Nov 252009

This morning I am thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of a New Monkee Sanctuary. We now have another place to play together and delouse each other and get fed.

We have just launched a Momastery Fan Page on Facebook, and you are all invited. Because the first rule of the revolution is that everyone is invited. The second rule is don’t be a jerk. I think that pretty much covers our rules.

Eventually, Craig and I plan to launch a better website where it will be easier for you to communicate with each other. But right now we are having a hard time even getting the family room vacuumed, so the new website will have to wait. In the meantime, the Momastery Facebook Fan Page is where I’m hoping you will share hope and energy with each other. I am humbled, ecstatic, and amazed by the scope and caliber of women who frequent the Momastery. You have shared your hearts with me and all of those beautiful hearts are in my pocket and they are burning a hole in there. I am just dying to share you with each other.

My vision for the Fan Page is that it will be a virtual, welcoming, cozy coffee shop for Monkees and visitors. My hope is that when you find a story, website, book, song, or idea that you think might inspire us, you will post it there. I also hope that you will post pictures of yourselves and your families so that we will all start becoming more real to each other. I hope that you will visit when you are tired or sad or hungry for something other than food. I hope that you will be honest there, and ask for help or prayers when you need them. Because my favorite thing is to pray for people, so that when their prayers are answered I can yell, “THAT WAS ME! ME, ME,ME! I MADE THAT HAPPEN! I PRAYED FOR THAT LAST TUESDAY! YOU ARE SO VERY WELCOME!” God and Craig just love it when I do that.

Anyway, my point is that I’d like the Fan Page to be a place where we lift each other up. A place where first time visitors are shocked to find a large group of women taking care of each other instead of competing with each other. Yes, please.

I am going to ask you to consider one thing when you post. Please, nothing off color. Even if it’s really, really funny. Maybe we could leave that stuff to, I don’t know, every other website. My best friend 2nd to Sister (I’ll call her Adrianne, since that’s her name) is SO rolling her eyes right now. I just want Momastery to be different. I want us to be a place where a Monkee can bring her aunt or daughter or new friend without fear. And if any post hurts your feelings, please let me know and we’ll have a look together. We will take care of each other, because we are only as strong as our most sensitive link. Here are our guidelines for posting…

“Sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – post such things.” Phillipians 4:8 (with a monkee twist)

Please stop by today and post something for which you’re thankful. Let’s throw some love and gratitude out into the universe and maybe we’ll get it back, or maybe it’ll hit another Monkee.

Also, on Friday I will have some very exciting and important announcements for you. Apparently the Monkee Revolution is growing faster than my collection of wooden word signs.

You have a beautiful, peaceful, hopeful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you.

Carry On, Warrior
Author of the New York Times Bestselling Memoir CARRY ON, WARRIOR
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  10 Responses to “Grand Opening”

  1. Rebecca,
    I just woke up to start a draft of tomorrow's post and I was sitting in my kitchen feeling a little…well, dumb. Unable to make sentences. And then I read your comment, and you have inspired me. I think I can make sentences now. Thank you, Rebecca.
    You enjoy your first thanksgiving with your baby girl. Hug her for me. Actually, SMELL her for me. I miss that scrumptious new baby smell.

    Love, G

  2. Glennon and Monkees: One month ago I was heartbroken that my maternity leave with my first baby was at an end and that I was having to leave my little den of snuggles and warmth and love to go back to the office so I could do annoying grownup things like pay my mortgage. I was desperate to hang onto mommydom, like I was afraid I'd lose hold of it with my baby girl in daycare and me back at the old grind.

    At the urging of a friend, I started reading your blog and all the comments the night before I returned to work. Starting with the very first post, I've read a little at a time, all on my iPhone during my middle of the night nursing sessions with my girl. It has been my new mom time — my virtual extension of maternity leave — and I've laughed and cried along with you, just days or weeks or months behind you. And tonight I caught up to find that there is a new place on Facebook to extend my virtual maternity leave even further. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

    I just wanted to let you know, Glennon and all the Monkees, that I'm thankful to have had you here to help me with this tough transition. I'm also thankful for my iPhone, the best new-mom present I could ever have gotten myself, which allowed me to catch up with you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Rebecca (first-time commenter)

  3. Guys…
    No monkee baby.

    That's not the news

    The news is for all of Monkeekind.

  4. a monkee baby would be nice…I'm just sayin'.

    (ps. it's not my turn, I've had 5 and I'm done)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Monkees!

    I am thankful for the revolution!

  6. How exciting! I will try to keep my off-collar to myself (oooooh self-restraint!) and bring some hope, love, and fun to the new Monkee Sanctuary. I feel the rumblings of some change coming, all of us learning to be more loving and kind to one another, and on Facebook no less! Have happy, safe, and wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. Jennifer,

    I can promise you that's not the case, at least I am 99% sure:-)

  8. What a tease you are Glennon. I want to know now what these big annoucements are. Of course my first thought is, you absolutely must be pregnant because you probably are waiting to announce it to your family at Thanksgiving dinner and then you'll tell the Monkees the great news.

    That's it isn't it? I just know it. Can you tell me? I promise not to tell anyway? I'm just not good at waiting.

  9. South Lakes Mom…
    I am giggling. I have always thought that the idiom was off collar! My family is knows for confusing idioms. My mom use to announce every night at bedtime "Okay, kids, it's time for us to take a roll in the hay!"
    I think she always meant hit the sack.

    Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

  10. Does off collar mean off color? As in, not within the bounds of normal good taste? Not that I would do that, I'm just trying to understand the new idiom.

    This is a great idea for those who FB a lot — certainly a LOT better place to spend time than a lot of OTHER stuff on FB!

    A couple of my friends who did the Disney Marathon with me later did the Nike WOMENS marathon later. They said it was amazing because it was all women and it was a positive, encouraging, helpful environment. Women were cheering for one another. Just a completely different dynamic. So, I'll pray for that for your FB site too! Women of a Different Dynamic — WDD!

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