Jul 272009

Last night I excitedly served a beautiful salad with dinner instead of our standard frozen brocolli. Craig sat down to eat and said without sarcasm, “Honey, did you cut this tomato yourself?

And this is why I love my husband: because he always notices the tomato. Isn’t that all we want? For our puny but painstaking love offerings to be noticed and appreciated?

I wanted to reply YES, HUSBAND I DID! And not only did I CUT the tomato but a few days ago I DROVE to the grocery store and remembered to BUY the tomato because I was feeling very homemaky and thought it might be nice for us to have a fresh salad one evening. So I WROTE “tomato” on my GROCERY LIST so that I would have one for JUST such an occasion as tonight’s dinner! Do you believe what a grown – up I am and how organized I must be to have a GROCERY LIST? And so tonight when I was making dinner, I REMEMBERED that the tomato was in the refrigerator and I CUT it, and then I put it in the salad! And just look at it now, it’s so RED! Our salad is COLORFUL! And did you notice that I got out the salad tongs too??? And can you imagine that I did all of this while simultaneously keeping our three kids alive? I mean the tomato thinking and writing down and buying and remembering and cutting and finding the tongs weren’t even my MAIN JOBS this week! THANK YOU, HUSBAND for understanding that this tomato situation is a MIRACLE!! And I’m sure you can also understand that after all of this miracle working I’ll need a break. Dishes and bedtime are, obviously, on you.


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  5 Responses to “Tomato Testimony”

  1. *snorting with laughter* – !!! you are SO right about the tomato!

    (and now I will grit my teeth and try very hard not to comment on every single one of your posts since 2009 ….)

  2. This is so cute. I just discovered Momastery tonight, and have to say, I am feeling a little inspired. And maybe a bit jealous of a husband who notices your tomatoes. I resort to making ‘meaningful eyes’ at the dinner table when I am especially proud of dinner. Hamburger Helper though it may be. Thanks and keep on doin’ what you’re doin.’

  3. Glennon – you put the "OL" in "LOL"!! (It's cheesy, but true)What's the name of your book and where can I buy it?!Love,Suzy

  4. I LOVE this. You absolutely crack me up! I just finished reading your entire blog over the course of a few days. Greg Z, married to my friend & former co-worker Ashley recommended it via Facebook. We're going to have a great relationship your blog & I. (blog & me?) Food for the soul. :o) All I can manage on my blog these days are pictures and those aren't even up to date. Sigh.

  5. I love this blog!

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