May 282010

Sue Ann is a special Monkee who, as a labor of love, sells beautiful, Monkee-ish jewelry.

Here is a little note from Sue Ann:

I, like many of the Monkees, was introduced to Momastery through a friend. It quickly became my place to go for a soft place to land, where I could relate and where I fit in. I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing, how my kids behave, what activities those kids are in or how my house looks. It’s great to have a place to go where there are no expectations, where the only requirement is to be kind. Momastery and the Monkees are just for me. That is how I feel about starting my home business–it’s something that’s just for me. I am learning things about myself and stretching beyond my comfort zone! I can do hard things, while trying really hard not to be a jerk!!

Sue Ann has offered to give away two special pieces from her “Compelling Creations” line to two lucky Monkees.

Here is the boomerang, which I think is wonderful. Because love is a boomerang, I’m pretty sure of that. Sometimes, however, it can feel a lot like a boomerang-to-the-face. But still, it’s a good symbol for this place. We offer comfort and receive it.

Sue Ann would like a Commenter today to receive this one. Comment away, Lovies.

This next one is the charm that I should get soldered to my forehead. It’s for the Monkee who needs to remember that the world will continue to spin if she lays down for a spell. It’s for the Monkee who needs to remember, as one wise friend tells me again and again…that all is well and has always been well and will always, always be well.

This one will go to a New Follower who registers between now and Sunday evening, when the winners will be chosen randomly. Good Luck!

To see more of Sue Ann’s beautiful jewelry, visit her at

Shop away, Sue Ann has graciously offered to donate 10% of Monkee proceeds to the Monkee orphan fund.

Have a wonderful Weekend, Friends.

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  30 Responses to “GIVEAWAY FRIDAY!”

  1. oops sorry. I thought signing up as a new person meant making a comment. I think I was supposed to actually sign up as a follower (which I just did). Hope that doesnt disqualify me.

  2. The beautiful boomerang piece reminded me of something my mother taught us long ago…"when you help someone, you always get back more than you give". That advice has proven itself so many times over the years.

  3. New follower here! Love the blog. Love the jewelry. Cant wait to come back for more. Thank you for being so candid and sharing so much.


  5. Lovely pieces, Sue Ann! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this. Talismans like these beauties are so helpful in remembering the important stuff in life…

  7. Sue Ann, You are incredibly talented! Thank you for so generously supporting the Monkee orphan fund!

  8. Ditto what Jamie said:) Sue Ann, I'm so proud of you, woman!

  9. I love that – "love is a boomerang." I definitely feel more love when I give more love. Thank you! The jewelry is beautiful.

  10. TGIF!!! Simply beautiful.

  11. I'm forwarding your link to all my friends. This is awesome!

  12. Sue Ann! Jill is one of my next door neighbor's closest friends! Right now I'm wearing a necklace she helped design a couple of years ago for my neighbor's daughter's bat mitzvah project. So excited that she is expanding into web and home sales!
    First time i saw boomerang I thought of G. Thanks for your generosity today!

  13. Beautiful Sue Ann! Since I'd LOVE the Be Still charm, can I stop following and sign up as a new follwer?? Is that cheating?

    xoxo ~

  14. These are both so beautiful! What talent. The Monkees continue to amaze me with their creativity and stength. Thank you, Sue Ann, for sharing!

  15. Gorgeous! Thanks for introducing us to Sue Ann and her beautiful jewelry.

  16. Be Still. What a wonderful reminder and something I totally needed last night as I had hours of panic attacks because of a fight I had with my 8 year old.

    Your jewlery is beautiful.

  17. Beautiful jewerly! Beautiful company! Thank you for sharing your creations with us!

  18. I had to come back and post again. Sue Ann – I love the Mustard Seed. I love what it stands for, I love the verse that inspired it. I love it. And then I looked at the scripture ones and I am just sitting here looking at all of them and being overtaken by all the goodness God offers us. All these amazing verses with HUGE meanings. HUGE! Do you hear me??? HUGE! Meanings! I don't know that I am going to order anything b/c my husband has me on lock down with my debit card right now, but I wanted to tell you I love them. Each and every one of them.

    Glennon, I just thought I was thanking you above for introducing us to amazing women who do amazing things. Now I really mean it. More.


  19. These are so beautiful!!

  20. Glennon, thank you for continuing to introduce us to amazing people. I to wake up and think "who am I" and am really struggling right now with what do I want to be when I grow up? I love hearing other women who are going through or have gone through the same.


  21. I know Sue Ann personally and she is as beautiful inside as out…She has a deep love of God that shines through at all times-

    :)Her jewelry is spectacular as well!


  22. So beautiful! Heading off to look at the site now….

  23. Beautiful beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with the Monkees!! I might need to really get that Be Still one – heading over to your site to check them out now!

  24. Wow, I've been away for a while but what a great day to come back. This jewelry is really neat! You're very talented!

  25. Sue Ann, these are beautiful and I plan on buying some and checking your site later after work. I love love both pieces above. If I were to win I have a very special friend I want to give it to. I do not have a special "comment" today as I have to rush off to work. But my heart is full (and heavy at the same time) and I want so much to share that with my friend who needs it and pay it forward to her.



  26. Lovely. I just read the Company Story. Very touching. I love the moment where Jill woke up out of a sleep to the question. "WHO ARE YOU?" I think whether we figure that out at age 25 or 45, whenever it is, it starts to make answering questions for ourselves a lot easier.

    I also like when she wants to hold AIDs orphans and the volunteer is frustrated saying" teens need underwear!" I find myself always wanting to help the helpless (babies) but there are all kinds of us that need help. Nice reminder.

    SLM, I will NOT take that if you win it. Give it to G. Seriously. Besides, truth be told, I will wear a necklace Pete gave me and probably not take it off until he comes home. But, thank you. You are a kind, kind sweetheart.

  27. Oh, Du-uh! I just looked at the site again. It was your photo, so I figured it was your story (yes, I can read and Jill is not the same at Sue Ann)…sigh. So JILL's story is amazing.

    At any rate, it is still beautiful jewelry and still same comment…give it to Molly if it's coming to me…

  28. SLM–I am not the designer. Just the messenger! Jill Felts is the designer. The pieces are made in Mexico.

  29. Beautiful jewelry. Even better if you go to her site and click on "About Us" and read her story.

    Sue Ann, I know you're the designer, but where are the items physically made? Just curious.

    And if win, give it to Molly. With Pete gone, a little talisman with Monkee love might help.

  30. Those are both absolutely gorgeous! And, dang it, if I'm the 1st commenter, I don't think there's much of a chance I'll win it!
    *sigh* Guess I'll go over to the site and check it out!

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