say today – even to my gay friends. Jesus may come back as someone who is disadvantaged. And I think he would certainly LOVE gay people if He were on earth today – just as we should! But just as he told the rich man he had to sell everything in order to follow Him, He tells gay people they must forsake a gay lifestyle in order to follow Him today. Jesus knew the rich man loved his lifestyle more than Jesus – that’s why he said this to him. When we love our lifestyle more than Jesus and the Holiness He calls us to, then it gets in the way of our following Him, too. It doesn’t matter what the sin is.

    So, yes, loving God and our neighbors is crucially important! But we can’t love God, if we are choosing to disobey His law. And as for our neighbors, we can love them without agreeing with everything they do. While love is kind, gentle, patient, humble, unselfish – it is not permissive. To quote I Cor 13:6, “it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.” Rom 12:9 says “let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.” Let’s learn to truly love God and our neighbors, while forsaking the sin in our own lives – and loving those around us enough to tell them God’s truth, His whole truth – in love.

    • Well said, Angela. :)

    • Beautifully put Angela, thanks!

    • We were all made perfect by God. We have all been made in His image. People are born gay; it is not a choice; therefore, it is not a sin. We can all learn to follow Jesus’ example and accept others as they are, despite their differences.

      • That doesn’t align with God’s word at all. How are people born gay? Am I born a liar? Am I born a thief? No, it is a choice. Sin is a choice. Even sins that seem to hold one in extreme bondage, they are still a sin that needs to be set FREE by Christ. We have all been made in God’s image, yet we live in a fallen sinful world. You can’t magically say someone was born gay. It is not a genetic trait or have anything to do biologically. It is a choice, even if someone feels a tendency to sin. Maybe they are born with more gay feelings, I don’t know. But it doesn’t seem to make sense biologically, as well as acting upon it is still a choice.

        • You offer a thesis that being gay is “not a genetic trait or have anything to do biologically.” Within a few sentences you proclaim “I don’t know.” We should all investigate this subject “of choosing a gay lifestyle.” Let’s all read and study both sides of this issue with an open, seeking heart, not being constrained by fear, but by our seeking to know more about the God, we love, who extends mercy, grace and love into our lives. Let’s ask our gay friends and relatives questions in an open, seeking discussion, without any condemnation. Let’s be open to knowing more of God’s love, other than trying to beat others into submission by thinking we know “the only God” thru our personal interpretation, or our denominations interpretation. As a Christian of 40+ years, I see a place for the passion we have for Christ, but I have never known a gospel of exclusivity to serve us on our quest for greater love and grace for ourselves and others offered through our closer walk with Jesus Christ.

        • Do tell how you avoided becoming an evil homosexual. Maybe you could save so many others. Also, I’m curious how you have determined being gay is not genetic? What science refutes this when there is more and more evidence pointing towards faulty hormones invitro and genetics being involved?

    • well said Angela! I was hoping that someone would have said it so that I didn’t have to, its such a hard issue to approach. Love God, Love people, right? but considering gay/lesbians as being sinful is sooooo taboo…you just don’t say it or someone will try to stone you to death, but you took the words right out of my mouth “do not conform to this world”…its definitely much easier to be more open with your opinion when you get to hide behind a screen though.

    • “He tells gay people they must forsake a gay lifestyle to follow him” where does Jesus say that?

    • Amen Angela!!!!

  59. Love as He loves us.

    Hate sin, like He hates sin.

  60. Love Wins.

  61. I’ve been on vacation for a while and away from my computer, which I did not miss except for Momastery. Anxious to catch up today, I started reading what I had missed. I read the whack-a-mole piece right after a particularly hard bedtime with my 5-year-old and was grateful for the laughs. But reading this post made me even more grateful. I love your writing and was very pleased with your eloquence and wisdom. Thank you.

  62. CAST

    E’Manwella Arrivé A non-Caucasian woman of indeterminate age

    Baruch Levi A blind rabbi

    Pietro Potenzia A Catholic bishop

    Ross Stallwell A lame evangelical preacher

    The play takes place near a bus kiosk at the edge of a major urban campus. On a nearby façade is a banner reading “Welcome to the American Congregation of Heterogeneous Ecumenicals.”


    AT RISE: E’MANWELLA shuffles on stage pushing some kind of small wheeled monstrosity piled high with an odd assortment of items, a lamp, boxes of food, a beach ball, cans and bottles, heaps of clothing. She is clad, head to foot in a shaggy husk of a garment and sports a garish indescribable hat. She growls and mumbles and sidles like a crab, making a niche for herself in the corner of the kiosk. E’MANWELLA speaks in accents both erudite and street, with tastes of Haitian, Spanish, French, Jamaican, Georgia islands, and whatever else suits her fancy.

    Not here, not now. Gotta be going about the business of business and not this foolishness.

    She peers sideways into the sky.

    Momidadi, what do you do me this way? Mon Dieu, not a bunch of these again. These ones never learn it. Damn! I know they saysay what, but nothing in it, nothing in it, don’t make me do this. What? OK, I shut up some, tho why not you do the talking straight out some time. Hush!

    E’MANWELLA huddles down in the corner of the kiosk as the three ecumenicals slowly emerge from the building with the banner. The PRIEST PIETRO, guides the RABBI, BARUCH down the steps with his left hand while the PREACHER, ROSS holds onto his left elbow. All are in high spirits.
    Gentlemen, I love these gatherings. I simply love them. Here we are with the strongest religious minds…
    …and hearts…
    …and hearts…
    …and souls…
    …right, and souls in our fair land gathered under a single roof to seek, to speak, to share the good news, and it is powerful. I’m telling you powerful. You can feel the spirit of the Lord just movin’ right down here among us. He makes you rise up, you know what I’m saying? He urges you to be what you can be. I’m sorry, I just have to let loose with a Hallylooyer. It’s that powerful.
    Oh Momidadi, that’s such bullshit. What? What? Oh sorry Oh shee, oh shhh, O…K I know my job.
    Where was that Quaker fella supposed to meet us?
    Here, here, right here…is what he said…though I, for one would be happy to walk to the restaurant. That young man is so…so solicitous.
    Those people, those Quakers, they don’t have any preachers, do they? How do they get anything done? Maybe they think the world is kindergarten and you Rabbi are some poor child who has lost his glasses. Here, we are approaching the bench. You can sit.
    I don’t want to sit. Oh, what is that foul stench? No, I would rather stand. There is nothing wrong with my legs. What is that?
    What are you…? (Sniffs.) Oh. Nev’mind. Some old someone has left a pile of trash and such stuffed up here in the public bus stop. Folks are crude and rude these days, crude and rude.
    Ain’t that the truth.
    So. Rabbi, Bishop, what do you think of Reverend Jackson’s little talk today? Could he be right? Are there signs that the Second Coming is at hand?
    Or the first coming.
    Alright, alright, Rabbi, I will bow, although none too low mind you, for the sake of argument, to your argument that Jesus was not the Messiah….
    Not our Messiah anyway.
    Alright, alright. But. Whether he came already or not, the question here is…is He coming to earth in a blaze of glory to separate the wheat from the chaff, the true sheep from the goats, to choose his select, and so on, like Reverend Jackson was making such an eloquent case for.
    Clueless, Momidadi, clueless. Can I do it now? Let’s get this over. Please, I got the itch. What? Awww, you.
    What is that?
    The voice, the person talking…
    What? Who? Nobody. Just me and Pietro here. That Quaker fella has not yet showed.
    Let those who have ears. Can I pull that one’s ears, Momidadi? I just so want to. Before I kick his ass. (pause)Oh, you’re such a spoiler.
    What? Oh, wait. I did hear something. Just a second.
    (ROSS goes and peeks over the cart, sees E’Manwella.)
    Just some old bag lady talking to herself. Don’t let her bother you, she’s nothing to fret about.
    Nothin’. Oh no! That’s harsh. You Momidadi, making me wait. I need to show them. (Pause)OK, you say when.
    Where were we? Oh, yes, Jackson’s talk. What do you think?
    I think this president is pretty sure he is the gatekeeper to some kind of Apocalypse. Doesn’t have any problem causing it, if it doesn’t happen on its own.
    Now, Baruch, please, let us not discuss the politics. It is dangerous enough that we all discuss the religion.
    But our tradition says that there are two, two who come in the name of the lord, first the priest, then the king. Maybe this president fancies he is the king and your Messiah was the priest.
    Personally…and officially I hold to the idea that he came and has already returned and is with us now, right now in this place. Perhaps we cannot see him, or the virgin, except for those fortunate few.
    You could turn around.
    But he will speak to those who listen to him devoutly in prayer.
    Hail, hail, hail, holy, holy, holy, hell, hell, hell, hell, money, money, money.
    Can we make that go away?
    I don’t know. She was here first and seems pretty well planted.
    Ain’t that the truth.
    She could get mean…
    Ain’t that the truth.
    I think, perhaps she would appreciate a small contribution. I assume this is why she comes to this very public place.
    Look at their shoes, my daddy always said. If they are wearing sturdy footwear it means they are in the charity business, if you know what I mean. I’ll give her some coins.
    (ROSS digs in his pocket and comes up with some change. He sidles over to E’Manwella.)
    Ma’am? Ma’am?
    Render! Render, moneylender!
    ((E’MANWELLA bats the change out of his hand. ROSS scoots back to the others.)
    Well that one’s flat crazy. Waste of good money.
    Are we there yet? Are we there yet, Momidadi?
    Sometimes I think the laws closing the asylums were a mistake. Propped up by promises of the drug companies. But these people don’t take their drugs, not the legal kind anyway.
    You’re saying lock ‘em up.
    Not exactly, but provide the care, the attention…
    Perhaps we have not been generous enough, gentlemen. Remember that camel and that needle, and the Samaritan. I, for one can put my lunch on a credit card paid for by the church. Surely, we could be more generous, enough for this unfortunate to take herself off to a cheap hotel, get a decent meal. Open your wallets, gentlemen. Show your faith.

    Oh, alright. You have virtue on your side, Pietro, although after all the money I give to the soup kitchen and shelter and still these people…will thirty dollars do it…oh, alright, here’s fifty.
    I think I have the same.
    (Takes out his wallet and hands it to PIETRO)
    I believe my daughter put fifty in there this morning. Sometimes she fools me, and then blames me for losing it.
    And I can contribute the same. This is good. This is fair. Now, shall we present it as a delegation? Good. This way, rabbi.
    Oh, that smell!
    And I don’t like your cheap-ass cologne.
    Excuse me?
    Excuse me, ma’am, or miss. We have perceived that you are in unfortunate circumstances, perhaps having no domicile and little good nourishment. We, as men of the cloth, would like to offer this small token in hopes that you may find more comfortable quarters, a warm bath, good food…
    What’s? This? What’s this?
    (She rises up until she is of impressive stature. Her rags hang like wings.)
    You. You and you. Are offering me your charity. Because. I. Stink. Right?

    (She plucks the money from PIETRO’s hand.)
    No, you want me to go. So your noses won’t be offended while you wait for your friend. Preachers. All of you. A blind man. A lame man. And you.
    Well, let me tell you. And you. And you. That I am just fine. I’m more than fine, thank you Momidadi. So, here. To this blind man I will offer, hmm, how about…fifty dollars? Perhaps you can get yourself some more fashionable dark glasses. And to this lame gentleman, hmm, how about fifty dollars? Maybe you get a classy new cane. And you, the one with the invisible problem, hmm, how about I give you fifty dollars? You can…. No, that’s the breaker. Doesn’t work. (pause)Momidadi? Momidadi? OK, tell you what. Give me the money back. All of it. Good boys. That’s right. Now what do you really want? Well, let’s start with you.
    (E’MANWELLA faces BARUCH.)
    What might change your point of view in a big way. I know! Momidadi, you ready? Good.
    (She snatches the sunglasses from BARUCH and spins him around, beating him on the back with the glasses until he falls to the ground.)
    Baruch Atah Adonai, Rofei ha-holim! Baruch Atah Adonai, Rofei ha-holim!
    (BARUCH gropes for his fallen glasses, realizes he can see them.)
    Who’s next? Let’s go, Momidadi.
    (She stalks ROSS, snatches his cane and begins beating him with it. If it can be done, the cane should be switched with a large rubber snake. She speaks in tongues.)
    Gitchy, gitchy, mama dada. Gitchy, gitchy mama geeya. Poco chocolata yaya. Heel!
    I can see! I can see!
    You’re welcome. Next!
    (ROSS scrambles out of her way and realizes he can walk perfectly. E’MANWELLA stalks PIETRO. Stops. Looks him up and down. Shakes her head in disgust. )
    Aw Momidadi, do I really have to do this one? You know no good’s gonna come of it. I can? You promise? OK then.
    I can walk! I can run!
    Think nothing of it, speedy
    (E’MANWELLA snatches off PIETRO’s white collar and then steps back. Grabbing her rags she pops them open in front revealing red satin lingerie and high heels.)
    (At first there is no reaction from PIETRO and then gradually his eyes go wide. His hands drop to cover his crotch.)
    Holy virgin!
    Close. Now, you got to take special care of that. If it don’t go down in four hours, see a doctor, or your priest. OK, is everybody happy? Good. Well, gentlemen, I think I’m done here. So I’ll be going. Y’all have a pleasant lunch.
    (She crumples down into the form of a bag lady again, gets behind her cart and wheels off.)
    Oh, and thank you for the money, you are more than generous.
    (The three men stand bewildered for a few moments.)
    What…just…happened? I feel like I could run a marathon.
    I was blind, and now I see.
    I don’t know, Barry. But I am very happy.
    How did we get here?
    Must have taken the bus, Bubba. You mean your leg doesn’t even hurt?

    Sound as a dollar. Sound as ten dollars.

    Who did this? You don’t suppose… Impossible. She smelled bad.
    She took our money. But I’m very happy.
    No! No, that isn’t it. Look over there. Isn’t that a gathering of powerful preachers? They must have brought the healing power right down and it shot out the door and hit us.
    Holy, holy. Well, I’ve got an appetite. What say we celebrate our good fortune? There’s a Hooters only ten or so blocks from here…I understand.
    I can see going there.
    I understand that you can get a great Carolina oyster roast with drawn butter, and a nice cold draft beer, served to you by a babe in little shorts.
    Sounds like a plan to me. Then shall we take in a ball game?
    I can see that.
    Do babes go to ball games?
    Some do. Some do.
    (They exit arm in arm) CURTAIN

  63. Glennon, Just got back from vacation myself and was catching up, reading this post and the one to Jared that follows. I’m a mormon. One of the few who are pro-gay. Just wanted to say that I AGREE. I AGREE! I loved the Mountain I’m Willing To Die On post as well; made my husband read it, sent it to some gay, post-mormon friends and would love to share it everywhere. You go on using your well-written, well-earned blog as a way to broadcast your beliefs and opinions because they are things that need to be said, and especially from a Christian. You’re a most excellent human being and you should scroll on by anyone who doesn’t think so.

  64. […] of which, I just loved the ending to a post Glennon Melton wrote at Momastery.  It’s a response from a friend of hers, and it’s not about mutuality, but it works […]

  65. Glennon, thank you… This is such a wonderful and beautiful way to put things into perspective. Not at all a lie to me, but absolutely the greater truth is spoken here. It is interesting to me how we all see things so differently – like in politics – the passion and drive for what we percieve as truth is uncanny.. These divided feelings are what destroys the human race and how we treat and deal with one another in such ugly and divisive ways. I do know this, love is the key – it is the only key and it is how I will get to heaven. I need to say that for me, Jesus doesn’t at all need to be viewed as “gay” – no one does for that matter. Genesis tells us that God created man and woman in his image – in his likeness he created them. We are all children of God – not gay, not straight, not transgender, not black, not white etc – but male and female… Its very simple really. God loves and created everyone. I don’t know why we feel such a need to spend our lives correcting others of what we percieve is sin, when we should be looking only to ourselves to try and live sinless lives. Let God do his job and ONLY God, and then, and only then can love prevail here on earth. It’s what God’s wants of us. truly..

  66. Glennon, maybe you’re tired of hearing these comments, and maybe you don’t even read them, but so often I feel misunderstood on this issue that I thought I’d add my voice. While I don’t agree with everything you’ve said in your post, I certainly don’t agree with what your pastor said in church (that you described in your following post). I wonder if the reason that I’ve been so misunderstood on issues relating to homosexuality is because there are church-goers out there who really do believe in gay-bashing and saying gays are going to hell, etc. I really do believe homosexual acts are a sin. But I know that I can believe that and not advocate that people be starved to death for that particular sin. I believe that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman and that children are best off in families that not only have a mother and a father, but a mother and father who love each other, treat each other with respect, and are faithful to one another. But believing in that definition of marriage doesn’t mean that I would taunt, bash, or hurt someone who believed differently than me. I guess I just don’t see why things have to be so polarized. I believe that Christ taught both absolute truth and absolute love. I believe that because He loves us He taught the truths that He knows bring the greatest happiness to people. And I believe that ultimate happiness comes from living absolute truth. But it’s oh so hard. It’s so hard to go against our natures and change. I believe Christ’s message is all about change–and we all need change just as much as the next person. It saddens me that there are so many fingers flying and so much name-calling on both sides of the “aisle” when it comes to homosexuality. I’m grateful that my church teaches both the doctrines of truth and love, and I am likewise grateful that you have had the courage to calmly and respectfully provide your view. I don’t agree with it, but I respect it. And I want people to know that it is possible to disagree with someone and respect them at the same time. It’s a lost virtue in our society and one that we desperately need.


    • Megan this is so articulate and beautifully written. If I could have written a comment that perfectly describes what I was thinking and feeling when I read this article, yours would be it. You took the words right out of my heart and put them on the screen. Thanks for that.

    • Megan, that respect is NOT “a lost virtue in our society”-you have it, so it’s still here. And you aren’t alone, just as none of us is alone in our thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. We repeatedly see, whenever we express a thought that feels unique to ourselves, that there are many others who feel just as we do.

      So be comforted in knowing that your thoughts are ‘right’ thoughts, and that you do share them.

    • This resonated the most with me, Megan. It’s frustrating to me too how we are shamed for having certain beliefs.

    • My cousin is gay. He recently got married, and he and his husband have a daughter. What you said sounds all flowery and nice, but the stark reality of it is that you believe my cousin is sin, his husband is sin, their child is sin. So no, you don’t get a pat on the head and a cookie for that.

      • I don’t think she is saying that they ARE sin. I do think she is saying that your cousin and his “husband” are living in sin in the same way that an unmarried couple are living in sin. You can always love the sinner without loving the sin. My brother has issues with alcohol. I love him as much as I love anyone on Earth, but I do not love his issues with alcohol (that lead him to sin).

        It isn’t a matter of what a person says, it is instead a matter of what God says. He has given each of us struggles through which we can grow closer to Him. Sometimes those struggles are more obvious to the outside world (like being homosexual) and sometimes they happen in the privacy of your own mind, but they are there. “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good…” Genesis 50:20. If we take the chance to grow closer to God through our struggles then our relationship with Him will be ever more than what we could ever have imagined!

      • We are all sinful! But yes, they are living in sin because they are not following God’s word.

    • agreed!! well said!

    • Ditto Megan. Well said….

  67. I write this very carefully as I take matters of Truth very seriously, and Jesus’ warning about “leading little ones astray” and what you’d be better off doing I think sums up God’s feelings on the issue. A professional writer I am not, but I assure you this comes from Love and Truth.

    In regards to this article, I doubt it was written with the intent to mislead or hurt people, in fact I believe that it was likely written in love… it is however, very, very, wrong. There is a tremendous difference between saying Jesus may have been perceived as a sinner (by sinners themselves), and that Jesus WAS a sinner. One is human error, the other is blasphemy.

    The “laws” Jesus broke were nothing more than the man made “laws around the Law” that they wrote (see Talmud). They indeed also probably started off trying to “keep themselves from sin”, but what started as good (I’m speculating) became what we define as “legalism” today. Not working on the Sabbath, commanded. Not healing someone, interpreted. Not eating a full olive because you have to to remove the pit and therefore “work”, or don’t spit on the ground on the Sabbath because it might mix with the dirt, make mud, and therefore be “work”, written by legalistic men but NOT the Word of God we call the Bible, OR the Torah.

    What I’m driving at is that to say that Jesus could have been called a sinner by the standards of the very Word He embodied is absurd, and more importantly, very dangerous. To say that He would be “walking around today BREAKING THE WORD OF GOD in the name of Love” is something I would fall on my knees and ask forgiveness for saying. False doctrine is promised (not a maybe) by Jesus Himself to work it’s way through the Church as leaven works through dough, and so properly understanding the Truth of scripture is the only way not to become part of it’s propagation. Bringing up compartmentalized Scriptures in Leviticus talking about “wearing garments of wool and linen” and not explaining that this section of Scripture was talking about what to look for in a leper’s garments to know if you should burn them (the garments) or if they were clean, is twisted and deceitful. And then using them to justify “breaking the Law”, and THEN saying this is what Jesus did is a line I would be terrified to cross.

    I write this not in condemnation, but in hope that it will keep some from misunderstanding who Jesus Christ, Savior, Messiah, and Lord, was and is still today. I am as far from perfect as they come, but what I have found to be most important is to acknowledge Truth for what it is, and then live my life humbly seeking His correction, and thankful beyond words for His grace and mercy along the way. He would absolutely be with the sinners, he came to set them free! And He would be misunderstood by many, but He will not be misunderstood at His return… every knee will bow, and every tongue confess. On that day my friends, I hope you clearly understand His Truth, and INDEED HIS LOVE, but never justify and “exchange the Truth for a lie”… it’s been done, and it is a costly road to walk as Scripture clearly explains.

    -humbly saved by grace

    • I am so encouraged by the the people on here that have been able to articulate God’s truth so humbly, also pointing to God’s mercy and grace.

      Thank you for your words, Jon. Your light shines!

      • Thanks for the encouragement TC! I feel like as a Body we have done a very poor job of equating all our sins while never wavering on Truth… sadly it seems that most are on the extreme side of condemnation or justification, and both are so detrimental to the ONE Body we are called to be. Thanks again so much, I hope everyone sees His Love, and His desire to change us for freedom’s sake!

        • @Jon, good job speaking the truth in love.

          @Glenna, your heart is in the right place by not being judgemental. Keep on lovng folks, but love God more because it’s HIM we need to please, not people.
          His Word is Truth and Truth doesn’t change. It’s consistent whether we think it’s unfair or behind the times. But stay in the Word for Him to reveal that truth to you! :)

    • wow. well said.

    • Very nicely stated. My pastor spends a lot of time talking about Talmud when teaching in the Gospels – he wants people to understand the very real oppression that religious leaders had placed on the people that had nothing to do with the original Law.

      Regarding the post, I don’t particularly have a problem with the concept of Jesus as a poor, black, gay female. But this incarnation of Jesus would have to be sinless as well, and would not encourage others to sin. She would LOVE, but never promote ungodliness.

      • Thanks Shevrae, I’m glad your pastor spends time discussing where the “letter of the law” gets in the way of the “Spirit of the Law”. The important thing to understand is that it is in fact impossible for Jesus Christ to be all of these things. Someone who struggles with homosexuality is no “greater” of a sinner than the prideful people that look down on them, but engaging in homosexual relations is still a sin. It would be impossible therefore for the very incarnation of the Word (see John 1:1) to contradict Himself. In other words, if Christ was the Word in the flesh that dwelt among us (John 1:14), He could not “be” anything but the perfect embodiment of that Word.

        The danger is that we (not you, but people in general) want to take parts of the Bible and dismiss others as “irrelevant” or “outdated”, but the moment we do that we become the judges of right and wrong, and the source of our own personal “truth”. The fact is, there is no way out of this becoming a cancer that destroys all Truth, since we have now decided to create our own. At that point no one has the right to tell me that my “truth” that says the Bible is indeed correct except for smoking pot or drinking since I don’t “hurt anyone” in the process, is no more “wrong” that someone else’s “truth” that says they can have sex outside of marriage regardless of the sexual orientation of the relationship. As soon as you dismiss any part of Absolute Truth ordained by the Creator of it, you have indeed destroyed the foundation of it all.
        There will always be a war between the flesh and the Spirit as long as we are here on Earth, as the apostle Paul spoke in depth about, but to justify the flesh by our longings is to “exchange the Truth for a lie” (Rom 1:25) as I stated before, and that leads to a separation from God that none of us would ever want if we truly understood it.

        • I have read all you comments, and it seems to me you contradict what you message simply by replying to everyone’s opinion. You sound pompous and hyper-critical as your break down her opinion on theology. If you do not agree with Glennon, or at least appreciate her writing, please stop reading and responding to her essays. I think you merely want a platform on which to feel superior. You seem to want to judge and prove someone wrong. Does it make you feel better to do so?

          • Wow Laura, I don’t sense anything in Jon’s response that is “pompous and hyper-critical”. There’s no anger in his communication nor judgment in his delivery. I sense a lot of grace and kindness from Jon’s response. In these posts, there’s no need to be angry or defensive. Isn’t this whole post about Love? Shouldn’t we be showing love even in our responses to one another?

          • I agree with her as I sense contradictory know it all and have responded as such. I think it’s time he writes his own blog.

    • Jon,
      I’ve stayed away from these comments for days now, but I just have to respond to yet another man correcting Glennon, with great warning and loving admonishment. Does no one know the difference between a personal essay and a theological treatise? How much time have you spent on Momastery, reading her essays and understanding her point of view before commenting so freely? Glennon is not a minister. This is not a pulpit. She never said Jesus sinned. She said that he appeared to, based on the interpretation of the Law in Jesus’ time. That’s her point: a Christian today who loves her gay neighbor as she loves herself (not condescendingly, expecting them to be celibate all their lives) has refused to get mired in interpretations that are already being challenged by theologians in many denominations. This post is built upon an earlier post that pretty much rules out seeing homosexuality as a sin. Within mainstream Christianity, Glennon is actually is good company with that belief. She portrays Jesus as “the least among us” to remind us how to see him today in everyone, not to debate some literal interpretation of the book of Revelations. Her post was not meant as a Christological exegesis, but a personal reflection on life and love, as are ALL of her posts.

      • With all due respect Christine, this is not about perspective, this is about Truth. I am not a pastor, I am a sinner saved by grace, and what more “warning and loving admonishment” can there be than to make it clear that there are certain things that are very, very strongly warned against in the Word of God, and one of them is leading other “little ones” astray. You can argue all day long about free speech and poetic interpretation, but the fact is that I would challenge you to read through the comments posted here and tell me that not one of the people who read her post, who are also not “Christological exegetical” experts, are not being effectively led to believe that homosexual acts are not a sin. If you think this is not a big deal, please read what JESUS said about it in Mat 18:6, I don’t know how He could be any more drastically clear.

        Let me give you a few other concise problems directly from the article:

        “Here was a RABBI, openly defying the rules CLEARLY WRITTEN IN THE TORAH. The WORD OF GOD.”
        –Give me one example where Jesus openly defied the rules of the Torah (Old Testament).

        “Once, when Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath (BIG NO, NO. NO – working on the Sabbath- as clearly stated in the Torah)”
        –Please show me where this is clearly stated as a “no, no” on the Sabbath in the Torah.

        “Isn’t there a law of love in our hearts that overrides the individual laws in our books? Is there not? Jesus knew there was, because He created their hearts. He was asking them to trust their conscience. To trust the Love He put in their heart. To use not only their scripture, but common sense.”
        –There are numerous examples in Scripture that will point out that this is actually our exact problem. One of the simplest and most direct: “There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25

        “Jesus says something interesting. He says, “I have not come to abolish the law, I have come to fulfill every letter.” But he promises this WHILE He’s clearly breaking the little laws.”
        “He’d walk around breaking THE WORD OF GOD for Love.”
        “…breaking a smaller law? Just like Jesus did, again and again and again???”
        –And here is finally the root problem… there are no “little laws”, and to suggest that Jesus broke them is exceptionally misleading and problematic to say the least. There absolutely are Laws in the Word that have different reasons for being and need to be taken into context. A great example were the purification and cleansing laws as well as the dietary ones. These were actually tremendous blessings to the Jews who followed them to keep them from sickness and disease as well as some of the major historical plagues before anyone actually had a clue about microbiology. God wrote these laws to help them, not unnecessarily constrain them. And if you wash your hands and stay away from eating bacon today, you’re still being blessed by an “out of date” Law.

        The deadly problem is when we start “weighing” the Laws on our scales and saying that Jesus broke some little ones and we can too. Does the Word not say that if a man is guilty of breaking any of the Law that he is essentially guilty of breaking all of it? (James 2:10) Is this not the definition of a sinner? You said that “she never said that Jesus sinned”. Didn’t she?

        Now I hope at this point that you are seeing the problem, but in case you are wondering, I have friends that struggle with homosexuality. I have never once told them that they are wrong, and I am no less of a sinner than they are. I believe that the pride and/or hatred of “believers” that look down on them in judgement is just as much of a stench in God’s nostrils as the sin they claim to be condemning. Now, on the other hand, I have a friend that professed to be a Christian who also professes to engage in homosexual acts. It is my absolute duty, IN LOVE, to make sure he knows that his homosexual lifestyle is not in line with the Truth he professes. When I was on a road to destruction, I thank God that He put people in my life to point me towards the Light. The major issue is that to take on my sin as my identity starts to make it a problem of God “creating me wrong” and not that I was living in a way that was not in line with my original intended purpose. To embrace our sin is turning our back on the One that can save us from it.

        So the real problem is Christine, that a “personal essay” that may lead some to believe that Jesus was a “little law” breaker, which equates Him to a sinner by any logical thought process, is an extremely big deal. “loving admonishment” brings about correction in a wise person which is my hope, but I’m not in control of your decisions or Glennon’s so that is up to you two. Christ did not follow the Talmud to the letter (written by man), but He was never commanded to in the Torah (written by God), and that is the major difference… there is no book to put on the same level as the Bible, and if you want to argue that there is, I’ll keep my pearls in my hand.

        -still saved by grace alone

        • So, Jon, your answer is no, you don’t know the difference between a personal essay and a theological treatise…

          • Clearly I do Christine, but clearly you disregard the reasons that I wrote what I did regardless of the “intent” of the author. See Mat 12:36. I hope you understand how big of a deal this is some day.

          • I agree with you John. I’m a professional writer, and I write about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. It’s a beautiful thing to take the word of God and expand on it, especially when the Holy Spirit opens that door. It’s quite another to take the word of God and dismantle it into an untruth, which is the case here. The Bible says we are to use our testimony (personal story/essay) to overcome the world, not to justify it. Jesus said to go and sin no more. We are called to love- not condone. We all must be very careful in these days.

          • Thanks Nicole, I just hope the people here understand that it’s only IN Love that I write what I do… I think the most loving people in my life have been the ones that have helped me understand Truth, especially if it brings about correction that can save me from a lot of future pain.

          • This Jon feller’ is obnoxious. I like ignoring those of his ilk.

        • God nor Jesus wrote about being gay. Matthew wrote that. He was inspired to write that. I will live my life by the Ten Commandments and the one commandment that Jesus gave us, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.
          There is nothing in the Ten Commandments about being gay.

          • I understand Sue, but we have to be careful about wanting everything to be addressed specifically. Homosexuality is actually address multiple times in the Bible, but more importantly, sexual immorality in general is addressed in many places, which is defined by any sexual relationship outside the context of one man and one woman in marriage.

            Jesus did address sexual immorality in Matthew’s Gospel account at an even deeper level by saying:
            Matthew 5:27-28 – 27 “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

            This applies to lust of anyone (man or woman) towards anyone who is not their spouse. The problem is, the church as a whole has done a TERRIBLE job of addressing sexual immorality overall, while focusing in on homosexuality, and even worse has made the people who struggle with it feel targeted… this is where I absolutely concede that Jesus would not make these people feel like outcasts, and in fact, His ministry was directed more towards the people of the time that did. I hope that makes sense Sue.

          • Yes, he was INSPIRED BY GOD. How can you believe one part of the Bible but not the other? Either none of it’s true, or it all is true. It’s not a bag of trail mix. You can’t pick out the nice verses you like and leave the tough stuff out.

    • I think Glennon’s point was not that Jesus WAS a sinner, as clearly his word says that he never sinned, but that he was viewed as a sinner by the religious people because he broke rules.

      • Please see my response to Christine’s question above. The problem is that Glennon really does essentially call Christ a sinner throughout her essay by saying not that He was just a rule breaker, but that He broke the rules in the Word of God. Hope that makes sense Lorie.

    • I just want to thank you, Jon, for boldly standing up for truth. You have so eloquently displayed the love and knowledge of Christ in all of your posts in response to this article. When the backward thinking of this world have me feeling discouraged, I am thankful for people like you. Blessings to you, my brother in Christ!

      • Thank you so much for your encouragement “seattlemom”. This is such a divisive topic in our culture that I think it’s really important to take the time to address it. It’s really a blessing to know that it has been helpful even to one person. I hope you continue to find encouragement from other believers in Christ in this “backward thinking world”! :)

        • I agree @seattlemom and Jon! A little late to this party, but it’s so refreshing to hear someone speak truth in the midst of untruth in a way that is Christ-like and loving. Some of the responses you’ve gotten have been so UN-loving…sort of ironic. Continue to be salt and light!

    • Thank you, Jon for you comments. You’ve said what I wanted to say in the most beautiful words!

    • So glad to read this comment Jon! You said very well a lot of what I was thinking. I was thinking after reading this post that that I hope Glennon realizes that becoming a spiritual leader to what seems so many young/fringe Christians, carries much responsibility. I truly pray she is in the word and following a strong biblical teacher. I agree so much with the comments that while many more liberal sounding Christians talk a lot about being non-judgmental, they are still spending a lot of time judging Christians. Instead of focusing on getting to know Jesus. Especially after studying Revelations. There is no doubt in my mind who Jesus will come back as next time. I was really confused by the “Jesus coming back as a poor black gay girl” What? Jesus will only come back as a conquering KING and every knee will bow. This is such a basic Christian truth that it makes me a little worried about how readily others were willing to jump up in agreement. God make this decision as to the way His truth will unfold. This is most certainly not open for discussion.

      I would never presume to know what God feels about homosexuality other than He really hates when we use sex as anything other than the Holy act between those who have entered into covenant with each other. So by this standard I think most of us have committed this sin whether once, twice, during college, every weekend whatever. I believe it is this that God abhors. Using sex for “Recreation” “a rush” “to control” “to make money” When Jesus met the woman at the well He welcomed her and loved her. But under NO uncertain terms told her to Go Sin NO MORE. .

      I believe God made man and women perfectly to be together in the garden of Eden. A lot has been messed up since then. I admit to being confused as to why Christians focus so much on Homosexuality when there are so many other sexual sins: rape and adultery just to name 2. I have relatives who have been in a monogamous same sex relationship for as long as I can remember. I am not sure if they are believers, but I think there is a good chance that if they became a believer tomorrow the first (or second, or 10th) thing that God would convict them of in their private personal walk with Him, would be to change the way they have lived their lives for 50 years. I may event venture to say that they could live the rest of their lives and God would have plenty of other things to work on and never even get to that particular choice. Now for others, who may not be so monogamous, it may be the first thing God addresses. Maybe I’m wrong. Still even writing something I believe that is not clearly in the bible makes me nervous…I feel the need to put disclaimers saying I may be wrong. I don’t want to convince anybody of anything other than all you need is Jesus. Lets just bring people to Jesus. Let him decide what they need!

    • Amen, Jon. You speak truth and you do it with love. It is evident in your words. I concur with all that you have posted and thankful you have spoken truth. It is so easy to fall into good sounding dialogue having a measure of truth yet so off base with real truth! We are often eager to find someone who makes us feel better about what is not right than to do hard things like recognize and change wrong or errant thinking and doing. There is NO truth outside of the G_d of the scriptures, both Torah and New Testament. HE is totally LOVE and totally JUST. HE spoke truth to all and always in love. We should do the same.

    • Bless your heart for so kindly interpreting Glennon’s words, as well as the words in the Bible, for all of us. I am sure she feels joy at your admonishments and corrections made “in love,” as do all the other posters on here that you have so lovingly corrected. I, for one, would love to know your secret to living such a long life, because surely you must be ancient to know and have spoken to all those who wrote the Bible. Otherwise, how would you over anyone else know the truth and the proper interpretation of the Bible?

  68. I really enjoyed this post. Your perspective on things is audacious but convicting. I totally agree that Love trumphs all other rules or laws. We are all sinners in need of grace and if homosexuals are disqualified from receiving it, then so am I. It sorrows me to hear about “religious” or “Christian” people treating others that way because that is NOT the message of love and acceptance that Jesus preached when He was here.

  69. every reader you lose for being brave and honest, you shall gain double- my favorite post ever….


  71. Glennon, your message is so true, passionate, and filled with love. Thank you for sharing.

  72. Thank you, Glennon. This was beautifully, thoughtfully written, and resonates as a good reminder to approach everyone with love, even those I don’t agree with. So much easier said than done!

  73. But…what if you’re a Christ-following woman, married to a wonderful man with three amazing children, who did not admit until AFTER said husband and children, that she is gay. How is the law of Love fulfilled then? By divorcing her husband and breaking his heart? By “leaving” her children (not necessarily a reality but a perceived reality by heartbroken children)? Just so she can be who supposedly God said He/She/They created her to be?

    • I know someone in this very situation. The decision was hard for her, however, her husband was very understanding in his response to her admission. He said, “Wow. This explains a lot. You must have been miserable all these years. I want for your happiness. Let’s make this right.” To me, that says it all. If your husband loves you, and you love your husband, their is no law of love being broken, because within the law of love comes the desire for your loved ones to be happy. Yes, there undoubtedly will be initial hurt, but in time that will be healed in favor of understanding, I’m sure. And I wish you all the best, Monkee-sister :-)

      • But the law of Love is what hung Christ on the cross. I doubt that made Him or His Father happy. We, too, must die to self to fulfill that Law.

        • Agreed. The Law of Love is what hung Christ on the cross. Knowing what you know now, if you were in that crowd of mockers 2000 yrs ago, there’s only 1 thing you would have to say: “Crucify Him.” You’d have to; if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be saved. As unhappy as that made Him and His Father, it’s the truth. Christ had to die to fulfill the Law.

          So we don’t have to. It’s not our job to fulfill any Law — it’s our job to live it out because we’re thankful to Christ for saving us. If aforementioned woman felt that leaving was “living out Love” then that’s that. It’s between her and the Holy Spirit.

          • And he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Luke 9:23

            Actually, we are called to die to ourselves.

    • I read a book to my children just the other day where two children are in the jungle and save a tiger. The blind man they meet in that jungle thanks them for doing so. The children are confused. After all, they were frightened by the tiger who prowled around and even chased them. The blind man says to them,” when you saved the tiger, you saved all of him and because you did he is still just as fierce.” my point being that god created that tiger knowing what he was capable of. He made you too. Did he make you as a gay woman?? Only you know the answer to that. Be he made you and expects you to come as you are. Jesus didn’t come to save good people. He came to save ALL people. Beating yourself up for leaving a lifestyle that makes you unhappy is a step forward. Don’t ever leave the presence of god. Ask him to help you through whatever is going on and he will. His love is unfailing for us all.

    • Be true to thine own self. You can do this! I have a friend who was divorced twice before coming out thanks to the guilt from being raised baptist and growing up in a small narrow-minded conservative town, and I am just thankful that her second husband wanted her to be happy and supported her getting counseling to figure it out. No one deserves to have a depressed or uninterested partner. You both deserve a chance at real love. There are support groups online if you seek them, as well as skype therapy.

  74. You are amazing and brave, and good job for being true to Jesus. This is exactly what he want us all to hear. People need to be shocked into realizing that their current mentality is just RIDICULOUS and ex-clusive. Everyone deserves love. So well written.

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  76. I think one of the biggest tests of mortality is to learn to love. To learn to love REGARDLESS of life circumstances. TACT is the gift that comes with unconditional love. Thanks for your thoughts.

  77. This was really great. Such a heart-felt, compassionate perspective, one that unfortunately often gets overlooked in this world where judging somehow has become more valued than loving. Thank you.

  78. Bless you Glennon for speaking your truth. You are changing the world.
    This week I followed a Huffpost link to a video of a 6 year old child singing “Aint no Homo Going to Make it to Heaven” and getting a standing ovation and I cried. And, the passage that came to my heart was “Jesus wept.” I believe that Jesus is looking down on such acts and weeps to see what we have made of his word.
    There are a total of 6 passages in the entire bible that could possibly reference homosexuality. Why is it such an issue for us? There are many more passages singing the praises of slavery, there are many more that speak of women as unclean, why do we not harp on these the way we do the ones on homosexuality. To hear christians speak you’d think God was preoccupied with homosexuality. He wasn’t. We are. Whatever you may think about what God thought about there is no dispute that he didn’t elevate it to the status we do.
    Glennon is right that his focus was on love. There’s no disputing that!
    Amen sister.

  79. Thank you for this heartfelt writing. I am not religious, but I am spiritual. I believe in practicing love and kindness as Jesus did. Religion and literal-Bible-interpretation aside, I believe Jesus would smile at your writing and say, “ah, someone is using their heart and mind and soul to try to find a way to love.” How wonderful! Whether we are right or wrong on this issue, God will surely understand the conflicted, yearning feelings in our hearts and recognize our attempts to be our best, most loving reflection of him. He is surely big enough and powerful enough to do that.

  80. From Romans 1–

    18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

    21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

    24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    • Yes Jesus shook the foundations of the culture – yet He sinned not. Jesus came to atone for our sins. Not to sin Himself. No immorality, deception, hate filled attitude nor sin. He is radiant truth & wisdom. We have choices to make and these choices bring consequences for all of us.

  81. Glennon,
    I could not disagree with you more. I visit your blog every once in a while. For some reason I am drawn back time and time again. My heart is so torn over what you are doing. I see the good in your intentions and where you’ve been and what you’ve come through and I am so happy for you, but you are so far off the deep end and it literally makes me feel sick to my stomach for you. I mean no harm by saying that either. I know we aren’t friends, but if we were, I would love you enough to be honest with you. That’s what love does, right? It sticks it’s neck out for the sake of helping another and I am telling you, you are way off base. You seem to love the shock factor. Your profanity alone is shocking enough. What is the purpose of that? I just don’t get it at all. My heart goes out to you. Truly it does.

    • shock factor? really? Glennon has poured her heart out about something she FEELS (you can’t tell someone that how they “feel” is wrong) so strongly and deeply about,and you say it’s just for “shock factor”…i find this statement shallow. i would guess that there are MANY gay/lesbian people out here who aren’t shocked, hurt, or bothered by this essay, but they are loved. simply that..they feel love. we all need it and we all definitely deserve it…

    • I think your heart is in the right place, and you truly desire to help, but Glennon has already come to a place of peace with her position, after spending lots of time reading and praying and reflecting on this issue. Who are we to say that she’s so far off base? We are all charged with working out our own faith with fear and trembling. We aren’t called to work out anyone else’s salvation. That’s between them and God.

      And profanity is a tricky topic, but I know Glennon doesn’t do it to shock people. She’s a writer, and she uses the words that best express herself. Some people appreciate it and relate to it, some are offended. I’m sorry if you are in the latter group.

      The goal of this community is to foster love, gentle communication, encouragement, introspection and growth. I hope you can see that.


    • I agree with you Rebecca. Im a sap and I know it. But Touched By An Angel is one of my favorite shows. Time and again Monica says God is TRUTH and LOVE. Not just love. For many people, homosexuality is not truth, it is bondage- a bondage Satan puts them in because of past trauma. This isnt true for everyone I know, but my point in stating it here is that everyone is all lovey-dovey over Glennon’s words- but true love seeks out the truth. If we “accept” homosexuality without question we can actually deny the work of the cross which is healing and redemption. Love and truth must walk hand in hand.

      • Why do you think people who accept homosexuality do so “without question”? In my experience that couldn’t be further from the truth.

        Lust as lust is wrong. But homosexuality is a known biological phenomenon, created by God if you think biology is God-given, and homophobia is both essentialist and misogynist. Neither of those things is godly. Essentialism denies the truth of the variety of God’s wonderful creation and the range of differences within the broad sex categories “male” and “female”. Misogyny says that to be female is to be inferior; heterosexual wives are inferior; men who act like women or like wives are inferior: which is homophobia.

        I’m with Glennon on the notion that to be gay is not a sin; and I also don’t accept that a homosexual person in a marriage is inferior or in sin compared to an equally-married heterosexual person.

        You might disagree; but this acceptance reflects a lifetime of questions and research from a het, married, Christian woman.

    • If Glennons blog is honestly creating this much distress in your spirit, are you praying for her?
      I have friends and family who don’t agree with all the decisions I make, causes I support and ways in which I speak.
      I have respectfully and sincerely asked them to pray for me.
      If they are truly concerned that what I am doing is in error, by all means bring it before the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to convict me and change my heart.
      If I am in error I want to change, but I won’t be bullied or guilted into any humans interpretation or ideology.
      Life is too awesome and too short to get yanked around by people, even the well meaning ones.
      I assure you, this is going to be far more effective than the critical comments cloaked as ‘concerns’ as they come off as condescending, obnoxious and are quickly and cheerfully dismissed; by me at least.
      Glennon is probably much more gracious than I.
      People make really crappy “Holy Spirits,” but we are called to pray. Prayer is powerful.

  82. You and I disagree on some pretty fundamental things. But I truly appreciate your ‘law of love’ and that even if we disagree, it is important to us, and to Jesus, that we love each other. Speak the truth in love. This is what He asks us to do. Sometimes that truth is hard to hear, and it is telling someone that what they are doing is wrong. I do not believe that Jesus will/would come back as a poor, black, gay teenage girl. But I do think He would be her best friend.

    • So very well said.

    • Why do you not think? “Jesus will/would come back as a poor, black, gay teenage girl.”

      • Several reasons. Mostly because I believe He will come back as who He was the first time–but as He left not as He came–that is to say, in His glorified risen body–not as a baby in a barn.
        I also disagree with Glennon–she seems to be saying that Jesus was a law-breaker, and in my heart I hear–sinner. I do not believe He was a sinner, but the friend of sinners (like me.)

    • Well Said….He would be her best friend!! I do not agree with this blog…we all have our own opinions~This one I cannot agree with at all.

    • “Sometimes that truth is hard to hear, and it is telling someone that what they are doing is wrong. I do not believe that Jesus will/would come back as a poor, black, gay teenage girl. But I do think He would be her best friend.”

      Karla, I think you hit the nail right on the head.

      • So you are saying that he would come back as white, blonde and privileged? Or as baby Jesus 2 pounds five ounces Talledega Nights like? Or maybe just the child of an unwed Jewish mother again?

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