Dec 252009

It’s ya birthday..

Carry On, Warrior
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  10 Responses to “Go Jesus…”

  1. Wow… good lookin' bunch! You sure know how to get dolled up for a birthday party!

  2. Fabulous! Happy Birthday Jesus.

  3. But I think the ancient egyptian look is coming back. Start refering to it as a "high fashion bob" – that will make you feel better about it.

    Christmas was tricky … colds, ear infections and vomitting. 'Nuf said. I'm pretty sure Abby might need to borrow that dress next year though…if she promises not to puke on it?!?!

  4. Erin, thanks for the hair compliment. I think I look like an ancient egyptian.

    How'd the twins feel about Christmas?

  5. Also, you should know … I'm pretty sure I have baby puke in my hair right now.

  6. OK, the matching dresses are TOO much and I dig the bangs. I've been considering bangs to hide my wrinkles. Bangs or botox. Not sure yet.
    But I must know … is your hair really that shiny in real life or just in photos? I am simultaneously envious and intimidated by your high gloss hair. Thought you should know.

  7. PS. FRIENDS…Look how well bangs hide eye afflictions!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Jesus!
    Thank you for our countless blessings.
    Also, thank you baby Jesus for my smokin' hot Sister.

  9. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jesus! We thank You and we love You!
    XoXo Susie.

  10. Happy birthday, Jesus!

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