Nov 182010

Oh, my Lovies.

So much to share.

First, it appears that as of December 1…We Monkees will have our own newspaper column!

Our column will appear in a wonderful, positive, classy paper which is edited by a visionary who loves us and respects what we are doing here. When he first contacted me, I was skeptical. But after speaking with him for two hours last weekend, I have come to believe that this was meant to be for us. He’s a Monkee, you guys. He and his wife read the blog every day . . . they’ve read every single post. He called us “magical.” He used the words “in awe” several times. He told me that we were his leaders. Before us, his leader was Phil from Modern Family and so I am just really, really impressed because clearly he chooses his leaders very carefully. I trust him with our message of love and peace and BOO to housework. So I said, Okay, New Friend. You can put us in print. Please be careful. And he said, I understand what you mean, I will be careful. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s important. He gets it. He gets us.

I’m not sure what our column will be named. I actually had a column once before . . . it was in my high school newspaper and I named it “Nothin’ But a G Thang.” With an a. Oh, Lord. I actually don’t think we should talk about that anymore. I just think it’s a good idea to let our new editor friend choose the name this time around.

Anyway, Congratulations, Monkees. You were right. People want more of this community of love you’ve worked hard to create. People understand that this is the way it was meant to be. I’ll share the rest of the column details when it’s time.

Speaking of The Way it was Meant To Be . . . next week we’ll hold our auction to send Evy to camp and bring Tova’s daughter home from Swaziland. We’re gonna earn our turkey dinners this year, Monkees.

And we’re gonna offer you a sneak peak today. Today, today, today!

Listen to me, because this is really something special.

Our country’s Secret Service Special Operations unit has donated to our auction a pair of impossible-to-come-by tickets to a Candlelight Tour of the White House on December 20th at 3pm.

That whole sentence is just so beautiful and fancy I can hardly stand it.

Ever since I heard about this donation, I’ve been dreaming about dressing up and taking Chase to our nation’s capital for this tour. About walking around the awe-inspiring hallways of the White House and telling Chase how we came by the tickets . . . how our military donated the tickets for Evy and Tova’s African daughter.

If that won’t put you in holiday spirit, Lovies, I’m really not sure what will.

If you’re interested in bidding on this unique experience, please head over to our Momastery Auction Blog and post your best bid in the comments section. We will close this auction and announce the winner tomorrow at noon. The money from the winning bidder will be collected through a paypal account and all proceeds will be divided between Evy’s and Tova’s families.

If you have any suggestions about how to make the auction flow better, please comment here. Andrea and I are going to use the next few days to work out the kinks so we’re ready to roll with the rest of the auction on Monday!

Monkees, please take deep breaths and be gentle with yourselves today.

Love, G

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  28 Responses to “Important Stuff and Things”


    The auction will start at 7am EST tomorrow and end at 8pm EST Tuesday.

    Andrea is working so hard, you guys. Good peeps, that one.


  2. G. Can you please post the start and end times of the auction? For us "non east coast time zone" monkies, we have some math to do. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Beth in Colorado
    PS. Sorry to Bubba but I also like "lovies".

  3. Hey all!
    I want more details on the newspaper, too:)

    I LOVE being a LOVIE Monkee!
    P.S. I am doing ALL my Christmas shopping on the auction site!

  4. congrats Monkees and Glennon.. you've made the big time! Wow!

  5. *tacklehug* I love that, Jess! And, I'm sorry Bubba, I'm a Lovie and a Monkee and happy to be both. :)

  6. Ooooooohhh…*tacklehug*

    So, I'm a 30 year old single woman who leans waaaaaaay left on most issues, but I still have long blonde hair and blue eyes and look like the girl next door, but will happily bodycheck you out of the way if you get in front of my hockey game.

    IE, I'm the last person that would expect to stumble across your blog and be so… enamored?

    Everywhere lately is 'Us vs. Them', and 'How have things gone so wrong?'. Very Chicken Little.

    But it's not! Things aren't broken! They're a little bent, maybe. There is room for improvement in everything. Striving for better is good, right?

    And I stumble over your journal and find someone else that feels exactly the same way in a little different manner. We're all in this together. We may disagree about where the end point is, but we're all gonna help each other towards that general direction, right?

    Thank you for making me feel not so alone, and not guilty about feeling that everything is still, basically, okay. People are generally good. Life doesn't always have to be a strugle.

    So, yeah. *tacklehug*


  7. I second that motion. If I'm not a lovie, than what am I? Nothing, that's what.


    As long as you can come up with a term that's equally fabulous, I am fine with changing, but otherwise, lovies will have to stay.

    No offense Bubba, but maybe this is a girl thang. Or maybe it's generational? Tee hee…hope that came across as teasing, cause if not I am glad I live so far away…behold no wrath like the wrath of an insulted Bubba.

    Love from,

    Monkee Lovie Tova

  8. Noooooooooo! Don't listen to Bubba! (sorry Bubba!) I personally LOVE being your lovie!!

    So so sooooo excited about a newspaper column. Can't wait to here the details!

  9. With an editor like Bubba, who needs enemies? Is the Dallas Morning News knocking at his door too?? He just can't help himself. DM.

  10. Monkees:

    Just received the following email from Bubba:


    One very minor suggestion, not to be taken personally. You might want to considers using the term, "my lovies" or "lovies" less often. Perhaps never again. It evokes memories of the wicked witch of the west and/ or could be taken as a bit condescending. As you would say, "I'm just sayin".

    He's watching…he's always watching.

    Sorry, umm…Esteemed Readers.

    Glennon the Good Witch

  11. I've been looking at the auction site…I just can't wait til Monday!

    Good work Glennon…newspaper is heeeyuge! I hope you're as proud of yourself as we are of you.

    love you!

  12. Tova, Yes! Hugging is my favorite hobby. xoxooxo

  13. Glennon ..haven't posted in a long while, but I do read every time you post and am constantly inspired, awed and overcome with emotion. You (all the Monkees) are amazing people and do such amazing, wonderful things for others. Keep up the good work and be an inspiration to others! You are quite the thang!

  14. Jill, I think we may have to meet and hug one day. Because we have this amazing miracle in common now.


  15. Yes, Tova, my jaw has been dropping as I watched the auction today! Woah! Monkees are going bananas for awesomeness! I love Monkees. I really, really do!

  16. Why oh why is the only thing I can think to say, "I told you so…" I am going to blame it on being raised with five siblings, and not the wicked nature that I try to keep locked under the bed.

    Proud of you G. Proud, proud, proud.


  17. G – I'm so happy for you, your vision, the vision you give to others, and that awesome auction! I'm envious and excited and feeling all tangled up inside. And it's a good thing.

    You carved out space to do your thang, and then you helped some other folks carve out space to talk with you about your thang. And then THEY started doing their thang…

    And then you made it OUR thang. That's really cool.

    Rock on. :-)

  18. I told you! I KNEW IT! I knew it was a matter of time and that something big was coming. I knew this place was special. I almost screamed and I am at work on my lunch break. Congrats Glennon and good luck with the auction!

    OH I'm so excited for you. WOW!

    (P.S. I admire you so much because of where your soul has been and how far you have come. I realize it is not without struggles. I love the underdog and admire those who went through crap and saw something better).

  19. G-Thang! (you may have changed from G.lady, to this unfortunate name)

    I have to tell all of you that I read this post, and then hopped over to the auction blog and my jaw did one of those cartoon like drops to the floor. (Jill, you with me on this?) And then I burst into tears. Which meant I had to close my mouth pretty quickly, because who wants tears and snot in their mouth.

    I am in love with this place, I just want to move in. Monkee for life! Which is pretty amazing as I was so very skeptical at first.

    Two practical notes:

    My friend who was raped has decided to press charges. This is a miracle. And will require great strength. Thanks all for your wonderful comments.

    And, our Rocky isn't in Swaziland, that's our Jammin man. Our agency has requested to not post the name of the country she is coming from to avoid getting a million phone calls about the program. I can tell you she is in Southern Africa and her country is small, and starts with an L and ends with an O!! :)

    Thank you everyone. I feel so loved and cared for and held and loads of 'got your back'. Which makes me feel so awed and humble.


  20. Oh how I wish I still lived in VA or at least was heading that way for the holidays! But I'm looking forward to seeing and bidding on some other auction items.
    Congrats on the column, Glennon. Just last night on the way home from dinner, I read your "forever retired, forever in yoga pants" post to my hubby and he cracked up just like I did. Keep doing what you are doing! Yay Monkees!!!

  21. Hi Monkees – I have been gone for two weeks getting married and hoenymooning and I cannot believe all of the exciting things that are happening. I feel like my heart could burst! I missed you all. x Kathleen

  22. WOW! A column is a great idea for you, G-thang! So exciting – and that you met this person and trust him is huge. I can't wait to learn more!

    The bidding has started – just checked and it's at $500!!! Woo Woo! Changing the world of these two little people one bid at a time :)

  23. AWESOME on everything!!! G – you and the Monkees rock my world!

  24. Just as perfect as ever! Well done G! I haven't commented in a long time, but I want you to know I am still here and reading. Keep doing what you are doing because it is working!!! xoxo, aprile

  25. Good, scratch that, wonderful things happening in the Momastery today!

  26. Also, friends..I was kind of using Chase as a metaphor for all of our kids… I wasn't insisting on winning the auction. I want you guys to bid, too.

  27. AWE-some!!!!!!!

    i'm thinking Chase could use another date, my niece Lani'ya. i trust that he'd be responsible and she wouldn't throw a fit, not with secret service around :)

  28. SOOO exciting!

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