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Hello, Lovies.

So sorry for the lapse in writing. I’ve been trying to write – trying pretty hard, actually. But I think my Lyme has damaged the half of my brain that is usually in working order, the writing part of my brain. It’s a dilemma.

The last two weeks have been weird. I’ve been exhausted and a little (a lot) depressed. When I found out that my Lyme was back, I developed a brilliant plan which I shared with my friends and family. My plan was to refuse to have Lyme, and to carry on with my regular life. I thought that this plan would work, because honestly, I am just too peppy and spastic and optimistic and rebellious to really be sick.

My body is rejecting my plan. It is insisting that I do, in fact have Lyme. And along with all kinds of other fantastic symptoms, Lyme makes one sort of…well, stupid. Stupid-er, in my case.

I once went to a Lyme symposium at which several experts spoke about the disease. One of the experts actually had Lyme herself… and she was brilliant, but it became clear during the first minute of her speech that she couldn’t remember any words. I’m not kidding. She’d say . . . “I’m here today…to…to…to….hmmmm.” And then she’d look down at her notes and say “Oh, yes! To discuss LYME DISEASE. Lyme disease is caused by …by…by….by….hmmmmm. OH YES! A TICK!” And this sort of thing went on for thirty minutes. At one point she was trying to describe her life on her family’s farm and she actually had to describe horses to us, because she couldn’t remember the word horse. “I love to ride large . . . tall . . . brown . . . animals. That gallop. And say ‘neigh.’ And I brush them.” Like that. This woman was a doctor. I can’t say that this particular symposium was very comforting.

Anyway. Like the sweet doctor, I can’t remember any words right now. Or where I am, quite often. Truly. Also, when Craig is talking to me, I don’t have any idea what he’s talking about. Which is not new. At all. But usually I don’t know what he’s talking about because I am thinking about writing, or the sky, or paint colors. But now when he’s talking, I’m not thinking about anything else. I just can’t process. He talks. And I stare. And then when it becomes clear that it’s my turn to talk, I keep staring. And then he says, “Okay. Never mind.” And I say, “Okay. Sounds good. ” And then I try to remember what I was doing before he started talking.

You can imagine that due to my brain deadness, whipping up any sort of essay for you all each morning has become problematic. Mostly since I can’t usually even remember what our little blog is about. Something about monasteries, right? Are we monks??? I can’t find any robes lying around anywhere and I apparently have several children which seems odd for a monk. Hm.

This whole brain issue has been stressing me out. Stressing me right out. Because we need each other here. And I thought…man. I don’t know how to keep this going. I have nothing to say. I have nothing to say, other than: WHERE ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH ARE MY KEYS, PEOPLE? Damn.

But yesterday I was laying in the bathtub thinking about my sister, who is coming home for good tomorrow. For good. Tomorrow. She and John will arrive on my doorstep at 8am. The whole family will be here waiting. At this point in time I can’t really remember who the whole family is, but I am assured that they will all be here and that several of them are lovely.

Amazing. She’s coming home.

And then I started thinking about Christmas, which is also approaching fast. This Christmas thing, it’s a big deal for us Christians. God coming to Earth to live and love and die for us is a pretty big deal.

And I was thinking that even though I might be pretty stupid these days . . . I can still recognize holy ground when I see it.

The next few weeks are Holy Ground. For lots of us.

And so I thought. Hm. Maybe I’m not supposed to be fighting my way through this haze – grabbing desperately for something, anything to say. Maybe I’m supposed to shut up for awhile. Maybe God wants me to be quiet and soak in the arrival of my Sister, and of His son. Maybe He wants me to make some room for them.

Maybe God actually has to render me catatonic to get me to hush. To rest. To Be Still. Because that’s what this season is about, isn’t it? It’s about slowing down. Making room at the Inn. Practicing our faith that He makes the world spin, we don’t. So if we just stop for awhile, it’ll be okay. It’s about marveling at miracles. It’s about getting very, very small, and very, very cozy. Halting production. Quitting consumption. Worshipping. It’s about gratitude, worship and awe.

Come, Let Us Adore Him.

And so that’s what I’m going to do. I am going to get very quiet for awhile. At least for a month, I think. I am going to soak up the arrival of my Sister and my Jesus. I am going to spend my usual writing time curled up on the couch with my coffee and my Bible. Reading, listening, thinking, praying. They’re all the same things, really. For a good long while, I am going to stop pouring myself out and start soaking Him in. Because when I start to feel drained, it’s time to stop and fill myself back up. So I am going to create some silence and space. That’s where creativity starts, anyway. Not through struggle, but through space. I never, ever, get more accomplished in my creative life than when I commit to doing nothing. All creation starts from nothingness, right? That’s how God started creating, anyway. I could take a lesson.

And so, I am leaving you for a bit, to prepare for Christmas. Not to decorate prepare or mall prepare. To really prepare.

I love you all so much. I am crying right now, that’s how much I love you. You make my life fuller and truer and more magical. And I want us to do 2011 together. Let’s rock it out, together. I’ll meet you back here at the end of January. Don’t forget about me.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, Monkees.

Love, G

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  1. MAN. I miss this blog. I can't wait til it's not time to be still anymore. I <3 glennon and monkees and my life is just not the same without you all.


  2. How are you feeling, Glennon? Warm hugs and kisses!

  3. Thank you for your post & sharing your struggle with us. I am recently diagnosed with some serious chronic health issues and you spoke right to my heart. My prayers are with you and yours.

  4. Have a safe and relaxing holiday, Monkees!

    Below is a link to recent 3-part front page series on the chronic lyme disease debate, in the Roanoke Times, for anyone interested:

    I am not an employee of the Roanoke Times and do not benefit from readership numbers increasing…. :)

  5. This love keeps flowing, with brand new developments happening by the minute! Thanks to those of you who have joined this Afghanistan project which just continues to blossom before our very eyes… and thanks especially for the nudges from you, G, toward this miracle! Will post more on the new blog site- yes, miracle is the only word for it. You folks are all amazing. Truly.

  6. Hey, G. Just checking in. I've been reading here but realised I hadn't commented yet.

    Chimmy – great post/comment/poem/thing. Perfect.

    Tova – oh love, I am so so so so sorry to hear about all that :(. Sending you love and prayers. Keep us updated on how you are doing.

    Jenny – have commented on your brand new blog, and sent you an email.

    –Jingle Bella Carol

  7. Absolutely sobbing. Love IS mental nutrition, exactly like he tells us and shows us. Amazing. LOVE WINS LOVE WINS LOVE WINS.

  8. Kent,
    I have missed you. Really have.

    Can everybody just watch this?


  9. G – Just read your post – heart is exploding, tears are falling. Jenny – I can't wait to help. G – you are in my daily prayers and I'm so glad you are taking time to get quiet – you continue to be an inspiration.

    I haven't read you in a long time – not too busy, but I think too afraid to feel the things I feel when I read your blog – the truth, the spirit, the love.

    But I came back this morning and am so blessed for it. Thank you thank you thank you.

    I hope you and Sister are loving the time together – what a great gift.

    be peaceful, be loved and just be – xoxo Kent

  10. MWAH! That's a sloppy kiss and a very squeezy hug coming your way today. :)

  11. take your time, g. we'll be here when you get back. thoughts are prayers for you to get feeling better. merry christmas! enjoy your sister! and Jesus!

  12. Thanks, both! Tova- can't figure out how to email you… feeling a little clumsy on this blog-thing yet… but I'm excited too! Re-reading the string of posts, it amazes me what can happen in a day or two.

    And for the kind words and encouragement, G, thank YOU! I have always meant to do more writing- maybe this is finally my push to do so! Who knew so much good could come from a few small risks?

  13. Jenny, so excited. Yippee!


  14. And one more thing.

    I would just like you all to know that three minutes ago I discovered that I could SUBSCRIBE to the comments on this blog and that they would then be EMAILED to me. Unbelievable. I've just been CHECKING the blog for new comments every four minutes for the past TWO YEARS. I had no idea.

    Did you people know this????


    Kay. Getting off the internet and meditating and preparing my heart for baby Jesus…..


    right after I check FB one last time.

  15. It's a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL post. Just fantastic. Mennobytes. Love it. After the holidays, we will spread the word.


    Also, Jenny, in the meantime….please keep writing. You're good.

    Love, G

  16. Okay… so I guess I'm officially a "blogger!" Here it is:

  17. Ooh!! Thanks for the tip- did not know about the Facebook page! I'm working on my blog post right now re: Kandahar, but FB is actually DOWN, and I need to access my messages for some details… anyway, should be up by the end of the day. Can't wait to see the video!



  18. Jenny,

    Have you fanned Momastery on Facebook? There's a homecoming video there:)

  19. Okay! I'm excited too! So here's what I'll do:

    When (if) my ten-month-old decides to stop tearing apart my kitchen cupboards and go down for a nap, I will try to figure out this blog thing. I'll report back here to any and all who want to follow and spread the word! I can't believe that this is growing- I may have to start saving up more diaper boxes!


  20. yes, it does. it already has, my love.

    excited. let's get swept away.


    this reminds me of the part in eat, pray, love when gilbert decides God wants her to take a vow of silence and then the next day the head of the ashram asks her to lead the greeting committee.

    i heard this recently and think it's an acceptable theology…

    "We don't know who is up to we don't know what."

    Not sure WHAT is going on but it is definitely SOMETHING.

  21. I'm overwhelmed that this interest is emerging… wow. I mean, really wow.

    Here's what I'll do. I'm going to put my mailing address out there. It is in Canada, and there is no pressure for anyone to or to not participate. Shall I start a page or something? Goodness, I've just never done anything like this before… maybe a Facebook? Or a blog? Heavens! Anyway, if anyone has things they'd like to contribute to The Box, they can be sent to me… and really, any suggestions are much appreciated as to how to proceed…

    J. Wiebe
    Box 135
    Sanford, MB CANADA
    R0G 2J0

    Goodness, Glennon! I'm feeling badly here for re-routing this post RADICALLY and for feeling a bit like I'm sweeping you up in something that I shouldn't be… and yet, I guess as you say, when the swell of love comes up, we just go with it! Please, no stress for anyone. Only love and good things. I think I do want to try to set something up separately- perhaps a blog site would be the most fitting, and then I can convey the situation in the words of my friend in Afghanistan directly. Thinking as I'm typing here… sorry for the stream of consciousness.

    Love does win, doesn't it?

  22. Let's try this again. Keep saying the wrong words.

    Love has its own momentum. Can't stop it. Just have to sit back and smile big and watch.

    Sometimes it's time to lead and sometimes it's time to follow and we just step up and in and out as we need to. It's a beautiful dance, love. And the dance goes on whether we're on the floor or sitting one out.

    I'm interested in the Afghanistan project. Whenever the leader emerges, I'll happily follow. Let a sister know.



  23. Oh dear- I didn't mean to start a side-project for the Monkees after a post about slowing down… how about we not talk about it any more until February. Deal?

    Yes, that's better. But thank you!

    And Tova- yes, I'm in Canada. Sorry for all you're going through at the moment- please private message me if you want to talk further about this (is there a way to pm on here? I'm a newbie at this…).

  24. Jenny – Awesome! Let me know what we can do and where to send packages.

    Tova – God bless you for being a source of strength and support for your friend. Sadly, this outcome is common and keeps so many victims quiet about their attacks.

    Sending you lots of love and prayers to get through this difficult time in your life. This too shall pass.

    And I'm far away, but I'd love to help in any way that I can, even if it is just to talk:

    chimmymunthali at yahoo dot com

  25. Go BE G. We'll BE when you're ready. Hugs to you and the family – Cin

  26. G–

    So much love to you and yours. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and in the moments when I decide being kind is bolder than being right.

    Be well, my friend.

  27. Oh, Glennon, I will miss you so. And I support your decision. Be well, my friend, and tank up.


  28. Jenny,

    Your comment made me cry. Thank you. Are you in Canada? If so, I would love to help and maybe we can make your project even bigger!
    I have a friend who was in Kandahar and I confess it never even dawned on me to extend any support. She is home and recovering her spirit right now.
    natgardesigns at yahoo dot ca

    Monkees. I need you right now.

    Remember when I commented a while back that a friend had been raped? Well, the police officer in charge of her file has closed the file. Saying that he thinks she gave the perpetrator mixed messages. I am LIVID right now.

    And I'm sucking at life right now. We are having relatives literally end relationship with us over our HIV adoption.

    I'm so raw right now I flinch when there is a loud noise and the activity I am most successful at is crying in the bathtub.

    G. lady. I love you. Bless your time with Sister.

    Love, love, love,


  29. Merry Christmas, Glennon! Hugs from Seattle. Ali

  30. G – thinking of you and Sister right this very moment. Sending all the good vibes I have to your house. I am so thankful the 2 of you are in my life.

  31. silence is golden.

    it doesn't mean that there is no more story to tell.

    we can relax since we've got a whole new year to get back to the story that has been unfolding.

    sure we'll miss the refuge momastery offers up on the daily from the daily grind.

    the gentle whispers, big and small prayers and thoughts, hugs and hunches, LOLs, pots and pans, crooked eyes and stubby fingers all from your annointed tongue.

    we will miss all that but please, take your time. heal. take in the advent season. the real advent season. begin again. over and over again.

    i know i promise to do the same. sink into silence and begin over and over and over again :)

    it goes without saying, but please welcome sister with a big monkee hug from all of us. so very proud of her and happy for you all that she's back!

  32. I'm not sure I can wait a month for pictures of sisters homecoming. You will still be on facebook right? If not tell sister to post pictures please.

    Will miss you and keep praying for you.

    Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the family and to all the Monkees.

  33. HI Glennon,
    I am not a regular poster or a regular reader, but when I read your posts, I am moved by your words, thoughts and especially your honesty! It makes me want to come back for more and I will be back for more. When my baby arrives in Feb, your posts will be part of my day.
    You have a gift ( I knew it when I met you) and I am glad you are sharing it with so many.
    Peace & love,

  34. Oh Glennon, I'm so sorry that this Lyme is trying to control you. Shame shame shame on it. But, I love how you're looking at it. Remember the winter of 2002/2003? We were teaching at ATES and had weeks and weeks off from school? Kind of like last year. The pastor at our church said he thought it was God's way of telling us to just "chill out," to be with our families, to give us a break from the terror of 9/11, to reconnect with God. I loved the thought of that.

    And, as I was attempting to start my car to run J to school, then go to Target before taking A to a friend's house this morning, and it wouldn't start, I thought of that winter of '02/'03. Maybe I'm not supposed to finish my Christmas baking, shopping and errands I planned for today. Maybe today is supposed to be about remembering the true reason for the season. So, after a drought from Momastery on my end (too busy was my pathetic non-excuse), I came, I read and I felt like you wrote this post just for me. Now, you wrote this for all of us Monkees, but isn't it amazing how the holy spirit works-running themes through our lives just when we truly need it.

    I truly need you in my life. And, it isn't for your glorious writing, it's just to know that your beautiful Glennon spirit is there praying and loving and doing all the great Glennon things you do. So, give a big kiss to sister and hunker down with your family while this Lymey thing is slowing you down. Because before you know it, you'll be running around as brilliant as ever and will probably find a cure for cancer, create world peace or something like that.

    Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family.

    All my love,

  35. Glennon,

    Thank you for your words, and just for being you. I will miss your writing, but know that you need to take care of you. I pray that you feel better and are able to truly enjoy this Christmas season with your family. Right now, you are probably laughing and crying in Sister's arms…so happy for you!

    Much Love,

    The Donovans

  36. my sister will be in my kitchen in twenty minutes and i am sitting at my counter bawling, just bawling already.

    thank you, jenny. thank you. thank for for being a peace maker.

    love forever,


    so – monkees. start collecting pencils and markers and stickers and such. you know what's coming. Kandahar, here we come.

  37. It takes a big person to recognize when to SLOW DOWN, at this time of year in particular.

    Of course we are all sad. As a previous poster said, that is merely us being selfish. Shi Den Gi- notifying about justice, sister- is not just about writing, although it is your gift to us. You will continue to bring justice about simply through BEING, and being STILL is more powerful, more political, more profound than we can even imagine.

    I wanted to let you know that your kindness and writing inspired me to reach out to a friend who is serving as a Canadian peacekeeper in Afghanistan. I wrote a simple note to her on Remembrance Day, to thank her for everything she and others are doing on our behalf. This is big for me, because I was raised pacifist, which means my people refused to have anything to do with the military, always. This was our peaceful protest against violence, for which we were traditionally persecuted. So this was hard for me, but I needed her to know that, in spite of our differences, I couldn't imagine doing what she was doing, leaving a perfectly comfortable life to try to provide stability in a place where there is none.

    Anyway, I received SUCH a wave of gratitude in return, as well as a long email about how alone this person felt, and abandoned by friends back home. She is running a one-room school with no resources. We are all teachers. She had not been sent so much as a pencil from anyone. And the military will ship anything you like… FOR FREE, even, as it turns out, if it weighs a ton.

    Well, pencils are easy to come by, but when you know teachers, so are books and resources and stickers and markers and special shower gels for tired and dusty teachers and Christmas cider and hot chocolate mixes. So I got the biggest diaper box I own and stuffed it full of these things that mean a little to us, but I knew would mean SO MUCH to her and to them. It went in the mail last week and I am already assembling another for the new year. And the only reason I'm writing you all this is because I was inspired to contact this friend- she was actually merely an acquaintance and former co-worker before- because of your lessons in kindness. In overcoming boundaries. In just being HUMAN, regardless of where we came from. The goodness you bring spills out all over.

    When that box arrives in Kandahar and those school kids get to do science projects and writing projects and get stickers and pencils, that is in part because of you, Glennon. You have spread so much goodness already. And we will all be waiting when you come back, so don't even worry about that.

  38. thanks, have fun with sis and the Lord…can't wait to hear all about it. I just started reading your stuff and know I will miss you already. Have a fantastic Christmas. My Uncle has the lyme as you would call it too. He is in the process of chelation right now and is doing him WONDERS….have you already considered this? I am sure you get people putting stuff out there all the time to you and don't want to sound like I know one thing about anything that you are going thru. I know my Uncle and so thought I would just mention it. Again, Merry Christmas and enjoy our Saviour

  39. Dear Glennon, Wow, for not feeling up to writing… you can really turn out a lovely piece! I have struggled with CFS and FMS and I finally decided that "giving in" is not "giving up". Have wonderfully nourishing holidays and do not eat the marble cake.

  40. Hope the quiet is a restful time for you. I'll be doing my best to rest alongside you, although I notoriously suck at it. I finally decided to listen after 2 weeks of on/off migraines and sleepless nights. My body had enough. So glad you're listening to yours too. Here's to 2011 — it can only get better. :-)

  41. Soak it all in, G. Worshipping fully takes rest and quiet. Peace to you (and Sister!) as you welcome our Jesus. I will miss you and look forward to your return. Breathe, rest, worship. Sounds like a plan to me.

  42. xoxoxo Merry Christmas Glennon and fam. I hope you're able to rest and heal. I also hope you get something awesome for Christmas because you deserve it.

    see you in 2011!

  43. Glennon,

    I felt like that during both of my pregnancies and was frustrated to discover that it actually worsened while I was nursing. I couldn't complete thoughts internally or externally…I couldn't recall the WORDS! Then I learned that the brain cells actually shrink during this period and I didn't feel so CRAZY.

    Rest, enjoy your family, do yoga, meditate, LOVE. Happy New Year to you and all of the Monkees. ~Shanna

  44. Peace, Glennon, and lots of love.

  45. I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well, again. I can only imagine how disappointing that must have been. You definitely deserve a chance to relax and slow down, to enjoy your sister's homecoming, and to really celebrate Christmas. If at any point the kiddos get cabin fever, though, drop them off at my house. It would be a win, win for both of us, since that would cure my kids, too! By the way, if it's any consolation to your memory loss with words, I thought I lost my sunglasses, and then was told I was wearing them (not on my head, over my eyes!). And, after frantically searching for my favorite scarf, I gave up, put a different one on and started for the door when I noticed in our hallway mirror that I was wearing two scarves. Miss ya and hope you feel better, soon!

  46. Love, you Glennon! Self care is a spiritual practice, and it's one you need right now. I'll miss you while you are on your break, but I know we'll all pick right up again when you get back. That's what good friends do! Much love to you. Prayers for patience, healing, and the fog lifting….

  47. I meant "or around the house " not sure why it wrote bs

  48. Glennon do you have anyone to help with the kids bs around the house? And to take care of you? I know the Monkees would love to help in whatever way you need it!! Please let us know

  49. Glennon,

    Take the time you need to refuel yourself. I will miss you. I'm somewhat new to the "monkee family", but I am now a devoted follower and friend.

    I am always inspired by your honesty…even when it's brutal :). I adore you, hope you have a wonderful time with family, getting back in touch with God and re-energizing yourself. I will also be praying that your Lyme gets the heck out of your way.

    Miss you…rest….relax. Looking forward to January already.

    Big Hugs from Shelley in WA State!

  50. Thank you for another honest and touching post….Even at your low points, you find meaning and inspire others.

    And, be glad that you're through school! Teenage lymie daughter is taking high school exams this week- the first year she's been (somewhat) up to being in school in several years. She doesn't usually have the word finding difficulties, but can't focus for long, brain fog, fatigue, gets more stressed, etc.

    Please rest up…And, maybe you're just meant to be quiet for wee while :)

  51. What everyone else said.

    Plus. You are a writer, but you are also a teacher. You have taught so many of us good things. Maybe this is just another one we can all learn together. Your post was the icing on the cake for me in regards to being told to STOP.

    Love, love, love.


    PS. Hug Sister for me. Still waiting to hear if she will adopt me.

  52. I will miss you and the gift of your beautiful writing. I will imagine all the hugging and crying and laughing that you and Sister will be doing.
    And I will pray that you and your family are blessed with healing and a deeper knowledge of the gift of Jesus' incarnation. Your words will return. And we will all be here waiting to read them.

  53. Rest, my friend, enjoy this beautiful season! Homecomings are the best! I have experienced a few and there is nothing like it! Merry Christmas Monkees!

  54. Thank you for your honesty, for allowing us to join you on the journey — even when life doesn't make sense. I'm praying for healing, and praying that during this Christmas season you will find rest and the peace that passes understanding.

  55. Dear G –

    I hear you loud and clear. Be still, girl. Be still and know that He. Is. God.
    I am praying for this time of rest for you. Praying that He. would. heal. you. Praying that He. would. comfort. you.

    Love you and could never forget about you.

    Welcome Home, Sister!


  56. Hugs. Praying that you feel better. Enjoy sister's homecoming. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.


  57. I'm so relieved that you are cutting yourself some slack and taking a break. So so so relieved.

  58. Tears. The reality of this lyme is ….. it's just awful. You have such a beautiful heart.

    Take all the time you need. I miss your writing. You are brilliant to find something in everything; a reason for everything.

    Rest. I pray you get better. Merry Christmas and enjoy your family.

    I has a sad …..

  59. "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier."
    -Mother Teresa

    It's like she was talking about this place. Your words will return. And we'll be here when they do.

    Merry Christmas,

  60. You write beautifully even with your Lyme challenges. So beautifully. I for one will be praying for you while you're on 'sabbatical' that you will rest and be filled to over flowing. God is so good. I'll be looking forward to a new year of learning and sharing with you and all of the lovely people that you bring out of cyberspace and into my computer. Merry Christmas, indeed!

  61. Get some rest and get better! Have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy the quality time with the family. We will look forward to hearing from you and how much better you feel in January.

  62. Feel better, my friend.
    Also – I pulled up the blog while Lydia was standing here, and she said, hmm, Silent Night!
    I didn't react at first, because that IS the title of this blog, but then I thought…wait a minute! She can't read yet! So I asked her where she saw Silent Night and she pointed at the picture…wow…I may have produced a right-brained child!!
    I don't think the Lyme affected your picture picking abilities :)
    Rest up and enjoy all the love coming your way!

  63. Would NEVER forget about you, girl. Enjoy your Christmas and enjoy SISTER (SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Love you and see you in 2011.

  64. Miss Molly said,

    Sister is coming home? TOMORROW? oh, HAPPY DAY!!!! I am smiling thinking about it for you and your entire family. joy, joy joy.

    I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I feel your frustration. Great decision to step back. I soon discovered that if I don't deal with my problems, situations, etc, they will deal with me. They will be heard one way or the other. Still, I do like your original plan. I have that plan many a days. Me, "I am not going to be sick today. So there."

    As you know the old adage, If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

    I hope you will have lots of snuggling and coffee and chats with your sister and feel much better very soon.

    You are loved.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  65. My prayer for you is that you will find strength and clarity with your family close. That you will allow your body and your Great Physician to heal your body and you will soak up these precious moments with your children. We love you to Glennon.

    Merry Christmas!


  66. Oh no! I will miss you. But that's just me being selfish.

    Yesterday, I was about to be unkind, and I thought of this place. I was only about to be a teeny bit unkind, not the intentional, hurtful kind, but more of the ommission type of unkind. And no one would ever have known, but I stopped, and I changed my plan of action. And I think it meant something to someone who I might have hurt without really meaning to. Does that make sense?

    So you have to come back, because this place has changed me and so many other people. Trying not to be a jerk isn't as funny as it sounds. It's much more important than I used to think.

    In the meantime, try to feel better. Accept lots of help. Promise?

    Love, love, love to you, your family and your sweet sister.

  67. Darlin, how could we forget about you, ever? We'll all be here when you're lucid again. Kudos for recognizing the signs that you should Just Be Still. I find that when I ignore messages, the hammer gets bigger next time.
    Have a beautiful Christmas, immersed in the love of your family. Your online peeps will just love you from afar.

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