Jul 202011

Pretty please, watch this.

Best sixty minutes of my day. . . (I watched it thrice).

I shall leave comments open for the rest of the week in case anyone wants to share or respond.


***And thank you for sharing this with me, Jennifer!

Love, G

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  28 Responses to “Please Watch This One”

  1. Thank you for sharing this video!! We are all searching for the joy in our lives and this is just one more key to unlocking it. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Oh my gosh you watched the video I sent you — and posted it! So glad you connected with Brene. I was blown away by this. And very glad to see others connected with it to. Can't wait to read her books.

  3. Oh, poor Tishy! :(

    I remember feeling just like an open wound for most of my childhood. I'm sure it was no easier for my parents to see me struggle.

    I never want my baby to feel that way.

  4. In addition to everything you all said, I feel vulnerable disciplining my kids in front of other parents. Really, doing any active "parenting" when other parents are there.

  5. Also, I had a realllllllly, painfully vulnerable moment today. At the pool. With some 6 year olds who wouldn't play with Tishy.Being vulnerable is one thing, watching your baby be vulnerable…quite another.

    Ugh, it sucked. I'll write to you about it soon.

    Love G

  6. OMG. You're paying attention to me. I'm gonna try to not go blush in a corner.

    Thanks G. *sheepish smile*

  7. And, I am guessing that you Lovies might want more Jaime. I always do.

    She lives here: http://simonlev.blogspot.com/
    with her wife, Laura, who thinks and writes just as beautifully as she does.

    And they have a little boy named Simon who is a wannabe scuba diver and is also edible.

  8. And, yes, G, I think being wasted and being authentically vulnerable are sort of opposites. To me, being authentically vulnerable means owning the vulnerability and owning the fear. Most folks I know that use "stuff" (alcohol, drugs, etc) problematically use it b/c they can't authentically do sober what they do when they're messed up. I have had girlfriends that could only have sex/talk about feelings/cry/get angry/be social when they were drunk/high. They couldn't authentically show me the tender spots- they had to have the excuse/tool/helper of drugs and alcohol which also gave them a way out ("I don't know what I was saying/doing- I was a mess").

    We're all afraid when we're vulnerable. That's sort of the definition of being vulnerable, right?

    This goes back to my favorite quote that's on my email signature line:
    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear"- Ambrose Redmoon

  9. I feel most vulnerable when I check into the fact that what I want most in life (in Re-evaluation Co-Counseling language, my frozen need) is to have somebody pay attention to me. When I have to ask for something I want. When I cry in front of other people. When someone sees that I made a mistake. When I can't tell if someone likes me.

    Woof. It sucks to even write that stuff out.


  10. I feel most vulnerable whenever I make the first move. Asking someone who may become a friend over for coffee. Asking someone out on a date. (Doesn't happen anymore… still.) Some people make it look so effortless as though they're certain the other person would never NOT want to spend time with them. But… I simply expect to be left out. It's a regular-enough occurance to be my standard operating procedure.

    I still try. But it doesn't ever get any easier. Especially when the rejection comes exactly as expected. I'd like to be surprised once in a while.

  11. I really loved her– and am realizing how much I struggle with being vulnerable. My husband and I had a long, difficult talk this week. It was painful, but we are getting better at saying the hard things and hearing each other. We know better what bad avoidance techniques we are both using and how we cause each other pain.

    I can talk a good game about all this, but I really do try to hide my fear and shame. Seeing that final slide with the words "I am enough" made me cry, but I know that I have to embrace that. I want my kids to know who they each are and how to celebrate that== guess it's time to start modeling it.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to lean into the pain and the joy right now– which is hard but healthier than feeling angry and resentful all the time. That's not working out so well for me.

  12. I did not watch the video yet, just skipped to the comments like I always read the last page of any book I am reading…. But, I will watch it.

    That descriptions sound spot on. It is in my silence, the gentle stillness, and the raw sober truth of who I am that I am most vulnerable. The drinks are always an armor, a defense mode surrounded us from the truth of ourselves..

    You should get a puffy skirt and get Craig to take a pic…

  13. whenever i end paragraphs with big questions like that, i always feel like carrie bradshaw. like i should be sitting on my bed with my puffy skirt all pulled up around me taking a drag off my cigarette and peering at the computer when i'm done typing.

  14. sobriety is vulnerability. that's funny.

    i was thinking about how i used to like to drink so much because it helped me "disappear." i just really feel like all my neuroses and anxiety and self and problems just disappeared a little more with each drink.

    and brown defined vulnerability as allowing yourself to be seen. appearing. so are they opposites? being wasted and being authentically vulnerable?

  15. yes. sober. most def.

  16. i'm thinking of mine…i feel vulnerable when walking into a party, or any social situation really. i feel vulnerable after any sort of criticism…i sometimes feel vulnerable in response to others' success…i feel vulnerable after hitting "publish," i feel vulnerable dancing.

  17. Sober

  18. when do you feel most vulnerable?

  19. I watching this not too long ago, and now am reading her book. Leading and living an authentic life, I love it.

  20. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  21. 'our job is to tell them "you're imperfect and wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging"'

    – this is the best parenting advice


  22. Her books are awesome as well, I've read "The gifts of imperfection.". Incredible read.

  23. Perfect message at the perfect time…thanks for sharing!:)

  24. They believed that what made them vunerable, made them beautiful." "They talked about being the one to say I love you first".

    I think that's so powerful.

    Thanks for sharing. I loved it. (my very self confident 15 year old daughter walked out of the room as if I'd taken her back to school for the whole summer)

  25. Thank you for sharing. You helped me find words to describe what I mean when I say my hands are too big sometimes and I don't know where to put them. Best 20 minutes all day.

  26. Thank you so much for posting..this and others. I am reposting it on Facebook others to see and to spread the message that, yes, I am enough! So few words for such a big message!

  27. HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing. The best 20 minutes I have spent today. Love her, love you!

  28. I'm half way through and LOVE THIS WOMAN! Can't wait to see the other 1/2! Aside from the awesome stuff she is talking about, her voice and mannerisms make her mesmerizing to me.

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