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Christmas 2003


A couple of years ago, in an exasperated moment, I challenged you with a question. I asked if you had a role model anywhere or if there was anyone you admired enough to want to emulate. You gave the quiet, teary eyed answer, “mom.” I was pleased to hear that but could not have believed then, amidst a crisis, that in the blink of an eye you would become everything she stands for and share the skills that make her so special to everyone around her. Your sensitivity and ability to become genuinely absorbed in others is a mirror of your mom. And it seems to come so naturally. It as if the things that made her so special were just waiting to be born again in you.

It began to show with your students but there can’t be much doubt that it was a birth that made it so evident. Chase has brought out the best in a lot of us but none more than you. Sometimes when I watch you watching him I see a twenty-seven year old Patti Kishman Doyle connecting her heart and soul with her baby. Sometimes when I see you and your mom together with Chase I can barely tell you apart. Sometimes I wonder if one or both of you will burst from being overjoyed. I just can’t imagine what your mom feels when she watches you. She must see herself. She must be so proud of you and so proud of herself.

It is important to have magic in your life and to believe in that magic. My magic has always been Patti Doyle. Now she and I get to relive her youth. That is a magic gift to give. Thanks for the magic and for bringing so much to us of yourself and your marriage and your baby. And thank Craig for being a strong husband and a sensitive, attentive, involved dad.

Is this a great life or what?

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  1. The posts from the last two days have truly left me speechless. The words in them are enough.

  2. That's exactly what I'm talking about Glennon!

    You're not even intimidating!!!


  3. I [heart] Dick + Patti. A true love!

  4. Scout. Definitely Scout. Except when Jem is fighting to save her. Then definitely Jem. I think I may have to watch that movie again tomorrow night. The guys can put off their Mario Cart Champion of the World match until Sunday.

  5. Aprile, you are as pretty as rainbow.

    I am getting the distinct feeling that the monkees need to do more laughing and less crying. Why don't we hold off on Just Courage till the following week?

    Lou, in real life I am about as intimidating as a Smurf lost in the woods with two different shoes on and spinach in her teeth.

    Cocktale will be up in a minute.

  6. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful letter from Bubba! You are such a lucky woman to have such a wonderful father. I am jealous to be honest I have a dad but when I see his phone number on the caller id my stomach aches and I am suddenly paralyzed with fear of the conversation ahead, which is typically one sided and over an hour long.

    About two weeks ago Erik and I were talking and he said something about me being pretty and I'm working on being better at taking compliments so I thanked him. He asked me how many times my dad must have told me that growing up and I realized at that moment that he never did and never has. And it hit hard, because my dad will always tell me how pretty other people are but will never tell me. I know part of it is he thinks I am overweight (and I am) but a father shouldn't care. A father should always think that his daughter is the most beautiful and precious gift that he could ever be given.

    Lucky for me I found a wonderful husband who says it to me every day.

    Thanks again for sharing, you really are a lucky woman and you help me see the wonderful things that I have in my life. So thank you for your honesty, your kindness and your ability to make me smile.
    Love, Aprile

  7. Hi Caren. I've beening thinking about you. How are you?

    Thanks for asking about me! I just got back from Costco where I purchased a crate of tissue boxes. And I'm just hanging by a thread until cocktale time. But while Glennon is busy with that, I have some monkee business of my own to conduct.

    Monkees, I need your help again. Actually I need a favor. Can you please make sure Glennon doesn't see this post? Cause she can be a wee bit intimidating, ya know? And I mean that in the dearest, most respectful way. But I mean the looks, the guy, the kids, the family, the friends, the people who actually know her, the house, the blog, the preschool… need I say more?

    So in a very uncharacteristic HC moment I rushed out and bought Just Courage as soon as Glennon recommended it thinking I still would never have anything g-licious to say about it. But reading it gave me the courage to write my first comment here. So I encourage all you monkees or hermit crabs or whatever we are to read this book (or don't) and join us on this Momastery hike. This monkee girl needs some company. And it is well worth it.

    Much Love,

  8. Another beautiful post! I'm realizing that the "magic" your dad describes is the ability that you and your mom have to live in the moment. You can shower a person with your full attention and devotion. How wonderful that your dad sees and celebrates that gift.

    I am terrible at living in the moment. There always seems to be a task or other distraction that takes me from my children. It's not as if I am super-productive. I don't know quite what am I doing with my time– my house is usually a mess and I'm always behind on volunteer work. But now that my twins are 16 months old, I'm realizing that this is my last shot to really watch someone learn to walk and talk. I want to soak this time in and remember it forever since I can hardly remember this age with either of my older kids. Even though I want to fold the laundry or go back to the laptop to check Facebook, I am trying to make sure I spend at least part of my day on the floor with my girls, giving them my full attention. And I'm trying to do that more with the boys, so our days aren't just nagging about getting homework done or picking up legos so the babies don't eat them. This does not come naturally to me, but I want to feel the magic your dad describes. And I want my kids to feel it too.

  9. I'm with Caren- STOP MAKING ME CRY

  10. Dear Glennon,
    I love it so much that your dad writes to you. My dad once wrote me an apology letter and I've saved it forever even though it wasn't all that much, mostly I saved it because the man never apologizes. I also saved it because he actually wrote to me.

    I probably won't join the book club this time. I gave the book to my mom to read first because I started going through it and felt overwhelmed, but I want to go back to it and I will. It's been a tough week with the sudden pressure of Christmas and all of the THINGS people want us to do. It's not like I didn't know this season was coming, it's just hitting like a freight train this year.


  11. Thanks for the good and positive…so much of what I have been hearing from friends and family lately is bad and negative. Happy Friday everyone! Looking forward to a couple of uniterrupted days with my husband and kids. Much to be grateful for…and trying to focus on my blessings. SA

  12. Will you stop it! I can't keep crying every day. I have enough to cry about:) Where's Lou?

  13. Glennon, darn you and your blog that is really, really good EVERY day! Please make sure the afternoon cocktale is light and fluffy with a pinch of smirky sarcasm. Until then, I'll be crying all day over Bubba's letter. What a wonderful man! I'm simultaneously filled with great happiness for you because you have a Bubba and deep hurt for myself as I recognize I don't.
    Michelle in L'burg

  14. I'm with Jennifer. I love Scout to pieces.

  15. can I chime in? I love Scout, she was my favorite


  16. SLM- TO LIFE!!!! Beautiful!!
    also- who do you love more, Scout or Jem?

  17. G – I feel a little bit like Christine yesterday. She is exasperated with her mom's choices, and if I read it correctly, a bit envious that you and your mom are so connected at the heart.

    For me, it's you and your dad. I think what he has with you is so special and beautiful, and I'm envious that I didn't/don't have that with my dad. He's still living, and a wee bit less remote than when we were younger, but just not very connected. Lots of his own childhood baggage and history mixed with personality.

    But I find myself wondering – gee, even with such fantastic parents, Glennon still had to make her own mistakes and learn from her own consequences. And that gives me hope for Christine and me and for monkees who don't feel bold enough to comment. We are ALL free to make our own choices and mistakes. And we all need to OWN the consequences, embrace them, and live more fully because of them. And that helps me be a better mom as well (and with teens, anything that is a help is value added in a home!)

    That, my friend, is what you share with us when you acknowledge the past, embrace its effect on you, but refuse to let it define you today. You share your courage.

    Now, I sense that some of the Monkees come from different faith traditions, so in the spirit of Hanukkah beginning this weekend, L'Chaim – to life!

  18. Kate, It's just a friday afternoon funny story to help start your weekend. As you may have read, I can't have real cocktails anymore, so cocktales are all i've got.

  19. I have read the book, Just Courage, but passed it on to a friend. I'd like to have it back for the book club, but not a problem if i don't.

    What's an afternoon cocktale? i'm also hooked on hearing what everyone has to say. this blog is special.

  20. also, stop back by later for a Friday afternoon cocktale. I have now become so obsessed with you all, that hearing from you once a day is just not enough…

  21. cheeky monkees-

    can you Hermit Crabs comment and let me know if you've read Just Courage and would like to discuss it next week? if you need more time, NO problem- hermit crabs are slow, and we don't leave anybody behind.

  22. Bubba could write his own book! I've never known a man so connected to his heart and able to express his feelings so beautifully!
    I want him for my dad.

  23. How long have your parents been married? I hope to one day find that love that they have. It sounds absoltel beautiful


  24. Beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  25. Gabracadabra- You manage to pull a rabbit out of a hat on a daily basis (at the very least), no doubt.

    Adrianne – I know what you are thinking, but let's try not to be off-collar for this magical father/daughter/mother/son and husband moment.

    G, A, Bubba, Tisha, Craig, Chase and all monkees – Thanks for sharing your magic!!


  26. *tears*

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