Nov 182010

Oh, my Lovies.

So much to share.

First, it appears that as of December 1…We Monkees will have our own newspaper column!

Our column will appear in a wonderful, positive, classy paper which is edited by a visionary who loves us and respects what we are doing here. When he first contacted me, I was skeptical. But after speaking with him for two hours last weekend, I have come to believe that this was meant to be for us. He’s a Monkee, you guys. He and his wife read the blog every day . . . they’ve read every single post. He called us “magical.” He used the words “in awe” several times. He told me that we were his leaders. Before us, his leader was Phil from Modern Family and so I am just really, really impressed because clearly he chooses his leaders very carefully. I trust him with our message of love and peace and BOO to housework. So I said, Okay, New Friend. You can put us in print. Please be careful. And he said, I understand what you mean, I will be careful. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s important. He gets it. He gets us.

I’m not sure what our column will be named. I actually had a column once before . . . it was in my high school newspaper and I named it “Nothin’ But a G Thang.” With an a. Oh, Lord. I actually don’t think we should talk about that anymore. I just think it’s a good idea to let our new editor friend choose the name this time around.

Anyway, Congratulations, Monkees. You were right. People want more of this community of love you’ve worked hard to create. People understand that this is the way it was meant to be. I’ll share the rest of the column details when it’s time.

Speaking of The Way it was Meant To Be . . . next week we’ll hold our auction to send Evy to camp and bring Tova’s daughter home from Swaziland. We’re gonna earn our turkey dinners this year, Monkees.

And we’re gonna offer you a sneak peak today. Today, today, today!

Listen to me, because this is really something special.

Our country’s Secret Service Special Operations unit has donated to our auction a pair of impossible-to-come-by tickets to a Candlelight Tour of the White House on December 20th at 3pm.

That whole sentence is just so beautiful and fancy I can hardly stand it.

Ever since I heard about this donation, I’ve been dreaming about dressing up and taking Chase to our nation’s capital for this tour. About walking around the awe-inspiring hallways of the White House and telling Chase how we came by the tickets . . . how our military donated the tickets for Evy and Tova’s African daughter.

If that won’t put you in holiday spirit, Lovies, I’m really not sure what will.

If you’re interested in bidding on this unique experience, please head over to our Momastery Auction Blog and post your best bid in the comments section. We will close this auction and announce the winner tomorrow at noon. The money from the winning bidder will be collected through a paypal account and all proceeds will be divided between Evy’s and Tova’s families.

If you have any suggestions about how to make the auction flow better, please comment here. Andrea and I are going to use the next few days to work out the kinks so we’re ready to roll with the rest of the auction on Monday!

Monkees, please take deep breaths and be gentle with yourselves today.

Love, G

Nov 222010


Please head over to the Momastery Auction and prepare to be blown away by the unbelievable outpouring of Monkee Love. After being blown away by that, prepare to be blown away by the concept of shopping in your pjs while changing the world!

Thank you to our donors, thank you to our bidders, and thank you to Andrea . . .who has been up many, many nights making this happen.

This is going to be a beautiful thing. As a matter of fact, it already is.

So proud to know you, Lovies.

Now . . . spread the word! Post the auction page on your Facebook page, blog, forehead , front yard . . . people want to be invited to beautiful events, and you are hosting one today, Lovies. Invite, invite, invite!


Andrea, Glennon and TWMF

Nov 242010

So, the problem is that I don’t know how to begin.

I’m just . . . I don’t even know what I am.

I’m sitting here alone in my chilly kitchen this morning. It’s dark and quiet and all I hear is the sound of the coffee machine bubbling behind me. Hurry up, coffee.

Every so often I also hear the stairs creak and I pray it’s not one of the kids. Not yet, not yet! I’ m not ready. I need some time to talk to my Monkees.

I’m tired. We three (Chase, Andrea and I) were up late into the night counting bids and crying and celebrating.

The auction was a success beyond what we’d allowed ourselves to imagine. When all is said and done, we will have raised close to $4000 for our friends, Evy and Rocky. Crazy, right? Crazy love.

But we all know it’s not about the money. For me, it’s not even really about Evy and Rocky. Those girls are gonna be all right . . . I know it. For me, it was about Jill and Tova. It was about taking care of mamas. About proving to them that people will show up. It was about creating balance. When something awful happens, so will something wonderful. Keep watching. It was about being Sisters. And Brothers. That’s what it’s always about here.

Six months ago, I got some world shattering, faith shaking news from a friend. And I was in my car at a stop light and I was crying and I was really, really angry at God and the whole world. And in my head, I spat at God, “What the hell?? Is this the deal down here, then? Does love even really win? EVER?”

And I am telling you that I sensed Him answering: “I don’t know, G. Does it?”

And so today, I can finally answer Him.

Yeah. It does.

Yes. It does.

Love wins.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Listen, I’m just a mess this morning. When I first got to the computer, I was okay. I had a writing plan. But then I opened up an email from a new Monkee who loves us and whom you will love that was so honest and beautiful that it knocked the wind out of me.

She closed with this:

There is a song by Bebo Norman, called “Borrow Mine.” It is a song he wrote about a conversation heard between two friends; one, who was going through deep personal troubles, told the other, “I just don’t know if I have faith anymore.” The other fried replied by saying, “Then, you can borrow mine. I’ll have enough faith for both of us.”

I know.

My favorite part is that the friend didn’t say, “I have enough for both of us.” He said “I’ll have enough for both of us.” Because love is an act of will, isn’t it? It’s a choice. Always a choice. Love is a stubborn, willful act of hope. Loving is saying I believe. And the only thing that matters is faith expressing itself as love. Nothing else. Absolutely nothing else.

Here, we are making the choice to believe and behave like We Belong To Each Other. We believe that Love Wins. We believe that at any given point in time, some of us will have enough faith in that to carry the others through. We have decided. That’s what God meant, I think, when he said, “I don’t know G, is it?”

He meant: “It’s really up to you, honey. What do you think? And what will you do about it?”

It was up to us to take care of Tova and Jill this week. And we did it. With our art and our money and our enthusiasm and our time and tears and keyboards and prayers, we loved them. We had enough faith for each other.

You listen to me. Don’t be afraid. You can rest and relax. Just breathe. Because if you lose your faith, we’ll have enough for both of us. We will carry you through. You belong to us. It’s True.

This thanksgiving, I am so, very, incredibly thankful that Love Wins. And I am so thankful that we are helping each other prove it.

A million blessings to the Whole Monkee Family, immediate and extended. When I take my first bite of thanksgiving dinner, (which obviously I will have had zero part in preparing) I am going to think of you, and of us, and of all the Monkee Miracles.

Love, Love, Love forever.


PS. Please head over the auction page, when you get a chance, to check out the results and next steps.

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