Mar 062011

Co-incidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys- Emma Bull

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon, and Craig’s taken the kids out to give me a chance to “clean the house.”


Being in my house alone is my favorite thing these days. Man, I love my family, and wow, I love it when they leave for a bit.

I need to talk to you about my dog, Theo, whom I love so much I could die.

Theo’s been groomed. Shaved, really. He was so matted from being on the streets that our only choice was to start over. He looks so different. Still precious, though. When I saw him all hairless I started worrying that he’d be cold and so I immediately bought him a new winter wardrobe. Craig had no comment about that. Wise man, that one.

Theo’s groomer said that he was extremely hand shy with her, and she predicted that he’d been abused. I can’t really talk about that, other than to say that it’s okay. We are healing together.

I whisper this to him a lot:

The kids and Theo and I were at the pet store the other day . . . just cruisin’ the aisles. We can’t find many other places that will invite our whole family in, so we’ve found ourselves wandering the Pet Smart aisles often. All five of us were looking at the birds when a nice lady and her teenage daughter walked over to us, sat down on the dirty floor, and started petting Theo. The women asked me if Theo was a Lhasa Apso and shared that her favorite dog had also been a Lhasa. She told me how wonderful her doggie was and how much she missed him. Theo clearly loved this lady, so I did too.

Our Lhasa Lady looked up at me and asked, Does he like to sit on your lap?

Oh, yes. I said. My lap is really the only place he wants to be. He’d stay there all day if I let him.

The woman smiled and said, “Yep, mine did, too. Lhasas are bred to be lapdogs, you know, because of how they’re used in the monasteries.”



I’m sorry. Did you say, how they’re used in monasteries?

Oh yes, she continued. Lhasa Apsos are bred in Tibet as monastery dogs. Since the monasteries aren’t heated, the dogs sit on the monks’ laps and keep them warm while they pray.

Of course they do. Of course.

Lovies. Theo is a freaking MONKEE.

I love you too, God.

Have a great week, friends. There are no co-incidences. Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be amazing.

You’ll see.

Love, G and T