Dec 092010
Our auction was a ludicrous success. Andrea and I put three checks in the mail this week.We sent $1863 to Sarah and $1863 to Rocky. I actually took pictures of the checks to show you, but right before I posted them, Craig suggested it might be better not to post onto the world wide web our account and routing numbers. Oooooh, I said. Yes, I see your point. Smarty pants! We are a good team.

Those are Chase’s hands. My fingers are actually even stubbier and my nails are dirtier.

The third check was written for $500 and was sent to Jill to spoil the heck out of Evy and Stella this Christmas.

A very special businessmonkee dedicated a portion of all of her November sales to the Carrolls this Christmas, and this $500 gift was from her. She specifically asked me not to mention her business’ name, because she didn’t want there to be any confusion about her motives.

Amazing, huh?

But hold on, Lovies. Our Lovefestivus is not over yet . . .we have one last trick up our collective sleeve.

Monkees…meet my precious, brave, huge-hearted friend . . . Leigha.


Dear Monkees,

In mid-October my daughters (ages 2 and 4) and I made Halloween cards for their grandparents who all live out of town and mailed them off. The grandparents were so touched that each set mailed either a card or a letter back to the girls. Their Nona even included two pairs of Halloween socks which they wore proudly for a somewhat disgusting number of days before they would take them off to let me wash them. It soon became a daily adventure to run to the mailbox everyday. “Why are we getting so much mail?” Anna asked one day. “Because you did something that made them feel special and now they want to do something to make you feel special,” I told her.

A few days later I read Andie’s post and I wanted to do something to help. My first thought was I am going to get that mother a “We Can Do Hard Things” plaque but another Monkee was already taking care of that. Then I started thinking about Sarah and Skylar; what could I do to make their day brighter? My mind wandered back to my own children being thrilled with receiving mail. I thought, “My girls and I could do that! We could make cards and send little surprises in the mail.” My thoughts started snowballing until I arrived at the conclusion that what would really be fantastic would be if I could get lots and lots of creations from lots and lots of kids to send to Sarah and Skylar.

If our children are mirrors, and that they believe what we believe, then we should invite them to be a part of caring about this family when so many grown-up Monkees have stepped up to give the best of themselves?


My goal is to send the girls little care packages in the mail about twice a month. I hope to be able to include artwork of all types made by children of all ages. Today I would like to ask you and your children to create mail for Sarah and Skylar. The sky’s the limit here, so let the creativity soar. Some suggestions to get the juices following include (but would never be limited to) making “Fight Like a Girl” posters, writing about a time you had to be brave and what helped you get through it, pictures making silly faces, pictures of your pets in costume, and anything else that might get a giggle from a two and half year old girl.

Maybe something like this:

Thanks Monkees.
Love, Leigha

You guys, I think those are princesses kicking each other’s asses. Fight like a girl. Brilliant. Just brilliant. . .

Let’s send Rocky some art. Because everything will look so different to Rocky when she arrives. But kids’ art is kids’ art, no matter what country it’s created in. Hearts and rainbows and stick figures, they translate. Child to child. Heart to heart. Hand to hand. I love it, I just love it.

Please send the artwork to Momastery at 37 Pidgeon Hill Dr. #280 Sterling, Va 20165. Leigha will collect all the artwork and send it on to the girls.

Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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  21 Responses to “Showing Up, A Guest Post by Leigha”

  1. Or you could just send the stuff but then let me wait a little while before I "deliver" it to the girls? That would be awesome. So it would be a little bit of a delayed response about how much they loved it! (-:

    Can't wait til flu/yuckies season is long gone so I can R-E-L-A-X about germs.

  2. Flu viruses live for 21 days on paper???

    OH MY GOSH, something I so didn't know and probably shouldn't know. Where's the lysol. Knowing this maybe I can just send our card via email. Someone in my house always has a cold or a sinus infection.

    Perhaps for the safety of Evy we can set up her own email account where we can scan in some art work. Just to be on the safe side.

    Just a thought. From another mother who really hates germs.

  3. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooove this idea! Sending Olive- and Henry-made masterpieces as soon as I get home!!!!

  4. G,

    so is mine. honest.

    And, I', MUCH taller than you.

    Mine are weird.


  5. Great idea! We have one junior monkee here who is in!! :)

  6. My son and nieces and nephews are a bit young for coloring, but we'd love to mail some Love — any ideas?

    Leigha, thank you so much for creating this opportunity!

  7. Monkees, thanks again for all of your generosity. We received the checks in the mail yesterday!

    The artwork is such a touching and sweet idea. From a cancer mom/any immuno-compromised kids perspective, just make sure your kids aren't sick when they do the artwork! Flu viruses live for 21 days on paper. Yes, information most moms don't have to consider. LOL. Evy's immune system will be down for the count for 6-12 mos. and her immunizations have been worn away by all of the chemo.

    Love to you all! The whole Carroll family.

  8. My and my kids are in!

  9. Why does this place always make me laugh and cry at the same time? It makes my kids think I'm crazy. And when you laugh after tears, you tend to ingest some of the tears. Or snot.

    Leigha, you are lovely.

    Kristi, the Christmas gift to Stella and Evy undid me. Just undid me. One really hard Christmas in my childhood, when we had NOTHING, and I mean like not enough food in the cupboard nothing, someone brought a car full of groceries, and someone else gave my parents $400. It was one of the most amazing moments. This is a legacy you are creating.

    Love, love, love.


  10. molls.

    i just measured my index finger for you.

    2 and a half inches. including nail.

  11. G,

    Miss you, too.

    I DID love his fingers AND the cards, but was nervous I would sound like I just had way too much coffee.

    Also, I have grubby little fingers. seriously. Pete makes fun of them ALL the time. not my best feature. So, I laughed out loud when I read what you wrote, but I do not believe you do, too…


  12. Nice job Leigha!

    yes Isaac, close call indeed!

  13. Love this idea! I'm usually against giving my children any writing aids since they all seem to love coloring my walls. But in this case we'll see what we can do.

    Love the cards and the fingers and the counters and the love.

  14. precious! maybe my neices can participate… depends how long the two year old can sit with a pack of crayons and not color my walls and floors instead of the paper on her table, but i'm sure her big sister can help!

    either way, i want them to know this christmas, that we really do belong to each other :)

    leigha, you are all things wonderful and bright. and your daughter is stinkin' cute!

  15. Isaac,

    He looked over my shoulder and said:

    "GLEN. Step away from the computer."

    Then he explained.

  16. Love that you didn't post your account and routing numbers on the world wide web… if that helps. Win for Craig.

  17. How bout Chase's little fingers? Did you love those, too?? And what about the "Rest a Minute" cards?? Love those.

    Miss you, Miss Molly.

  18. Molly said,

    Love this! Wonderful, Leigha!! Love Kristi!

    oh, and love the countertops.

  19. Oh goodie! My girls wanted to send cards and pictures but I wasn't alert enough to figure out how that would work. Brain. Not. Functioning.

    We'll be filling that P.O. box with all manner of happiness. THANKS!!

  20. what a perfect way to begin Thursday

  21. LOVE!!! Leigha, so proud of all you are doing!!!

    Good thing you didn't mention Barn Owl Primitives and the generosity of Kristi!

    Happy Holidays!

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