Apr 262010

If you get hungry for anything other than ice cream in my new town, you’re gonna have to drive for a while. The nearest grocery store is miles and miles and then more miles away. I thought this would be a drawback of living here, but so far it hasn’t been. When everything’s inconvenient, a girl’s To Do list shortens itself dramatically. Mine looks like this these days:

1.Feed children.

2.Be kind.

3.Write something down.

4. Grow out bangs.

I’m sure that over time, other things will try to sneak themselves back on to my list. But I’m going to interview those things very, very thoroughly before I give them permission to come aboard.

The grocery store is about twenty miles and three stop lights away, and in between here and there are farms. Wide open green space after wide open green space. The fields are like water with their calming effect. They remind me that space and emptiness are needed to grow something new. And that all we really have to do in this life is plant some seeds and keep them watered, and God will take care of the rest.

The first time we drove by the farms, Tish looked out the window and said, “Mommy, the soccer fields here are HUGE!” Usually, I’d let that go, because I have a lot of kids and learned a long time ago that I can’t explain everything. You know how important energy conservation is to me. But I was having a good day so I said, “Actually, Tish, those are the fields where the farmers grow our crops.”

I felt proud of myself. I decided that was probably quite enough homeschooling for one day.

A few days later, as we were driving by the farms again, Tish said proudly, “Amma. Look at those fields. That’s where the farmers grow our Crocs!”

Close enough, I thought.

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  19 Responses to “You Can Take the Tish Out of the Mall, But You Can’t Take the Mall Out of The Tish”

  1. I’m back here reading a couple old posts before making myself stop and do the stuff I’m supposed to be doing. I could feel the smirk on my face building as I read this one and then I got to the end and laughed out loud – really. I realized that’s probably the first official laugh like that of my day and it’s 10:30 at night. Hmm…obviously I need to read these earlier in my day! 😉

  2. I mean, Crocs DO have to come from SOMEwhere.

  3. I have been away awhile! So good to come back to this! Great story – oh how we miss the Meltons!

  4. I love that "grow out bangs" is probably the most annoying thing in your life right now. Of course, if that were my list the hardest part would be "be kind".

    I used to think that pork and beans grew on trees when I was a kid. Crocs from cows are WAY better.

  5. The ice cream shop, that to do list and those croc fields…sounds blissful : )

  6. This is a great story! Made me smile:) You are a great story teller!!

  7. loving that to-do list. pretty soon you won't need one at all, assuming the kids find that berry farm and can feed themselves there…

  8. This story reminds me of one from our house. We live very near a public park with a playground, which means that the ice cream truck drives by our house extremely frequently. When my oldest was 1 or 2, he called it "the music truck." He did not ask about its purpose or contents, so I felt no need to do anything other than call it by the name he had chosen.
    Just last year– AT AGE 8– he told me that he thought there was ice cream for sale from that truck. He still has never asked me to buy any.
    A similar, but more diabolical version of that was a friend of mine whose mom told him that when the truck is playing music, it is OUT of ice cream.

  9. love it! love the story that you and your fam. are writing in your lives these days!

  10. I'm new to following your blog (feeling a bit like a stalker here :-),but I've been enjoying it so much, especially today. Not too long ago I found myself over-the-top committed to volunteer responsibilities in all directions. It's taken me nearly two years to shed almost every one of those responsibilities to finally start finding me and remember the reason I decided to stay home and enjoy my family in the first place. My head is clearer and my heart is more full, but at times guilt creeps its way in and says "you aren't doing enough." I think I'm starting to find an answer to that voice, but sometimes a girl still needs outside validation. Thanks.

  11. Lovely story…. I love the soccer field assumption My children, much to my horror, often ask to go to the library … "You know, the one with all the trains" (Barnes & Noble). Clearly something is missing.

    Perhaps the next stop could be the Berry Farm, where they can actually pick their food and watch the goats walk a very narrow "tightrope" overhead. Ahhh, the wonders of country living!

  12. Great story! I too have learned that sometimes with my children it is better not to explain. : )
    And your to-do list looks lovely. I am jealous!

  13. Very cute, Glennon. Thanks for giving me a little chuckle before I head off to work this morning.


  14. "…space and emptiness are needed to grow something new. And that all we really have to do in this life is plant some seeds and keep them watered, and God will take care of the rest." Thanks for, once again, putting on my perspectacles! I am trying to grow something new, the making space part has been hard. Working on His time is a struggle, I need to be reminded to be still and know that He is in control! Have a great Monkee Monday!

  15. Acturally, as Tish would say and more accurately,as Chase would say, the grocery store is 18 miles and one stop light from town. Until a year ago Northumberland County, a very large county, had only one stoplight. For months the principal of the local high school got on the PA at the end of the day to remind all the students that it was there so that they would not accidentally run it.


  16. LOL!!! What a cute story! Thanks for making me laugh this morning! Have a GREAT day!!!

  17. And there it is… even locavores need shoes.

  18. Hah! I miss that little girl.

  19. What a great way to start a Monday. With Tish and a smile. I would LOVE to see a Croc field. I'm looking at a new pair of Mary Janes for work, myself.

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