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Instead of watching me, please keep your eyes on the Monkee sitting next to me. MUCH funnier that way.

Love You So.



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  58 Responses to “Apparently, The Revolution WILL Be Televised”

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  2. LOVED it! and i don’t know why i didn’t know you were a fellow Virginian!!!

  3. Great!

  4. Wow. Amazing. You looked so calm. Monkees rule!!

  5. Watched it again. I get overwhelmed and want to cry! About 5 minutes into your speach on May1st in Great Falls I also started to get all teary and fought hard to hold it back.You just touch my heart.

    Tickled to death too that Audrey also commented! They did a great job with the story. Gotta go dry my eyes. Love ya. :)

  6. Glennon,

    I am absolutely in love with your blog. I check it probably 20 times a day! Thank you for all your love, insight, and inspiration. The world needs more people like you! So happy for you and your success. And your family? Adorable! You guys are amazing!!

  7. Like :)
    You have a beautiful family

  8. Yeah!! I feel kind of excited to have been a part of this when it was going on and I have to admit i never imagined that much money would get raised from it!! WOW. I am actually really just amazed. I loved seeing the interview and a glimpse of you in real life. It is pretty cool to see this happening and to watch God using this for so much good!

  9. Congrats to you and everyone who has donated time, energy or finances to others in need through your love flashmob.

    Ghandi said it best, “Be the change you want to be in the world.”

    Thank you for exemplifying how to do this.

  10. Thats amazing Glennon ;; life is amazing I sure God help me to find you and the others monkees!

  11. Glennon, I love you and I love your blog. I am a recovering Christian alcoholic and I write a blog called I loved your video. You rock! I also love that you’re said you love being a recovering alcoholic. But it surprised me to hear the reporter in the video, and the article, too–talk about you quitting bulemia and alcohol “cold turkey.” I think it’s so wonderful that God delivered you like that, if he did. I really do. And I know it happens. But it worried me a little to hear that said from such a big platform without some qualifying. I know that I struggled for so many years to admit I needed help–so much shame–and being a Christian only made it worse. I wanted the Cold Turkey miracle so I wouldn’t have to have my ego and pride smashed. I wanted one big miracle. But God gave me a daily one instead through recovery. I think a lot of Christians think, “Wasn’t I supposed to be “saved” from this kind of thing? (NO). Anyway, I just wanted to ask the question about “cold turkey” comments–which I realize weren’t even from you–because I hate to think of other people out there trying to do that, thinking it’s the way to go, instead of reaching out for help through recovery. I KNOW that’s not your intent. I admire you and trust your heart and believe you wouldn’t want that either. So this is just a heads up about what can happen or be said by well-meaning reporters. In the meantime, I am so blessed by you, Glennon. I pray God will give me an ounce of your courage. If he does, I’ll be fine. Hugs, Heather Kopp

  12. OK, (A) Your hair was awesome! and…

    (B) I finally have proof that you are at least part-angel! Look at how the chair next to you (not the black and white chair, but the colorful patterned chair) has a yellow pattern that TOTALLY looks like an angel wing springing from your back!? Maybe I’m the only one that noticed, but that little wing made me so happy.

    Monkee on!

  13. This was a great interview! It’s so inspiring to see all the good work you are inspiring!

  14. Lovely job!! Hope we get a lot more Monkees from among the viewers!

    (I just wish the report had used the word, “brutiful,” somehow, because for me, what is so perfect about Momastery is the full-on expression of the pain and the joy, together.)

  15. So many happy tears. Overwhelming.

  16. So fabulous! Great story, wonderful achievements! And I agree, your hair looked amazing…and your forehead sooooo smooth! 😉

  17. Great job Glennon and Monkees!! I must say I didnt expect you to sound the way that you sound… weird I know. Not sure what I envisioned but I loved it. You looked amazing and I couldnt even see that cups that was holding all the sweat Im sure was falling from under your arms 😉 Keep it up… you inspire me to be better!

  18. Tears, as always. Gorgeous piece, you are so articulate. Will always love that Mother Theresa quote, but now I have a new love – MUST. HAVE. THE. MONKEE!

    The Revolution will be televised.

    Kirstie (Geelong, Australia)

    • @ Cindy (May 14, 2012 at 7:58 pm): Had to laugh when I read I your comment – I’m from the Land of Oz too… kinda! :>

  19. I just heard about you all and what you are doing in the world. Oh my!! I am on board. I am a farm wife from Kansas…. Yes, the Land of OZ!! the things that have happened because of you, Glennon. You and the Monk-ees are amazing!! I want to be one,

  20. I’m crying, it was so wonderful. Yay you! Yay Momastery! Yay Monkees!

  21. You looked and sounded amazing. If someone had never heard of you/us before they saw this, they would know EXACTLY what Momastery is all about.

  22. I watched with my four year old and she wants to know how we can get a cute monkee like that! I went shopping from the blog and all I found was clothes. Is the stuffed monkee available?

  23. Glennon, it was sooo nice to finally put a voice to all of your blogs. You sounded exactly how I thought you would…not Minnie Mouse (ish) at all! I thought the interview was wonderful, upbeat and very inspiring. So happy Momastery is a part of my daily life. Who knew I would appreciate Fox News so much??? LOL

  24. Very nice meeting you Glennon. From the response to the story on our website, you have definitely inspired a whole new crop of moms. Thanks for sharing your story with me. And if you hear of other news worthy items that won’t fit into your blog, send them my way. :) Audrey Barnes, Fox 5

    • you did a wonderful job with our story! thank you so much!! xo

    • Audrey,

      THANK YOU for handling our story with such beauty and care and talent. You are brilliant, and I am grateful.

      And YES! You will be our go-to reporter when we come across GOOD NEWS!!!!

      Going About My Monkee Business,

  25. Ahhh……how great was this. it feels good to be a part of it:) thanks for sharing!!!

  26. Love! Love! Love! And can I just say…what a beautiful family you have! You looked amazing!

  27. You were great! :) I am so proud to be a Monkee!

  28. I love that ending line “It’s all love here at fox 5 today.” How often do you hear that on the news? How often do we hear so much positive? Thanks for inspiring it Monkees and Glennon- You have been gifted with the paradox of great suffering and great gifts- you are using it well. Thank you for the inspiration ( and you do look fabulous and your voice is exactly how I thought it would be…sweet and strong:)

  29. you look fabulous, i know it’s not about you, BUT you do 😀

    and YAY fabulous fabulous fabulous!!!

  30. Nice job Glennon! And you were so enthusiastic – I love how that just jumped from the screen. I am sure that it will inspire others to do small (great!) things…I mean, really? How could it not? :-)

    So happy and proud to be a part of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  31. How awesome is this?!

  32. Love!!

  33. I started crying before the video finished buffering! So proud of you and this community.

  34. Loved it! Maybe understanding how we can all do small things will inspire others to do the same. Thanks for being the amazing force behind Momastery, and letting the rest of us tag along, Glennon!

  35. Proud of you Glennon! And proud to be a Monkee!

  36. Love this! After watching last night with hubs, I said, oh they cropped out the monkee. He said, the monkee was in the whole time. So much fun watching again from her point of view!

    They did an awesome job packaging the story!!! One other thing I would have kept in is you leaving your rockin’ red pumps for your sassy grandma in lieu of flowers.

    Love you!

    • Louie…can you send me where and how in the world you got that Monkee Monk? I want to send one to the Monkey Monks in NYC. And everyone else I know.
      I actually bent over and KISSED that Monkey while I was sitting in the family room alone. I LOVE HIM. Hes like Theo but even lower maintenance. And he is PRAYING CEASELESSLY for me. Which I really need.

    • Yes, I want one too. If we could purchase on the site and have any donations go to something? Is that possible? I need him to watch over me too! :)

  37. I feel like a broken record….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…Love you – Smiles!!

  38. Yay! You are beautiful and should be so proud. Amazing!

  39. love love love!

  40. That was great :) (although you don’t sound anything like how you sound in my head when I read your words! Funny how we project accents on to people we only know online …). Good job! Loved the T shirt, too.

  41. You were great on the news….I too will be featured tonight on Channel 13 KTRK in Houston, to share my story about my skin cancer diagnosis and my crusade to push for a ban on tanning beds and an awareness for sun safety!! I’m kinda freaking out about it….you looked so calm and collected, hopefully I come across the same! :)

  42. Oh, and in case no one has noted it yet, the “faith and sweat” line comes from a song called ‘Love Like Crazy’. No coincidence there, of course. :)

  43. The link just took me to a news article about You with A picture of a dog. NOt a monkey ?! NOt the video…. I didn’t get to see you last night so was excited about this ……

    • Jenn- There seems to be a problem with the link if you’re accessing the mobile site for the station. Click on “full site” (toward the bottom of your screen) then look for a link with a picture of, which is where the video is.

  44. So exciting!! WAY TO GO G!!! You ROCKED IT!!! So proud of you and so grateful to be inspired by your writing and monkey-do-goodings!!! Thank you for you- what a gift you are to so many!!! Congrats on a decade of sobriety-WOW!!! Love you

  45. Awesome! Nice work, GDo!

  46. Way to go, G! Your writing has been a wonderful inspiration to me and I am so happy you are enjoying this success and inviting all of us along for the (van) ride. :)

  47. So great! Every part of it looked/sounded wonderful. You got the message out so perfectly clear and did not appear to even perspire much less sweat at all!
    Very proud of you, for that and the last decade that brought you to here. And, heck, the decades before that too as we know it’s all a package deal. :)

  48. great job :)

    your hair looked amazing too, by the way!

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