Aug 232009

My sweet husband helps with the dishes each night. Actually, he helps with starting the dishes, but he has trouble finishing, which, as Seinfeld suggested …is really the most important part of doing the dishes…the finishing.

Every evening, I notice that I am alone at the sink and that Craig and the kids have sneaked out back to the trampoline. Last night I followed them and called out sweetly, “Honey? Did you notice that there are still piles of dishes in the sink?” And like always, he said:

They’re just soaking, babe. It’s part of doing the dishes. It makes it easier to get them clean.

As you can see, sometimes Craig uses my lack of knowledge about basic household duties to get out of things. This isn’t right, people. But it’s pretty clever.

I have resolved to steal his move.

When my husband arrives home tonight, he will find me reading a book on the couch, having abandoned the children in the bathtub.

When he panics, and asks me for an explanation, I will say the following…calmly and sweetly.

They’re just soaking, babe. It’s part of bath time. It makes it easier to get them clean.

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  8 Responses to “Just Soaking”

  1. Or YOU could be “just soaking” *while* reading your book. : )

  2. He brother I am with you….I soak all the time….In fact I just cleaned a dish that had been soaking for 2 days…soaking works and I stick with it too!!

  3. I still believe in soaking. What do you do when the pot has unremovable food on the bottom from scorching it on the stove? You can't put it in the dishwasher or else that'd be another post in itself. So I soak them to remove the food…and I'm sticking to it!

  4. So unfortunatley the soaking thing is a family trait…It comes from a mother who has never used a dishwasher so Craig and I having to do the dishes growing up would always "soak" the big pans in order to not have to clean them, which my mom would always clean them later…you know after they were done soaking. Haha I love this post!

  5. I sent this over to my husband as I have heard this before. His response….."Busted".

  6. That's too funny! Tony uses the exact same line. They must teach them that in super secret husband school.

  7. G,Remember that day we went to the zoo and left you in monkey venue for three hours? Explains a few things doesn't it.Dad

  8. Dear Mom,Please stop packing. I am not actually going to leave the children unattended in the bathtub. Not today, anyway.And yes, I know – Craig is perfect in every way.Love you,G

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