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This essay will be shorter than it deserves to be. Like me, actually. I’ve got ten minutes till Amma wakes and tells me her stomach hurts horrifically and she can’t go to school, so instead she’d like ice cream for breakfast and to spend the day at the petting zoo.


Please flashback to our Love Flash Mob for the Croyles.

You gave TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in ten hours so that we could send this suffering family on their first family vacation.

Here is how your money was spent:

You bought thirteen (10 family, 3 friends) roundtrip airline tickets from Pittsburg to Florida.

You paid for a luxury beach house in Captive, Florida for ten days.

You rented two vans for the duration of their vacation.

You rented a golf cart for the beach house for easy travels to the ocean and around the island.

You rented baby equipment like a jogging stroller and high chair for the home.

You paid for seven hundred dollars of groceries to be delivered to the home.

You sent papa Croyle and his oldest son on a fishing expedition.

You gave them $2000 extra dollars to use for vacation spending money.

You sent a professional photographer to travel to Florida and take pictures. She volunteered her services, you just paid for her hotel room. She traveled SEVEN HOURS to be there and gave all of the incredible pictures to the Croyles free of charge. A picture blanket was made for Kristin out of the pictures to keep her warm.

Lou and Sister organized EVERY DETAIL above, down to the stroller rentals, so that all the Croyles had to do was show up and put their twenty-six feet in the sand.

When all was said and done, we had $1000 from the Croyle fund leftover, so we sent it on to the family to ease medical burdens.

Please remember that this miracle happened because each of you gave $25 dollars or less. That was the maximum donation allowed. It happened because each of you believed that your small act of love could make a difference. AH. It DID.

Now here’s the thing. None of that is the miracle.

Here’s the miracle:

Kristin was given a 3% chance that her chemo would work.

SO YOU’RE SAYING THERE’S A CHANCE…all the Monkees said.

It’s working. The chemo is working. Kristin’s cancer is SHRINKING and noone can explain it except for Kristin, who always knew it wasn’t her time, NO MATTER WHAT THE DOCTORS SAID.

Listen to me Monkees: there is no diagnosis stronger than the human spirit, stronger than Hope.



Look at them. They’re looking at THE FUTURE.

Love Wins.



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  103 Responses to “Miracle Three- The Croyles”

  1. […] and lots and lots of people reaching out.  Last year they sent a mom who had terminal cancer on one last beautiful, peaceful vacation with her family.  On Mothers Day they purchased a van for a family with disabilities who couldn’t afford one […]

  2. […] On February 9, 2012, we Monkees held our first official Flash Mob, raising money to send a well-loved mama with cancer, Kristin Croyle, on vacation with her beautiful family.  The outpouring of love blew. us. away.  Giving only in increments of $5, $10, and $25, Monkees raised $27,000 in 10 hours.  You can read the Croyle story here.  And the follow up story here. […]

  3. G: The love that you have, share, propagate, and encourage is immense beyond reason. As a non-religious person, you inspire me to believe in things that I have long sought, and decried at times. And yet, you make them happen. You are a miracle worker, and I admire you tremendously.

  4. “There is no diagnosis stronger than the human spirit, stronger than Hope.” A-freaking-men.

  5. Wow… what a beautiful reminder that God is real and ACTIVE and miracles still happen! Praise Him for being bigger and stronger and more wise than all of us.

  6. I have only begun my day at work & have NO eye makeup left! When i found your blog i was all but obsessed with it…at that time i decided i want to surround myself with people just like you. But after reading these last few posts i realize i want to BE a person like you. Thank you for helping us realize that when we channel our positive energy & efforts GREAT things happen as a result! Each of us has something to contribute that works for the common good and you have helped to facilitate that…and caused me to realize that each one of us can do the same. Thank you!!

  7. […] mail she receives. Glennon gets over 100 emails/letters a day from people asking for help. And a lot of them get it. But it is impossible to help everyone. So the monkee wanted to know – how does she do […]

  8. I got a miracle number three today too. Much smaller than this beautiful thing that so many accomplished together, but another part of our Holy Spirit-led move was set in place today. We are so blessed to be living this miracle we call life.

  9. Thank you so much for the update….so happy to see the pictures and the hear that Kristen is winning. I was thinking about this family the other day and wondering how things were going…..

  10. Hallelujah!!!!

  11. I’ve been praying for a miracle these days and it fills my heart with hope and joy to hear the miracles this week! Thank you for reminding me of all that there is to be grateful for and praise Him!

  12. The “LIKE” button just doesn’t do it! We need a “MONKEE LOVE” button at the end of the post!

  13. Oh, wow. Absolutely amazing!!!

  14. Oh G, I needed to hear this message today more than you know. In the last 48 hours I have learned that one of my very best friend’s 5 year battle with cancer is heartbreakingly coming to an end, another friend diagnosed, a 2 yr old diagnosed with leukemia, a cousin with a failed in vitro…We need hope with all this doubt. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. Go Croyles, go!!!!!

  15. I LOVE THIS!! Keep going Kristin you are doing amazing. I am so glad they enjoyed their trip. I love this family and am so glad she is getting better.:

  16. Amazing Amazing Amazing!!!!!

  17. That is such amazing, wonderful news, HOORAY for that marvelous family and their incredibly strong mom.

  18. Amazing!!! Praise God!!!!

  19. this is the monkee reloveution! many many many more prayers of hope and healing for kristin and the croyle family!

    lou, sister… you two rock! please feel free to take over the world.


  20. YAY and what a beautiful family!!! best few bucks i’ve “spent” in a long long time!!!

    and the power of prayer…it’s kinda hard to beat sometimes!!!

  21. Best $25 I’ve EVER spent. :) Yea Sister and Lou! Yea Croyles! Yea Glennon for giving us the opportunity to participate in making a dream come true!

  22. What a gorgeous family! I pray that 50 years from now, they’re sitting around their back porch, all of them, reminiscing about that time a bunch of crazy strangers believed in God’s power and their own capacity to do good in a wild world. Three cheers for miracles!

  23. Oh! I’m so glad you told us the end of the story, as much as any of our stories ever ends, anyway. Thanks!

  24. Sending love and prayers to Kristin and family! Such wonderful news that she’s beating it. We knew she could. So glad they had an awesome vacation – the pictures are beautiful!!!

  25. One of the best stories. Ever.
    What a beautiful family. And one I will be adding to my prayer list.
    Thank you G for spreading the hope!

  26. Amen! Beautiful pics!
    (Thanks to photographer, Lou, sister & Glennon – may God bless you for what you’ve done.)
    What a blessing to witness these miracles! Thanks for sharing and blessing all of us.

  27. Thanks for this today. I’ve had a “bad morning”… Toddler fighting with me over eveything from cereal to clothes to pullups…argument with the Husband…late to work…don’t want to be at work…pregnant…hormonal…and really, self-centered and gripey, to be quite honest. (why do i have to load/unload the dishwasher ALL the ding-dang time?!?!) Thanks for putting things in perspective… what a miracle! I think I’ll go “carpe-at-least-the-next-15 minutes!”

  28. I know, I just KNOW that it’s happening because all that money was raised $5, $10, $25 dollars at a time and each time someone gave, a prayer, a thought, a healing energy was passed onto the Croyles. The more people that donated, the more love was sent and $25,000 of love in $25 dollar increments… is ahellava lotta love. Thank you Glennon, Lou and Sister for orchestrating this effort in the way that you did. I gave, I prayed, I will still send loving energy in the general direction of PA.

  29. SO happy to see this update and miracle!! Yay! Love does win. And now it’s proven that a good vacation can cure ANYTHING. :)

  30. Tears. Joy. Prayers of Thanksgiving for the Croyle family.

  31. Beautiful story and beautiful family! I believe God is the Great Healer and that with Him, all things are possible!!!! Praying for complete healing!

    **Also, G, I clicked on the link for the photographer — was this woman with the sick little girl the photographer???

    Thanks for bringing us stories like this one that bring tears of joy and perspective to our lives! Love you!

    • Hi Rani,

      Yes, Tammy Harrow was the photographer for the Croyles. The link is to a story written by Tammy about one of the miracles in her life.

      Don’t you love it!


  32. I love miracle week. I love the Croyles!

    The best part about love is that it can’t lose. Even when you are grumpy, tired, depressed, or angry, Love is right there…being awesome on bad days and working away. Even when it’s dark in your heart, Love is right there with you working away to bring back the sun. Love always wins!

  33. God bless the Croyles and The love Flash mob that has given her the spirit to fight that damn Cancer : )

  34. A. MAZ. ING!!! What a happy happy read in an internet full of unhappy reads. Love everything Monkees do for everyone. *hugs*

  35. Happy tears! I love when love wins!

  36. Amazing! What a beautiful story. So happy that I was able to be a small part of this miracle. Sending prayers and love to the Croyles and to you, Glennon! Thank you.

  37. Wow, what an amazing story! I love their family pics, I know they will treasure this trip forever.

  38. What a wonderful way to start my morning!!

  39. Those photos are beautiful and I love that your focusing on miracles right now. Being centered on the positive is so uplifting!

  40. Can I have ice cream with Amman and go to the petting zoo too?!

  41. Again, I love and appreciate your Daphne-esque sense of joie de vivre and awareness of the need for something out-of-the-ordinary for this family. Sadly, all I would have thought to do would have been to set up some meals and maybe get someone to do the laundry. So I was glad to pitch in and help out on this awesome idea.

  42. AMEN!

  43. I pray for kristin and her beautiful family every day!!!!!

  44. Amazing ♥

  45. Such a beautiful family!

  46. This is the very first thing I read this morning. As I sit here with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, it just warms my heart. What a great way to start the day. Way to go Monkees!

  47. Still praying Kristen – your name is on a little post-it stuck to my computer at work so that you stay on my mind. Keep fighting sister!

    With Monkee love,

  48. Our God is still in the MIRACLE business! What a testimony of His love this precious family is, praying Blessings on them every day! Thank God for us Monkees!

  49. Best way to start my day, reading this story. I get bogged down in the silly details of my life. Things get me down. This lifts me up. You always lift me up. And we all need lifting. Thank you for using your gift and sharing these stories with us to always be the high point of our day. Love you Glennon. You are a miracle too.

  50. Love, Hope and Faith always win! Well, done Monkees! Well done.

  51. Such great news! So happy for the Croyles family! This just goes to show what good can be done when wonderful people get together!

  52. Shorter than it deserved to be or not, it still managed to bring tears to my eyes. This one? “Beautiful.” Thankfully not brutiful. Thank you and the Croyles for letting the monkees be a part of this miracle.


  53. This post = better than a Florida vacation. Still praying, Croyles. Privileged to be witnesses to your story.

  54. Thanks for a WONDERFUL update! What a great way to start the day. God is good…Monkees are too! :)

  55. I have been praying and praying for this family! Such awesome news to hear this morning!

  56. This makes me CRY. One of my favorite stories EVER. You go get em momma Croyle!

  57. Blubbering like a baby. How heartwarming to see how far my donation went, and what a miracle about Kristen’s chemo.

    Hurray Monkees!!

  58. Amazing times a billion. Sigh. I love miracles!

  59. I’ve been waiting for an update on this family! And what a great one it is. LOVING miracle week!!!

  60. oh my word. chills. just chills. amazing times and amazing people. so happy for them and so proud of the monkees. woot!

  61. Starting the work day off crying….again. But I absolutely ADORE hearing stories like these!!!

  62. This is so wonderful – brought tears to my eyes. Continued prayers for the fight against this awful disease.

  63. Just to let you know miracles do happen…we have a dear friend whose husband and son were both diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the past 3 years. The son was given less than 6 months to live, but entered an experimental treatment at NIH in Bethesda 2 years ago. They thought it didn’t work at first, but 6 months ago (when he was still alive) they brought him back in and realizes that it was effective. They were able to remove one last tumor yesterday and declare him cancer free. It truly is miracle week!

    Keep the family in your prayers as the husband is still battling the disease and now in now taking a different experimental treatment at NIH.

    And I hope the Croyles keep fighting too! Every day they are developing new treatments – and one just might be the one that works!

  64. This is the family I suggested momastery be contacted about. I cannot believe this acutally happened. Seeing this feels like it has done more for me than it did for the Croyles. I believe in miracles…and I didn’t a few months ago !! This is just beautiful !

    • Thank you! Thank you, Tasha, for being a part of bringing the Croyles to our attention!! It has been a blessing for me too to assist a family in crisis be so strong and brave and content and gracious. We should all keep our eyes wide open to examples of life well lived in our midst. Amen.

      • The word assist should have been witness. I did not assist in their strength, bravery, content or graciousness. They showed me what it looks like!


  66. Love this, love you.

  67. Thanks for sharing. We need the good news too…. Praying for Kristin and her family.

  68. […] Day Three of Miracle Week and once again, Glennon Melton has brought me to tears. Don’t miss today’s post including the linked story at the […]

  69. WOW! Just WOW!

    • I was searching for the right words to add to the comments… but you said them first ! Thank you.

  70. Inspirational. Beautiful. Hopeful. My heart is soaring for this family!
    Thank-you for sharing hope. xo

  71. Chills, chills. I don’t think I ever realized the total amount – wow! And the cancer shrinking – wow & hallelujah! Yes, miracles happen. So happen to hear about this one!

  72. I love that I was given the oppotunity to be a part of this. I love that you shared the update and hope to see more. I love that you’re giving me hope this week through your miracles. Hearing miracle stories and how they play out never gets old! Thank you, as always!

  73. The spirit of prayer is truley amazing!!!

  74. Got the best start to my day I could have asked for… three healthy children with smiles on their faces, and another amazing post from you G. God is good. We are good. We are DOING good. YOU are showing us this!! Heartfelt thanks ♥

  75. Love Love Love this today. Prayers to them all for continued healing. God is good.

  76. Yep, we just moved a mountain. The power of God and love….I am yet again in awe of what it can do!

  77. Are you going to make me cry every day this week? I just need to know so I can prepare myself…


  78. Tears!!! I love that this worked for them! I love tha i was given the blessing of being a part of that by giving to such a great cause! I knew the chemo would work for Kristin and really it was/is the prayer. I am so happy that this family got what they needed… a break from the doctors giving them bad news. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that LOVE WINS!!! Still praying beautiful Croyles!!!

  79. Perfect. Just perfect. There is nothing more hopeful to me than seeing Kristin stand there with her family looking to the FUTURE. God is good and he works miracles. I’m so proud to be one of the thousands of hands he used to help this family…because I do believe that is what we are…the HANDS OF GOD loving each other through the hard stuff.

  80. This is some good shit! Again tears…thank you for sharing the miracles. Very much needed…. Sister On!!!

  81. Amazing, miraculous, inspiring…….

  82. Tears of happiness for the Croyles. Love wins. And gorgeous pictures. Monkee love to the Croyles!

  83. This just made my day, what a way to start it out! Thank you Glennon for posting an update, I think about Kristin & her family so often and continue to keep her in my prayers. I love hearing the cancer is shrinking! Love & hope DO win!!!

  84. I needed this today, as I’m furiously praying for a friend and co-worker who is getting her tests back from her second round of chemo for a cancer that is notorious for being difficult to treat. So happy to hear that Kristin’s cancer is shrinking. I donated a small amount that day and was crying when I returned to my computer to see the message about how much was raised. It made me feel a part of something bigger, and much more powerful than myself.

  85. So happy for a Croyle update this morning, such wonderful news. Glennon, Sister and Lou…thank you for your hard work and for letting all of us share in the joy of giving to this deserving family. It was inspirational and exciting to see strangers helping strangers, swiftly banding together to make something beautiful happen. What a pleasure! What a gift you’ve given to all of us.

    Amma, wouldn’t it be nice if your mom and dad just built you a nice little petting zoo right there in the backyard? You could pet your little friends first thing every morning and still get to school on time! Good idea, right? You’re welcome, Glennon.

  86. I searched all over the blog yesterday, looking for an update on Kristin, and here is what I was looking for….this has made my week! Thank you for allowing all of us to participate in this incredible, life-changing event. The world whispered and the universe listened. Much love to all of you, us, and the world. Sister On! xxxooo

  87. You have a big heart G, so big that you give back. When we do something good to others, God has a way of returning the kindness in other forms of blessings…So, Sister on, sister! Many kisses from our beautiful, yet suffering country, Greece!

  88. Absolutely amazing. “because I’ve got babies to raise”. Such lovely memories they must have made. Well done Monkees.

  89. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this beautiful story. Overjoyed to hear Kristin is responding to her chemo.

  90. Wow. The power of love. Awesome, truly awesome.

  91. This is truly an amazing story. Well done, Monkees!

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