May 042012

There’s been a lot of crying this week. They’ve been good, cleansing, hopeful tears. But today let’s lighten up, Frances.

This is one of my favorite little miracles, because it reminds me how creative and playful God can be. It reminds me that this world we live in, this world that seems soooo big is actually quite small. It’s tiny and all of us are connected to each other in a big glistening messy intricate God-web.

You know that Sister and I went to New York recently to meet with all the fancy publishers. Since you also know me, you can probably guess that I was VERY NERVOUS. I applied twelve layers of deodorant and kept saying, “it will be okay” to no one throughout the whole train ride. I also kept repeating “Be Still and Know” which is my favorite scripture, but I kept hearing Be Still and know that this is going to be INSANE,” which is less helpful than the original.

When we finally arrived at Penn Station, Sister and I walked out into the bright sun and THIS was the first thing upon which I laid my terrified eyes. A Monastery.



Crazy, Insane, Right? Calmed me. Completely calmed me. Emmanuel. The rest of the week I was like EASY BREEZY….EAAAASSSSY BREEEEEZY. COOL as a CUCUMBER. Which obviously means juts a teeny bit less insane.

But when I came home and wrote about this monastery, all the monkees starting freaking out. They said: LOOK AT THE MONASTERY NAME. IT’S THE CAPUCHIN MONASTERY. IT’S A MONKEY MONASTERY!!!!


And I was like NO WAY.

So I googled, of course.

Capuchins are considered the most intelligent New World monkeys. With the exception of a midday nap, they spend their entire day searching for food. They are also used as service animals, sometimes being called “nature’s butlers.”Some organizations have been training capuchin monkeys to assist quadriplegics as monkey helpers in a manner similar to assistance dogs. After being socialized in a human home as infants, the monkeys undergo extensive training before being placed with a quadriplegics. Around the house, the monkeys help out by doing tasks including microwaving food, washing the quadriplegic’s face, and opening drink bottles.- Wikipedia


–       Super Smart. Naps. Eating  AND Assisting ALL DAY LONG. OPENING (baby or wine) BOTTLES, WASHING FACES, MICROWAVING DINNER??? Are these not OUR MONKEE SPECIALTIES????? Tell me they’re not.


Kay. Now here comes the crazy miracle part.



People: The Monkey Monks contacted the agent of the Monkee Mama to ask permission to run a story about the Momastery Monkee Mama seeing the Monastery of the Monkey Monks.

Just, please.

Happy Friday, Monkees. And Monkey Monks.

The world can be such fun.


Love 4-evah.


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  84 Responses to “Miracle 5..Monkey Monkees”

  1. Synchronicity at its best. Amazing how the universe conspires to support our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Makes us remember to create the good ones. Then we can have so much fun as we recognize our energy at work. Mahalo!

  2. I have to tell you that when you ran the original blog seeing the monastery, I thought it was so important BECAUSE it of the capuchin name, haha. Reading this one, I thought it was a re-print, until I realized you hadn’t noticed the name in the prior blog.

    I love the little things that tickle us all; especially the minor coincidences that suddenly become major!


  4. the Peripheral Miracle……and G-ds wisdom…

    Last week it seemed like G-d was screaming my name but in a foreign
    language so I couldn’t understand. Everything seemed to be going wrong.
    I was in the city for a doctors appointment with My 3 month old and parked my
    car in a parking garage, like so many times before. We got some
    disappointing news at the doctors office. We get to the garage feeling
    crappy, when the valet brings back our car – he says, “usually I
    wouldn’t tell ppl but because there is a lot of damage I felt bad not
    to say anything” He had smashed the entire passanger side of the car.
    As we stood there holding my crying baby, wanting to cry myself,
    waiting for the police to come, there was a lot of commotion outside
    the lot. “great” I said to Husband, the cars arent moving down the block,
    the cops will never get here, My 2yr old is hungry, My 3 month old is crying ……
    It turned out that on the corner of the block – at nearly the exact
    moment we would have been pulling out of the garage and waiting at the
    light a car was going too fast and flipped over onto the light post and
    onto the side walk and back onto the street – exactly where we may have
    been waiting at the light – had the valet not crashed our car.

    G-d said “Sabina, not all miracles and not all your prayers are going
    to be answered straight on, but if you turn your head just a little and
    look with your Peripheral Vision, you may just see/get something you
    didn’t even know you Needed.

  5. omgoodness..LOVE THIS!! wonderful, just wonderful.

  6. I love it! HELLO Monkey Monks, welcome aboard! It’s face-washin’ time! (Pass the cappuccino…)

  7. Oh my, that is hi-larious. Thanks for sharing. Makin’ me SMILE!

  8. i. love. your. blog. enough said:)

  9. LOVE stories like this!!!

  10. Wow! Just Wow!

  11. HILARIOUS! Not only does God have mysterious ways, he has humorous ones as well.

  12. NO WAY! That is INcredible! I love it. So cool. REAL, superdeedooper Monks! I have goosies up my arms. <3

  13. This is so wonderful. It’s amazing – how there are NO accidents. I have had such moments in life ( to be *awake* is such a gift) where you get hit right between the eyes with a sign that is simply undeniable. I loe that. I love life. Thank you God.

  14. Love this!!! Laughing with glee!

  15. LOVE it. So awesome how things just fall into place! God does work in miraculous ways whether AMAZINGLY BIG or just small and unnoticeable until someone else points its out!

  16. and I am reading all the Monkee comments to each other…Meghan and Maria OLivia, Elle and LindseyLou Who…and thinking that these interactions, these connections are the biggest and best miracle you could work, Glennon.

  17. love this!!! love your blog. you are so talented and a beautiful, amazing, inspiring writer. Thank you :)
    Lisa (mummascorner)

  18. Oh Glennon. How wonderful!

  19. My ex used to always say, “Lighten up, Francis” to me and it always calmed me down, now I ask my spiritual committee to say it to me. I hate it when I waste this beautiful life by taking it too seriously.

  20. This is ah-mazing. It put a smile on my face for the day! She or He really does have a sense of humor!

  21. Awesome! Amazing how God works!

  22. Hahaha, that is so cool!!

  23. I loved this! I think it goes so well with what you wrote yesterday. What if you hadn’t took the time to look around when you got in NY? You might not have seen the monastery and I feel God put you in that place to help calm you before meeting with the publishers.

    Kinda makes me wonder how many things I have missed because I was too busy focusing on other things and thinking God please show me something. When really He could have been placing all sorts of things before me but I just wasn’t looking because they were not coming to me the way I thought they should be. A great reminder to slow down and really listen and look.

    I just want to say I love it here! I laugh and cry and feel welcomed daily. I love that you and the Monkees help me to see and hear and look at things in a way I might not have before. Thank you all! God Bless!!

  24. DOUBLE LOVE!!!!!

  25. Ok, I am going t honest here … I find really difficult to see miracles… I do have a loving family , a beatiful and amazing baby .. but miracles ? Humm .. don´t know .. maybe coincidences know I am a beliver .. but don´t fell very positive can I change that ? How can I see miracles ?

    • Maria OLivia
      I have been sitting here trying to think of the words to say to help you. I am not a woman of faith. In my wedding vows it said that I was a girl named Doubt (my husband is the boy named Faith). I cannot address this from a biblical perspective.
      But there are things that happen in this life; things that beat the odds; things that seem to be incredible coincidences; things that make you stop and wonder. Those things make me think of the incredible complexity and perfection of nature. Our babies are born with sight so limited and such a sense of smell and so little mobility and yet, laid on a mother’s belly they will head for food. Our breast have the contrast of colour and the circular shape and scent to which they are instinctively attracted. This is, to me, evidence of a grand plan if ever there was one.
      So maybe what we are seeing in these miracles aren’t things that jump out as anomilous inexplicable events, but maybe they are ones that show us that there is more going on than we can see or control. Maybe these things this week remind us that there is More.
      I don’t know about God. I don’t know about miracles. But I know that there are so many things in nature. So much perfection and symetry and synergy. So much in human life. Beautiful reunions, near misses, chance opportunities, coincidental blessings. So many things are there if we open our eyes to them.
      Baby steps, Maria OLivia. See what is there for what it is showing you, not just what it is. A bird in your yard in April is not just a bird. It is spring returned.

      • Dear Meghan .
        Thank you .
        “So maybe what we are seeing in these miracles aren’t things that jump out as anomilous inexplicable events, but maybe they are ones that show us that there is more going on than we can see or control”
        thats a very good point…
        Im reading and doing a deep thinking .. I do agree with you .. and I think sometimes I’m looking to the wrong side or I m just wearing grey glasses… and cannot see the true colors of life .. well. baby steps .. I ll keep this in mind..

        thank you again ..

  26. That is so wild! Definitely the sort of thing that I think God likes to do…I can imagine him smiling about it. :)

  27. OK, this may just be the coolest thing I’ve ever read. :)

  28. I love this story! I truly do! the Monkey Monks felt joyful that their Monkey Monastery touched you! and you felt Joyful that their monastery was there in the middle of the chaos… AH-Maz-ING!

    I loved everything about miracle week….

    I was wondering Monkey’s and Glennon, what are the resources you turn to when you feel immensely insecure. several people I love and cherish have pointed out that I spend a whole lot of time feeling sorry for myself because I’m in a different phase of my life than my friends, I’m a med student and had to take a year off for medical reasons… all my friends are finishing up the classroom years and heading off to clinicals… and I just feel… less than…. less than good… less than smart…. less than a part of the group…

    I know insecurity isn’t unique to me, so I thought, what better place to come and get help to fight the insecurity battle than the monkees? I live in the SF Bay area, and would love if you want to email me your insecurity battling tips… [email protected] or if Glennon you read this and it just strikes a cord I’d love to see a post about it! :)

    Thanks Monkees!

    • Hi Elle, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your struggles with insecurity. We all feel it at different times. Dr. Brene Brown has a good book called the Gifts of Imperfection. She is also doing an E-course that is starting on May 12th that you might want to check it out. http://WWW.BreneBrown.Com I took it last Fall and it was amazing. I am lifting you up in prayer today. Ginny

  29. one great big monk monkey monkee world :)

  30. LOVE this story. Period.
    I also must add that my favorite band, Dave Matthews Band, sings a song called “Proudest Monkey”. It’s one of their earlier tunes and one of my favorites. If you’ve never heard it, seek it out. Should be the Monkee theme song :-)

    Have a wonderful Friday!!!


  31. that is a LOT of Monkee Business…

  32. […] I did it. In response to Glennon Melton’s Miracle Week which began on Monday, I decided to spend the next five days looking for and writing about […]

  33. Minor miracle: cappucinos (necessary survival tool of monkee monks) got their name from the monkey monks. The world is grand and it’s all connected!

    • Ok, I am going t honest here … I find really difficult to see miracles… I do have a loving family , a beatiful and amazing baby .. but miracles ? Humm .. don´t know .. maybe coincidences know I am a beliver .. but don´t fell very positive can I change that ? How can I see miracles ?

      • Sometimes we don’t see miracles because we are too busy…
        We are running when we should be walking
        We are walking when we should be standing
        We are standing when we should be sitting

        Spend time with God, for He has wonderful things to show you.
        Jer 33.3

  34. LOVE!!! This made me smile so big :)

  35. Smiling and laughing and thrilled to have found you to be in my life. That is my miracle. That I have a new BFF that doesn’t know me at all, but that inspires me and makes me happy. Thank you for being the wonderful, loved by Jesus, YOU that YOU are. Happy Friday!

  36. How much fun can God be?! I love his sense of humor, his way of showing us how connected we are. So, so, sooo much fun.
    Be still and know also a favorite of mine – along with God is love.

    Love you!

  37. Just about spit out my coffee laughing at that one!

  38. more goosies!!!! My Lord I love your stories! The best way ever to start the morning!! xoxoxo

  39. Too funny! I wanted to make some witty comment about a proof for evolution. But since I don’t believe in that, nothing solid was coming. Maybe someone who follows that belief system could come up with one, though, it does seem terribly appropriate humor in this scenario!!!!!!

  40. Chills and laughter. Wow! What a life you lead!

  41. (Sometimes) lIfe can be so dang fun!

    I can’t stop smiling.

  42. Oh, that’s wonderful! I was a NYC commuter for 7 years – i know just where that is!!! SO SWEET and SO COOL – I just want to hug them for getting it. :-)

  43. Oh my! The smile on my face is so big I’m getting funny looks by the Starbucks baristas. This is so fantastic and so serendipitous!! I wonder if the Monkey Monks newsletter is online? Can we comment on it.?

  44. I already said this once, but it’s worth saying again that I’m LOVING this little miracle series. And YAY for Sister’s baby….many, many congrats to her and your entire family. That’s going to be one loved baby Monkee.

    • I am lovin this miracle series too! Everyday this week it has just started my day off ssoo great..It keeps me going all day! :)

  45. Thanks for a smile to end the week. Yesterday’s post had me crying (I fall into the WTF sign category), and I can only do that so much. :) BUT I’m thrilled for you and your expecting little joy. That Monkee babe will be loved beyond imagination!

  46. Love it!!!! I Love you G! I am so glad you had a miracle to make you smile that you for shariing. I love this place! Love you monkees!

  47. Love love loved this one, G! It really made me laugh out loud. I especially appreciated the “Stripes” quote, “Lighten up, Frances.” – something my husband and I often quote around here. :o)

    And I am so freakin excited about Sister having a baby! Loved the post from yesterday too – I was glad I ready it before putting on my eye makeup though. It made me tear up many times.

    Thanks for the many smiles this morning. Whenever I see you have a new post up I smile – feels like it’s a gift waiting for me to unwrap. :o)

  48. Loved and definitely needed your great enthusiasm this morning. Your joy and wonder jump off of the computer screen and are contagious. Thank you, thank you.

  49. G that is sooo soo amazing and cool and good and wonderful and THE MONKEY MONKS WERE ALREADY READING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!

  50. So funny! But still made me cry?! I have GOT to get a grip 😉

  51. Just as you are – INSPIRED! What a great week of heart you have shared with us! Thank you, oh-so-much ♥

  52. There is no such thing as coincidence — either with you finding the Monkey Monks or with me finding you and your blog. Thank you for helping me begin this weekend with light and love. :-)

  53. I feel like I should be saying something deep and eloquent after such an inspiring week, but I am at a loss for words. This week was a wonderful gift, Glennon. Thank you.

  54. LOVE this! Everyday God makes me laugh and cry. I have a funny ‘miracle’ to share. I have an amazing daughter in 8th grade who is wise beyond her years and VERY shy and therefore does not have one great friend. SO I prayed a novena that she would find her lobster. At the end of the novena time we got a call from a dog rescue saying they thought we would be a great match for a sweet dog–my daughter has her lobster– she is not human –but they are the best of friends. Next time I pray I will be more specific. Keep laughing!!

    • :) LOL!! Lobsters come in all sizes and species!! love her story!

    • Jenny-

      Don’t worry mama, your baby will find her place in the human world too, I promise! Shy is not a bad thing, just another way to be, I always say. I was painfully shy, and have two very shy children. They have found such tight, warm and wonderful little groups of friends as they have gotten older, they are fantastic young women. It’s really a beautiful thing to see.

      • that is my hope and prayer– and in my heart I know she will find a true and good friend–thank you for your kind words!

  55. God has a GREAT sense of humor, and I love that your eyes and your heart are always open to see His greatest work. Enjoyed it as I head out to volunteer for a hot field day at my son’s school. Happy Friday.

  56. Love!

  57. Your posts remind me that God does not want us to take ourselves too seriously.

  58. Love this. It is like so many small, nudgy, smiley miracles that we have seen in the worst of times. Thank you for your open eyes and heart and for reminding us to open ours. Love you.

  59. Whatever, that still made me cry. That’s just covered in awesome sauce.

  60. Amen to letting God make you smile so big it cracks into a laugh!! Again, G, you are an example of being OPEN. I used to think being open to miracles, big or small, meant some massive force of nature or a day of special and extra intense prayer/meditation…but as you exhibit, it just means getting up and saying – Ok, God, I’m open, bring it on.

    Be still and know is my mom’s favorite and I always think of how they displayed it at church “for her” one day ( I love it too, but can’t “claim” it as my favorite, life verse)

    (displayed on a big screen in order, like listed below)





    —- love to you G and all that rest here on this Friday!

  61. LOVE. Thank you for sharing your crazy with me. Your 8 hour writing days result in tender transparent humor that moves me and blesses me.

  62. That last line is so hilariously perfect, you can’t help but smile reading it. I think I will be repeating it to myself, like a tongue-twister for days to come!

  63. I love it! It’s great to have Adsense of humor and I love that the Monks showed theirs. Rock on, Sister!

  64. Smile from one ear to the other…
    I just looooove the jokes He makes. I can imagine Him, smiling behind His hand, wondering if we will notice… Twinkling at us while we actually recognize what He did, sharing a heavenly smile… “See ? I love you !”
    I see, I see… :-)
    Thank you Glennon for sharing the jokes He makes for us.

  65. That is so cute and amazing! Love!

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