Jun 302011

It’s six am and I already hear my littles stirring. This makes me sad because – well, because they’re awake, honestly. But mostly because I’ve had so little time to write to you lately and I miss it so much. Most of my life I’ve lived off of five hours of sleep a night. Now, because of the Lyme, if I don’t get ten hours I’m a mess all day. So there goes my writing time, and it’s making me a little nuts. I have all these posts swimming in my head each day and no time to write them to you. But listen – in September, Amma starts preschool, which I am devastated (ecstatic) about. And then I’ll have three whole mornings to write to you each week! Recently Craig and I were talking about that extra time and he said, “It’ll be so great for you to have that time to get the grocery shopping and cleaning done!” I just looked at him and laughed and laughed.

Okay, quick update:

First-no final word on the adoption yet. The reason we think it’s not going to happen is that the officials in the country from which we are adopting have become super strict about the criminal records of adoptive families. For example, a few families have been initially rejected for ten year old violations like “trespassing” and such.

Now please understand that had I been ticketed simply for trespassing in my festive days, I would have considered it a banner day. A day to write home about. Let us just say that in general, I have been much more poorly behaved. I laugh at trespassing. Ha. Ha. Ha. Trespassing? C’mooooooon.

As a matter of fact, after learning about this new strictness, Craig has predicted that we will receive a letter from the ministry of our adoptive country saying that not only have they decided absolutely not to give us one of their orphans, but they have cleared out some room in their orphanage for Chase, Tish, and Amma and are sending for them immediately.

And honestly, with the way that they’ve been behaving this week, I’m not sure I’d appeal that decision.

So there you have it. That’s where we are. Waiting each day for a final decision so we can get some closure or celebrate a miracle. You know what, though? I’m really okay. I have my sad, sad moments but mostly I’m all right. There’s not a moment that goes by that I don’t feel completely forgiven and even grateful for my festive past, but I also accept that there are some unavoidable consequences of the choices I’ve made and crazy life I led. For some strange reason, I wouldn’t change a minute of it. None of it, no matter how this turns out. I love my mistakes. Love the twisty, tumbly ride I’ve survived. It’s made me an open and loving and forgiving person. And so if this doesn’t work out – I’ll try something else.

But there will always, always, be an extra chair at my family’s table for a child who needs one. Actually, there are always several extra chairs available at my table because at meal times around here everyone hides. I’m just saying- if you know a baby who needs a home- I know a family who needs a baby.

*No background checks, please. Gotta be a pretty desperate baby.

Tomorrow- book update.

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  One Response to “Forgive Us Our Trespasses”

  1. I decided to read some of your oldies but goodies! I looked for a time you wrote less and wondered if that was a hard time for you..so June 2011 is where I came. Your voice has changed some, but not completely. You seem younger here…you have been through more now. How many readers were you writing to in June 2011? How many readers are you sharing with now? Your BRAVERY continues undoubtedly! Your whimsical wisdom and profound wisdom STRIKE–always and poignantly.

    So, I just want to say hello to the you-then and now. Thank you for continuing to show up again and again. The first post in June should make a revival sometime. You talk less about the bible these day (2014), which personally appeals to me more, but the bible is such a good book even if you’re not Christian–full of good words/TRUTHS!

    I love how you continue to question, share, think and grow.

    Peace! I hope to see you in real life someday, maybe at Storyline–when I have the courage for that. Today I have/need the courage to prepare for surgery tomorrow. Just a wee bit nervous to remove the place/organ/uterus that brought 5 children to earth and two babies to heaven. So maybe send me some courage? Thanks!

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