Feb 022011

I recently found this hiding in the back of Chase’s school writing folder.

I didn’t change a letter or a line break, just asked him to copy it in pen so I could hang it on our wall.

He said, “Is it good enough for that, mom?”

Yep, baby. It’s good enough for that.

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  37 Responses to “He’s a Poet”

  1. It seriously IS good enough for that! What an awesome poem! Great work, buddy! You’re a fantastic writer (just like your mamma). :)

  2. LOVE!

  3. um..hello! AMAZING!!!



  5. G – have you read Ann Voskamp's, "One Thousand Gifts"? MUST READ!!!! You'd dig it.

  6. Please tell Chase his work will grace, in all its fullness of meaning, Starbooks (our book room at ATES) after today. And it is so good I will be sharing with some third grade writers. Hope he doesn't mind. Lovely.

  7. I am one of those people who gets slightly bummed when G posts poetry, because I have never gotten it. I was glad when there was a post written about how there are others out there who don't get poetry. I am in awe by people who get it. On rare occasion I do "get" a poem and Chase's is now on the top of my list of poems I like and get. Granted it's a short list, but still.

  8. Chase —

    You may me tempted to think, "Oh, Mom's crazy Monkees are just saying that because they're grown-ups, and grown-ups have to say nice things to kids." But I'm one of those grown-ups who's of the opinion that kids are just people in a certain stage of life, and should be afforded the same respect and honesty as anyone else.

    That said — it Really Is That Good. I don't even LIKE poetry, due to all the horrible poetry there is out there, and even I can see that this is something pretty special.

    Well done, Chase. Very well done.

    Much Love,

  9. That is soooo beautiful and creative. I'm sure you are sooo proud. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  10. awesome!

  11. Oh my gosh! My teachers and advisers at college are all trying to convince me to be an English major, and this boy's poems are SO much better than mine. NO WAY will I be an English major if Chase is my competition! I'll stick with something easy and simple like International Politics. That's not complicated at all, right?
    That poem is just plain AMAZING. Hey Glennon, my school is giving away a scholarship in a poetry contest, I say Chase should enter. He'd win, and you'd have a nice start on his college fund.

  12. I love that little man. He is definitely the wisest person in our family. Which is not saying A LOT, but still.

  13. WHOA. That is AWESOME. Printing it out to hang on my bulletin board at work. I have to write today and tomorrow for a Monday deadline – Chase, honey, I sure hope whatever I have at lunch today thing works!
    Amazing kid – Amazing!

  14. All I can say is wow, amazing. I love it.

  15. The more I get to know Chase, the more he amazes me.

    Chase, I love you, precious boy.

  16. He was always a genius, that kid!

    Do you read him much not-sing-songy-or-rhymey poetry? If so, do you have a recommendation for kids? I've only managed to expose my kids to the cutesy sort of poem because I don't know where to look. I suppose I could ask a librarian, but it's lazier (and probably more effective) to ask you!


  17. preserved? what second grader knows that word??? (not mine) wow! I think it was his 6 months of home-schooling that we can attribute this gift.

    even if I tried really really really really really hard, I couldn't write anything with this imagery.

    didn't he just have a birthday? hard to believe our babies are turning 8!

  18. That is incredible! You must be so proud! http://hungrigyrl.com

  19. WOW! It is THAT good, Chase! You are amazing and so is your mom for realizing the importance of displaying it.

  20. (smile)

  21. way to go Chase! and way to go momma for celebrating him :)

  22. really fantastic – wow.

  23. Tell that boy to get back on his blog and start sharing his poetry!

  24. That's so good! I love it.

  25. You must be SO proud. I'm glad to know the future is bright!

  26. LOVE IT! Amazing! Please tell Chase that it is now hanging in my classroom where I teach writing (creative and remediation) to (well, really with) my middle school students.

  27. Love love love it! So beautiful. Chase Melton for poet laureate!

  28. Love that! He's really talented, just like his mom.

    And for a wooden word sign, might I nominate: WE FWOZE OUR VAGINAS OFF OUT DERE!

    It's shorter and would be cute by the door.



  30. He is amazing! I am blown away. Thank you for the inspiration, Chase Melton. The future is bright, indeed.

  31. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree? nope. not at all.


  32. i told you this already when you shared this with me yesterday…but it's worth repeating.

    that is the BEST thing I've ever read. Ever. PERIOD.

  33. i think chase may be a genius.

  34. His daddy's looks and his mommy's talent – watch out world! :)

  35. You should have this made into a wooden sign

  36. He takes after the Doyle side of the family (no offense to the Melton's of course). Such a wonderful poem Chase!!

    Seriously, I can't get over his handwriting and spelling and how GOOD it is. I just learned how to spell preserved last week.

    I bet Chase even knows the difference between "their and there" and when to use it doesn't he?

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