Dec 192011

Monkees. I love and miss you so. Please allow me to make this post short, sweet, and poorly written- kind of like this poem Tish recently gave me.

To Mom

Roses are red. Acshually somtimes pink.

I am not sure what colors vilets are. I do not think I hav seen one.

Riting poems are hard and boring. I like colring.


First, I’ll tell you that Babble didn’t pick us for any of their best blog categories . . .even though we finished second in the popular vote. I feel kind of sad about that, and I also feel embarrassed about feeling sad about that. So, anyway. Moving along to more important things.

It’s almost Christmas. I have so much to tell you and so little time. So much about what’s going on in my heart and head these days . . . so much about Jesus and how people who believe in Him should celebrate their bottoms off and how people who don’t believe in the Jesus as God part still have so much to celebrate in Jesus’ Story.

You do not have to believe a story really happened to believe it is true. Like this: this story never really happened. But it’s certainly true, right?

And so we can all celebrate the Jesus story . . . whether we believe it happened – like I do – or not. Either way- we can celebrate the beautiful, revolutionary idea of Love entering the scary world defenseless. That’s what we do here, right? That’s what Monkees do at Momastery and beyond- in the big world. We show up, armorless, even when we might get hurt. Because Love is more important than self-preservation. That’s the Christmas story to me. We can all celebrate that kind of courage and Truth. We can all celebrate that in the end – Love Wins.

There are also about seven million stories I could tell you about Holiday Hands. The magic just keeps pouring in and I will find a way to place every story in your generous and beautiful hands one day soon. It never ends. We just sent a large check to Higher Ground, a home in NY that cares for families affected by HIV/AIDS. There’s a straight up Monkee Home makeover happening in Atlanta right now – we found a mama with six kids and no beds and not a whole lotta hope. So a Monkee family partnered with an Atlanta non-profit and this precious family is getting new carpets, new paint, seven brand new beds, and job counseling for mom so this recovery will be sustainable. Kay.

And hundreds. I am telling you that HUNDREDS of mothers all over this country opened their door one morning and found a box on their doorstep from another mother they’d never met and likely never will. There were boxes filled with toys for littles, money for groceries and bills, beautiful jewelry and Nikon Cameras and Ipads and homemade mittens and oodles of warm clothes for littles. These mamas opened boxes filled with Love and Hope. This experience changed the world for the mamas who gave and the mamas who received.

Please, please don’t tell me that changing the world is hard. It’s easy as pie.

Actually pie is really hard. I would NEVER try making pie. It’s easy as Oreos, then.

And – Baby Emily is home and thriving. Her parents believe that your love and prayers and care and energy and painted hands helped save her. Monkees are feeding Emily’s family for the twelve days of Christmas and Monkees have helped the family with Christmas shopping and wrapping. I’ll be delivering a Christmas Eve meal to the family, from the Monkees. Obviously, I’m having it catered instead of cooking because as Craig said, “the family has been through enough.” The point is that she’s home. The doctors thought she might never make it back there, but that little Monkee showed them.

Monkee Amy and I have been working hard on the new blog. It’s going to look similar, but it will explain who we are more clearly. I receive at least one email a day asking, “G- can you tell me how to become a Monkee?” So I felt we needed to be clear that Momastery is for everyone. Everybody’s in, baby. If you want to be a Monkee- you already are a Monkee. If all goes well, our grandish re-opening will coincide with the New Year.

A New Year is coming. It’s gonna be a good one. I plan to take really good care of myself this year. We must fill up if we hope to empty out. I’m going to start by practicing yoga more often. My friend Ursula, who is very, very special, has offered four free five pack classes to her heavenly yoga studio –Inner Power Yoga. You might remember Inner Power from this post. Ursula and I have been crossing paths for awhile now, and I think she’s supposed to be one of my Teachers. If any of you local Monkees would like to join Urusula and me for some deep breathing and self care in January, please comment and we will send your free package. And please, if you’re a Christian, don’t worry that practicing yoga is cheating on Jesus. It’s not. It’s a spiritual practice – like fasting or tithing or prayer- that anyone can practice to get closer to their God or their peace. It’s okay. It’s “Be Still and know I’m God.” That’s what it is for me.

Also -Monkees.

All is said and done, now. I’ve connected every Monkee family that I can –and I still find myself with four Target Gift Cards. I think they are each worth $50. I also have a $25 gift card to TJ Maxx and one from Wal-Mart for $25.

If you need one – or if you have a friend or acquaintance who needs one, please comment (so others know it’s been claimed) and then email me your address and which one you’d like. I’ll send them out today. Since I don’t make decisions about worthiness, ever, I’ll send them to the first Lovies who ask.

Thank you, for trusting me to work on these projects for you- Holiday Hands and Momastery. I’m honored and humbled inspired and just – so incredibly grateful.

Merry Christmas, Monkees.

Love, Glennon

PS. Oh, this too.

PPS. Also, this.

* The pic was taken by Amber at Little Moon photography. She is phenomenal. An hour before that picture was taken I was literally crying. Bawling. Because I was Lymie and my kids were being so bad. SO BAD. And look how pretty she still made us. Go see her. Love.

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  36 Responses to “It’s Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve!”

  1. Beautiful picture, beautiful post and love the links to all the other beautiful posts.
    and p.s. your hair looks great!!! all the 'going rogue' grew out you look vibrant.

  2. Thank you, and thank you for assuring me. She keeps holding her shiny necklace and rubbing it. I believe that's what was bought. I just thank myself that they got to celebrate in time.

  3. Kerri,

    I think it's perfectly fine to let her dear husband get the credit for the Monkees' gifts. If that sweet memory is another gift we can give her, then we certainly would want to. As Monkees, we don't give so that we can get credit for it, or be thanked, or receive all the glory and thanks. We do it because love wins. In fact, it's probably even better when we don't get the credit for it.

    Sending prayers and love to your friend's family as they face the holiday season without their beloved husband and father.

    With love,

  4. Glennon,
    I had asked help back in November for my friend who's husband was fighting with a broken heart and failing kidneys. A fellow monkee stepped forward to buy her 3 kids presents. What arrived on my doorstep was this box too large and too heavy for me to lift easily. I dropped it off at the hospital when my friend was filling out paperwork. Her husband, jaymes had this ver confused look. He had a nurse hide it. Four days ago doctors were monitoring him bc things were it looking so good. So he had the nurse bring out the box for the kids. He had given the gift card to a nurse to go buy something shiny for my friend Tammy. The nurse wrapped it so beautifully.
    Two days ago he passed away. He was just too sick. I have not told my friend how the gifts came about bc in a way I want him to get credit and make her happy he did something secretive in a good way, but I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do.
    All I can say is at such a hard emotional time some happiness was had and my friend is amazed her husband pulled off getting gifts for his kids for their last holiday as a family.
    S much sadness as there is I can reassure you it was probably the BEST holiday they have ever had.
    So THANK YOU for making a sad time little brighter.

  5. Merry Christmas!

    We too, had a family photo shoot that made us beautiful, despite fights, tears and belligerence.Those photographers are gifted.

    And thanks for the confirmation of taking better care of myself. I just said to husband that I need to start taking care of myself of I'm going to burn out.

    Ok, off to work out and shower…

  6. Thank you, Glennon. Reading your posts has been convicting me to love freely–with abandon. Your lovely words have been used to show me the walls I wear around my heart. It's time for some demolition. LOVE WINS.

    Merry, Merry CHRISTmas!

  7. Love the poem. It made me laugh out loud.

  8. Glennon – I would love one of the yoga passes. Also, it looks like there might be some people who still could use a gift card – I would love to donate one – let me know if I can help. :)

  9. Glennon,
    Great post…yep, love wins. yep, that photo of your family is adorable. yep, yoga is for everyone.
    But… do you know what I love most about when you write a new post? I have started to wait to read your posts until I can get a quiet moment. I make sure to find a comfy place to sit and savor your words. Every post you write become a little present that I give myself. A moment of peace in my crazy busy life. So thank you for that… at Christmas and all year long!! Merry Christmas, Beth

  10. Glennon, you always go straight to the heart of it all. Thank you for all that you do and for who you uniquely are. Babble doesn't get it sadly. Either that or the truth is scaring them because they thrive off of the opposite. Love does win. It will always win.

    I won't be able to take up on the yoga offer – how awesome is that – because of where I live, but I will commit along with you to take better care of myself too.

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. Your photo oozes love. Lots of love. Despite the lyme and the sibling scuffles — love shines through it all and covers you.

  11. And the Holiday Hands thing? Just amazing!

  12. I'm interested in the yoga, also. If it turns out I can't make it to the studio, I'll pass it on to someone else.

  13. Glennon,

    It's a blog eat blog world out there. I must say, I am glad we are still considered on the fringe. I love this place! I love you!

    Merry Christmas Monkees!!!


  14. Oh how we've missed you, dearest Glennon. So excited for the grand re-opening of our beloved Momastery. I hope your Christmas season has been full of peace and joy.


  15. Merry Christmas, Glennon! May you and yours have a blessed and laughter-filled season.

  16. Hooray!!! And I want to do some yoga, if there are packages left!

    Love, love, love!

  17. I'm not sure if there are any gift cards left, but if there are, my family works with a program called KidzJam that provides "Sunday School" and many other services to the children and families of a low income housing development. There is a family there with 5 kids, single mom, and I know a card would mean a lot to her. I love what you've done here. Thanks.

  18. I have heard it A LOT, lizzie fitz. Glad you haven't! Merry Christmas, Love!

  19. My officer obviously had no relation to yours. When my second daughter "auditioned for her Oscar" / threw her best tantrum my officer said I needed to remove her immediately or he would charge me for loitering? Umm , I may or may not have joined 2nd in her audition?
    Missed you ! You and your family are beyond beautiful!!
    PS …yoga not for Christians? Never heard that one;)

  20. If there are any left, my little sister has suddenly found herself with a house full of foster babies – 4, (in addition to her own son) – they are 1,2,2 & 4 years old, and came with little more than the clothes they were wearing. She's covering them in love, but some Christmas gifts would be lovely as well…

  21. Yay for sharing Christmas joy over and over again! Have a wonderful Christmas Glennon and all monkees!

  22. G – I needed this today. All of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  23. Glennon, that is the sweetest family photo I think I have ever seen. And I so appreciate your talking about the difference between true and whatever "real" is. The bible isn't a history lesson for me. Its God's long, beautiful love letter to me, and I don't have to have witnessed the events it describes to feel the trueness of it. As we prepare to welcome the Light that was God's gift to all of us, you have already done so much to spread it. Whenever I come to this blog, no matter how world-weary I am at the time, I get renewed hope, love, joy, and peace just knowing that people like you exist. Thank you.

    p.s. Tish – -you tell it girl. Life is too short to write poems when you could be doing something you love like coloring. Also, according to the original poem, violets are *blue* for pete's sake. How messed up is that?

  24. If you have one left, there's a family in our community who is in need. They took in a relative's children unexpectedly. Family of four who live in a trailer – now a family of 6. There's been a call out to send them gift cards, I know they'd appreciate it. Not sure I counted right, but if there's one left I'll email you the address.
    Great family photo ~ and a great 'count your blessings' post!

  25. Okay! So we have one $25 TJ Maxx card left!

    And the yoga classes!

  26. I'm mad at Babble and I feel bad about that, but not enough to repent of thinking they're jerks.

    So there's that.

  27. Glennon,

    There is a fellow adoptive mom who is bringing home a sibling set of 4 from foster care. They will be at her house on Wednesday. Love a Target gift card to give to her for Christmas.

    Hugs and Love,


  28. Glennon – You're doing amazing things! Love it. I have a friend (we've talked about her alot) who could use anything that can be shared. They are almost scraping by but alittle something special would be amazing!

  29. "Love is more important than self-preservation"

    So true. Thank you.

  30. Ohhhh, that picture is beautiful!!! And please tell Tish that even though we love her coloring, she has a future as a poet too–even if it is hard work.

  31. I would love to send one of the target ones to a friend who just lost her son to cancer and she has two other boys, one w autism…I don't want to be greedy if someone else can use it more..
    Merry Christmas and I LOVE the photo.

  32. Great! Don't forget to email me.

  33. I would love to give one of the Target gift cards to a friend who is an unemployed single Mom of 4 teenagers to help with Christmas presents or groceries.

  34. Whitney- send me your addy! It's yours. LOVE.

  35. I would love to send the wal-mart gift card to my mom. She's a good person with some real struggles. I would love for her to treat herself this Christmas. If it's not possible, that's OK – just thought I'd check.

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